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Mansionair - Shadows     Electronic 23/01/2019
Sydney-based, Grammy-nominated trio Mansionair have revealed that their anticipated debut album, Shadowboxer.
New single ‘Shadows’ follows on from a steady flow of popular songs, including ‘Astronaut (Something About Your Love)’, which late last year reached gold ARIA certification, ‘Violet City’ and ‘Technicolour’. This slew of singles has seen the band’s global streaming numbers top an impressive 130 million, regularly popping up on streaming playlists and radio waves alike.

Planète - Hidden Shade     Electronic, Dance, House 23/01/2019
Planète (Melbourne producer Dion Tartaglione) stands out as a unique artist within Australia's growing electronic music scene. Last year he delivered a run of releases including his debut EP, expecting more for 2019.
"I've been firmly influenced by sample based, house-oriented music over the last few years, giving context for this track. Fitting in with my other recent single releases, this is the spectrum of club music I enjoy listening to and playing out. With 'Hidden Shade', I'm exploring my productions in this style with some raspy, sampled grit." - Planète

The Safety Word - United     Electronic, Chill, RnB, Downbeat 23/01/2019
The Safety Word perform as a digital/acoustic ensemble their works inspired by post rock, new romantic, chill wave and trip-hop sensibilities.
United is a song inspired to find love or to whom who have already found it, a deeper expression of a connection on a non superficial level, that means the union between beings and the unfathomable life force of creation, the process of growth in a connection beyond this world and etheric plan,

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Other tracks by The Safety Word:  Waiting Room  -  Highways
What So Not - We Can Be Friends feat. Herizen     Electronic, Dance 22/01/2019
What So not is an electronic music project from producer Chris Emerson, who has made a name for himself as one of Australia's leading electronic musicians.
Australia’s What So Not is diving head first into 2019 by releasing a new collaboration with rising artist Herizen, titled “We Can Be Friends”. Herizen is perhaps most well known for her role as an actress on Netflix TV show “The Get Down” her musical career has taken off quickly and earned her notable support by outlets such as NYLON.

D.E.L - Tear Me Apart     Electronic, Hip Hop, Ambience, Atmospheric 20/01/2019
20 Year old, Producer/Lyricist out of Sydney Australia, Lover of both modern and classical music and aim to mix both with a Hip-Hop/Rap/Alternative blend.
Chilled, Ambient, Alternative track, Featuring Nick de la Hoyde.
This track is filled with emotional samples and undertones important to D.E.L's upbringing and discography. It tackles the feelings of a breakup after a long-term relationship, In which D.E.L sampled clips of his ex-girlfriend, coupled with the dramatic chorus and heartfelt vocals to demonstrate his battle with heartbreak.

Felish - Lost Momentum     Electronic, Downbeat, Dance 18/01/2019
Afro-Swedish artist Felish has returned to collaborate with Australian producer Bussauto. The success of their debut single Come Back, inspired a second collaborative track, Lost Momentum.
This song has both been a heartfelt, inspiring and revealing process musically for me. I have unconsciously challenged myself to write in a different way; to be more bold lyrically, melodically and structure wise. I love the turnout on LM cause it has this darkness and at the same time a clarity and light, and that suits me. - Felish

Luboku - Solar Flare     Electronic, Dance, Atmospheric, Instrumental 18/01/2019
Melbourne’s Luboku creates deep, shadowy production – a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies – crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.
A popular feature in his recent live sets, 'Solar Flare’ is an intricate and emotive slice of electronica. A track that could just as easily soundtrack an afternoon festival set as an underground club at dawn, ‘Solar Flare’ showcases Luboku’s ability to create swirling soundscapes, crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.

ASKYA - Breathing Underwater     Electronic, Chill, Pop 17/01/2019
I am a musician and producer from Margaret River in WA. I taught myself production the last two years, this project is the result!
I wrote and produced Breathing Underwater with a friend in Germany. It was about a friend of ours' relationship with someone.

Israel Carter - Melbourne     Electronic, Dance 17/01/2019
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a musician from Melbourne Australia and i love to make electronic dance music.
This is my new original song called Melbourne. What i wanted to do is create a song that would encapsulate my unique original style as an artist from Melbourne.

Fascinator - Your Money, It's Ugly     Electronic, Funk, African 16/01/2019
Fascinator has returned for the southern summer to perform east coast shows this January and February. Fascinator reveals the funk-filled video Your Money, It’s Ugly.
Drawing on African disco and Afrobeat, lyrically Your Money, It’s Ugly navigates the gross importance placed on money and how it’s used to lure, attract and control.

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Airwolf - Make It Bang     Electronic, Dance, House 15/01/2019
Hands in-the-air and best served at night, Melbourne based Airwolf is an exciting house music producer & DJ pushing all the right buttons.
Airwolf has just delivered his brand new tech-house thumper ‘Make It Bang’, and the forecast is looking HOT!
On the track, Airwolf said, “’Make It Bang’ is the banger of all bangers. Playing it in my shows has been so much fun and I’m excited to release this one into the wild to be banged across d-floors around town.”

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CLYPSO - Bounty     Electronic, Dance 15/01/2019
Jungle-infused troptronica with glitchy afro-punk vibes
Building on the momentum of previous singles, Sydney producer & vocalist CLYPSO continues to deliver with undeniable banger and live show opener ‘Bounty’ (co-produced by Kilter), chanting ‘catch me, catch me if you can’. Bounty is empowerment on steroids, about not taking any shit from anyone.

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Other tracks by CLYPSO:  Beyond Desire feat. Bobby Singh
Nicholas Goulding - Stronger     Electronic, Pop 15/01/2019
I make beats, synthy sweet, living in Commercial House and loving big melodies and EDM beats.
Feeling the force and sweating the strength.

Skrybe - I'm Your Reckoning (Skrybe & Øthersang Remix)     Electronic, House 15/01/2019
A mixture between orchestral and Electronic music.
A more club oriented take of the track 'I'm Your Reckoning' - Using many similar sounds in a different context.

upsidedownhead - future loser (feat. E^ST)     Electronic 15/01/2019
We were first introduced to upsidedownhead through the enigmatically infectious ‘get low’ and the effervescent ‘my cave’. Now ‘future loser’, featuring E^ST, is set to deliver a warped R&B-tinged jam.
We were first introduced to upsidedownhead through the enigmatically infectious ‘get low’ and the effervescent ‘my cave’. Now comes ‘future loser’, complex’s freshest cut, which see James teaming up with friend and ally E^ST, to deliver a warped R&B-tinged jam.
The track is about learning to be ok with who you are, whatever happens, good or bad.

Synthesthesia 7000 - EWAH - Black Horse     Electronic, Chill, Rock, Soundscapes 12/01/2019
Synthesthesia is a compilation album of various Hobart Underground Electronic Music artists in 2018
Black Horse is the sound of a disturbing dream in the midst of sleep, from which you can't wake up from

Other tracks by Synthesthesia 7000:  i.a.e - Yuki  -  Slumber - Vultures
1000 CUTS - No Reservations     Electronic, Atmospheric, Rock, Pop 10/01/2019
Brisbane music stalwarts Deb Suckling and Craig Spann are releasing their first new music in 9 years under the moniker 1000 CUTS. Pop meets noise meets a powerful message.
This track deals with how severe mental health issues come about. How people get get trapped inside the box of their minds and is a farewell song of sorts- wishing peace upon those who fall victim to mental health. We hope it to bring some understanding to those who have lost friends and family to suicide and who feel guilt.

Avi Misra - Eulogy     Electronic, Rock, Downbeat 10/01/2019
Born in Tokyo, Raised in Delhi, Based in Melbourne. Singer-Songwriter-Producer Avi Misra melds east and west, old and new into his own brand of independent music.
Eulogy is a haunting electronica track with a memorable hook and unique sonic textures. It has a slow brooding intensity and captures the end of the world Zeitgeist that we all feel these days before exploding onto the dance floor in cathartic ritualistic electro rock form.

Lionette - Chasing     Electronic 08/01/2019
LIONETTE is a powerhouse of technical talent and style. As a DJ, Singer, Song Writer and Producer she is fast proving herself to be one of Australia's finest female acts.
"Chasing" by Lionette has an uptempo House vibe with a Future Bass twist with a catchy melody and lyrics.

Ambientronic - Chilldren     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Experimental 07/01/2019
Ambientronic are Dean Jones & Roman Shk. Loosely formed in 2014 from a chance encounter online, the duo blended their individual skills and experiences to create a wholly transcendent sound.
Deceptively simple, the stripped down track plays with subtle variations in rhythm and ambient sound. Echoes of noise come and go in haunting wave while the deep rhythmic surge of the keyboard anchors the track, reminding listeners that despite the universe’s penchant for chaos, there’s always some cosmic energy that draws us back to the center.

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