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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Andras - Honeybird     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Andras is Andrew Wilson, a music producer, soundtrack composer, radio host and DJ from Melbourne, Australia.
Honeybird is the first single from Andras' new album, Joyful, out January 31, 2020.

Cutting a path through an overgrowth of nostalgia around 70s acid folk and 90s acid house, Joyful is an invitation to till an old garden under a glistening new light.

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Other tracks by Andras:  River Red  -  Live Forever
Cloud Sequence - Carve Like Water     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Psych 17/01/2020
Cloud Sequence is Saar Amptmeijer (Droomdata) from Utrecht, the Netherlands and Jez Conlon (Cooperback, The Violets) from Adelaide, South Australia. Dark atmospheric experimental - Based in Central Australia - Mparntwe
Water carves the land and creates and shapes space. Created with love from the centre of Australia - Dark atmospheric experimental pop.

Flow like the water with me
Streams carved out by the mouth of rain
Dry and dead
Streams carved out by the mouth of rain
I sleep in your bed tonight

Sung in Dutch and English

Other tracks by Cloud Sequence:  Zacht  -  Rpt. Esc.
DÍAN - Ascension     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Psych 17/01/2020
Other Earth is the debut release from DÍAN: the solo project of Melbourne based composer and instrumentalist David Williams.
Ascension is a slightly upbeat moment on a chilled album.

Other tracks by DÍAN:  Juno's Theme  -  Wind Triptych (Pt 3)
Two Another - Another Night     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 17/01/2020
Sydney duo, Two Another a.k.a Angus and Eliot learnt from Australian music icons, Bag Raiders, and are influenced by everyone from Pnau to Cut Copy, Tame Impala and Flight Facilities.
Born and raised in Sydney, producer duo Two Another made up of Angus Campbell and Eliot Porter, sign to Sweat It Out, making a grand return following the release of their critically acclaimed 2018 debut LP ‘Another Tape’. New single 'Another Night' was co-produced with Utters (AlunaGeorge, Maverick Sabre, PREP), the track blends R&B, Motown-era soul and contemporary electronic music.

DJ TR!P - I Kill for You     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World, Dance, Hip Hop 16/01/2020
DJ TR!P is a disabled electronic artist who plays parties and creates scores for film, theatre, dance and events all over the world.
A middle eastern-inspired banger with satanic undertones. As an electronic artist with Romanian gypsy blood, I am drawn to the sounds of Europe and the Middle East.

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Evan Klar - I Do     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 16/01/2020
Melbourne based songwriter, producer and self-confessed bedroom-pop addict Evan Klar. 2020 will be an exciting year for collaborative releases, but it’s also time for Evan to release his own music.
"The first single from a forthcoming EP scheduled later in the year, it's a track that displays exactly why Klar is such a rising force amongst bright-lit electro-pop; strong, earworming hooks making themselves known above a low-key production that sways with an almost R&B-esque groove... somewhere in between shattering electronic, charming pop, and soothing, gentle-cradling R&B." via Pilerats

Kenny King - Find Me on My Own     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Alternative, Dance 16/01/2020
19 year old electronic musician, producer and composer from Tasmania creating glitchy, ambient and chill tunes.
A groovy and hypnotic beat featuring acoustic nylon string guitars and orchestral elements to create a sense of grandeur, with meaningful, singable and generally pleasant lyrics.

Andrew Hetherington - Intemporal     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Indie 09/01/2020
Andrew Hetherington is an up-and-coming Australian electronic music producer.
Intemporal is a downtempo instrumental featuring mellow guitar melodies backed by synth, bass and drums. The song has a very calm and relaxed feel which is perfect for studying, yoga, meditation or getting ready for sleep.

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Haarlo - silhouette     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 31/12/2019
Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne AUS, via Wellington NZ
Silhouette is a fun and playful tune about lust and how you can lose yourself when you're in to deep, it's about that time when you're pulled to someone and can't help but be near them but soon after wonder why this person has this hold on me… they are not even my type…

Orthentix - Divine Affliction     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative 25/12/2019
Orthentix emotive bass music will take you on a deep journey. Her unique style combines orchestral and synthesized sounds with electronic beats, resonating melodic dubstep, cinematic bass, and trip-hop genres.
This song is the title track from album Divine Affliction, experimental electronica with raw, introspective, brooding, emotive music. A journey through the female experience. A musical expression of the divine feminine and the afflictions she faces…She finds strength in her vulnerability and turns her affliction into a virtue.

Other tracks by Orthentix:  Heartcore  -  Mulier Taceat in Ecclesia
James From Taree - This Is Not Annoying     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Comedy 24/12/2019
James From Taree and his producer Maxi Smalls deliver their infectious brand of 'future boogie' right to your ears
This Is Not Annoying is an infectious earworm which describes a deep realisation brought on by a shoe malfunction.

BANTA. - Seaside - Golden Girl (BANTA. Summer Remix)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie 20/12/2019
Australia’s BANTA. are an Electro Pop Duo who craft their music to dark or light shades with no inbetween.
Released to a wide array of praise, 'Golden Girl' is a stellar mix of dream-pop and indie rock, a track which not only demonstrates SEASIDE's maturity, but their technicality and artistic talent as a whole. Re-worked by BANTA to display a new light to the tone, these remixes highlight the lyricism in a new space.

Other tracks by BANTA.:  Seaside - Golden Girl (BANTA. Remix)
Comfort Creature - Pryamid Room Exit     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Pop 20/12/2019
Comfort Creature walks the sublime line between the pleasure/pain of waiting, of not knowing, and the cathartic and spiritual release of losing oneself to the flesh.
First single from the self-titled debut album.

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Other tracks by Comfort Creature:  Numbers  -  Glow
Kind Regime - Atmosphere     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Rock, Alternative 20/12/2019
alternative electronic rock
Instrumental electronic rock track creating the atmospheres of space

Delta Juliette 331 - Only For Tonight     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House, Dance 19/12/2019
Based on the Gold Coast, Delta Juliette 331 brings together Producers/Police Officers KZ and Ferox, two current serving Officers from the Queensland Police Service.
A sexy, big room house anthem, with a killer melody guaranteed to have you singing along.

Cacophaction - An other     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Rock 17/12/2019
Cacophaction's music is electronic with a bias towards heavy sounds, grungy riffs and running bass lines. All songs are instrumental but as for genre... who knows? It's mostly noise.
Track is 80bpm with some grungy synth sounds mixed with a sweet Spanish guitar feel towards the end. It's not a usual chorus, verse, chorus song but who wants more of the same? It's "An other" not another.

Did Miro - Tokyo City Keiba     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Experimental 17/12/2019
Bedroom producer from Sydney West. This track came to life while travelling around Europe on trains, and was then finished in a makeshift studio in Sydney
Modern times lead to untraditional recording environments, and in the case of 'Tokyo City Keiba', it was on trains around Europe with nothing but a laptop and midi controller. The idea was one of many that will eventually morph into a debut EP, and was finally finished in a makeshift bedroom studio in Sydney's west.

Other tracks by Did Miro:  Tokyo City Keiba (Pinz & Pelz Remix)
This Week in the Universe - Frostilicus     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Instrumental 17/12/2019
Two brothers making electronic music. Inspired by vintage synths and 80s film music
From the album, Tellurian (2019)

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Other tracks by This Week in the Universe:  Ultra Poseable  -  Underground Rail
Calavèra - Crazy4u ft. Evergreen     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 13/12/2019
Calavèra is emerging porucer and DJ from Sydney. As an eclectic artist with many facets, Calavèra is an expression of everybody and their tastes in House, Tech, Jungle and more.
Crazy4u gets right down to it with Evergreen’s powerful and melodic lyrics gel ever so perfectly as Calavèra has created an upbeat jungle tech number that leaves you wanting more with each bar.

DOOLIE - Slow Crawl     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, R&B 13/12/2019
Rising 21-year-old Gold Coast singer-songwriter DOOLIE delivers her next instalment of potent electronic-pop 'Slow Crawl'. With Cam Nacson's production, this is another step forward in the progressive realm of Doolie.
'Slow Crawl' takes you on a familiar journey of relationship growing pains - "It's about one person breaking free from a relationship while their partner slowly realises how they’ve hurt them. I feel like a lot of us allow ourselves to be treated like trash to make another person more comfortable, so this is a song for all of us.”