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Luboku - Closer     Electronic, Cover Version, Pop, Soul 30/11/2018
Melbourne producer/songwriter Luboku creates deep, shadowy production – a swirling haze of harmonies, marked with dark and brooding melodies – crafted into tracks that are both uplifting and melancholic.
When Luboku started working on this track it was it was a pretty heavy beat, but while working in some piano the melody from Ne-Yo’s classic RnB track 'Closer' came to mind; the harmony just seemed to click in a really interesting way. It’s now turned out to be one of Luboku's silent favourites on the EP.

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Other tracks by Luboku:  Lapse
Lupa J - You're In My Headphones     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Techno 30/11/2018
A graduate of Unearthed High, Lupa J has proven herself as a gifted songwriter and producer.
Exhibiting a directional shift in tempo and mood, ‘You’re In My Headphones’ expresses the relief and freedom Lupa J felt after navigating through a challenging period of her life.

A dance anthem that captures the duality of joy and conflict, Lupa J’s latest single is a testament of her ingenuity when it comes to storytelling as producer, singer, and songwriter.

Milan Ring - Green Light     Electronic, RnB, Soul 30/11/2018
Sydney-based Milan Ring is a producer, writer, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, mixing & mastering engineer all in one.
'Green Light' is the final release in Milan RIng's string of mood-based singles this year, following on from her last single 'Drifting' and sold out Sydney single launch.

Co-produced by Sydney artist BLESSED (producer for Manu Crooks, Anfa Rose), 'Green Light' is a gorgeous demonstration of Milan's signature sound - a carefully orchestrated balance between the analogue and digital worlds.

Omegachild - Obsession     Electronic, Dance, Atmospheric, Experimental 30/11/2018
Omegachild, the solo project of Brisbane producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Daniel Newstead fuses raw emotion of classical piano training with primal physicality of a band, playing synths and drumming simultaneously.
Obsession continues to probe our technological present, with an ear to its pulse and an eye to its horizons. So where in all this noise do we still find our humanity? With each spin of this infectious Obsession, one question above all else will keep playing on your mind, "Do you really love it?"

The Montreals - RUDE     Electronic, Dance, Pop 30/11/2018
As they head towards year’s end, The Montreals return to take another bite of the cherry with their new single, ‘RUDE’.
‘RUDE’ is a fitting example of how tight The Montreals’ writing dynamic has continued to become over the last year.

Timi Temple - Pretty Boy     Electronic, Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 30/11/2018
Saccharin sugar rush guitars colliding with glutinous garage rock drums wildly wrapped with lyrical tongue in cheek social commentary… this is TIMI TEMPLE.
'Pretty Boy' is the current single taken from Timi Temple's 'PHUZZ BOY' EP out on November 30th.

Other tracks by Timi Temple:  Dreams As A Kid  -  Snek Boy
Australian Athlete - Call Me Up feat. Florian     Electronic, Funk, Pop 29/11/2018
Australian Athlete (aka Harry Sutherland aka "Australia's Answer to Todd Terje" to his really close friends) is Sydney's favourite up and coming, disco synth genius and keyboard wunderkind.
Deep diving into funk-infused nostalgia, 80s synth boogie and contemporary electronic grooves, “Call Me Up” dials on a quintessential 80s femme-pop vibe while maintaining Sutherland’s exceptional ear for contemporary electronic grooves. Florian joins the floor to amplify the 80s technicolour dream with her synth-pop finesse and killer vocals, channeling the spirit of Gwen Guthrie, Melissa Morgan and Janet Jackson.

World Champion - Gun     Electronic, Funk, Psychedelic, Soul 29/11/2018
World Champion (Julian Sudek, Will Campion and Reg Harris) are a psych-soul-electronic outfit with a vibrant signature sound that's as infectious as it is dynamic.
“Gun" kicks off with crisp rolling snare hits, playful bass strums and fuzzy echo-laden synths, deep diving into a body-moving realm you’ll love to lose yourself in. The track re-imagines timeless themes of motown with a modern sonic touch. Completed with velvety vocals, “Gun” will take you beachside in a quintessential Australian summer for a moment of technicolour serenity.

Kinder - Something More     Electronic, Dance, Pop 29/11/2018
Kinder are an electronic music duo consisting of sisters Briony and Savannah from the regional town of Maitland, Australia.
Sisters Briony and Savannah, better known as Kinder return with their sophomore single “Something More”. It opens with a dreamy atmosphere, building continuously into a thumping chorus that will be right at home in their festival sets.

Strict Face - Cherryhugs     Electronic, RnB, Dance 29/11/2018
Having spent the last half-decade honing his sound and earning a reputation as one of the underground’s finest club producers, Strict Face releases New Racer.
Inspired by classic R&B and future-facing electronic music, Strict Face's track "Cherryhugs" is another forward thinking club song, filled with bright and emotional synth patterns off his 9 track mixtape New Racer. Reminiscent of early 2000s production, Strict Face keeps "Cherryhugs" song vocal free. The focus is the lean melody, a similar approach to his previous release "Gold Citro"

Other tracks by Strict Face:  Gold Citro
Slum Sociable - Afterthought     Electronic, Jazz 29/11/2018
Slum Sociable are proud to reveal the striking new single ‘Afterthought. It’s the third track to surface from the subversive Melbourne duo this year.
‘Afterthought’ is an up-tempo summer heater and the duos most dance-ready tune to date.

Slum Sociable teamed up with Kim Moyes of The Presets, to bring the idea to life. They also shared production duties with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants).

‘Afterthought’ focuses on Miller Upchurch’s renowned vocals, as they soar atop tight drum machines and chunky synthesizers.

James Crooks - LaLaLa (feat. Dives)     Electronic 29/11/2018
Up and coming producer/multi-instrumentalist James Crooks is thrilled to reveal his new single ‘LaLaLa (feat. Dives)’ and announce his long-awaited debut EP Blame My Soul out 18 January 2019.
Featuring the vocals of Sydney dreamboat Dives, ‘LaLaLa’ is the perfect addition to your summer road-trip playlist. Crooks’ production plays with layers of percussion and tropical synths to create a glistening, feel-good track. Lyrically, the song is about something you know you shouldn’t do, doing it anyway and focussing only the positives.

The Nice Nice - Pleasure Leisure     Electronic 29/11/2018
Tim, Tom and the band, The Nice Nice. Like the ease of a summer morning mixed with a rough hangover caused by the last bottle from the night before.
“Pleasure Leisure” is the sophomore release from Munich based Australian/German collaboration. Continuing an active schedule of original music releases for the last quarter of 2018 with subsequent singles released in bi-monthly rotation, culminating in début 4 track extended player “EP I” out late January 2019, and a Limited Japanese Edition CD featuring Bonus Live Tracks to be released February 2019.

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Kllo - Candid     Electronic, Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Having spent the last 12 months touring the globe following the release of their debut album Backwater, Kllo return with this year's second single - the stunning 'Candid'
Candid is inspired by a personal experience, but this time it's done with a lot more strength and perseverance. Not compromising, not being 'so nice' in reactions to uncomfortable experiences. It's about being as candid as I can and deserve to be, understanding the power of words, which is something new to me and the fundamental key to my happiness.'

Planète - Prism Break     Electronic, Dance, House 29/11/2018
Planète continues his most prolific year to date with new track 'Prism Break', a more direct track than his typically drawn out releases.
A tongue-in-cheek parallel to an escapist themed televised fiction, I have orientated Prism Break on persistance, drive and focus. Instilled in a classic club format, I think, highlights a reward narrative in 'breaking through' with focus and discipline.

ASPYRE - Collision     Electronic, Metal, Instrumental, Industrial 29/11/2018
Aspyre bring the rhythmic structures of progressive metal into the world of Synthwave. Dark riffs, melodic synth lines, soaring guitar solos, create a vibrantly visual sound that transcends audience expectations.
Collision is a visceral electronic track, taking its cue from metal bands such as Meshuggah and Northlane. It's fast-paced, and has a raw, in-your-face energy. Melodies soar over heavy synth riffs, and a dark, brooding atmosphere permeates the whole track. This is the sound of a cyberpunk moshpit.

Acaxia - All I Need     Electronic 29/11/2018
ACAXIA is blooming into 2019 harmoniously combining electronic elements, soothing vocal loops, melodic-percussive riffs and organic instruments, that has become the cornerstone of their production.
Musicians, artists and performers ACAXIA channel their ever growing musical prowess to release the latest in their sonically stunning catalogue. All I Need set for release worldwide, features a mesmeric re-working of electronic and native sounds denoting a sense of beauty, ritual, and reverence, driven by the artists’ deep appreciation of indigenous music, and its ceremonial use across different cultures.

Faint One - Treasure     Electronic, RnB 29/11/2018
Electronic music producer, pushing genre boundaries.
Faint One’s new single “Treasure” is hazy electronic music to die for. It feels like a lucid daydream where all the sights and sounds blend together and you’re in a total echo chamber with sensory overload. The production on this track has such a strangely danceable vibe where you find yourself moving on command to its slow, vibey track.

Tobacco Rat - Convulsions     Electronic 29/11/2018
Tobacco Rat, aka Jake Steele, has firmly established himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
The heavy beat and steadfast pace of ‘Convulsions’ is pure Tobacco Rat – tapping into the listeners primal urges for rhythm, but laid under a surface of eerie and atmospheric sounds that have become Tobacco Rat’s signature over the last three years.

Other tracks by Tobacco Rat:  Get Done
Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery and The Strangers - Wake In Fright I: Kangaroo     Electronic, House, Chill, Downbeat 29/11/2018
Perth's electronic iconoclast Tomás Ford radically remodels the folk-pop of Alex Elbery and The Strangers to tell the true story of crashing his hatchback into a kangaroo on the nullabor.
An eight minute journey into the dark heart of Australia. We start with the plaintive strains of Melbourne folk-pop troubador Alex Elbery and The Strangers before plunging into a slow-motion house beat and resolving in a super-atmospheric puddle full of feelings.

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Other tracks by Tomás Ford remodels Alex Elbery and The Strangers:  Wake In Fright IV: Opulence