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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Deya Dova - Burst (Nyquist Dance Mix)     Electronic, Dance, House 01/06/2011
Hailed by In The Mix as "reminiscent of The Knife or Bjork and yet completely, refreshingly unique." Deya Dova's stunning vocal talent has attracted producers from around the world.
Superbly crafted progressive house production drives the exotic world infused vocal of Deya Dova.

Sonically mature and refined the track is testament to fresh quality Australian dance music.

Other tracks by Deya Dova:  Hyperglider - Sky Is On Fire (Deya Dova & Juno Reactor)  -  So Happy (An-Ten-Nae Take It To The Village Remix)
Elissim (feat. Skahna & Cle) - B Souljahs (feat. Skahna & Cle)     Electronic, Dub, Hip Hop 27/05/2011
Fabulous times, Flying high... dont let a ting hold ye down... jah guide and protection each and every day...peace
Track 1: “B Souljahs” is a moody dubstep track uplifted by the featuring vocals, wicked chatter stylee lyrics from the awesomely talented Skahna and beautiful soulful chorus from the lovely Cle.

Other tracks by Elissim (feat. Skahna & Cle):  Roar
Spiral Soundsystem - Billy M's Friends     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 27/05/2011
brother, lover, dubber.... Take a journey through the Spiral Soundsystem.
Track 3. - Uses recording of apparent UFO. Recorded by Billy Meier, Also samples from the track Hello Children/Uranium Nations from the Scrambles Of Earth album, a remix of the Voyager Interstellar Record by extraterrestrials,

osh10 - Black Widow     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Chill 25/05/2011
osh10 takes electronica, mashes it up with trip hop via funk. Chameleon vocals, funk bass, beats creates a sound likened to everyone from Bjork and Portishead to Parliament.
A trip-hop tale of the wicked web we weave and how quickly we blame everyone but ourselves when lust doesn't turn to love.

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Other tracks by osh10:  Shrapnel  -  Footsteps
Dagg-Why - Dance     Pop 24/05/2011
Don't die with the music still in you is our motto. Live life doing what you love to do. We love creating music, Dance is only the beginning!
Do you think you can't dance? Well this dance track is for everyone! Just get on the dance floor and dance!

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T-Star - Hit Ze Dance Flo     Electronic, Dance, Techno 24/05/2011
T-Star is an Australian DJ/Music Producer from Adelaide, South Australia
Hit Ze Dance Flo is a remix of Zoom In Your Boobs (Originally Written By Maxi Boy feat. E-Ray)

Other tracks by T-Star:  Rig Slag  -  Lost Track
Tomás Ford - 'Til Death Do Us Part (Feat. Ze!)     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Gay Alligned 18/05/2011
Triple-WAMi winning electro-disco entertainer Tomás Ford puts on live dance music spectacles that combine live film projection, idiosyncratic songwriting, punk rock insanity and old school sense of showmanship.
When Perth gent Tomás Ford faces off against Kuala Lumpur's glam disco queen Ze!, the result is a twisted mid-tempo electro-pop track full of vicious fun. The lyrics paint a picture of the messiest divorce imaginable over a melody that will stick in your head until death do you part.

David Evans - Trans-Europe Express     Pop, Cover Version 13/05/2011
‘Internal Temporal Order’ is the debut album by David Evans (AKA drummer in ‘This is Your Captain Speaking’). The album features just a drum kit, brooms, brushes and tuned percussion.
David Evans' sublime cover of the Kraftwerk classic, 'Trans-Europe Express' needs no introduction; simple, deeply grooved and seminal.

Other tracks by David Evans:  1am To 2am
Jenni Jay - To The Beat     Pop, Dance, RnB 13/05/2011
Without a care in the world, is the way you could think about my; music, attitude and life. Life's too short to not have fun, my music agrees with this.
A feel good song that will get your toes tapping and soul dancing! Pop returns old school with a modern dance twist, you will not be disappointed by this original piece. Do you have the love, the fire for dance? For music? This will talk to you!

Karoshi - Sleepwalker (featuring PJ Wolf)     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 11/05/2011
Karoshi is Sydney based brother duo Beres and Dave Jackson. A fresh take on post-rock electronica; their sound is melancholy, melodic and sparkling with detail.
Such a beautiful, weightless, ethereal song. Echoes of Sigur Ros and the "Somersault" soundtrack.
Dom Alessio - jjj

Other tracks by Karoshi:  Rusty  -  Bones
Telafonica - The Quest For Love Aboard The Belafonte     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 11/05/2011
Telafonica is a group of musicians, visual artists, graphic designers and delay pedals. In all media, Telafonica focuses on fusing cutting edge technologies and handmade, traditional techniques and aesthetics.
A mildly melancholy journey following the travails of true contentment. Featuring live typewriter, piano and guitar over an abstract electronic background, the sound gradually meanders from propulsive clatter to lonely soul-searching via glorious girl vocals.

Other tracks by Telafonica:  I Can't Make You Love Me  -  Cover
Dj B Side - Only Girl In The World B Side Extended Remix     Electronic, Dance 02/05/2011
Dj B Side is my name and Music is my game!
Remix Of Rihanna Only Girl In The World

eyespine - Chosen Three     Electronic, Dance, House, Trance 23/03/2011
Dark and complex electronica. Deep and unique. The cutting edge of Australia's electronica artists for the last 20 years
Deep and driving sub bass monster. Dark and energising with its essence in Trance and its head in the clouds. This track winds you up and fills the void

Other tracks by eyespine:  Miss You Too  -  Goodbye (radio Mix)
City Calm Down - Collect Your Thoughts     Electronic, Pop 16/03/2011
City Calm Down are a four piece experimental/electronic band from Melbourne’s inner east.
An up tempo electronic crossover track

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Other tracks by City Calm Down:  You Can Have It So Much Better  -  Lost. Trapped
Seekae - Gnor     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental 11/03/2011
Seekae fuses the 808 and bass heavy club sounds of the new decade and their own brand of electronica to create genre-defying tracks.
Gnor is the product of an electronic jam, fusing intricate guitar riddled interludes, downbeat percussive sounds and various time-shifting effects to create a cohesive and chilling soundscape.

Other tracks by Seekae:  3
Westernsynthetics - The Machine feat Charles Smith     Electronic, Dub, Psychedelic, Techno 10/03/2011
Sydney producer Westernsynthetics has supported Skream, Benga, Mark Pritchard, Scuba, 2562 & Distance amongst others. He is widely recognised as a pioneer of the Dubstep sound in Australia.
Westernsynthetics - The Machine is a observation an androgynous individual's daily struggle against capitalism. It's also a celebration of their struggle as a worker to stop the cogs of the Machine.
The Machine is a vast pallet taking in Dubstep, Techno and Psychedelia. It is also deep and incredibly catchy.

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Ylem - Assuaged     Hip Hop, Electronic 09/03/2011
YLEM is an electronic music producer from Perth that combines samples, synths and guitars to create new auditory spaces, taking the listener into uncharted territory.
Upbeat, melodic, delayed guitars, harmonising vocals.

Other tracks by Ylem:  Don't Test  -  Down
Elia Bel - Fly With Me     Pop, World 07/03/2011
Finding success in the states through the 90’s with her band Once Upon a Time (Interscope) Elia Bel returns with a totally new offering, the Album Allegria.
The new record is sung in part Spanish, part englisg – Spanglish if you like and is a culminations of themes and stories from a decade of new experiences.

Other tracks by Elia Bel:  Musica
Diger Rokwell - Aperthy     Electronic, Hip Hop, Ethnic 25/02/2011
Diger Rokwell is a beat producer and visual artist hailing from the isolated city of Perth. His music is best described as lo fi beat collages with a world sound.
Aperthy is a social commentary on the state of play in Perth's cultural development. Dullsville vs. musical paradise. Heavy bass with arabic strings and chants, with Weather Underground spoken and heavy drums.

Other tracks by Diger Rokwell:  No More Kings
The Townhouses - Backyard     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Soul 23/02/2011
The Townhouses is the solo project of Melbourne artist, Leigh Hannah - largely influenced by gamelan, chillwave, African, electronic, experimental and ambient music
Backyard is a semi-instrumental track taken from the Backyard/Indian Elephant double single. Features Leigh Hannah on vocals, marimba, vibraphone, electric piano and drums and Hamish Brooke on trumpet. Chilled escape from the hot Australian sun.

Other tracks by The Townhouses:  Indian Elephant