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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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M4SONIC - Antithesis     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Contemporary Classical, Easy Listening, Instrumental 04/12/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
M4SONIC shows off his classical training and phenominal talent with Antithesis, a cinematic journey. Imagine your hero on a quest to save the world, find his home, discover lost lands. Suited for theatre, tv, or a movie, this epic composition evokes emotion, awe and intrigue. An insight into what may be ahead for this talented producer.

Marcus Whale - Proud and Dirty     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Pop 04/12/2019
Otherwise known for his leftfield pop duo Collarbones and club-centric electronic group BV, Marcus Whale sings about ghosts, futures and other-worlds to a soundtrack of body-shaking electronics.
This song is chant about embracing sensuality without the need for hierarchy - "I don't need a daddy" - set to an apocalyptic club beat. "Proud and Dirty" is the first single off an album called Lucifer, a follow up to Inland Sea from 2016 that appropriates the fallen angel from Christian mythology as a light for the forsaken.

Spaceniks - Jawohl     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Dance 04/12/2019
New electronic outfit from Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Jawohl is Spaceniks’ idea of what krautrock could sound like today if it had been cross-pollinated with indie rock. This is music for non-conformists: slightly twisted, fully sick.

Klue - Coming Home     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World, Soul 03/12/2019
Australian-born Berlin-based artist Klue has just revealed tour dates and his striking new single ‘Coming Home’.
‘Coming Home’ is a sophisticated, drenched-in-euphoria slice of Afro-inspired electronica. The musical tapestry of the track is intricately woven with rich layers of bouncing percussion, mbira, balafon, eclectic synths and mesmerising vocal melodies. As the deft arrangement unfolds, a series of unexpected twists and turns rear their head making for an undeniably unique and compelling listen.

Pinz & Pelz - There Must Be A Place For Me     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Dance 03/12/2019
Pinz & Pelz are Sydney based DJ/ radio host Andy Lowe aka Pinz and Berlin based producer Philipp Peltz aka Pelz.
A blissful and euphoric take on retrospective drum and bass/ jungle. The sense of belonging in a track.

The track was written in both the states of being so miserably lost as well as finding pockets of homely feelings around the place. Wondering the streets of Perth, which I had never been before, after getting off a red eye flight.

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The Marion Cranes - On Your Mouth     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop, Dance 03/12/2019
Sexy Gay Pop
A sexy Collab with Movember about pash rash. We were commissioned for the piece cause we are sexy and love pashing.

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Yovan - Rise & Fall     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Easy Listening, Pop 03/12/2019
I am Yovan, I am a self taught singer/songwriter, I get my inspirations from a variety of places and many types of music.
I have been up, I have been down.
Falling is another way to fly....

Feeding Fauna - River Fire     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 01/12/2019
Bang! Burn! Gone! You're like a River Fire! Dark and deep - this new single from Feeding Fauna has you thinking while you're dancing.
The sky is ablaze with dazzling lights the water is shimmering. We're having a great time! Burning fuel and doesn't it look pretty. It's River Fire. The river is on fire. Like the Condamine is burning - but in a different way. Waste. Expectations unmet. This is a slow dance anthem for a dying planet.

Anarchosophist - ...I'd Have Killed It Myself (feat. Yori Dade)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul, Hip Hop, Dance 30/11/2019
Anarchosophist, aka Brisbane based producer/guitarist Padraig Parkhurst, has amassed listeners in 57 countries with his distinctive brew of Electro, Jazz, Funk and Instrumental Hip Hop.
Ranging from Dance to Lofi to Modern Jazz all in the space of three and a half minutes, '...I'd Have Killed It Myself' never quite devolves into chaos, as its kaleidoscopic parts are held together by an ever-shifting groove which packs an emotive, soulful punch.

Haarlo - Second Date     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 30/11/2019
Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne AUS, via Wellington NZ.
Second Date is a nod to RnB and all those slow jams from the 90s. It's about that time when you decide to take things further after only a short time of knowing someone. It's playful, soulful & a song to get you in the mood.

Moonbase - Different Planet     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
Moonbase survived a brain tumour that derailed most of his 2018. After beating that scare he’s been on a creative hot streak.
chopping it up with the deftness of Madlib or J Dilla, but always tweaking the angles to make sure it’s got his specific brand of bass bubbling under the surface.

MzUki - Unicorn     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop 29/11/2019
Melbourne-based R&B/HipHop artist, MzUki, has been showcasing her unique talent and undeniable star quality when she became a member of The X Factor’s popular pop group XOX back in 2014.
Made by a blend of Electronica and R&B/HipHop, MzUki hones in on her values and further expresses her purpose on ‘Unicorn’, giving those without a voice to stand for what they believe in. Her main focus are aspects in modern culture, gender equality and bisexualism, where she relates the idea of Unicorns and the magic they possess with her message.

Haarlo - Crossfire     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 28/11/2019
Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne AUS, via Wellington NZ.
Crossfire has definitely evolved over the years; originally written on an old keyboard in my living room, a simple chord progression, catchy melody and the lyrics that followed were written on the same day. This song is about the ever-changing environment of a new relationship, that stage of vulnerability and confusion. The part where you decide to stay or leave.

ALTA - Type     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 26/11/2019
ALTA reveal ‘Type’, the stunningly vulnerable track lifted off their forthcoming debut album Reasons, out Friday 22 November.
Written and recorded over 10 months in their Brunswick home studio, ALTA write with the aim of bottling up the kind of energy only a first take can provide. ‘Type’ was recorded ‘stream of consciousness style’ straight into the computer as sparse beats and synths were tweaked and layered in real time.

California Girls - Small Birds     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/11/2019
California Girls is the recording project of Gus McGrath, who is set to release his sophomore LP (and first release on Dero Arcade) Beat Boy on March 3 2020.
New single Small Birds is a dance-floor-ready track about demanding to be cared for. It captures the frantic energy of California Girls' live shows, once described as “Coil but gabber”. The song’s repeated vocal sample and deep bass work to disorient listeners, throwing them into the chaos of sex, loneliness, and wanting to be wanted.

Good Brother - I Need Some Words     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Rock 26/11/2019
Good Brother: a bedroom-produced electronic pop act, but not in the way you know. Good Brother rejects the singer songwriter stereotype of moody self-importance in favour of honest understandings.
An immersive look at a generation of truisms set against wobbling 808s and gorgeous finger-picked guitars.

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Hollywood Real Thoughts - Abyss     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Hip Hop 26/11/2019
Established in 2014, Hollywood Real Thoughts is the musical project of Melbourne producer Dermot Seller. Known for vast soundscapes expanding everything from trip hop to dream pop.
Produced using an RC-505, SP-404 & MICROKORG
Mixed in Cubase 9
Mastered in ProTools 10

released July 15, 2019
Produced by Hollywood Real Thoughts
Mastered by Spencer Hughes

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Hollywood Real Thoughts - Towers     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Hip Hop 26/11/2019
Established in 2014, Hollywood Real Thoughts is the musical project of Melbourne producer Dermot Seller. Known for vast soundscapes expanding everything from trip hop to dream pop
Performed by Hollywood Real Thoughts © 2018
Mixed by Dermot Seller
Mastered by Mikey Young

Other tracks by Hollywood Real Thoughts:  Dead Electric Sunshine  -  Glasswaves
KUČKA - Real     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/11/2019
Australia-born, LA-based producer and vocalist KUČKA proudly shares visuals for new single 'Real'.
Produced by KUČKA with additional help from Chance the Rapper and Kid Cudi collaborator Nosaj Thing, 'Real' continues KUČKA’s streak of synthetic and percussion-heavy R&B, all centered around her delicate, ASMR-esque voice. The track speaks to the uncanny power of human connection, a link capable of establishing itself even through the digital maze of the internet

The Safety Word - Right on Time     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Easy Listening, Indie 26/11/2019
A down tempo, R&B electronic act featuring soulful vocals sung over beautifully textured soundscapes and hypnotising guitar playing.
Right on Time
The message is primarily about time, and being wholly present in the moment, not taking anything for granted in the short time we have to be alive, even a simple moment can feel as an eternity

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