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Swick - Decisions feat. Kota Banks     Electronic, Dance, Pop 12/09/2018
Melbourne powerhouse Swick's enduring precision in delivering unpredictable club-leaning tracks consistently leaves dance floors spellbound, proving why he is one of the country’s most exciting producers.
“Decisions” dives into addictive bass hits, playful synths and matched with sugar-dipped melodies executed by Banks’ vocal prowess and infectious charisma. The track explores the relatable stages of an on-the-verge relationship, leaving both parties torn about where they stand and what comes next. The lyrics thrive with R&B elements that point to Swick's diverse musical explorations.

Uboa - Thigh High Cat Tights     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental 12/09/2018
Drawing elements from the trans-driven noise scene, Xandra Metcalfe’s work as Uboa condenses a wider range of influences into a frightening soundscape of its own.
Driven by white noise, distortion and glitched shrieks, the song rampages beyond the realms of tangible before tunnelling into a monotone plateau of drone.

Audego - Disconnected     Electronic, RnB, Chill 09/09/2018
Award-winning electronic duo Audego are a fierce combination of dusty vocals set to old-fashioned harmonies, smudged samples, blurred synths and crooked percussion.
Audego’s new single, "Disconnected" is a slow, woozy wander through a dream of losing someone and trying to get through the pain of goodbye. The structure of the song is deliberately non traditional with no repeated sections, illustrating what it feels like when you’re lost and there’s nowhere to come back to.

Seiche T0nn - Fairsinghe     Electronic, Psychedelic, Atmospheric, Downbeat 07/09/2018
Seiche T0nn is West-Coast psychedelic-electro. Combining ethereal vocals and a constantly shifting soundscape of drum machines and synth, Seiche T0nn searches for the deepest depths of electronica.
A combination of downtempo electronica and soulful vocals “Fairsinghe” combines the best of both worlds into a smouldering electronic soundscape.

Subterranean Knight - You've Got Me (feat Miss Lee)     Electronic, Dance, House 07/09/2018
Subterranean Knight produces dance tracks from a remote outpost in Western Australia. He uses one of the premier studios in Australia (301) for mix/mastering. Quality music to share with you'll
Is a very cruisy piano house track with female vocals from a talent from Kalgoorlie who goes by the name Miss Lee

Other tracks by Subterranean Knight:  Infiltration  -  Break This
Warren Raww - Wish U Well     Electronic 05/09/2018
Raw house and techno from Melbourne.
A cold summer jam especially for you.

Angus Dawson - What We've Done feat. Bri Clark     Electronic, Pop, Chill, Ambience 04/09/2018
Angus Dawson is a Perth producer making waves with his introverted and reflective work. Writing from the inside, Dawson explores experiences through delicate and immersive ambient/electronic producation and storytelling.
Opening with glossy synth lines and Clark's deep vocals, 'What We've Done' embraces Dawson's calling-card soundscapes with freshness of mixed vocals. Dawson takes a backing role until the second verse. The introduction of his warm lead vocals are fuelled with wholesome emotion and powerful control. The silky-smooth production and blended vocals throughout the work brings romance and powerful control.

Beatrice - Grid     Electronic 04/09/2018
Dynamic Melbourne based producer Beatrice (Haiku Hands, Kardajala Kirridarra) releases her dynamic electronic/dance debut solo single Grid.
Grid is a masterclass in production featuring bristling electronics, looped vocals and bouncing bass weaved together by Red Bull Music Academy alumni Beatrice and co-producer and collaborator A Million Things.

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Carmarda - Lay It Down (feat. Georgi Kay)     Electronic, Dance 04/09/2018
What happens when two great forces of inimitable talent collide and morph into one? Carmada. Consisting of L D R U and Yahtzel, two of Australia’s most talked about producers
Sydney’s sonic powerhouse project Carmada - aka Drew Carmody (LDRU) and Max Armata (Yahtzel) drop a new exhilarating dance track “Lay It Down” feat. Georgi Kay ahead of their hugely anticipated national club tour - Club Carmada.It is a four-minute release perfectly marrying the enchanting vocal prowess of tribes with Carmody and Armata’s signature twisting bass hits and fiery production.

True Vibenation - Tell Me     Electronic, Soul, African 04/09/2018
Australian production trio True Vibenation have just released their infectious tune ‘Tell Me’, taking inspiration from a busy 2018 on the road with tours across Australia, Africa and Europe.
‘Tell Me ’blends elements of soul, afrobeat and Australian electronic music, all backed by True Vibenation’s signature horn section.
The song speaks of the chance dancefloor meetings that come with festival season and the uncertainties around what they mean and where the ride ends.

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VULI - The Herald     Electronic, Dance, World, Instrumental 04/09/2018
Recently tipped by CNN Africa as the New wave of Zimbabwean born musicians, VULI is a globe trotting producer, Dj and saxophonist based between Berlin and Australia.
This track reflects the contemporary African music taking over the world right now-combining elements of Gqom, house music (From south Africa) the sounds of AfroBass and Saxaphone, It is also translated into a Visual Design (available from Vulis Website) based on Zimbabwean/Zulu designs, are printed onto material and worn. 50% of sales go to rural Zimbabwe to help farmers there.

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NoiseArt Collective - Spiral Down Together     Electronic, Experimental, Downbeat, Ambience 03/09/2018
NoiseArt Collective has emerged as one of the more interesting acts in the Australian music scene. The sound combines a variety of styles and beats with very personal themes.
“Spiral Down Together” contains a deceptively light sounding arrangement for a song about love and dysfunction. The contrast highlights the lyrics, which describe two very lonely and unhappy individuals only finding solace in each other.As the song progresses, the melody itself seems to invite the listener to join the spiral with the characters.

Je Bahl - Back on School Dirt     Electronic, House, Funk, Dance 01/09/2018
Je Bahl is an up-and-coming act out of Tasmania releasing his island funk on the world.
A bass-line cruiser for the summer months. Back on School Dirt features hypnotic grooves, revolving melodies and luscious chord progressions straight from a '73 Fender Rhodes. Juxtaposed by tight skank guitar rhythms and ever-evolving vocal samples, Back on School Dirt puts your mind at ease and your body in motion.

Other tracks by Je Bahl:  High up in the Heavens  -  What's Happenin'
Karli White - Walk Through     Electronic, Goth, Experimental, Industrial 01/09/2018
Karli White is an electronic musician composing a spectrum of goth. Tuned by her endocrine, she listens to her body and interprets with the energy of a loud reverberating clang.
Walk Through demonstrates White’s ever-evolving mastery of production and composition. The result; sound-system pop in flux.

Other tracks by Karli White:  Getting Better  -  Trust
Brayden Sibbald - Float     Electronic, Pop 31/08/2018
The 23-year-old, who has a prodigious ability to create an entire sonic world from his bedroom, is being compared to the likes of D.D. Dumbo.
Float is the title track of the EP as it is most reflective of the central theme of the EP – which is that if you are down you can always get back up, it’s not too late to get help or help yourself no matter how hard things may seem.

Daina Demillo - Better Beware     Electronic, Downbeat 31/08/2018
Daina Demillo is an autodidactic singer, songwriter and producer based in Melbourne who draws inspiration from electronica and film soundtracks, melding them together to create her signature style.
Better Beware is a downtempo electronic track which draws the parallel between falling in love and engaging in a dangerous act – like playing with fire and speeding in a car.

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Go Freek - Love Is The Weapon     Electronic, Dance, House 31/08/2018
Go Freek​ have carved their name into the global dance music scene with singles such as ​‘Define’​, the collaboration with​ Dom Dolla​ that garnered an amazing 13 million online streams
Sydney’s global dance export, Go Freek, have just produced their catchiest tune to date. ‘Love Is The Weapon’, steps in an exciting new direction for the electronic heavyweights as they blend their signature offensive bass lines and tech-house percussion with a truly addictive top line.

Skrybe - I Will End Where He Begins     Electronic, Dubstep 31/08/2018
A cinematic take on electronic music, relying on expression and emotion to really bring out the most in a piece of music.
A cinematic take on electronic music, relying on expression and emotion to really bring out the most in a piece of music.

YUMGOD - Let's Pretend     Electronic 31/08/2018
Filipino footwork and hip-hop producer based in Inner West Melbourne. Member of Fanau Spa and Tracks and Sound Volumes families
Let's Pretend is the first track from Yumgod's Barrio Trax EP. The track samples the original "Let's Pretend" by Filipino singer Norma Balagtas. Available at Tracks and Sound Volumes /

Other tracks by YUMGOD:  Tawag Lang Balik  -  No Love For Me
Gravy Murphy - Why Chromosome     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental, Techno 29/08/2018
Electronic musician with a focus on eurorack modular synthesis, and drum machines creating atmospheric sounds. Eclectic record collector and music fan.
A ride along on a Turing Machine with added 303 style arps, 606 among other drum machines and some warm pads.

Other tracks by Gravy Murphy:  It Ought Not Be Fought  -  Rotterdam Ft. Arvo Tanty