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Andy Ward - Deluded     Electronic, Pop 22/06/2018
Breaking free from major label shackles, Andy Ward returns with galvanising new single, 'Deluded'. The track sees the classically trained vocalist and producer come into his own, reinvigorated and unmasked.
Andy Ward’s new single ‘Deluded’ is a shout to the sky, a burning supernova of creativity, his celebration of individuality, independence and freedom. Layered choral vocals and heady percussive elements bloom and ultimately explode into a dynamic soundscape, heralding Andy Ward's return in multi-dimensional, unrestrained glory.

Blasko - Know You Better     Electronic, RnB 22/06/2018
Blasko has just unveiled his latest single ‘Know You Better’ – an emotive and brooding cut lifted from forthcoming mixtape ‘Blasko In Love Pt.1’ (due July 27 through Yunizon/Majestic Casual).
‘Know You Better’ is a deep slow-burning slice of R&B and soul-laden electronica, glimmering with Blasko’s lush and sensual vocal melodies. As the track effortlessly glides along, intricate layers build gradually and meld meticulously.

Braille Face - Faraway     Electronic 22/06/2018
Jordan White's Braille Face project is defined by a restless pursuit of the creative process, and is as emotionally affecting as it is sonically adventurous.
'Faraway' pivots from the heart-on-sleeve electronic balladeering of previous singles for a more upfront and danceable sound, with an insistent four-to-the-floor pulse underpinning a vague but bittersweet refrain: "I can't get that far away without you."

Other tracks by Braille Face:  Run For Your Life  -  Leave Your Heart
Cabu - Crazy (Joe Hertz Remix)     Electronic, Dance, RnB, Chill 22/06/2018
Cabu is an artist that hails from Sydney that strives to create a chill and soulful soundscape within modern electronic music.
Joe Hertz take on Cabu's original "Crazy" is a definite cruising head bopper that has sharp house influences that will fill a dance floor and/or add some extra sauce to your drive to work.

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Other tracks by Cabu:  Crazy (Holow Remix)  -  Crazy (Charming Lips & Cabu Remix)
Christopher Port - DTF     Electronic, House 22/06/2018
Melbourne-based producer Christopher Port today shares his new track ‘DTF’, the first single off his forthcoming follow-up EP Everything In Quotes “LIGHT”
Melbourne-based producer Christopher Port today shares his new track ‘DTF’, the first single off his forthcoming follow-up EP Everything In Quotes “LIGHT”.
“DTF is a straight up club track”, says Port. “Lots of kicks, nothing heavy, just lightness, eyes closed, bodies moving.”

Enschway - Make It Work (Feat. Savoi)     Electronic 22/06/2018
Sydney-based Nic Schweighoffer aka Enschway, has once again teamed up with his mates throughout the global dance community to create the third EP in his infamous series of Friendschway EP’s
On the lead single off the EP, Nic employs Miami producer Jupe and Australian singer/songwriter Savoi to construct ‘Make It Work’ an epic dance and trap infusion that would fit perfectly into any EDM headliners festival set

Other tracks by Enschway:  Lose It  -  Can't Stay Here
Hydraulix - Angels feat. TeZATalks     Electronic, Dance, Pop 22/06/2018
Hydraulix is Sydney producer Damien Williams. Hydraulix has had incredible success in the past year with multiple international tours and the #1 spot on Beatport Dubstep chart for 6 weeks.
Hydraulix is back, sharing his first single ‘Angels ft. TeZATalks’, an infectious future beat banger cut from his upcoming EP - Kingdom. ‘Angels’ shows off Hydraulix’s polished production skills, combining TeZATalks killer vocals, throwback G-Funk and addictive driving bass; Hydraulix excels with this release. ‘Angels’ hooks you in from the first listen, leaving you ready for the dance floor.

Jesse Porsches - Know U feat. Transviolet     Electronic, Pop 22/06/2018
Sydney DJ/Producer Jesse Porsches is one of the country's most exciting, rising electronic acts. He's currently signed to Dew Process and BMG for publishing.
Featuring production from Porsches and vocals from Transviolet's Sarah McTaggart, the song opens with swooning piano chords and crispy clicks, as it delicately builds layers around McTaggart’s stunning voice, before giving away to Porsches’ signature, pop-infused drop. It’s an infectious beat that floods into the song, lifting it into a new, triumphant sonic realm that is filled with energy.

Steven North - Just A Moment (Original Mix)     Electronic, House, Dance 22/06/2018
Perth Based Electronic Music Producer that loves to express through music and has figured out how to make music from raw minerals.
A vibrant, beautiful and loving song that expresses the love and passion that is shared among lovers. A love so deep that has no limitations. "When the light is shining through, all I see is You!"

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Other tracks by Steven North:  Just A Moment (Ricashae Remix)
The Kite String Tangle - Give It Time ft. Aalias     Electronic 22/06/2018
Brisbane singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, nominated for multiple ARIA Awards.
‘Give It Time’ ft. Aalias from The Kite String Tangle.

Known for co-producing hits such as Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘The Monster’ and DJ Snake ‘Middle’, on ‘Give It Time’ Aalias worked alongside The Kite String Tangle to produce a track that draws you in with a mesmerising harp intro, building to an infectious groove and Harley’s unmistakably smooth vocals.

Triangle Head - Wasted     Electronic, Pop, Rock, Soul 22/06/2018
Triangle Head is a Melbourne-based producer making electronic, melody-driven tunes with deep hooks that nod to both the past and the future.
"Wasted" is the latest single from Triangle Head, a golden slice of sample-based/dance-floor/soul-RNB, with a thick bass groove and early hip-hop beat accompanying bittersweet vocal samples with 50’s BVS.

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UIU - The Young And Innocent     Electronic, Goth, Industrial 22/06/2018
Buried underground in the cool comfort of the shadows, UIU is a new force channeling inspiration from Dark Wave/New Wave/Cold Wave/Goth/Synthpunk/Synthpop.
"industrial-like drum programming, droning synths, a motorik groove, a trippy yet ethereal sense of melodicism and John Carpenter soundtrack-like cinematic bent." The Joy of Violent Movement

Other tracks by UIU:  Like A Doll
Motez - Visceral     Electronic 21/06/2018
Motez’ soundscape pushes the boundaries of your regular house producer, chalking up fiveHype Machine #1s and dropping official remixes for Disclosure, Sam Smith, Goldlinkand Ellie Goulding
Tech-house thumper

Other tracks by Motez:  Roll Out
Boulevarde - I Needed You (Feat. Nick De La Hoyde)     Electronic 20/06/2018
Hailing from Sydney, Boulevarde are the musical duo preparing to leap onto the scene with their debut single ‘I Needed You Feat. Nick De La Hoyde’.
'I Needed You’ is built around an intriguing chord progression and an effortless groove, the mid-tempo offering feels fresh but familiar, delicately walking the fine line between pop and indie.

Glass Shadow - Horizon (feat. Wilsonic and Phoebe Sinclair)     Electronic, Chill, Dance 20/06/2018
Glass Shadow is the solo project of electronic dance artist and producer, Adam Buckingham.
Horizon is a collaborative project started between Glass Shadow and Wilsonic that intended to capture a feeling of wanderlust and exploration within an electronic/dance track. The track features a talented vocal performance from Phoebe Sinclair whose vocals brought a beautiful feeling of power to the single.

Other tracks by Glass Shadow:  Outta My League (feat. Harry Phillips)
Feki - Don't Doubt. ft Olivia Reid     Electronic 19/06/2018
With total online streams reaching over 14 million, Brisbane Producer Feki has been making his presence felt, one carefully crafted track after the next.
Featuring Californian-native Olivia Reid’s blissful vocals, and rhythmic beats that build into a soaring chorus, ‘Don’t Doubt’ is a powerfully restrained track that is destined for repeat listens.

Slum Sociable - Can't Figure It Out     Electronic 19/06/2018
Lo-Fo washed-out jazz hop from Melbourne, Slum Sociable are a duo moving from melancholy and inverted to explorative and experimental.
Can’t Figure It Out’ is Slum Sociable’s most infectious work to date and showcases another welcomed progression in song writing from the acclaimed duo. It features their renowned lo-fi beats, bright synth hooks and vocal melodies

Luna Sol - In His Shoes     Electronic 16/06/2018
Brisbane based singer/songwriter/producer duo.
In his shoes is about learning to live in the moment and not living to work. Putting yourself in someone else's shoes to understand a different way of life.

Oliver Tank - Make Believe     Electronic, Pop, Britpop, Downbeat 16/06/2018
Oliver Tank Electronic music maestro Creator of dreamy, luscious, heartfelt soundscapes
A return to form from Oliver Tank sees Make Believe float along a dreamy soundscape and reaffirming the lyrics that 'I Can Do Anything'

Earthlings - Runaway     Electronic, Experimental, Pop, Techno 15/06/2018
EARTHLINGS is a multi-instrumental electronic grunge duo who have been writing, recording, and performing music together for over a decade.
Being compared to electronic giants the size of Dukes Of Windsor and The Presets, Earthlings are currently running down a musical path all by themselves.