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Kid Fiction - At The Mall     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 10/05/2019
Genre-bending Electro artist
Australian Producer/Vocalist Kid Fiction croons through beautiful new single "At The Mall"

M4SONIC - Midnight     Electronic, Dance, Pop 10/05/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
Hot off a successful year of collaborations, electronic music artist, M4SONIC is back again with another hit track, ‘Midnight’. ‘Midnight’ features emerging electronic pop artist MYLKI in her debut to the genre. “It portrays a sense of loss, but also permits a sense of feeling hopeful, looking up and knowing that things will always be okay.” MYLKI says.

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Man Vs Synth - Perfect Picture     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Rock 10/05/2019
Combining cavernous synthesiser tones with piercing guitar refrains, Man vs Synth place a core emphasis on rhythm in their venture to spawn a seldom-explored, genre-defying genus of synth pop.
Perfect Picture draws influence from 80s synth pop, fusing analogue and acoustic sounds (like much of the EP) to produce a contemplative and ethereal piece. It acknowledges the feelings of loss and a future that could have been as the song centres around the sudden departure of a loved one due to inevitable circumstances.

Midnight Pool Party - Slide     Electronic, Dance 10/05/2019
Crafting addictive electronic dance music.
’SLIDE’ is a quintessential MPP vibe. It starts off simple with a wurli and vocals to draw you in, and by the end you’re immersed in the complexities of different sounds to a massive climax. – Midnight Pool Party

Moonsign - Seaswell (feat. Di Drew)     Electronic, Atmospheric, Dance, Folk 10/05/2019
Moonsign is a dream pop synth duo from Newcastle, Australia. Weaving magic, sensitivity and lush, synthy sounds.
‘Seaswell’ is the second single from Moonsign’s forthcoming ‘Okay You First’ and features guest vocals from Melbourne’s Di Drew (Cystic Nightmare).

The Newcastle duo say that the song was inspired by swimming at Bar Beach at night. "It's seductive and dangerous – kind of like our country's relationship with coal. We're caught in a rip but pretending that all's well."

SAFIA - Resolution     Electronic, Pop 10/05/2019
The Canberra three-piece create lyrically charged electronic alternative pop music which pulls from diverse influences. The band have amassed over 140 million streams and are a phenomenal live force.
An expansive intoxicating track, ‘Resolution’ is drenched in nuance and blissful euphoria. Say the band of the track: "Resolution is the struggle of two opposing halves. It explores the inner dialogue of change and attempts to portray the feeling of freedom that comes when we separate ourselves from ego."

Space Cop 2 - Space Party     Electronic, Experimental 10/05/2019
The future of music, intergalactic songs for intergalactic people
Space Cop 2 announces his arrival onto the electronic music scene with his debut track Space Party. An electronic time warping futuristic disco jam that's like a party in outer space where everyone is invited.

Tora - Paramount     Electronic 10/05/2019
Byron Bay four piece Tora make great music, with intricate layers and lush sounds the result are some heart-grabbing tunes
Continuing their vow for a constant stream of music released, now comes the fourth taste from Tora's upcoming second album ‘Paramount’.

The track is accompanied by a catchy video clip and is the first in a while which features the band themselves. It aims to show their personalities, a glimpse into their world behind the music.

Valley Onda - Relentless     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop 10/05/2019
Flawlessly blending electronic and acoustic percussion, synth and strings with deep and baring lyric matter, Valley Onda have crafted their first generation of songs with thoughtful precision.
Exploring themes of mortality and severed relationships, Relentless builds through tense musical and vocal passages before erupting into a joyous awakening. The band's studio prowess and their organic musicality form something bold and unique that finds its power in subtlety and tastefulness; a place where the heavier lyrical concepts wash up against a shore of delicate keys and ethereal vocals.

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Verb8m - Arcade     Electronic 10/05/2019
A solo EDM producer from Australia.
A 5 minute and 15 second long piece

Other tracks by Verb8m:  Mobius  -  Untitled
World Champion - Heart Of Gold     Electronic, Psychedelic, Funk 10/05/2019
World Champion (Will Campion, Julian Sudek and Reg Harris) thrive in a world of galactic synth pop and technicolour funk, with souled-out vocals and a contemporary take on nostalgia.
The trio’s vibrant synth work doesn’t slow down in “Heart of Gold." Words weave through shimmying beats and quick keys on the site of a swirling sonic blueprint. Building to an invigorating chorus, the track's rhythms are hard to shake off.

Other tracks by World Champion:  Pillow Talk  -  Toucan
Archy Stranger - Rumours     Electronic, Pop 09/05/2019
Melbourne-based producer, vocalist and songwriter. Experimenting with a variety of styles, his production palette reflects influences from house, ambient electronic, hip hop and new wave to arrive at pop electronica.
The dynamic production of Stranger and James echoes the tension and conflicting emotions of the former’s lyrics, who explains that he was “interested in the concept of how a rumour starts, and the distortion of a message going from person to person. I started penning a short poem around this, which eventually expanded into lyrics for Rumours.”

Claudio - I Want You     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 06/05/2019
Claudio is best known for her solo performances, surrounded by a sea of machines & vintage synths in old churches and other architectural vestiges.
To Kill an Empath' is written, performed & produced entirely by Claudio.

Each track has a corresponding visual scheduled for weekly release from launch. The EP as a soundtrack and it's stunning visuals were originally made for 'Luxury of Landscape' - an exhibition by Aneka Manners which took place at a 16th-century palace in Florence (Palazzo Pandolfini)

Other tracks by Claudio:  Turbulent  -  Flowers
Antony & Cleopatra - Why Don't You Just Call Me     Electronic 03/05/2019
Antony and Cleopatra’s two primary members, Alexander Burnett and Anita Blay have a signature sound that draws you in through repetition, rhythm and subtle melodies, leaving you craving for more.
This new track is something new for A&C, sliding away from the house music they’ve built their reputation on over the last few years, instead slipping into a sparkling disco ball banger that is purely reminiscent of classic ’90s UK dancefloor hits.

Cool Explosions - Glass Jars     Electronic, Soul, RnB, Pop 03/05/2019
Hardwired in Melbourne, Cool Explosions venture out from their home city’s pulsing underground landscape of glitchcore electronica, RnB reboots & late night neo-soul jams with a grinding, uncompromising ultra-pop.
From the outset, 'Glass Jars' catapults into a citadel of frenzied samples and involuntary 8-bit outbursts. Immediately we are aware of our new surrounds – the beat is a driving insurgency of trip hop neurosis, punctuated with bolts of restless step-sequencing. Amidst tumbling whorls of synths, lead singer Elle Young's vocal delivery keens and beguiles with an effortless, nascent soul.

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Other tracks by Cool Explosions:  Barbarossa  -  Leftover Prayers
du0 - It's OK     Electronic, Dance 03/05/2019
Brisbane-based artist, du0, has just unveiled the exciting follow up track in ‘It’s OK’ – mixed and produced by the musician himself.
‘It’s OK’ is a brooding slice of eclectic electronica, that draws influence from the likes of future-bass luminaries TOKiMONSTA, What So Not and San Holo. The emotive cut is led by a constant and slow burning groove, which boasts titanic beats, twisting walls of synths and hypnotic vocals.

Froyo - Blue     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 03/05/2019
As Shakespeare once wrote: “it ain’t easy being cheesy”. Walking that fine line between cool and cringe is FROYO – the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.
This is about calmly living with a problem and being content with doing absolutely NOTHING about it (which is bad, obviously). You know that comic strip of the yellow dog sitting in a room which is on fire, and then he calmly says "this is fine"? Yep. It's basically the same thing. Except here, we're happily singing about clinical depression.

Other tracks by Froyo:  Out There  -  Time To Trade
Hayden James & NAATIONS - Nowhere To Go     Electronic, Pop, Dance 03/05/2019
Hayden James has been producing immense summer house jams with soulful and evocative vocals ever since he burst onto the Australian music scene in 2013.
Driven by an addictive bassline, “Nowhere To Go” is another exceptional creation from Hayden. Mastering moments of softly-focused synths, groove-laden bass and electronic pop melodies, audiences will once again be moved by the Hayden James method. Collaborating with NAATIONS (Nicky Night Time & Nat Dunn), “Nowhere To Go” champions Dunn’s powerful vocals as their own instrumental force, leaving fans hooked.

Homeward Bound - Sing It     Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
The Homeward Bound sound may be fresh but the origins of this duo have been bubbling away for years. Homeward Bound is the latest project from Jimblah and partner Georgia.
Sing It combines smooth basslines, soulful guitar licks, and lush keys to deliver a thought-provoking listen that explores our individual responsibility to make a change in the world.

Other tracks by Homeward Bound:  The City  -  Red Dust Plain
Joan Banoit - Bill     Electronic, Pop, Experimental 03/05/2019
Joan Banoit’s influences are eclectic and tilted towards the work of outsiders, finding inspiration in avant-garde electronic artists such as Burial or Arca, art rock contemporaries, and even modern composition.
Wicked Child writers: ‘Bill’ is a fine exhibition of experimental electronic pop, starring racing instrumentals that captures the heart of the track.