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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Graham the Grand - pain     Electronic, Rock, Experimental, Hip Hop 28/05/2019
Graham the Grand wants listeners to gain comfort from being honest about his struggles. Don’t be ashamed of the pain, you are loved. Love others as you yourself, in life.
After the successful release of single "Mum, I'm Sorry", Graham the Grand is keeping up momentum with new single "Pain". Using a familiar and effective formula, GTG writes about the deeply personal experiences of his life. To celebrate the new single and introducing his live show to the world Graham The Grand is launching in Brisbane 7th June at Greaser.

Pinz & Pelz - House Diva     Electronic, House, Techno, Dance 28/05/2019
Pinz & Pelz are a production duo exploring all shades of underground dance music. Deep house, drum and bass, 90s electro and techno. Music played before the sun comes up.
House Diva is a deep house burner inspired by mid-90s producers such as Fresh & Low, Slam and Playin' 4 The City with an additional bit of the signature Pinz & Pelz 303 on top.
Music for all dance floors and all people.

Seekay - Candlelight     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 27/05/2019
Seekay is the performance vehicle and persona of an Australian songwriter and poet.
Candlelight is a mid-tempo twisting love song with nods to Nicholas Jaar and The Weeknd with a breakdown as original and unexpected as Barbara Lewis’ Hello Stranger from the Academy Award winning Moonlight. The production re-enforces the song’s theme of a reluctant but wise relationship break up, a slow and close dance upon the echoes of desire.

Uomo - Work Things Out     Electronic, Atmospheric, Chill, Dance 27/05/2019
‘Uomo in Italian means ‘man’, which I chose to reflect the project. I was young and experimenting with crazy sounds in my bedroom, but I’m now cementing my songwriting style.
The first release under his fresh moniker, and his debut as vocalist, “Work Things Out” features the beatmaker’s signature shimmering synths and playful refrains in a cruisy dance track that leans more towards indie-pop rather than his previous future bass stylings.

Skrybe - Pick Up The Pace     Electronic, Dubstep 25/05/2019
Skrybe's music is a blend of the future and the past.. Modernism and classical design.. Feast Your Ears
A Cinematic dubstep track focused around a desert theme.

Melding both the sounds of Skrybe and Simon Said, this is a collab that really shows off both artists sounds.

Dan Webb - Haloperidol     Electronic, Instrumental, Jazz, Psychedelic 24/05/2019
Musician, journalist, critic, entrepreneur. Since 2008 he's collaborated with the likes of Kylie Auldist to produce music described as "the work of a genius" by Radio Adelaide.
Composed and recorded over a period of 2 years, this track is the first taste of Dan Webb's third album, Exotic Erotic Concoction, due for release independently on Friday, July 12. The track is inspired by world music, the output of innovative jazz legends such as Herbie Hancock, as well as various psychedelic rock and jazztronica artists discovered online.

Kayex - Warrior Games     Electronic, Dance, Pop 24/05/2019
KAYEX’s members Palassi Kailis and Tom Derickx combine both electronic samples and live instrumentation in a way that speaks to the broadening tastes of today’s pop scene.
When people listen to "Warrior Games" we want them to feel as if they have no fear but complete confidence in their path, whatever that may be. Trust the process and have faith in the work you've put in. "Warrior Games: contains an uplifting message about facing your fears head on.

Needs No Sleep - Boss (ft. Sophiegrophy)     Electronic, House 24/05/2019
Needs No Sleep has retreated from the darkness to put out some of the freshest sounds on the Australian club circuit. He's linked up support from the likes of TripleJ.
This latest offering is arguable one of NEEDS NO SLEEP's most exciting to date, featuring an empowering vocal hook from SOPHIEGROPHY laid upon an infectiously pressure building bass line heavy production which is no doubt going to find it's way into the play lists of some of the world's finest selectors.

PETER WESTHEIMER - take me to your future     Electronic, Trance, World, Dance 24/05/2019
Innovative award winning world electronic composer takes risks and has been putting out new acclaimed music & videos since 1983 often making social/political statements.
the track exports a theme of asking someone, anyone to take me to your future. The music is based on overlapping arpeggiated sequences creating unique base layers and juxtapositions of harmony, rhythm and melody. It was filmed in SE Asian reflects what may be ahead in a world of climate change.

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Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir - Dreams     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 24/05/2019
“Sunshine has created a vibe and sound unlike any other. The club is a form of church, dance music is a religion and Sunny is our preacher.” Stoney Roads
Channelling musical catharsis through her techno and house roots, blending them with global influences and delivering them backed by a 15 piece choir, Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir have brought to life their cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams'

Captain Earwax - National Roads     Electronic, Hip Hop 23/05/2019
Captain Earwax (a.k.a. Australian interdisciplinary artist Daniel O'Toole/EARS) crafts a rich kaleidoscope of aural landscapes with his unique brand of electronica.
Written on the Australia Day, with Maitê Inaê and Earwax respectfully declining to ‘celebrate’ the ever-problematic holiday, the EP’s title track offers a love song to the beauty of Australian desert central to this Aboriginal land we inhabit. With string parts added by Peter Hollo (cello) and Earwax (violin), percussion and additional keyboards from Miles Sharma-Constance.

Other tracks by Captain Earwax:  Ruby's Laksa  -  Still Ride
Poison Abbey - Upmarket     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Chill 23/05/2019
Poison Abbey is a new project from Sydney-based, 23-year old classically trained pianist-turned singer/producer Jess Rogleff and collaborator Thomas Studans.
'Upmarket’ pairs Rogleff’s doll-like vocals with super-emotive strings and guitar in the style of blues-rock. The track tells the tale of a pretty traditional relationship breakdown where the protagonist, ‘Caroline’, is urged to move on by her downtrodden lover.

Brittany Leo - adore (MIKEY 909 remix)     Electronic, Pop, Dance 22/05/2019
Brittany Leo is a singer and DJ who performs regularly around Melbourne.
Brittany Leo recently released her new single "adore" - a cool pop track with heartfelt lyrics, and cutting edge production; a distinctly mature statement from an undeniably assured Artist. This is a remix of "adore" by artist MIKEY 909.

HYPERCONFIDENCE - DOOF (Original Mix)     Electronic, Techno, Dance, House 22/05/2019
Sydney based Electronic music producer. Dance, progressive house, tech house, techno and even some ambient stuff when in the mood.
Techno progessive track. Very hard in the bass levels, and strong beat. Would go nuts on sub soundsystems, especially Funktion1.

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Other tracks by HYPERCONFIDENCE:  DOOF (Following Light Remix)
Kilter - Tmper     Electronic, Dance, Instrumental 21/05/2019
Sydney producer Kilter has built a reputation for being a weapon in the studio as well as a festival favourite.
Kilter says “These two tracks are a testament to perseverance. Both developing over time and often taking a back seat to other music I have been working on. They are a great bridge between my existing and yet to be released works as they capture a lot of the frenetic energy of my last year.”

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Other tracks by Kilter:  One In Hand
True Vibenation - Radiate     Electronic, World, African, Soul 21/05/2019
Fresh off stirring up dancefloors across the UK and Europe and ahead of their Australian tour, True Vibenations new single ‘Radiate’, taken from their upcoming EP and short film ‘I.D.’
The song accompanies part one of the film and features soulful, haunting vocals and tension-filled, minimal production building into the group’s signature afrobeats sound and bouncing bass. The lyrics call up fire as a metaphor for connecting with people but also as a reminder that everything is temporary and will also die one day.

A Little Loud - Stress Dial     Electronic, Dance, Rock 20/05/2019
We are a brother-and-sister duo, I am 17 years old and my sister is 14. We have recently released our first studio EP ‘Beautiful Life’ in addition to two singles.
Our latest release, ‘Stress Dial’, featuring my sister Shaine for the chorus and second verse vocals. The production process took 4 months, and it is one of our favourites to play live.

Other tracks by A Little Loud:  Tomorrow  -  Beautiful Life
Youthfire - Nice Boys     Electronic 20/05/2019
Youthfire is Melbourne based singer and producer, Stephen Carmichael. They share stories about their personal life through compositions influenced by futuristic perceptions of New Wave and 1980’s pop music.
Following from single ‘Emerging’, ‘Nice Boys’ sees Youthfire settling further into their own as an artist, producer, songwriter and person, pushing the boundaries of their sound with bold confidence and a strikingly beautiful sentiment. Working with local electronic artist Abraham Tilbury, ‘Nice Boys’ is a mellowed out trip that delves in and out of futuristic new wave and indie pop.

Bribery - Let It Fall     Electronic, Experimental, Folk, Dance 17/05/2019
Glitchy/Crunchy/Corrupted/Electronic Emotions
"That's how the madness of the world tries to colonize you: from the outside in, forcing you to live in its reality." Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation

Butternut Sweetheart - Bury Me     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Psychedelic 17/05/2019
Butternut Sweetheart is the musical project of Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and producer Luke Moseley. Although officially formed in late 2018, Butternut Sweetheart has been percolating below the surface for years.
"Expressing grief is not something that comes naturally to me. “Bury Me” became my way of processing feelings of overwhelming emotional emptiness. My emotional self was buried, and I was ‘looking for a heartbeat’ or ‘any sign of life’. As dark as it is, I’m fairly sure there’s a positive message to be found in the song." - Luke Moseley

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