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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Tevlo - Patience     Electronic, Dance, Pop 04/07/2019
Catchy vocals, beautiful melodies and expert production, Adelaide producer Tevlo knows no boundaries when it comes to music.
Patience is an upbeat dance track with Tevlo's iconic vocals sharing the need to be a success while needing the patience to get there.

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Low Flung - Gambles in the Scraps     Electronic, Atmospheric 03/07/2019
Low Flung is the long-standing project of Sydney based Danny Wild. Equally influenced by dub’s sense of space and the rolling expanse of the Australian landscape.
A deep ambient track influenced by sound system culture, dub techno and noise.

Other tracks by Low Flung:  Couch (feat. Laura Altman)  -  Four Grains of Salt
Tevlo - Raining Somewhere     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Chill 03/07/2019
Catchy vocals, beautiful melodies and expert production, Adelaide producer Tevlo knows no boundaries when it comes to music.
Raining somewhere starts with a beautiful melodic piano, and wanders its way into a smooth chill drum and bass tune. Tevlo's lyrics and vocals add a smooth silky element to this track about keeping at it, even when things are hard.

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ALTA - Back On It     Electronic, Dance 02/07/2019
Electronic purveyors of emotional club anthems ALTA return with brooding new single ‘Back On It’. A song about recognition and taking accountability for your behaviour.
Layered with lush elements of tranquil piano, flowing tempo and softened with calming synths call focus to Hannah’s sweet and cooling vocals. Peaceful and honest in its own right ‘Back On It’ offers a unique, polished layer of the sleek perception of ALTA.

BVLLVDS - As Above, So Below     Electronic, Goth, Pop 02/07/2019
BVLLVDS is the stage name chosen by Korean Australian artist Alice Amsel, who is also pitch mistress for renowned Sydney collective Bad Bitch Choir, to represent her first solo release.
As Above, So Below is a dark and sinewy electro pop rumination featuring engaging production and a subtle hook that burrows into the psyche. An assured debut release that is a must for lovers of the dark and mysterious from an artist destined for wider acclaim.

Em Flach - Won't Be Long     Electronic, Ambience, Hip Hop 02/07/2019
Pianist Justin Hunter shifts the landscape as his alter ego Em Flach. His ambient sounds and glitches are his perspective of the view out his window and in his mind.
Blue Mountains' pioneers Em Flach and Kearna join forces for this reflective track about the promise of reconnecting with passed loved ones. Offering hope and comfort, “Won’t Be Long” gives us the strength to continue on our path. Sonically, Em Flach mould ambient electronic sounds and glitches to paint the landscape outside his window and inside his mind.

Kult Kyss - Rituals     Electronic, Techno, Dance 02/07/2019
With a string of singles under their belt, Melbourne duo Kult Kyss continue to carve out a unique space for themselves with their distinctive sound in the electronic pop world.
Co-produced alongside Kim Moyes (The Presets, DMAs) and mixed by Anthony Garvin (Jagwar Ma, Last Dinosaurs), ‘Rituals’ radiates Kult Kyss’ signature sound that has made them ones-to-watch in the Australian music scene. Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound; Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners in to a rich sonic realm.

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SÁNTI - Faceplant     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Dance 02/07/2019
Melbourne based hobbyist vocalist, producer, songwriter SÁNTI.
Faceplant talks about vulnerability and how sometimes the discomfort that can come from going out of your comfort zone is the valuable lesson.

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Voidhood - Of Cthulhu     Electronic, Rock, Goth, Hip Hop 02/07/2019
Canberra's Voidhood breathlessly blends swampy hip-hop, goth rock, and post-bop jazz. His lyrics are an even greater beast, agape with Lovecraftian horror at a disintegrating natural world.
'Of Cthulhu' is an exploration of love and lust through a Lovecraftian lens of cosmic horror, obsession, and incomprehension.

Other tracks by Voidhood:  Morphett Rd  -  Gillotine
Andrew Hetherington - Cuba's Lullaby     Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 30/06/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
Cuba's Lullaby is the perfect music for relaxing or just getting in the mood for sleep. The track is downtempo and features melodies on cello and violin. A short bridge of mellow guitar provides contrast and interest to the song. Cuba was the Roman Goddess of sleeping children who watched over children in their beds, blessing them as they slept.

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Andrew Hetherington - Fields Of Happiness     Electronic, Chill, Ambience, Easy Listening 30/06/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
Fields of Happiness is chillout music of the highest order that will have you feeling happy and tapping your foot.

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Andrew Hetherington - I Robot     Electronic, Retro 30/06/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
I Robot is a retrowave instrumental track with an authentic 80s synth sound. The track has an uptempo beat of 120 bpm and features multi-layered pads, sequences, synths and sound effects. The verses are characterised by a variety of rhythmic sequences creating interest and holding the listeners attention. Three choruses and a short bridge complete the song.

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Carl Renshaw - En Fantasy     Electronic, Pop, Rock 28/06/2019
Hobart-based artist Carl Renshaw has just unveiled his arresting new single ‘En Fantasy’ – produced and mixed by the musician himself, with additional production by Tasker.
“This song is about ignoring people who doubt you and blocking out all their negativity from your life”.

HANDSOME - Delete You     Electronic, Pop 28/06/2019
Following her acclaimed 2018 debut EP No Hat No Play, Sydney-based artist HANDSOME shares her new single 'Delete You', as premiered by Double J and released via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
'Delete You' perfectly exhibits HANDSOME's brand of tomboy pop and brooding electronic and is accompanied by a self-directed video which was premiered overnight by The Line of Best Fit and shows one of the most vulnerable moments of HANDSOME's life. An experience so intimate and raw, but so liberating - being a reminder that honesty can make you feel free.

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Jerk Boy - Feedback feat. Kimono     Electronic, House 28/06/2019
Sydney artist, Jerk Boy has garnered support from notable artists such as Black Madonna, Groove Armada, Claptone and Weiss.
Tinted Records is excited to welcome Sydney DJ and producer Jerk Boy, for his debut release on the label ‘Feedback’, featuring fellow Sydney artist Kimono. Jerk Boy’s vibrant and diverse records and the new single is nothing less; the low slung house track is filled with his signature quirky basslines, warm jazzy chords, and the polished vocal stylings of Kimono.

Manorism - Moon Rising     Electronic, Pop, Soundscapes 28/06/2019
Manorism came together in 2014, making post-punk sounds of the 80’s housed within a 2018 sonic palette think War on Drugs/Future Islands/Joy Division. Think nostalgic atmosphere images of summer romances.
The band say that "Moon Rising" is the feeling of excitement when the night is young and there is the potential for anything to happen. Be sure to check the song out for the nostalgic vibes of wild nights gone by.

Miami Horror - Restless     Electronic, Funk, Pop 28/06/2019
Miami Horror is Art Pop at it’s best, a brilliant mixture of sense and nonsense, freak-beat avant-funk to pick you up from the doldrums of everyday existence.
Restless brings us a combination of dreamy lo-fi funk guitar, mixed with 70’s era drums, and a sultry soulful vocal. The new era of Miami Horror oozes with unexpected collaborations and fresh sounds that will keep your needs met and ears craving more.

Rainbow Chan - Oblivion     Electronic, Pop 28/06/2019
One of Australia’s most innovative multidisciplinary artists, Rainbow Chan has built a unique reputation upon vibrant aesthetics, a deep understanding of pop conventions and continuous celebration of her Chinese heritage
Opening the album “Oblivion” melds slow and tender melodies with sharp and decisive production. Highlighting Rainbow's angelic yet powerful voice with a pitch shifted filter and gentle keys, Oblivion is the perfect midway point between Rainbow's wealth of influences, derived from her mastery of many creative fields.

Other tracks by Rainbow Chan:  Lull
Squaring Circles - Unknowing (Pat Carroll Remix)     Electronic, Experimental 28/06/2019
Melbourne-based experimental electronic 2-piece
Sydney's Pat Carroll has given the remix treatment to Squaring Circles' "Unknowing", the opener from their debut album "Motion".

Taking the original's creeping psychedelia as a starting point, Carroll transforms the track into something bolder, allowing layers of vocals to build before collapsing into a pulsing four-to-the-floor. The result is something more twisted and malevolent than the original.

Wave Racer - AUTO     Electronic 28/06/2019
Wave Racer, a 64-bit freak speeding through the horizon, straight for the unknown
In June 2019 Wave Racer sees out the financial year with his demanded return and the release of a ‘AUTO’, a hyper-colour dose of masterfully produced alternative electronica and a taste of more to come.