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Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Brandon Jack & The Artifacts - Say It In Your Head Tonight     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative, Psych 02/03/2020
Lo-fi, electronic garage rock project by Brandon Jack. A space between a hypnotic UK club show and an explosive stadium rock gig.
Floating through laser lights and strobes, Say It In Your Head Tonight, takes the best bits from electronic duo Chemical Brothers, with a Britpop via Inner West stroke of the DMAs and the rock attitude of Kasabian. It works, and finds itself in a space between a hypnotic UK club show and an explosive stadium rock gig.

Xirita - Don't Go     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 02/03/2020
Xirita is the new project for Louskylar's Jessica Frizziero. Xirita’s vocals have earned praise from Triple J and notable Australian music blogs, being likened to Vera Blue and Billie Eilish.
Xirita teams up with Melbourne producer, Cropley, to release her debut single “Don’t Go” an honest and brooding tribute to creativity. More than just a catchy beat, the song explores the process of creating and wanting to hold onto that moment of inspiration for as long as you can.

Haarlo - Flicker     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 29/02/2020
Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne AUS, via Wellington NZ.
Flicker was written a long time ago, but essentially it's that silly, jam song that we kept coming back to because we loved the housey vibe. I remember being amazed at how long we could listen to the instrumental without getting sick of it. Like the others, it has evolved over the years but I'm loving where it ended up!

Haarlo - These Things     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Pop 29/02/2020
Soul-infused electronic duo from Melbourne AUS, via Wellington NZ.
These Things is about bumping into that special someone whose vibe has completely changed for the better and you can't help but be really captivated by their new found existence. Like when you're in the presence of someone and their energy is just palpable, so much so that you walk away thinking, "I wanna feel that too"

Lachlan Grant Splendor - Infatuate     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Instrumental, Dance 28/02/2020
Lachlan Grant Splendor is an artist who produces songs entailing aspiration to inspire love and passion for the unique qualities of each person’s authentic individual colour.
Infatuate is a mid tempo ambient electronic music composition emulating the feeling of infatuation. With an uplifting and inspiring mood, this track will have your good vibes flowing in no time!

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Marie Hopkinson - Time in Your Hands     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul, Easy Listening 28/02/2020
Marie is passionate about creating emotive music.
“Time in Your Hands” reflects the struggle of finding love in our world of comparisons amplified by social media. An Emotive track, capturing the often hurtful world of scrolling through the highlight reel.

Working with Perth music producer, Rob Agostini, this downtempo-electronic style track features haunting vocals mixed with chilled electronic vibes that takes the listener on a reflective journey.

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Motez - Patience     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House 28/02/2020
Versatile Adelaide producer, Motez has had success with his ARIA Gold accredited hit, 'The Future' and received worldwide praise from the likes of KCRW, BBC Radio 1, and triple j.
Motez got the idea for 'Patience' during a period of creative/personal change and a serendipitous moment where the Adelaide artist had to learn that patience is a virtue, following this he stumbled across a painting he liked and proceeded to purchase, coincidently the painting was titled 'Patience'.

Young Franco - Juice     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Pop 28/02/2020
Young Franco’s golden run continues into 2020 with brand new single ‘Juice’ featuring Pell.
Young Franco; “As soon as he came up with the hook idea we knew we were onto something. For me, Juice is a song you put on when you're feeling good about yourself. Something you put on first thing in the morning, when you're about to go out or when you have to get sh*t done. YOU GOT THE JUICE"

Yuskek - Gorgeous feat. Confidence Man     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 28/02/2020
Brisbane brother-sister indie, electro pop duo Confidence Man team up with French producer Yuksek
French disco/house sensation, Yuksek became a fan of Brisbane's Confidence Man after meeting them at a party in France, he was eager to do a track with them. This new track 'Gorgeous' is to be released with Yuksek's album 'NOSSO RITMO'.

ZOLLY - Ballin     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House 28/02/2020
Raised in Africa, educated in Australia and currently residing in Los Angeles, ZOLLY's sound palette is a reflection of many influences.
'Ballin' is the first official single release from the Crooked Colours' front-man's new project ZOLLY. The project plans to initially inhabit the dance space with production and vocals imagined with a House sensibility, but will evolve in time to move beyond these genre boundaries.

ELLIE. - Burning The Air     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Alternative, Pop 27/02/2020
ELLIE. is a small townie bedroom producer with a lot of sound to give, from groovy guitar licks to layered vocals.
This track is about the feeling you get when dancing on your own is no longer a thing, when people connect with their moods, and everything becomes fire.

Burning the air is a take on the tingly feeling of heat on your skin when life just doesn't get any better than this.

Northeast Party House - THE DESERT     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 27/02/2020
Guitar-soaked electronic outfit Northeast Party House have released new focus single ‘The Desert’ in anticipation of their third studio album “Shelf Life” coming out this Friday, February 28!
The Desert’ continues the bands exploration into more of a dance leaning sound while still holding close the vitality of the live-band element fans have come to know and love from Northeast Party House.

James Peden - Human     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Christian, Pop 25/02/2020
Electronic Synth Pop artist brings you his latest track HUMAN.
As humans, we face some type of weakness in your bodies or mind. Even if we may struggle with fear, anxiety or what people may think of us. We can only accept we are human and do the best we can do.

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Micra - Chemical Freedom     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative 25/02/2020
Micra are the sonic experiment from Bulgarian born and raised singer/guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist/producer Robbie Cain who met at an Unknown Mortal Orchestra show.
‘Chemical Freedom’ is the new swirling and euphoric single from Sydney’s Micra. It marks the start of an exciting chapter for the rising dreampop duo and is a spellbinding example of their ability to turn a melting pot of influences into their own hallucinatory indie pop perfection.

Subliminal Playground - Hand Of God     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 25/02/2020
Electronic/Industrial band hailing from Australia that addresses and challenges the populist views held by the masses.
Hand Of God is a song that challenges the listener to question the motives of a God Like figure.It is a hard hitting electronic journey which will resonate with peoples unhappiness in the false idols held up by modern society.

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Warcries - Run for the Hills     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 25/02/2020
WARCRIES are a multi-instrumental electronic duo from Brisbane who are self confessed energy addicts.
“This song is a victory warcry for the kids who are fighting for change, and a celebration of our progress,” says Ryan. “It's also a reminder that there's still a battle to be won,” adds Wil.

Lone Soul Syndicate - Light My Way     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Dance 24/02/2020
Electro with teeth. Based in Adelaide South Australia. Influenced by anything from dance music to metal.
A dance track in an odd time signature, inspired by Eurovision.

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Other tracks by Lone Soul Syndicate:  Everything That Goes Around  -  Here Comes The Sun
Nite Fields - Not Your Time     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Rock 24/02/2020
Blending post-punk, shoegaze & electronic, Nite Fields have built an international following with their mysterious sound. They've toured Europe, Asia & America & been reviewed on Pitchfork & The Guardian.
Lead single 'Not Your Time' is the first single from the sophomore Nite Fields LP named 'A Voyeur Makes No Mark'. Written, recorded & produced while the band's songwriter was living in Moscow. The track's production was completed at the historic Mosfilm studios, whose output includes historic Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein films.

Anarchosophist - The Dull Hum of Downtown Pripyat     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Hip Hop 21/02/2020
Anarchosophist is the pseudonym of Brisbane based producer/composer Padraig Parkhurst. Drawing on everything from lofi to post-rock to funk, his music is always a dark and weird but funky ride.
Taking as its cue the nuclear dystopias imagined in the 50s and 80s, 'The Dull Hum...' mixes Soviet samples with the heavy saturation of reel to reel tape loops, to create the punchy soundtrack to a nuclear meltdown.

Think old school hip hop meets Stalinist orchestration.

Other tracks by Anarchosophist:  Silence  -  If I'd Known It Was Harmless...
Mickey Kojak - Strange     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 21/02/2020
Mickey Kojak is Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game playing producer/vocalist extraordinaire. 'Strange' is the next taste from Mickey, following recent singles ‘All That Acid’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Video Games'.
Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game-playing son Mickey Kojak brings us his first release of the decade with “Strange” - an ode to good nights filled with bad choices and even worse repercussions. With its big funky bass line, wonky electronic percussion and melodic magic, “Strange” is an infectious track that begs to be played over and over.