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Güs - Drowning     Electronic, Atmospheric 31/05/2019
Güs is the solo project of Brisbane-based electronic producer Angus Hayes.
Drowning was written at a time during which I had recently lost a loved one. I wanted to write about this but also didn’t want the listener to come away feeling upset. To the casual listener, drowning is a track that will get your body grooving, but there is deeper meaning to be found for those that look.

Jethro - Origami     Electronic, Chill, Ambience, Atmospheric 31/05/2019
Jethro is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, artist and producer, Israel Amoy.
Origami is about the emotions felt when a loved one is away for a long period of time and their return home is eagerly awaited. More broadly, it can relate to the concept of waiting for love to arrive and emotions being folded like ‘origami’.

Kendl - Manyara     Electronic, Instrumental, Dance 31/05/2019
Kendl is the musical project of Melbourne based artist and composer, Jesse Kendal. Kendl creates left-field electronic music with a focus on energy and emotional impact.
'Manyara' was written while I was overseas visiting family.

It sums up how I felt being immersed in different countries and cultures while being away. Also, being out of comfort zone encouraged me to get more creative with the direction. 'Manyara' is named after a region I visited in Tanzania

NEMØ - Future     Electronic, House 31/05/2019
Master of the club scene, Trap Titan NEMO knows how to make a crowd lose their collective minds. A stalwart behind the decks with countless shows under his belt.
Securing high profile international supporters and consistent appearances in Australia's ARIA club chart with previous singles on BE RICH, gives this one plenty of credentials straight off the blocks. Keeping things on a 4x4 peak time bass house tip.

Saint-Léon - Fever Dream     Electronic, Downbeat, Industrial, Experimental 31/05/2019
With one member in London and the other in Sydney, childhood friends Ryan Nicolussi (vocals) and Alister Hill (production) never made music together until they found themselves 10,553 miles apart.
‘Fever Dream’ is soundtracked by Ryan Nicolussi’s haunting auto-tuned vocals and a shuddering electronic backdrop eerily written while producer Alister Hill succumbed to a bed-ridden fever.

Encapsulating social alienation, abuse of power and moving through a life of stilted loneliness, the track is a meditation on an eroding sense of hope, and the need to keep moving through despair.

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Sunset Blush - Homies On Parade     Electronic, Rock, Electronic, Rock 31/05/2019
Sunset Blush delivers Purpleslam for the ears and soul. If you've been in the wrong place at the right time you've probably seen him playing somewhere locally & nationally.
A song to lose yourself and get jiggy to.

STATUE - Solidify     Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Live Performance 30/05/2019
STATUE is a mysterious percussion-based structure erected by Tom Gould.
Mould it wet. Let it dry. Solidify!

Solidify is the title track of the upcoming E.P. by STATUE on Le Temps Perdu. ‘Solidify’ delves further into the hypnotic percussive groove of STATUE. With its feet firmly fixed on the dance floor Solidify manages to cover a lot of ground redefining the space, which STATUE occupies.

Other tracks by STATUE:  Scratching The Surface (feat. Edward Francis)  -  Solidify (Zombies In Miami Remix)
Super Massive - Meltwater     Electronic, Rock, Pop, Dance 30/05/2019
Super Massive, aka Glenn Abbott (ex-Machine Gun Fellatio) & Malina Hamilton-Smith, explore the boundaries of pop, rock, electro, dance and funk, seamlessly blending multi-layered synth-scapes with full live rock instrumentation.
Meltwater is an uptempo ballad, with intimate vocals that soar into classic, melodic pop hooks, squonking synths, crystalline electro sounds, funky electric guitar and a stomping Motown feel that releases into a driving rock beat. The title and lyrics borrow imagery from the glacial melting process to symbolise the ecstasy of a frozen heart warming and feeling again through love.

The Bambi Kills - Sweet Love     Electronic, Pop, Grunge 30/05/2019
The Bambi Kills are an independent sister duo from Melbourne, Australia. These sisters are no strangers to the music scene, creating explosive, crunching pop that's fizzed with energy and attitude.
'Sweet Love' is one of the more upbeat and ‘happier’ tunes from The Bambi Kills, but beneath the addictive melody lie their trademark darker lyrics.

Ford Miskin - Hostage ft. Miranda Glory     Electronic 29/05/2019
Ford Miskin is the Sydney producer who has been taking L.A by storm over the past few months. He is now back home and ready to release some big music.
This song is about a passionate love-hate relationship where the girl surrenders to her lover. There is a lot of tension and strong emotions. Despite their passion and conflict, they manage to find a way forward in their stormy relationship

Bag Raiders - Lightning Ft. The Kite String Tangle     Electronic, Dance, Pop 28/05/2019
The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the Sydney duo will prove that their best has only just begun.
Bag Raiders are joined by The Kite String Tangle on their second single for their upcoming album Horizons. The track is about becoming overcome with new affections.

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Bag Raiders - Wild At Heart ft. Mickey Kojak     Electronic, Dance, Pop 28/05/2019
The story of Bag Raiders is already the stuff of legend but in 2019, the Sydney duo will prove that their best has only just begun.
"Wild At Heart" is about being free, exuberant and full of life - feeling as though you have the whole world at your feet. It’s less about love and relationships, and more about the high of being young and untouchable. The track evokes the nostalgia once felt at the beginning of summer holidays or on your last day of school.

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Dust of Us - 7 Years     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 28/05/2019
"[4 stars] Never not a fan of you two. Impressive, immersive stuff." - Max Quinn, triple j Sydney brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott are Dust of Us.
Featuring a guest vocal from Sydney-born, now London-based singer/songwriter Jess Chalker of We Are The Brave, '7 Years' is the second taste of the upcoming debut EP from this new Sydney duo.

Co-produced and mixed by Matt Neighbour (Matt Corby, The Avalanches, Sky Ferreira), it has already been picked for Apple Music's 'Best of the Week' and Spotify's 'Broad Chords'.

Graham the Grand - pain     Electronic, Rock, Experimental, Hip Hop 28/05/2019
Graham the Grand wants listeners to gain comfort from being honest about his struggles. Don’t be ashamed of the pain, you are loved. Love others as you yourself, in life.
After the successful release of single "Mum, I'm Sorry", Graham the Grand is keeping up momentum with new single "Pain". Using a familiar and effective formula, GTG writes about the deeply personal experiences of his life. To celebrate the new single and introducing his live show to the world Graham The Grand is launching in Brisbane 7th June at Greaser.

Pinz & Pelz - House Diva     Electronic, House, Techno, Dance 28/05/2019
Pinz & Pelz are a production duo exploring all shades of underground dance music. Deep house, drum and bass, 90s electro and techno. Music played before the sun comes up.
House Diva is a deep house burner inspired by mid-90s producers such as Fresh & Low, Slam and Playin' 4 The City with an additional bit of the signature Pinz & Pelz 303 on top.
Music for all dance floors and all people.

Seekay - Candlelight     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 27/05/2019
Seekay is the performance vehicle and persona of an Australian songwriter and poet.
Candlelight is a mid-tempo twisting love song with nods to Nicholas Jaar and The Weeknd with a breakdown as original and unexpected as Barbara Lewis’ Hello Stranger from the Academy Award winning Moonlight. The production re-enforces the song’s theme of a reluctant but wise relationship break up, a slow and close dance upon the echoes of desire.

Uomo - Work Things Out     Electronic, Atmospheric, Chill, Dance 27/05/2019
‘Uomo in Italian means ‘man’, which I chose to reflect the project. I was young and experimenting with crazy sounds in my bedroom, but I’m now cementing my songwriting style.
The first release under his fresh moniker, and his debut as vocalist, “Work Things Out” features the beatmaker’s signature shimmering synths and playful refrains in a cruisy dance track that leans more towards indie-pop rather than his previous future bass stylings.

Skrybe - Pick Up The Pace     Electronic, Dubstep 25/05/2019
Skrybe's music is a blend of the future and the past.. Modernism and classical design.. Feast Your Ears
A Cinematic dubstep track focused around a desert theme.

Melding both the sounds of Skrybe and Simon Said, this is a collab that really shows off both artists sounds.

Dan Webb - Haloperidol     Electronic, Instrumental, Jazz, Psychedelic 24/05/2019
Musician, journalist, critic, entrepreneur. Since 2008 he's collaborated with the likes of Kylie Auldist to produce music described as "the work of a genius" by Radio Adelaide.
Composed and recorded over a period of 2 years, this track is the first taste of Dan Webb's third album, Exotic Erotic Concoction, due for release independently on Friday, July 12. The track is inspired by world music, the output of innovative jazz legends such as Herbie Hancock, as well as various psychedelic rock and jazztronica artists discovered online.

Kayex - Warrior Games     Electronic, Dance, Pop 24/05/2019
KAYEX’s members Palassi Kailis and Tom Derickx combine both electronic samples and live instrumentation in a way that speaks to the broadening tastes of today’s pop scene.
When people listen to "Warrior Games" we want them to feel as if they have no fear but complete confidence in their path, whatever that may be. Trust the process and have faith in the work you've put in. "Warrior Games: contains an uplifting message about facing your fears head on.