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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Moonbase - SYD 2 LDN (Ft. Maxtsa)     Electronic 09/08/2019
Australian future bass King, Moonbase, is back with an electrifying new single and brand-new EP series.
patented dark, booming aesthetic, a mix of industrial beats, ear-bleeding drones, and a peer into the sonic dimension he reigns over supreme.

POOLCLVB - Space     Electronic, Downbeat 09/08/2019
Beating to it’s own drum of positive vibes & all round fun times is POOLCLVB. Defined not by a sound but more so a feeling reminiscent of Venice Beach bike-rides.
"I don’t know if it was the overcast day, or the fact that we had both just been through some real-life sh*t, but we really connected on this melancholic vibe, the end result being “Space”. It’s little different for me and the first step in a new direction, hope you like it," says POOLCLVB about writing 'Space' with Muki.

Roland Tings - Always Rushing     Electronic 09/08/2019
Roland Tings is an electronic music producer from Australia
“Always Rushing” more than lives up to its very apt title. Right from the opening seconds of the track, huge bursts of colour erupt from the speakers as the deftly arranged melodies flutter and soar. Beneath that, a snappy, foot-moving beat crunches and snaps through the mix, injecting some whip crack pace into proceedings.

Taka Perry - Kuruna feat. JP THE WAVY     Electronic, Ethnic, World 09/08/2019
Self-releasing his unofficial debut EP ‘Reverse Theory’ in 2018, 20-year-old wunderkind producer Taka Perry has already made a name for himself with his behind-the-scenes production work for artists like Ruel.
20-year-old Australian producer Taka Perry unveils the next taste of his eclectic body of work with his new single ‘Kuruna’. Translated to “don’t come around here”, ‘Kuruna’ is a nod to Taka’s Japanese roots and features the incredible vocal stylings of rising Japanese rapper JP THE WAVY, who raps in both English and Japanese on the track.

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Tatonic - Machines (feat. Liel Bar-Z)     Electronic, Downbeat, Chill, Atmospheric 09/08/2019
Melbourne electronica and lo-fi hip hop producer
Machines, featuring Tel-Aviv songstress Liel Bar-Z. A tune that anyone with a smartphone will be able to relate to...

The Goods - Peach     Electronic, Funk, Soul 09/08/2019
Bringing a sound that reaches into the realms of spaced out synth funk, crooked lean R'n'B and lowslung house, The Goods' flavour is both wild and eclectic yet sharply focused.
'Peach' delivers a playful message of sexual desire wrapped in a funk groove - " hope is that it becomes a fun feel good anthem for sexual liberation. Freedom from shame is after all about opening yourself up to the world and the act of vulnerability breaks down walls and allows us to come together," explains vocalist Black Tree.

XMPLA - Big Kids feat. Calmell     Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Aaron James, aka XMPLA has been making a name for himself with his genre-defying sound which combines an array of vocals and electronic production.
The new single 'Big Kids', sees XMPLA explore and diversify his sound once again. Previously impressing audiences with dynamic productions shaped by a huge range of vocal techniques, and refined by each subsequent release, he has gone on to collaborate with various artists around the world.

Love Deluxe - Souvenir (feat. dip in the pool)     Electronic 08/08/2019
With a hand full of records and a heart full of soul, Love Deluxe delivers a breath of fresh air, like an exotic fruit or a lost memory.
Featuring Miyako Koda from seminal Japanese band dip in the pool on vocals, this is the first time Love Deluxe has collaborated with a vocalist on an original track and the result is as delicious as it sounds. ‘Souvenir' is a day dream relishing in hypnotic melody, tight percussion and floating synths neatly tied together with cooling vocals.

Luboku - Forget     Electronic, Downbeat 08/08/2019
With over 1 million collective streams, Melbourne-based artist Luboku (Luis Kennett) endeavours to make people feel something -“I want people to be emotionally affected by my music."
Luboku's effervescent new single ‘Forget’ veers toward a warmer sound, in stark contrast with his often dark and melancholic style. It’s about anxiety and fear which he finds to be recurring obstacles, “I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process," he explains.

Michael Blakeman - Brazier to the Lake     Electronic, Retro, Rock 08/08/2019
Michael Blakeman's music can be described as the soundtrack to haunting, ethereal dream. Combining a taste for nostalgia with a need to experiment, he mixes synthesiser soundscapes with modern rock.
Brazier to the Lake takes a pounding, pulsating drum beat and adds spacious, waving layers of synthesizer hooks with soaring vocal melodies.

Teasha Jackson - Time Will Change Things     Electronic 08/08/2019
Her vocals Range from warm, soulful & rich to airy, authentic & bold. Her style is Electronic, acoustic & earthy rolled into one.
Down to earth electronic track, with tasteful instrumentation & sassy warm vocals. Likes to pop bass & allow your hips to sway in the sexiest way possible.

A story of finally having gotten over someone, only to have them try and crawl right back, perfect timing?

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The Kite String Tangle - KILLING TIME     Electronic 08/08/2019
The Kite String Tangle is the solo project of ARIA Award nominated alternative electronic artist and producer, Danny Harley.
From his current base in Berlin, The Kite String Tangle reveals a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of his current single ‘KILLING TIME’ ft. Eliott. Keeping the blissful combination of his vocals joined with Eliott’s, the acoustic version adds in a powerful string accompaniment to bring a spotlight on the track’s vulnerable moments and heartfelt emotion.

Toyah Hoetzel - Together     Electronic, Dance, House, Gay Alligned 08/08/2019
Electro dance artist from Melbourne
'Together' was written whilst Hoetzel was in the midst of a turbulent relationship, one she describes as 'very stop-start'. Her frustration during these times helped her set the tone for the track. A blend of crunchy synths, infectious melodies and a steady beat lay the platform for Toyah to express her feelings with a smooth, melancholic vocal performance.

Xorts - Clear Fog     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 08/08/2019
Innovative music producer and audio engineer from Sydney, trying to push the sonic boundries of electronic music in Australia.
An intricate instrumental with silky sound design and expressive percussion, with an accompanying angelic female vocal to suit the airy mood of the track.

CLN - Change My Mind     Electronic, Chill, Pop, RnB 02/08/2019
Australian artist cln blends elements of future-beat, chill-trap & electro-RnB to create his own form of electronic music that has been likened to a mix between Flume, Snakehips and Odesza
'Change My Mind’ is the last of five singles that CLN has released over the last few months in the lead up to his highly anticipated debut album, which is set for release in September.

Collarbones - Deep     Electronic, Pop, Dance 02/08/2019
Boundary-pushing duo Collarbones (aka Sydney’s Marcus Whale and Adelaide’s Travis Cook) have built a name for their interstate collaborative project, tying deep, far-reaching emotion with complex, sinewy electronic pop.
A pungent, driving bassline collides with the gravity of Whale’s vocal range for an ethereal, club-ready ballad, fraught with an intensity that can only speak for a most intimate fragility. Tortured, lavish in sonic complexity and juxtaposed with words of all-consuming love, Collarbones continue to hack into the deep corners of emotion while enveloping club music takes hold.

London Topaz - Stay (feat. Blush’ko)     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 02/08/2019
London Topaz is a Melbourne based producer who channels a warm sensibility through his gripping dance music direction and delicate vocal construction.
Ethereal electronic sound with a driving dance direction - drawing inspiration from artists such as RUUFUS DU SOL, Cassian, Hayden James.

Poison Abbey - Silicon Valet     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Soul 02/08/2019
Poison Abbey, the new project from 23-year old singer/producer, Jess Rogleff and collaborator Thomas Studans, filters confessional bedroom pop through influences like disco, jazz and RNB.
Self-produced and recorded at home using little-to-no professional audio gear, 'Silicon Valet', features synth samples from the Legowelt website, saxophone courtesy of Jacob Dawson-Daley and backing vocals from Rara Zulu. Following on from where debut single 'Upmarket' left off, the emotionally-charged track filters the confessional intimacy of lo-fi bedroom pop through influences like R&B and hypnagogic pop.

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Sault - Out of Me, You're Haunting Me     Electronic, Dubstep, RnB, Experimental 02/08/2019
Part cyborg, part producer-vocalist, Sault creates between constructed binaries melting together embodied technologies with elements of downtempo and post-dubstep to explore the intersection between gender, technology and the human voice.
Out of Me, You're Haunting Me, lyrically depicts the influence that new technologies hold to intimacy in the digital age. The song specifically calls to the ending of a relationship and how a former partner remains seemingly omnipresent in the digital landscape that surrounds us, even after their physical presence is no longer constant.

Valley Onda - Foreigner     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Atmospheric 02/08/2019
Flawlessly blending electronic and acoustic percussion, synth and strings with deep and baring lyric matter, Valley Onda have crafted their first generation of songs with thoughtful precision.
Depicting fear and a loss of identity, Foreigner views humanity as a funnel, trickling down into one stream – a singularity of consciousness and corporeality that deeply reflects Valley Onda's own philosophies of the eternal.

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