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Exhibitionist - Sway     Electronic, Pop 20/04/2018
Exhibitionist is the new project from Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle, one half of noise act Party Dozen and formerly of Brisbane acts Little Scout & The John Steel singers.
'Sway' ebbs and flows throughout, drifting in slowly before erupting in a blast of Exhibitionist's hypnotic vocals alongside thudding percussion. It's a unique track that highlights her pop-sensibilities as well as her interest in working outside the square.

Indian Summer - Right At Home (Feat. Aaron Michael)     Electronic 20/04/2018
Indian Summer is a familiar name within the Australian dance scene receiving multiple Hype Machine #1’s and has amassed over 9 million streams online.
‘Right At Home’ featuring Aaron Michael is the first release from an arsenal of fresh material from Indian Summer. The now solo project, fronted by Melbourne producer, Gabe Gleeson, sees him return to his roots with a thumping bassline and ethereal vocals expertly crafting a pop infused house track.

Odd Mob - Intrinsic     Electronic 20/04/2018
Following on from a huge 2017 which saw Odd Mob release 'Feel So Good', the 'Diffusion' EP, 'No Pressure', and a remix for Lorde on 'Perfect Places'
Entirely different from any Odd Mob release you've heard, 'Intrinsic' is a hypnotic, pulsing, electronic delight, and due for release on Friday 20th April on Tinted Records.

Sunday - All Of The Time     Electronic 20/04/2018
New project but has spent over half a decade performing, writing and collaborating as part of Miami Horror and Wunder Wunder
On hearing the new single 'All Of The Time', the progression of his career to date, and the laid back, psychedelic rhythms, all seem to intertwine at a perfect juncture.

Tashka - Yokubo     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Chill 20/04/2018
Tashka is set to release "Yokubo" Friday, 20th April. "Yokubo" ("desire" in Japanese) explores the coming together of two souls and the way they react to desire.
Socially we are so open to sexuality and expression, but when it comes to intimacy, we tend to invert and repress what we feel. I wanted to push the boundaries on the lyrics and more so on the track musically. Yokubo is a dark reflection of that.

Haiku Hands - Jupiter     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 18/04/2018
With their signature pairing of genre bending songs, synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands is a three piece hailing from Sydney and Melbourne.
Erupting with buoyant beats and jam-packed with attitude, Jupiter is a collaboration with some of Australia’s finest writers and producers, including Joelistics, Jayteehazard and El Gusto (Hermitude).

SPOD - Day In The Sun     Electronic, Pop 18/04/2018
Sydney's original party starter has been making us all taste the radness for over a decade. The dance rock pioneer electrifies brainwaves wherever and whenever he graces the stage
Newest single from SPOD 'A Day In The Sun' is a fun electronic pop track about doing what you do and riding the wave of fame or potentially missing that boat.

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Space Invadas - Say Something     Electronic, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop 17/04/2018
'Say Something' is a new track from Space Invadas' new album Wild World, out now via Invada Records/Remote Control. It’s the duo's first full-length since their debut, Soul-Fi in 2010.
'Say Something' reflects on the crazy times we are living in. The exponential rate of change we are all witnessing and are a part of, as well as a nod to the beautiful and wonderful natural world we live in here on this planet.

Space Invadas - Now That I Know     Electronic, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz 17/04/2018
Space Invadas share a new single 'Now That I Know' from their newly announced album Wild World, released Friday 13th April via Invada Records / Remote Control.
'Now That I Know' first found life in the hands of Giles Peterson. Upon hearing the new album, Peterson dubbed Wild World "a modern day soul classic", highlighted the single on high rotation on his BBC6 radio show, and featured it in many of his DJ sets across the globe.

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Couture - O.H.M.     Electronic 17/04/2018
Couture centers around applying pack mentality to getting ahead in a modern society, with a particular focus on social media (Tongue in cheek of course)
O.H.M. is the debut release from ‘Couture’ and marks the initiation of their GMRR-O (global musical release roll-out) which will see the distribution of half heartedly curated assets across relevant social media platforms, with contractual obligations to fulfil and pressing deadlines.

Outside The Academy - Hand in Hand (Let's Go)     Electronic, Dance, Psychedelic, Rock 17/04/2018
melancholy nightclub dance jams // indie psychedelic elevator music
“Hand in Hand (Let’s Go)” is due to feature on an upcoming release entitled Sh**ty Little Disco. It incorporates all the elements of OTA’s repertoire to date: melodic harmonising guitars; groove-based dancy beats; electronic sampling; in-your-face indie psychedelia; cynically comedic lyricism; and efficient and effectively implemented (self) production.

Other tracks by Outside The Academy:  Hand in Hand (Let's Go) [Radio Edit]  -  Hand in Hand (Let's Go) [Super Short Radio Edit]
Bobby Gray / BBG - Relationship Status (feat. Camille the Artist and Midnight Boom)     Electronic, Dance 16/04/2018
Bobby Gray / BBG is a Sydney DJ and Producer.
Pulling inspiration from the likes of Blood Orange, Haim and the Strokes, Bobby Gray's new single Relationship Status is a collaborative effort where the love shines through. About the shared fear between two people that you might not be wanted back but you both feel the same way...

Ukiyo - Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 16/04/2018
Ukiyo is 21-year-old, Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer Timothy Arnott. Fresh electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hip, EDM, and classical motifs.
Electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hop, EDM, and classical motifs to create an atmosphere that'll take you anywhere from a road trip to the dance floor.

VASSY - Somebody New     Electronic, Dance, Pop 16/04/2018
Born Vasiliki Karagiorgos in Darwin, Australia, soulful singer/songwriter VASSY rose to fame in 2003 after winning Triple J's Unearthed Song of the Year competition.
Rhythmically impeccable and on a whole other level of grooviness. Featuring the splendid production of Canadian heroes Sultan + Shepard and a mash of sounds that makes it perfect for the dance floor as well as the airwaves, Somebody New is as exciting as finding yourself a brand-new lover.

Hobart Curtis - Don't Hate Me     Electronic, Pop 13/04/2018
Hobart Curtis is a solo artist/producer from Brisbane, who creates catchy, melancholic indie-synth pop that features interesting and honest lyrical content.
“Don’t Hate Me” is an energetic and driving indie pop cut, culminating of Hobart Curtis’ continuous hooks. Driving with a lead footed bass line, washy indie guitars and 80’s inspired synths ( The Killers/The 1975), “Don’t Hate Me” presents as a texture laden banger that is both deep and catchy.

LALKA - SHUT UP     Electronic, Industrial, Pop 13/04/2018
Crafting atmospheres that possess "the unsettling experimentalism of Fever Ray and the catchy rap immediacy of Die Antwoord", Brisbane's LALKA is unafraid to create lavish sounds with a radical edge.
Building to absolute chaos yet showing LALKA at her most in-control yet, SHUT UP (co-produced by LALKA and Haxx of Kult Kyss) harnesses pop as a weapon of defiance. Oscillating industrial synths, menacing hip-hop-influenced beats and syncopated vocals crash into each other at increasing speeds as LALKA's frustration grows.

LEFKADA - Dead Lines     Electronic 13/04/2018
LEFKADA are an electronic music duo based in Melbourne, Australia. Melding lush harmonies, captivating melodic ideas and intricate polyrhythmic designs, LEFKADA have crafted their own form of alternative EDM.
Keeping you guessing what’s around every corner, 'Dead Lines' is a journey, showcasing their concoction of musical influences abed a pounding beat and jarring synths. The high energy production is intricately arranged, melding their melodic ideas and polyrhythmic penchant.

Christopher Giffard - Talk To Me     Electronic, Rock, Jazz 10/04/2018
Sydney artist Christopher Giffard blends jazz, electronic, and an avant-garde compositional approach to create a truly new flavour of complex, involving, yet listenable fusion rock.
An unlikely blend of percussive jazz piano, dreamy vocals, lush analogue synths and washy drums, Talk To Me is an acoustically complex, lyrically simple exploration of powerlessness felt when watching a loved one struggle, yet refuse help.

Featuring Birds of Tokyo keyboardist Glenn Sarangapany and Kim Churchill collaborator Michael Hardy.

Go Freek - Time     Electronic 10/04/2018
Tech-house aficionados
Tech-house aficionados, ​Go Freek​ are back with their new single ​‘Time’​, proving a little time off doesn’t change a thing. Dynamic and experimental, ​Go Freek​ embrace the darker side of builds and the sharper side of drops creating a club track that stands out from the pack.

Hurt Parade - Tuesday     Pop, Electronic, Rock 10/04/2018
Hurt Parade is an electronic, indie pop trio who bring together a unique and captivating blend of electronic pop with catchy vocal hooks, synths and hard-hitting bass.
Tuesday is a cool blend of brooding synthesizers, analogue drums, topped off with dreamy vocals.

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