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Feels - Piha     Electronic, Dance, Dance 19/02/2019
Feels are the most exciting electronic act to hit the scene. Combining their training in percussion & unique production, they are pioneering a whole new sound and electronic performance standard
‘Piha’ encapsulates Elise and Rosie’s love for upbeat dance music – music that makes you move is the focus for the duo this year. “We had a studio looking over the ocean on the cliffs of Piha. I feel like I really got to capture the beach side vibe and bubbling sounds of our time in that beautiful place"

Golden Vessel - DIZZY     Electronic, Pop, Dance 19/02/2019
Golden Vessel blends elements of electronic music with hip-hop, RnB and alternative pop, as he continues to explore different songwriting styles and techniques to help create a truly unique sound.
‘DIZZY’ is the latest single from Australian artist Golden Vessel featuring the voice of Oscar Key Sung, and is also the next preview of his upcoming debut album.

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Michael Pignéguy featuring Aysha Amani & Coco Varma - So Far Out Of Reach     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 19/02/2019
Michael Pignéguy is a gifted drummer, composer, band-leader, arranger and producer. He performs in THE AWAKENINGS ENSEMBLE (World, Arabic, Latin & Jazz) or in jazz - Sextet & Quartet formats
Michael Pignéguy, Aysha Amani & Trilby Temperley's "Just Out Of Reach" has now been taken somewhere new, thanks to Earthtribe (U.K.) founder and pioneer of the London Asian Underground Scene - Coco Varma who has added to the trilogy, with "So Far Out Of Reach. Michael will now perform Coco’s version in his live sets, Sydney & Melbourne June 2019

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Otosan - Jump Up     Electronic 19/02/2019
Just two years into their meeting of minds, Ryan Dickinson and Ultan Burke’s sound as Otosan is already unmistakeable – deep, melodic and purpose-built for big rooms.
After turning heads with their debut ‘Do You Feel It’ follow up ‘Lights’, 'Jump Up' sees Otosan coming out of the gate hot for 2019, with their first outing for ASTRX, bringing together rolling house basslines with punchy MC vocals to deliver a fresh summer banger sure to make bodies move.

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Israel Carter - Summer Paradise     Electronic, Instrumental 18/02/2019
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a musician from Melbourne Australia. I make electronic dance music and i'm i would describe my sound as uplifting melodic dance music.
Israel Carter- Summer Paradise

Wasteland - Paper Towns feat. Mileo     Electronic, Pop, Dance 18/02/2019
Not just a producer/DJ, Wasteland show's his songwriting skills with this new direction into the electronic pop/dance world.
Paper Towns is an emotive upbeat track infusing both pop and dance. It features vocals from Australian/Norwegian talent, Mileo who is part of the Eccentric / Universal Norway roster.

Fourth State - Lost In Dreams     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Ambience 18/02/2019
Forming in early 2018 Fourth State have effortlessly produced a timeless trip hop electro sound performing with loops, live instruments and synths.
Lost in Dreams is a dreamy, ambient pop piece with swelling dark undertones. Leah’s vocal lines are based on those times in your life you need to make huge changes, let go of the past and start a fresh.

Recorded by Fourth State
Mastered by Lee Buddle – Crank Studios
Leah Miche – Vocals
Edoardo Moriconi – Production

Danny Barwick - Room 201     Electronic, Jazz, Atmospheric, Experimental 15/02/2019
Danny Barwick is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer from Melbourne, Australia.
I'm happily addicted to Charles Bukowski’s poetry. My favourite poem includes the harrowing lines: “An old guy in a cheap room, with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe”. As I was writing music one day, I found myself imagining more about Bukowski's ‘old guy’ - why he was alone in that cheap room. That backstory turned into this song.

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Eastward - Surprise 79     Electronic, Instrumental, Downbeat, Psychedelic 15/02/2019
On the 1st of March 2019, Eastward will release "Surprise 79". More soaring psychedelic synths, fat bass and trip-hop beats from the Melbourne underground.
A psychedelic funk journey. Real bass, soaring synths and trip-hop beats.
Written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by Eden Altman @ Mini 700.
Mastered by Joe Cara @ Crystal Mastering.

Homeward Bound - Bless     Electronic, Hip Hop 15/02/2019
Homeward Bound are an electronic duo based in Adelaide, South Australia. Blah (Jimblah) and (Goji) make unique and forward-thinking music, dabbling in pop, hip hop and electronica.
Walking away from the music industry a couple of years ago, Jimblah found himself disheartened and exhausted; missing the spark that ignites a songwriters fire.

‘Bless’ reveals his journey back to music, and how writing with Georgia (Goji, his co-writer and partner) reminded him to find solace and joy once again.

jayteehazard - Flight     Electronic, RnB 15/02/2019
DJ, Producer Jaytee has been making beats and playing to crowds for over a decade.
'Flight' is chill electronica on a cool chillwave. With a sharp clap that leads the pace, the smooth vocals of Meklit Kibret (New Venusians) keep it floating with ease. This song is smooth af caramel and will take you to another world.

Joyride - Underwater (Radio Edit)     Electronic 15/02/2019
Cementing himself as somewhat of a social maverick, Joyride, has explored themes on ‘Sunrise Chaser’ based around being 20-something in the Inner West,
Slower track on the record that delves deep into his more serious side as an artist as he opens up about his mental health.

Motez - Steady Motion feat. KWAYE     Electronic, House 15/02/2019
Based out of Adelaide, Motez’ soundscape pushes the boundaries of your regular house producer, going way back before he was making wholesome, wall-to-wall club cuts and rocking festivals stages.
After performing to packed crowds across Australia and abroad in 2018, Motez returns to deliver his newest certified tune “Steady Motion” feat. Kwaye. A beautiful continuation of his certified ARIA Gold record “The Future” feat. Antony & Cleopatra, today’s release represents the next step in a big year of new music for the much-loved Adelaide producer.

Motez - Steady Motion feat. Kwaye     Electronic, Dance 15/02/2019
Motez’ soundscape pushes the boundaries of your regular house producer, going way back before he was making wholesome, wall-to-wall club cuts and rocking festivals stages.
A master of melding electronica and clever melodies into dance-inducing rhythms, "Steady Motion" is an affectionate nod to classic house as a funk-driven bassline and drum section collectively build over time. Featuring the grandeur vocal stylings of Kwaye, they provide an honest commentary on the helplessness one can feel when stuck in a seeming rut, trying to break free.

Nightingale - Thrill     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Electronic 15/02/2019
Melbourne based producer Nightingale is a solo act emerging from Melbourne’s electronic music scene. Inspired by the sounds of Flume, Sbtrkt, and Ta-ku.
This song is inspired by unhealthy relationships/habits/actions. Objectively, we know that these things are not helpful to us yet we keep it and perpetuate it. It is an identifiable topic to all. The dark and brooding sounds in the song provide the foundation for the lyrics that speak on the complexities we think of when we reflect on the matter.

Ninajirachi - Human feat. Freya Staer     Electronic, Dance 15/02/2019
Named an “Artist To Watch” by Purple Sneakers and an “Act That Will Shape Australian Music” by Junkee, Ninajirachi has garnered widespread acclaim from both her fans and the industry.
“Human” featuring Nina’s frequent collaborator and childhood friend, Freya Staer, draws closer attention to the pairs collective growth, with Freya’s vocals now one with Nina’s sonic identity. The track experiments with push and pull, focussing on glimmering beats and quickly shifting to a playful, percussion-driven chorus.

Paul Mac - Cataplexy     Electronic, Dance 15/02/2019
As Australian dance music royalty, Paul Mac has touched every corner of the nation’s scene, with composer, songwriter, musician, sound designer and producer credits under his belt.
Built on treated firework recordings by Paul himself, “Cataplexy” represents a new direction Mac is taking in his production, finding unique sounds in previously untouched territory. Coupling the fast paced BPM with the softness of synthesised key melodies, the track is reminiscent of 90s rave, as indulging trance elements help wash over a feeling of contentment from start to finish.

PRISCILLA - Feeling Higher     Electronic, Pop, Dance 15/02/2019
Perth pop duo PRISCILLA, brainchild of Luke and Priscilla brands an eclectic fusion of feel-good riffs, party drums and limitless vocals.
After a massive debut year, electro-pop duo Priscilla are launching into a full-paced marched with their new single Feeling Higher; a dancing beat that says, 'stop wasting time and just bloody go for it!'.

Bradley Stone - Over Your Shoulder     Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening, Ambience 14/02/2019
Having comparisons made to Matt Corby and Jeff Buckley, Byron Bay singer-songwriter Bradley Stone’s latest single ‘Over Your Shoulder’ is the first track from his forthcoming EP.
‘Over Your Shoulder’ showcases Bradley Stone’s soulful vocals, with a raw performance and sparse instrumentation. The introspective lyrics and exquisite instrumentation mark the next step in this young musician’s journey to artistic maturity. Reaching deep into his own experiences, this piece turned into "an ethereal manifestation, painting a picture of life, during the time when one must move on".

Danny Barwick - Room 201     Electronic, Experimental 14/02/2019
Danny Barwick is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer from Melbourne. He began his career in 2012 as a drummer, recording and touring for many projects before turning to electronic production.
The second single off Danny Barwick's sophomore EP, The Tigers, due for release on March 14th.

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