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J-Elle - Laced     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 17/11/2018
Melbourne artist J-Elle is shaking things up with her debut Laced. Creator of electro-pop that invites both dance and reflection, J-Elle combines addictive, invigorating beats with lyrics that invite question.
Listeners are lured into a tantalising world of electricity and sin with ‘Laced’ - seduced by its magnetic beat and evocative lyrics, and left “hands tied, wanting more”. With its all-consuming drop, funky beat and catchy melody, Laced serves as the ultimate banger for your Saturday night dance party.

LÛMIS - Drift     Electronic, Funk 17/11/2018
Melbourne trio LÛMIS explore relationships in meticulously crafted debut single ‘Drift’. The single comes from years of experimenting with various instruments and is heavily influenced by M83, and Hans Zimmer.
Seamlessly blending electronic and funk; Retro synths give way to a groove-tinged bassline and the impeccable vocals of Imogen Brough. ‘Drift’ is instantly an upbeat jam to help you welcome the Summer months.

Ninajirachi - Gardenia feat. Oh Boy     Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
Ninajirachi is a young producer based near Sydney with a talent for bright eclectic sounds brought together by crisp and dynamic production.
Dipping into her signature production, “Gardenia” blooms like the flower it is named after. The track shines with the 19 year-old’s eclectic eye for detail, alongside the sonic touch of Sydney based friend Oh Boy. With a range of tones that warp and dart, the exhilarating release proves once again that Nina’s production is well beyond her years.

Philomath - Levent     Electronic, Experimental, Soundscapes 17/11/2018
Six piece improvised/experimental band from Hobart
Experimental and improvised with female vocals

Other tracks by Philomath:  Frosted Disclosure  -  Viper
Price Park - Fire     Electronic, Pop 17/11/2018
Price Park is the new project from Melbourne producer Tom Armstrong (GodWolf, Aunty Donna).
On Fire, Price Park unearths an atmospheric soundscape with alluring pads and bright guitars blending cohesively with the upbeat percussion, providing a solid podium for the captivating vocals of Melbourne singer/songwriter Joe Kosky to depict the gripping context that lies in the core of the lyrics.

Rojdar - Bad (feat. Kyla Fava)     Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
With already over one million streams to his name, the 22-year-old Melbourne artist is well on his way to becoming one of the next big things in Australian pop/dance music.
‘Bad’ was mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Ryan Shanahan (Zedd) and marks the start of a new chapter for Rojdar.

Sam Perry - Looking For Light     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 17/11/2018
Australia’s ‘one-man orchestra’ Sam Perry is set to shine with his dazzling new single Looking For Light.
It’s a thrilling step forward for the Perth performer, whose mind-blowing mix of vocals, beatboxing and loop effects have already clocked up millions of video views. Fresh and fierce, it swings between soaring pop and searing hip-hop.

Sam Phay - Trace     Electronic, Dance, Downbeat, Easy Listening 17/11/2018
After performing on Triple J’s Like a Version and performing at the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid Festival, Phay will wrap up 2018 with his debut release, ‘Trace’.
So much of my musical output and projects had previously involved these big, triumphant, vocally expansive moments that I’d really attached my musical self identity to. I like to think that this song rejects a lot of those ideas whilst still feeling like it’s me.

Lyrically, it’s about finding your way back too someone despite the distance, physically or emotionally.

Sugar Jacket - How Many Times     Electronic 17/11/2018
Sugar Jacket has evolved from William van der Vliet’s passion for musical exploration and immersion, building on from early projects.
Sugar Jacket's debut single, ‘How Many Times’ is an emotionally charged track that brings together psychedelic sounds, lyrical themes of disconnecting friendships and an incredible in-studio energy.

The Native Cats - Olivia     Electronic, Punk, Downbeat, Gay Alligned 17/11/2018
Two piece electronic punk from Hobart
Electronic ballad

Other tracks by The Native Cats:  Preservation Law  -  Mètre des Archives
Tori Levett - Crazy     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/11/2018
Sydney DJ, vocalist, activist, ex-pro surfer and current party starter, Tori Levett is back with a new single, “Crazy”.
Tori Levett's latest single "Crazy" features thundering beats and edgy synth lines, plenty of glitchy samples and a drop melody that will echo in your memory long after the song finishes.
The track was born in a writing session with vocalist Kota Banks and kicks into gear from the first beat, showcasing an emerging artist who has found her sound.

d e n n i s. - Alive     Electronic 16/11/2018
d e n n i s. is the solo project of Australian singer/songwriter Olivia. Inspired by the likes of Kimbra, Robinson, and Astrid S.
Alive is about this bitter sweet feeling of falling for “I fancy you and you fancy me, and yet we both should have known better that it was never going to be” and are left feeling nothing but confused as to why. Go figure.

Marét - Perfectly Imperfect     Electronic, Pop 16/11/2018
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick: this is Marét. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette while being fearless yet vulnerable, grounded but ambitious.
The anthemic, joyful and track was inspired by a strong reaction to being overwhelmed at the thought of having to be ‘perfect’. She laughs, “Being imperfect is the one thing we can all nail, so why not embrace it? It’s important to keep focused on striving to be great, but it’s time to openly celebrate the struggles and unexpected bumps."

Nama Saya - Laburnum Street     Electronic, Chill, Breaks, Experimental 16/11/2018
Nama Saya creates texture oriented electronic music.
Laburnum Street mixes various reverb treated instruments with an urgent sounding beat, bass and synth combination.

Other tracks by Nama Saya:  Sentient Laptop  -  Exposure
NIK NAVY - Keep You Safe     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned 16/11/2018
Influenced by artists like James Blake, Gwilym Gold and SOHN, a love for bold and honest storytelling is at the forefront to produce his intimate and unique sound.
Teaming up again with Becki Whitton (Japanese Wallpaper & Anatole) on mixing and mastering, NIK NAVY’s self-written and produced track is another example of his powerful lyric writing and vocal prowess. “Keep You Safe” is the second single from his debut EP, due for release in 2019, and further explores his intriguing and captivating sound.

Steven North - Going Dumb     Electronic, House 16/11/2018
Steven North is a passionate music creator and his expression of love can be heard through all of his creations.
After three months of travelling the US and returning the Australia, the feeling of being dumb as trying to get through jet lag needed a song to be created. This Vibrant, Upbeat, House, Tech House sounding track explores that feeling.

Watch video

Other tracks by Steven North:  Going Dumb (Extended Mix)
Leisure Centre - You Don't Want To Be With Me (Horatio Luna Remix)     Electronic, House, Techno, Dance 15/11/2018
Leisure Centre is the result of many years of soul searching for songwriter/drummer/singer Hugh Rabinovici and his right-hand-lady, vocalist Audrey Powne.
Leisure Centre in collaboration with Horatio Luna have somehow flipped the slow jam tempo of the original into a bouncing piece of altered house music 30bpm faster. All the elements of the original track are still there - flipped, clipped and reconstituted into an entirely new piece of music.

Jeremy Conlon / Cooperblack - Cloud Potential     Electronic, Experimental, Classical, Soundtrack (Film Related) 11/11/2018
Australian composer, DJ and electronic artist JEREMY CONLON aka Cooperblack releases ‘The Degradation Suite’, a six-track meditation on ‘the end of the world’.
Cloud Potential
Rolling clouds, odd shaped and strange colours, the first indication something is wrong, something has happened.

Other tracks by Jeremy Conlon / Cooperblack:  3 Part Human  -  Beautiful But Dangerous
Tofu Mountains - Diamonds     Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Goth 10/11/2018
Melbourne electronic music producer mixing the sounds of the club with the sounds of volcanoes, heartbeats and trashcans.
Gothic music via the queerest and sweatiest of no attention span dancefloors

Other tracks by Tofu Mountains:  Call Waiting  -  Gemini
Bajillionaire - Empty feat. AJ King     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/11/2018
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Bajillionaire is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick.
Bajillioniaire's latest single ‘Empty’ is a testament to his signature sound; a forlorn bop comprised of light, tropical melodies and chunky drops, all pulsing over a futurebass undercurrent - and it’s this sound that’s had ears perking across the globe since his debut in 2016.