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David North - Back To The Sea     Electronic, Instrumental, Downbeat, Hip Hop 15/05/2019
Chill lofi intrumental music producer from Perth, Western Australia. Multi-instrumentalist who likes to focus on relaxing instrumental music.
Chill guitar-based lofi instrumental track which is evocative of the human connection with the ocean.

George Michelle - Keep Me Waiting     Electronic, Dance, Pop 15/05/2019
Member of post-punk band Death Bells and founding member of label Burning Rose, George Michelle is a nostalgic house producer from Sydney.
George Michelle has teamed up with US duo Separate Ways for upbeat indie house single ‘Keep Me Waiting’; evoking feelings of nostalgia, with Separate Ways’ groove-led instrumentation and bright vocals paired with George Michelle’s signature ‘90s house synths.

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Klue - No Lie     Electronic, World, Chill 15/05/2019
Klue is a producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and global nomad who hails from Sydney.
Klue says "Sometimes the words you use mean something totally different to the person hearing them, even though you're speaking the same language. Past experiences colour the way we hear things, sometimes leading to misunderstandings. I wrote 'No Lie' in a time of conflict with someone really important to me."

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Annie Bass - Sweet Nothing     Electronic, Dance 14/05/2019
Annie Bass delivers another jewel from forthcoming debut EP Control titled ‘Sweet Nothing’, the very first track completed by the artist under her moniker.
‘Sweet Nothing’ exposes dating in a world consumed by social media - fixated on presenting a well-curated and sometimes un-real version of ourselves and allowing insecurities to dictate the fate of a new relationship before giving it an honest chance. Questioning how long the charade can last, Annie confronts heartache and transcends pain into wisdom, a testament to determination.

Orches - Better Way     Electronic, Electronic, Atmospheric, Electronic 14/05/2019
Electronic artist Orches drops powerful new single 'Better Way' ahead of new EP.
From the get go, Better Way displays lush and evolving
guitar and synth craftsmanship that weave between a
solid glitched industrial beat. Donnelly's vocal range
shines in the hook of the chorus which provokes you to
sing along or dive into the meaning a little deeper.
Lyrics reflect on the constant influx of social topics
that dominate the media space

Ambientronic - Midnight Multicooker Hunter     Electronic, Downbeat, Experimental, Industrial 10/05/2019
Ambientronic are Dean Jones (Australia) & Roman Shk (Russia). Formed in 2014 from a chance encounter online, the duo blend individual skills and experiences to create a wholly transcendent sound.
“Midnight Multicooker Hunter” fades in with alien distortions, letting listeners know we’re still standing on unfamiliar ground. The tribal-esque drums provide a rich counterpoint to the simple keyboard riff that drives the song’s bottom line. Inconsistency is the only consistent thing. As the repetition continues, the pattern begins to emerge, and order rises from the foundation of the chaos.

Other tracks by Ambientronic:  What A Melon Joy  -  Loudness and Bullshit
Atalein - Alone Together     Electronic, Industrial 10/05/2019
Melbourne producer Atalein has been honing her sound of industrial electronica and is already becoming known for her signature sound playing both in Melbourne & Berlin
Alone together is inspired by Ted Talk by Sherry Turkle- ‘Connected But Alone’. “Turkle discussed the notation of us all living in a world where we are all connected but complete strangers. I took this theme and used it for the inspiration of my single. This track explores the feeling of becoming strangers with people you were once close with.”

Avi Misra - Boat People     Electronic 10/05/2019
With a bass baritone of rare tonal gravity -Tokyo born, Delhi raised, Melbourne based Avi Misra merges east and west, old and new into his own brand of independent music.
An electronic paean to the spirit of migration.

BOO Seeka - Millennium Drive     Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
A combination of pulsating sounds and layered textures of electronic bass, BOO Seeka’s smooth synths and rolling beats keeps the energy sizzling like a neon sign on the Miami strip.
'Millennium Drive' packs a punch from start to finish and marks the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album. BOO wrote the track as if they put on a pair of boxing gloves and let loose on the heavy bag. Combining BOO's signature vocal over a myriad of drum-and-bass-synth sounds, it's a fiery three minute journey on a sonic highway.

GIRL - Lifting Belly     Electronic, Punk, Pop 10/05/2019
GIRL amplify queer sonics and bent gestures in a world gone normal.
Lifting Belly is the duo’s sixth single and the first official release since changing their name from Winter Witches.

Taking its name from the Gertrude Stein poem, Lifting Belly fuses pulsing synth bass, atmospherics and militaristic percussion to cradle a furious vocal delivery. A relentless poem that builds to an incantation. A rage at the state of things.

Guard - I'm Calling The Cops     Electronic, Pop, Dance 10/05/2019
As a lifelong songwriter, Guard’s mission to embrace self-acceptance starts within his innate desire to create.
Produced by LA producer notfamous and Charli XCX’s producer Umru, Guard describes the song as an emo electronic pop song with elements of PC music, about letting go of unhealthy patterns in his life and becoming content with who he is as a person. “im calling the cops on you bcoz u broke my heart
Israel Carter - Darkness     Electronic 10/05/2019
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a musician from Melbourne Australia. I make electronic dance music and have been doing so since 2010.
Israel Carter, Sarey Savy- Darkness

Kid Fiction - At The Mall     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 10/05/2019
Genre-bending Electro artist
Australian Producer/Vocalist Kid Fiction croons through beautiful new single "At The Mall"

M4SONIC - Midnight     Electronic, Dance, Pop 10/05/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
Hot off a successful year of collaborations, electronic music artist, M4SONIC is back again with another hit track, ‘Midnight’. ‘Midnight’ features emerging electronic pop artist MYLKI in her debut to the genre. “It portrays a sense of loss, but also permits a sense of feeling hopeful, looking up and knowing that things will always be okay.” MYLKI says.

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Man Vs Synth - Perfect Picture     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Rock 10/05/2019
Combining cavernous synthesiser tones with piercing guitar refrains, Man vs Synth place a core emphasis on rhythm in their venture to spawn a seldom-explored, genre-defying genus of synth pop.
Perfect Picture draws influence from 80s synth pop, fusing analogue and acoustic sounds (like much of the EP) to produce a contemplative and ethereal piece. It acknowledges the feelings of loss and a future that could have been as the song centres around the sudden departure of a loved one due to inevitable circumstances.

Midnight Pool Party - Slide     Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Crafting addictive electronic dance music.
’SLIDE’ is a quintessential MPP vibe. It starts off simple with a wurli and vocals to draw you in, and by the end you’re immersed in the complexities of different sounds to a massive climax. – Midnight Pool Party

Moonsign - Seaswell (feat. Di Drew)     Electronic, Atmospheric, Dance, Folk 10/05/2019
Moonsign is a dream pop synth duo from Newcastle, Australia. Weaving magic, sensitivity and lush, synthy sounds.
‘Seaswell’ is the second single from Moonsign’s forthcoming ‘Okay You First’ and features guest vocals from Melbourne’s Di Drew (Cystic Nightmare).

The Newcastle duo say that the song was inspired by swimming at Bar Beach at night. "It's seductive and dangerous – kind of like our country's relationship with coal. We're caught in a rip but pretending that all's well."

SAFIA - Resolution     Electronic, Pop 10/05/2019
The Canberra three-piece create lyrically charged electronic alternative pop music which pulls from diverse influences. The band have amassed over 140 million streams and are a phenomenal live force.
An expansive intoxicating track, ‘Resolution’ is drenched in nuance and blissful euphoria. Say the band of the track: "Resolution is the struggle of two opposing halves. It explores the inner dialogue of change and attempts to portray the feeling of freedom that comes when we separate ourselves from ego."

Space Cop 2 - Space Party     Electronic, Experimental 10/05/2019
The future of music, intergalactic songs for intergalactic people
Space Cop 2 announces his arrival onto the electronic music scene with his debut track Space Party. An electronic time warping futuristic disco jam that's like a party in outer space where everyone is invited.

Tora - Paramount     Electronic 10/05/2019
Byron Bay four piece Tora make great music, with intricate layers and lush sounds the result are some heart-grabbing tunes
Continuing their vow for a constant stream of music released, now comes the fourth taste from Tora's upcoming second album ‘Paramount’.

The track is accompanied by a catchy video clip and is the first in a while which features the band themselves. It aims to show their personalities, a glimpse into their world behind the music.