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Sister Peach - Possibilities     Electronic, Rock 14/03/2019
Think 80’s synth pop brawling with 90s Brit Rock while flirting with 70s Glam; Percy Peach and Joey London joined forced in 2018 to bring you Sister Peach.
With shades of a classic Regurgitator track, Possibilities is about flying to the moon with all our friends and exploring the universe beyond the realms of possibilities.

We are the numbers past infinity
There’s no more you and me,
Just possibilities baby

Sleuth - Knife Edge     Electronic, Pop, Chill 14/03/2019
Sleuth (Melissa Francis), is a female singer-songwriter from southwest Victoria. She pairs soaring soulful vocals with bitter sweet lyrics over minimalist funk, quirky pop, and electronic beats.
Knife Edge is a delicate, ethereal pop song that warns, underneath the sugary pink clouds of an idyllic world and perfect relational paradise, against pushing too hard, or getting too close to the line. That way madness lies...

SOFT NYLON - Be Honest (Ft Luke Howell)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Retro 14/03/2019
A mixed bag of highly diverse inspirations ranging from Methyl Ethel and POND; Mura Masa and Kllo helps SOFT NYLON to captivate audiences with hypnotising synths and catchy harmonic hooks.
Akin to a Tame Impala jam being disguised as a RUFUS dance hit. Be Honest is the result of the pair hiding away into Dylan's cramped bedroom studio on a hot summer day. Luke's soaring vocals drives along to the groove fuelled drum and bass combo, culminating in an extended synth and percussion jam.

Sparrows - Do U Wanna Dance?     Electronic, Pop, Dance 14/03/2019
Creating pop-laden melodies with percussive ingenuity, Sparrows is no stranger of emotionally evocative music since fallen in love with playing the guitar and writing songs as a kid.
'Do U Wanna Dance?' is the story of a boozy house party hook-up song coupled with a warm, rolling drum line and softly peppered chorus eloquently explained by Sparrows herself:

"When you find yourself at a shit party and the only thing stopping you from leaving is the hope you'll hook up with that person you've crushed on for ages."

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World Champion - Callisto     Electronic, Psychedelic, Soul 14/03/2019
Sydney psych-soul-electronic trio World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) are beloved for their signature technicolour production matched by dreamy vocals that will always leave you craving more.
Co-produced by Bag Raiders, “Callisto" is set to a galloping rhythm and warm arpeggiating synths lending a hypnotic feeling, matched by Campion’s velvety vocals as he repeats “I’m not giving you any more of my time” until the ethereal production comes to a fold.

ZK king - typhoon     Electronic, RnB, Soundscapes, Pop 14/03/2019
ZK king (Jamie Marina Lau) is a writer/author/poet, most notably publishing her first novel Pink Mountain on Locust Island through Brow Books in 2018.
This is a sultry track with contemporary R&B resonances and sees a synthesis of voice and percussion. A meditation of the femme body in a cycle of discovering itself and where it fits best. ‘Typhoon’ is designed almost like hypnosis.

Other tracks by ZK king:  wake up  -  daisy
Linda Janssen and Ross Tafari - Namaste     Electronic, Soul, Dub 12/03/2019
Linda Janssen (Wicked Beat Sound System) and Ross Tafari (King Tide) collaborate to produce an album called ‘People’ featuring ten new tunes, mixing new soul, dub, electronic grooves.
After reading that Kahlil Gibran was Elvis’ favourite Philosopher, I checked him out and loved his musings. I coined the song “Namaste” as it is the saying at the end of each yoga class, and thought it would make a great tribute to Kahlil.

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Other tracks by Linda Janssen and Ross Tafari:  FEET R WET  -  PEOPLE
Jake Carmody - Alone feat. Savoi     Electronic, Dance 08/03/2019
Jake Carmody has made a name for himself since producing a remix of Vance Joy’s cover of ‘Georgia On My Mind’ and playing frequently around south-east Queensland.
Alongside the likes of Paces, Lastlings and CVIRO, Jake Carmody is leading the Gold Coast's musical renaissance Jake Carmody and now produces crisp new track ‘Alone feat. Savoi’. For this release Jake has teamed up with Brisbane singer-songwriter Savoi, who has worked with the likes of Enschway, Yahtzel and most notably LDRU, on his hit track ‘Next To You’.

LOS LEO - False Start     Electronic, Pop 08/03/2019
Adelaide’s LOS LEO today shares an uplifting new piece of indie-pop dubbed ‘False Start’, the latest sparkling bop to be lifted from his secret stash of bedroom-produced gems.
The spirited track is brimming with infectiously singable melodies and finger-clicking grooves reminiscent of HAIM and St. Vincent, with lyrics that take a sunny outlook on past heartbreak, expressing optimism for new beginnings and lessons learnt.

Alêtro - Insecure (feat. Yomaez)     Electronic, Pop 01/03/2019
Alêtro is a young, electronic artist from Adelaide. His sound is a blend of Future Bass and Australian Wave that emanates deep, atmospheric chords with playful vocals and sound effects.
Insecure is a nostalgic, summer vibe, brought to life with unequivocal lyrics from Yomaez.

Anna Lunoe - 303     Electronic, Dance 01/03/2019
Anna Lunoe has made her mark on the Dance world over the years, working with the likes of DIplo, Jamie xx and Dillon Francis.
'303' follows on from Anna Lunoe's 2018 releases Blaze of Glory' and 'Badass feat. Born Dirty'. This fast paced dance tune draws from earlier influences of Australian dance music and fuses with more current sounds. Produced and written with none other than Chris Lake and will be released via Sweat It Out and Mad Decent.

Harvey Sutherland - Something In The Water Ft. Jace XL     Electronic, House, Soul, Jazz 01/03/2019
Harvey Sutherland is a producer, DJ and funk synthesist from Melbourne. Blending a range of crate-digging influences, his modern electronic soul and disco has found worldwide acclaim.
SOMETHING IN THE WATER, a new single from Harvey Sutherland, draws from a need to find hope and life among dire environmental warning signs. Harvey Sutherland’s rolling samba keeps a relentless pace, punctuated with a loping gospel mantra delivered by Jace XL (backing vocalist for Hiatus Kaiyote, Sampa The Great)

Lamalo - Real Love (ft. Kim Ven)     Electronic, Pop, Soul 01/03/2019
Lamalo is an electronic music duo formed by Michiya Nagai and Yossi Cascun during their studies at the Sydney Con.
Packaged playfully with Lamalo's distinct soulful, upbeat production, the catchy and curious feature vocals of Kim Ven explores the relationship between love and lust, as well as the difference between telling someone you love them and really meaning it. This song ultimately uncovers whether to protect one’s heart or to fall in love.

Milan Ring - Step Back     Electronic, RnB 01/03/2019
Sydney-based Milan Ring is a producer, writer, rapper, singer, multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, mixing & mastering engineer all in one.
'Step Back' is Milan Ring's first release in 2019. As usual, she has near singlehandedly crafted it herself - acting as the singer, rapper, guitarist, producer & mixing engineer. The single release coincides with the announcement of her debut national AUS tour, and follows on from 'Green Light' (Nov 2018), added to full rotation on triple j.

Moonsign - Let's Split feat. Bilby     Electronic, Folk, Gay Alligned, Hip Hop 01/03/2019
Moonsign is a dream pop synth duo from Newcastle, Australia. Weaving magic, sensitivity and lush, synthy sounds. We work on the land of the Awabakal and Worimi peoples.
A breezy road trip jam featuring a duet between Moonsign's Bastian Fox Phelan & Sydney emo prince Bilby.

"Let's Split is out March 1st 2019 thru Yes Rave

Price Park - Someone Else     Electronic, Pop, Dance 01/03/2019
Price Park is the latest project from ARIA nominated producer Tom Armstrong (Godwolf, Aunty Donna).
'Someone Else' is about grief, growth and change. Grief is a process that never really ends, only changing shape. This song is like an emotional snapshot of that part of the process, where you're recounting everything that transpired, and obsessing and stewing: then all of a sudden you find strength - so you pick yourself up and start moving forward.

Ross Henry - Places People     Electronic, Experimental, Roots 01/03/2019
Producer Ross Henry has shared the second single and title track off his forthcoming EP, a fresh piece of experimental electro-pop dubbed ‘Places People’.
The UK-born, Sydney-based artist once again stamps his unique sonic fingerprint on his latest offering, crafting a quirky, immersive soundscape with sparse, percussive synths and soul-infused vocals that muse on “life as the theatre it is”.

The Ironing Maidens - Lighten My Load     Electronic, House, Dance, Pop 01/03/2019
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, gender equality and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their freshly pressed house beats.
Old school electro trash meets electro house-wife in The Ironing Maidens hot new single, Lighten My Load. An unapologetic mix of in-your-face lyrics, humour and iron-y, this track challenges gender norms and tackles the 'C', that is! Not enough has changed since the 50s. Sure, woman can have it all, but why are we still DOING IT ALL too?

Ambientronic - Childhood Dreams ft. Addie (enryoki Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Dub 28/02/2019
Ambientronic are Dean Jones (Australia) & Roman Shk (Russia). Formed in 2014 from a chance encounter online, the duo blend individual skills and experiences to create a wholly transcendent sound.
“Childhood Dreams” opens with a heavy-handed synth beat that counterbalances the playful club percussion and soaring vocals from Ambientronic’s regular guest singer, Addie. As the first track from the EP, Now That's Why I Can't Dance, the Enryoki remix of Childhood Dreams has been cleverly crafted to set the stage for 5 tracks that follow it.

Other tracks by Ambientronic:  BPM Sexual  -  Lower Key
Black Cab - Take It     Electronic, Pop, Dance 28/02/2019
Melbourne group Black Cab release new single 'Take It', out via Interstate40/Remote Control. The band launch the single on Friday 11 May at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne.
Vocalist Andrew Coates describes the track: "'Take It' is about surrendering material things in the age of conspicuous consumption and waste. "We're only going to waste it, so why don't you just take it?"

The song also highlights the sound of the Cab moving back towards tighter, more concise songwriting and live instruments after the last few mostly electronic recordings.

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