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Activities of Daily Living - SPACE     Electronic, Experimental, Goth, Industrial 20/09/2018
Activities of Daily Living are a minimal darkwave duo. Their music features cold synthetic repetition with the sharp bite of social critique.
Space sees the duo continue their upfront and personal songwriting with pumping basslines and pounding drums.
The EP sees lead single, SPACE, remixed by both Rebel Yell and Papahilia. Rebel Yell adds her signature dark pulsating techno spin and Papaphilia mutates SPACE into a bass heavy pleasure trip.

Other tracks by Activities of Daily Living:  Septicemia  -  SPACE (Rebel Yell Remix)
Atalein - Autumn / Winter     Electronic, Industrial 20/09/2018
Atalein is a Melbourne based producer who makes dark industrial music.
Atalein’s first single ‘Autumn / Winter’ is one of many she wrote inspired from her trip to Europe last year. Co-produced and Mixed by Becki Whitton and mastered by Joe Lambert, the song explores brutalist textures and beats intertwined of light and almost fragile vocals.

BRUX - Paper Boy     Electronic, Dance, Techno 20/09/2018
Revel in the realm of BRUX - a turbulent force of rhythms and desires of the human psyche. Equally intimidating as alluring, BRUX confronts notions of fate, materialism and pleasure.
Meticulously crafted with club-fuelled force and staggered intensity, "Paper Boy" highlights BRUX's ability to craft a sonic universe. A diverse whirlwind, "Paper Boy" effortlessly weaves multiple genre progressions and instrumental elements with such care and intricacy that it ebbs and flows in distinctly new ways. Another eerily intriguing release that continues an inevitable procession of club-ready singles.

Claire Edwardes - Nostalgia     Electronic, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Electronic 20/09/2018
Internationally acclaimed percussion soloist, chamber musician and artistic director of Ensemble Offspring, Claire Edwardes has been described as a ‘sorceress of percussion’ performing with ‘spellbinding intensity’ and ‘graceful virtuosity’.
Arranged here for solo vibraphone, Nostalgia was originally from movement II of The Shaman, a concerto for percussion and orchestra. It was written by Vincent Ho. It is a captivating piece, drawing the listener to discover where the magical Vibraphonic notes are going.....

Other tracks by Claire Edwardes:  Counterpoint: No Man  -  Leafcutter
Georgi Kay - Toxins     Electronic, Pop 20/09/2018
With a love for electronic beats, bass, synths and vocal chops – Georgi Kay is a British-Australian artist who has received multiple awards for her original work, songwriting and collaborations.
Toxins speaks from the depths of raw and honest truths shedding light on insecurities and vulnerabilities. The combination of dark, ominous synth textures, pumping bass and sparse ambient hits blend seamlessly with the bright pop melodies and husk, smokey vocals to create a hybrid entity that sits perfectly between the balance of light and dark.

Homeward Bound - Island     Electronic, Hip Hop 20/09/2018
Homeward Bound is a duo made up of Jimblah (Blah) and Georgia B (Goji). Their debut single is called 'Island'.
Island represents the isolation you can feel when you refuse to let someone in, and how another persons reflection can change the way you view yourself.

Mansionair - Falling     Electronic 20/09/2018
The band’s back catalogue now boasts over 100 million streams, radio love from triple j, Beats 1, Radio 1 and Alt Nation, and online attention from TIME, Billboard, The 405.
Premiered by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and SiriusXL Alt Nation, “Falling” showcases a softer side to the band’s cinematic sound. A heavenly mix of washed out vocals and tranquil instrumentation has created an understated pop gem that continues Mansionair’s quick, upward trajectory.

LOVER - Eagle To The Prey     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Chill 17/09/2018
LOVER is an independent Indie RNB singer / songwriter from Western Sydney.
‘Eagle To The Prey’ is the first official single from a Sydney artist who goes by the name LOVER and is a unique combination of indie, rnb and electronic genres in under 3 minutes.

g.p - Track 2     Electronic, Instrumental, Dance 14/09/2018
g.p is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist. Currently attending high-school at St Joseph's Flexible Learning Centre he intends on studying music next year and creating even more original content.
Track 2 is an electronic instrumental track created by g.p. It gives a feel of Friday afternoon in Melbourne's summer sun, getting ready for a fun-filled weekend.

Twofold Vision - The Fear Never Sleeps     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 14/09/2018
With influences spanning genres from Hard Rock to Synth Pop, EDM to Progressive Metal, Twofold Vision combine both male and female vocals into catchy, danceable and energetic Future Pop bangers.
Heavily based on the exploration of themes of paranoia and anxiety, following the story of a woman who begins to question her own reality after becoming involved with a mysterious race known as The Fear. The EP follows this same story through and draws heavily on societal themes such as war and global warming, as well as those already mentioned.

Other tracks by Twofold Vision:  Cataclysm  -  The End of an Era
Yska & Guy Burns - Falls     Electronic, Pop, Acoustic, Atmospheric 13/09/2018
YSKA is Bulgaria-born, Sydney-based singer/songwriter Ivana Kay. Beginning her fascination with music as a child on a one-stringed acoustic guitar, she has grown into a master of mood and soundscapes.
The expansive and cinematic ‘Falls’ is Yska's stunning new collaboration with Guy Burns. The song focuses on the ebb and flow of life. Its hypnotic, circular structure is carried by immediate pop melodies, low-end punch, sparkling finger-picked acoustics and washed-out synths.

Banoffee - Muscle Memory     Electronic, Pop 12/09/2018
Melbourne-born, LA-based multidisciplinary artist Banoffee (aka Martha Brown) has returned with new single 'Muscle Memory' out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.
Written during a breakup, 'Muscle Memory' is about living in that phantom realm, where your body still feels in two places at once. Capturing the feeling when you touch someone and suddenly remember every point of contact you’ve ever had with that person. Banoffee wrote 'Muscle Memory' as a plea for one last glimpse of something that was long gone.

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Happiness Is Wealth - Move     Electronic, Dance 12/09/2018
Happiness is Wealth is a multi-dimensional music project from Australian duo Surahn Sidhu & Omar Varts. HIW create modern house songs with a progressive pop edge - soulful yet energetic.
Co-written with two of the most respected names in Australian music - multi-platinum artist Hayden James and award winning producer/songwriter Kaelyn Behr (Styalz), ‘Move’ is a euphoric piece of 90’s disco-house with a contemporary pop feel. The song combines vintage synth and drums textures with the trademark vocal production of Hayden James.

Just Shy - Body Language     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Gay Alligned 12/09/2018
A lover of electronic, pop and dance, Just Shy has been recognised by the likes of EQ Music for his “keen ear as a tunesmith and melody maker.”
Pilerats call the track an “upbeat, danceable gem” with “a dizzying synth line stripped straight from the 80s with a restrained pop hook that oozes songwriting brilliance”.

Its tone is desirous, if intoxicated. The track blasts open with stabbing synths, before mellowing out into a verse that opens with the tantalising, curious image of a “feather boa on Friday night.”

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Kito - Creature Kind     Electronic 12/09/2018
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. After 7 years off this year Kito returns to her own project HAANI.
'Creature Kind' is the third single to drop from Kito's forthcoming EP titled HAANI. Made with NZ's well-loved electro-pop duo Broods, the track is more restrained than her first two releases. 'Creature Kind' sees the WA-native combine Broods' soothing vocals with crisp and effortless production creating yet another electro-pop gem.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - We.     Electronic, Experimental 12/09/2018
The classically-trained Lucianblomkamp embraces the endless possibilities of the electronic medium to make polished yet provocative music. His musical background & eclectic influences coalesce into a style uniquely his own.
LUCIANBLOMKAMP and love songs don’t usually land in the same sentence, but I felt it was extremely important not to ignore this side of my life when it comes to writing music. My girlfriend has been my rock for so long and this song is for her as she’s obviously played a huge part in this transition of the record.

MATIAH - We Are Falling     Electronic, Pop 12/09/2018
A local Adelaide musician with purple hair who's passionate about writing and creating music. Mostly inspired by alternative bands like Evanescence my songs have a dark/orchestral vibe to them.
We Are Falling is an electronic/alternative track with elements such as piano, strings and harmonies.

Other tracks by MATIAH:  Reverse
Samskara Radio - Can't Kill The Radio     Electronic, Pop, Rock 12/09/2018
Samskara Radio are based on the Gold Coast comprising of mastermind Simon Marrocco (Vocals, Guitar), Lance Larsen (Keyboards, Guitar), Charles Longey (Bass) and Stephen Rappolt (Drums).
‘Can’t Kill The Radio’ is about being confronted with some of lives biggest truths.

The track was engineered by Troy Borg at Sunnyside Studios, mixed by Michael Badger at Jaya Jaya Music (with credits such as King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s ARIA award winning album Nonagon Infinity) and mastered by David Briggs at The Production Workshop.

Set Mo - Down The Line feat. AJ Wright     Electronic, Dance, House 12/09/2018
Set Mo is an electronic music duo from Sydney, Australia. Nick Drabble and Stu Turner first came together as a DJ combo in 2012 and soon progressed into producing tunes.
A collaborative masterpiece featuring Sydney-based Cloud Control frontman, AJ Wright, "Down The Line" is an exceptional successor to last month’s summery house delight. Awakening with invigorating chords, soon amplified by blissful harmonies from Wright, Set Mo's signature rolling bass and skipping beats, backed by a catchy melody from Wright, make the track a four-minute triumph to be enjoyed.

SPREE - I Do What I Want     Electronic, Techno, Pop, Industrial 12/09/2018
SPREE is the newest party starter to hit Sydney. Spanning from dark, industrial techno to funky sequenced EBM bangers, SPREE is making techno in all the wrong ways.
In a style reminiscent of early 80’s EBM (electronic body music), “I Do What I Want” is a fast-paced industrial dance banger sure to get the heart racing. It is an ode to doing whatever the hell you want (within the confines of the law). No matter what anyone thinks of you, staying true to yourself and following your dreams.