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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Perto with Kah-Lo - Bad Maybe Good     Electronic, Hip Hop 12/07/2019
17-year old Australian producer Perto has teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated, Nigerian born vocalist Kah-Lo (of Rinse & Repeat / Fake ID notoriety) to deliver a monster dance-floor track.
The party-starting Bad Maybe Good (which was recorded while Kah-Lo was on tour in Australia earlier this year) blends Kah-Lo’s distinctive soulful tones and effortless energy with the young prodigy’s infectious, hip-hop-infused electronic sound.

Various Artists - Hannah Rosa - River City     Electronic, Downbeat, Experimental 11/07/2019
Growing the music careers of young regional women is the focus of creative mentoring program BIG SKY GIRLS, which is making its return in 2019.
This stunning track talks about moving to the city - the river - the lights and the dream of being there.

Other tracks by Various Artists:  K-La - Guilty Pleasure  -  Meg Beth - All We Want
HYPERCONFIDENCE - Big In Japan     Electronic, Dance, Techno, Pop 11/07/2019
A Sydney producer mostly focused on alternate dance music. Influences include Moderat, Pnau, Severed Heads and Cabaret Voltaire
Quirky, fast, loud and fun dance track, with a nod to Mario Kart and Japanese vocals : I love the way you look. I love the way you walk. I love the way you speak. I love the way you smile. I love the way you breathe. i love the way you laugh. I love everything about you.

Steven North - Introspection     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Chill, World 11/07/2019
Based in Perth, Steven North loves all things to do with music and has devoted research into creating music for the betterment of Mental Health.
Introspection is defined as the examination of one's own mental and emotional process. A process that all of us do when we are going through big changes in life. The song introspection explores the nature of Introspection with various sounds playing out as elements within the process.

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Alice Ivy - In My Mind (Feat. Ecca Vandal)     Electronic 10/07/2019
Released her debut album I’m Dreaming last year and has performed with Flight Facilities, Vera Blue & The Jungle Giants, SXSW 2018, Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass.
Featuring Ivy’s signature atmospheric and other-worldly production style – combined with the chameleon-like vocals Vandal brings to everything she touches, ‘In My Mind’ captures both artists at their electrifying best, elevating their games to a whole new realm and producing a track that is mesmerising from start to finish.

Forces & Fury - Watch It Burn     Electronic, Rock, Garage 10/07/2019
Forces & Fury are an indie-electro duo from Sydney, made up of musicians Kat Ayala and Astrid Holz. Together, they make striking and exciting music, driven by textured soundscapes.
An honest and direct representation of the duo’s strength as musicians and production minds, ‘Watch It Burn’ may be the band’s darkest single yet, however the jamming nature of the song exemplifies the ease of which Holz and Ayala sit in the pocket when they bounce music off one another.

Kilter - Limitless featuring Espacio Dios     Electronic 10/07/2019
Kilter is the moniker for Sydney, Australia-based rising star Ned East. Having amassed over 40 million streams online and with his debut LP Through The Distortion (2017) receiving extensive praise
Kilter’s record Limitless is out via Kitsune Musique and we'd like to share it with you. The vocalist, Espacio, is from OkayAfrica’s Top 25 Rappers under 25 list and the pair also picked up a Billboard feature on their first collab in South Africa.

Donatachi - Taste     Electronic, Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance 09/07/2019
Shaping a genreless musical utopia, Donatachi creates plush soundscapes which burst with hypercolour sound design and forward thinking club beats, all with an optimistic and un-ironic love of pop.
“This beat started out as a bootleg of a Britney Spears deep cut, ‘Anticipating’, which I loved so much but couldn't seem to finish. I had this idea of creating a song that literally sounded like bubblegum pop, and it ended up fitting perfectly with Genes' topline. It's about us being lactose intolerant and longing for triple cream brie.”

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Other tracks by Donatachi:  DDR
Garry Havrillay - Atrophy     Electronic, Instrumental, Soundtrack (Film Related) 09/07/2019
Musician, Producer, Sound-Engineer, Technologist & Broadcaster. Garry aims to make eclectic electronic music that doesn't sound obviously electronic. He is influenced by ambient, jazz, global and traditional music.
Music composed for the short hybrid-animation video "Atrophy" (2017), a collaboration between artist Annemarie Szeleczky [pron. Sel-ET-skee] and Garry Havrillay. The video uses handmade, computer & live performance animation, and depicts a variety of plastic waste such as bags, netting, synthetic ropes and other materials that we discard and how we slowly drown in it.

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Other tracks by Garry Havrillay:  Fragments of Memory
Joan Banoit - Instigate     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 09/07/2019
‘Clerical‘ references David Sylvian and Bowie and a host of contemporary music’s sonic innovators, such as James Blake, These New Puritans and Arca.
After releasing three critically lauded singles (including ‘Bet Me’, described by Triple J as ‘sounding like the universe’), Joan Banoit announce the release of their debut album ‘Clerical,’ which was released on the 14th of June through Lazy Thinking. Instigate is a pulsating groove that really kicks

Other tracks by Joan Banoit:  Eva  -  Pastoral Care
Little Fritter - Higher     Electronic, Dance, House 09/07/2019
If a rising tide lifts all boats, then Gold Coast house producer Little Fritter is the first mate to Captain Fisher.
Open hats, booming kicks and a twisted square bassline make ‘Higher’ a peak time house stormer topped off with a nostalgic rave sample. Already off to a racing start with support from Loco Dice, Nic Fancuilli, Melé and Mason Maynard Little Fritter’s percussive, pacific-flavoured tech-house is finding fans from LA to Ibiza.

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PINES - What You Need (featuring Tailor)     Electronic, Dance 09/07/2019
Adelaide electronic/dance duo PINES combine atmospheric synths, glitchy melodies and soulful vocals to create late night vibes. Driving four-to-the-floor beat and dark, bassy undertones provide the foundation for their tracks.
Latest single 'What You Need' ups things a notch for PINES with an undeniable, moody dance track that's simultaneously infectious and uplifting. Collaborating with Birmingham songwriter and vocalist Tailor, the duo's signature production wizardry retains the spotlight is just an initial hint of what's to come from them in the remaining half of 2019.

Ryan Fennis - Doesn't Matter     Electronic 09/07/2019
Canberra-based artist, Ryan Fennis is an independent producer blending modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.
A blend of modern electronic, psychedelic rock, jazz and new-wave sounds.

Other tracks by Ryan Fennis:  To Me  -  What You Want
Mayhills - In Shadow     Electronic, Experimental, Downbeat, Instrumental 08/07/2019
Perth-based music producer and Ableton Certified Trainer Drew Mayhills makes emotive, experimental electronica. His latest releases explore a unique blend of glitch, big beat, hip hop and downtempo.
The new Mayhills single, ‘In Shadow,’ drops on Friday July 12. Happy will premiere the video on the day of release.

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Richy Fancy - Sanity (Original Mix)     Electronic, House, Dance, Experimental 07/07/2019
New Zealand DJ/Producer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
'Sanity' is my new progressive house release with KIDS Records Foundation. The label operates as a non profit organisation that generates funds to help disadvantaged children across the world.

Deer - Hold Me Down (feat. Marcus Whale)     Electronic, Pop, Chill 05/07/2019
Deer is Tom Hitchcock, a producer from Melbourne. Deer’s output has always been sophisticated and diverse in a way that separates him from his compatriots.
Hold Me Down is a dark melancholic synth arrangement about the desire to find comfort in a person. Whale’s vocals fire in flurries over the gentle-moving instrumental until you are completely engulfed in the mix. “I love the swelling, layered synths. Marcus’ vocals took the track to the next level,” Tom says. “This song really helped define my sound"

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The Marion Cranes - C.E.O. FT. PRINCESS SUPERSTAR     Electronic, Gay Alligned, Pop, Rap 05/07/2019
Sexy. Gay. Pop
C.E.O is a collaboration between The Marion Cranes and acclaimed American rapper Princess Superstar. It's an ode to kick ass power woman.

Tora - Similar     Electronic, Chill 05/07/2019
Byron Bay based four piece who make lush intricate electronic music.
Tora reveal new single ‘Similar’. The song comes with a textured video starring close friend, artist/model and creative entrepreneur Mimi Elashiry.

‘Similar’ is a treasure of hauntingly smooth vocals and a distinctive vinyl sounds whilst the visuals continue the bands dedication to beautifully shot scenes which convey visually their world full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics.

Andrew Hetherington - The Greatest Joy     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Ambience 04/07/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
The Greatest Joy is a downtempo instumental of the highest order featuring beautiful synths and a myriad of interwoven guitar melodies. The lead guitar features a clean sound with heavy reverb and delay and is accompanied by guitar, synth, piano, strings, bass and drums. The chorus has a beautiful repetitive motif with slight variation to keep the listeners attention.

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Tevlo - Armour feat. CARZi     Electronic, Dance, Pop 04/07/2019
Catchy vocals, beautiful melodies and expert production, Adelaide producer Tevlo knows no boundaries when it comes to music.
Armour is about supporting someone going through tough times and providing them with a shield of protection when all else seems lost. The melodic vocals of CARZi who features on the track perfect match this emotive production.

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