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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Daniel Joshua - Heads Down Thumbs Up     Electronic, Rock 15/08/2019
Chronicling the isolation, disillusionment and apprehension in an ever-advancing society, Daniel Joshua is a Melbourne songwriter/producer that melds glassy ambient textures with vibrant instrumentation and electronic sensibility.
A lot of people spend their existence in a perfunctory way; they work a dead end job, hating living and sitting in the back seat of their own lives. “Heads Down Thumbs Up” is in ambivalence to that: it’s seeing light for the first time and trying to plot a sort of silent breakaway from the cave.

Howlite - Reducer     Electronic, Pop 15/08/2019
Howlite craft elemental, cinematic dreamscapes, marrying trip-hop with pop songwriting to create a sound that is entirely their own.
‘Reducer’ is Howlite at their most ambitious creative peak to date. Reflective and introspective, the song’s release comes at a time where Howlite are stepping further into a spotlight marked by confidence and a hungry curiosity for exploring dark pop instrumentation along with solidifying the dreamy soundscapes that have endeared them to crowds around the country.

I AM A DUO - Dilla     Electronic 15/08/2019
LoFi Boombap Retro Future. I AM A DUO is a Brazilian/Canadian producer now residing in Sydney, AUS. Collecting samples and life experiences along the way.
Homage to one of the greats

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Japanese Wallpaper - Imaginary Friends     Electronic, Pop 15/08/2019
Gab Strum aka Japanese Wallpaper debut full-length record, Glow will be available Friday 18 October via Wonderlick Recordings, followed by his biggest national tour to date in October and November.
Lead single 'Imaginary Friends,' explores the tender emotions of late teendom and early 20s turmoil. As he validates the mundane, no emotion is wasted. “None of the things are about massive changes or massive terrible things that happened, or big breakups,” he says. “It’s all songs about little things and it’s also fine to be affected by little things.”

Sui Zhen - Matsudo City Life     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 15/08/2019
Melbourne experimental electronic/pop and performance artist Sui Zhen unveils her new single, 'Matsudo City Life' taken from her forthcoming album Losing, Linda out Friday 27 September via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
The track, inspired by Annie Lennox in the Eurhythmics 'Love Is A Stranger' era, The Cranberries' 'Dreams' and 'Linger' era and Japanese City Pop of the late 80s, was captured in the city of Matsudo, Japan in a repurposed Love Hotel. With walls titled 'Paradise Air' made of thick concrete to keep loud noise in, which worked well for musicians.

Peach Body - Better     Electronic, Pop, Rap 14/08/2019
Peach Body is a Melbourne based musician who works in edges, pops and clicks, threading them into dirty cut up collages which canvass traditional pop beats and patterns.
Better is a dreamy, effervescent pop track with an underpinning dance groove featuring Melbourne's Sam Phay and Sydney's Yaw. Though never meeting within the same space, the track came together within a week instinctively with the duo's voices effortlessly weaving within each other, cutting through the padded instrumental Peach Body is known for.

ALTA - Twisted     Electronic 13/08/2019
ALTA hit the ground running in 2018 supporting Eden, and Jungle on sold out Australian tours, performed a stellar set at Splendour In The Grass.
Australian purveyors of emotional club anthems ALTA share their pensive new track, ‘Twisted’. An ode to the all-encompassing cycle of a disaster relationship, ‘Twisted’ reminds us of moments we’ve convinced ourselves the cycle is broken, only to be dragged right back into it.

Angus1 - Linda     Electronic 13/08/2019
I’m a songwriter/producer who likes to explore uncomfortable truths about myself and the collapsing world of modernity. I’m really interested in other people, other cultures, and looking outwards musically.
I have always been wary of the toxic effect money can have on people. Too much can make you lose perspective. It can addle your mind. Recent interactions with the hyper-wealthy confirmed for me that money cannot solve all of life’s problems, and in many instances it creates problems. With this in mind, I wrote ‘Linda’.

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Em Flach - Changes     Electronic, Reggae, Downbeat 13/08/2019
Pianist Justin Hunter shifts the landscape as his alter ego Em Flach. His ambient sounds and glitches are his perspective of the view out his window and in his mind.
While gallivanting across Europe, Justin Hunter (aka Em Flach) met Swedish artist Marco DeLeaf while he was in the midst of writing an emotional song about the passing of his sister. Feeling compelled to offer his help, Em Flach and fellow Blue Mountains artist Finbar took over the production and together they came up with the reggae-inspired "Changes."

Lõbu - Break Free     Electronic, Chill, Experimental, Downbeat 13/08/2019
Lõbu formed his style while backpacking for more than 8 months, with much of this time spent on the road less travelled.
Break Free is an inspiring and uplifting instrumental, perfectly suited to either some beach yoga, or a cocktail by the pool. It's emotive chords and melodies help you relax and turn off after a time of stress and you always feel better after listening.

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ERASER - Awakening     Electronic, Rock, Pop, Industrial 10/08/2019
ERASER are an indie-electronic duo from Dubbo in regional NSW, creating melancholy and dark music with pop sensibilities.
Awakening is the latest release from Dubbo electronic band ERASER. It deals with the subject of growing out of naivety, and discovering the true nature of people and the world. This is the most aggressive track written by the band, both in style and content, adding a rock feel to their typically downbeat electronica.

Aila Fei - Waves     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Ambience 09/08/2019
Melbourne-based artist Aila Fei is a self-taught singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with an avid passion for creating music.
Of the track, Aila says; "This song is about a lesson my father has patiently re-iterated over the years. He’s encouraged me to surrender to the currents of life and to notice the wasted energies of pushing and pulling against them. Even when the fight seems to come so naturally for many of us."

Alison Wonderland - TIME ft. QUIX     Electronic, Dance 09/08/2019
On the back of the huge Festival X headline announcement, Alison Wonderland releases her latest single 'TIME', with New Zealand producer QUIX.
The release of "TIME" coincides with the first of two SOLD OUT Red Rocks Colorado shows for Alison Wonderland and is destined to take the club scene by storm.

Braille Face x Happy Axe - Open Sky     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Ambience 09/08/2019
"With you - I am the open sky". Two of Spirit Level's core artists - Braille Face & Happy Axe - team up for a haunting, intoxicating duet.
"With you - I am the open sky."

Two of Spirit Level's core artists - Braille Face & Happy Axe - team up for a haunting, intoxicating duet.

HTRK - New Year's Day     Electronic 09/08/2019
Revered Melbourne band HTRK are Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang.
New Year's Day is the new single from HTRK's album Venus in Leo.

Jake Carmody - Mamacita     Electronic, Hip Hop 09/08/2019
Growing to become one of the Gold Coast’s most exciting DJ/Producers, Jake Carmody has been consistently pushing the boundaries of dance music ever since he touched his first CDJ.
Jake Carmody’s influences shine bright through his upcoming release ‘Mamacita’. His process is a nod to Kanye West, Just Blaze, Timbaland and The Neptunes, “Making something new from something old is what inspires me,” Jake explains, “I'll make almost a whole track off samples from 10 different songs, then I take it all out and make my interpretation of that.”

Jaymee Franchina - Next To Mine feat. Alina Renae     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/08/2019
From the hotbed of Australian musical talent comes Jaymee Franchina, the latest in the Perth processional to set his sights on the top of the Australian charts.
Now on the cusp of releasing his debut original project, Jaymee is ready to share the first single, entitled “Next to Mine”on August 16. Collaborating with Chicago artist Alina Renae, the track features soothing melodies, and a captivating sound that addresses all tastes of music listeners worldwide.

Lou Parker - Remove - Edit     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience, House 09/08/2019
Lou Parker creates lush, cinematic sonic textures and sound scapes combined with a driving drum and percussion back bone that touches on traditional electronic music.
"This release is really special to me, it comes off the back of a personal struggle with mental illness. Sonically, the production, sound design, soundscape and overall mood I guess are all representative of my state of consciousness when I created them. It’s a bit of a snapshot into my world then."

Other tracks by Lou Parker:  Almost
Moonbase - SYD 2 LDN (Ft. Maxtsa)     Electronic 09/08/2019
Australian future bass King, Moonbase, is back with an electrifying new single and brand-new EP series.
patented dark, booming aesthetic, a mix of industrial beats, ear-bleeding drones, and a peer into the sonic dimension he reigns over supreme.

POOLCLVB - Space     Electronic, Downbeat 09/08/2019
Beating to it’s own drum of positive vibes & all round fun times is POOLCLVB. Defined not by a sound but more so a feeling reminiscent of Venice Beach bike-rides.
"I don’t know if it was the overcast day, or the fact that we had both just been through some real-life sh*t, but we really connected on this melancholic vibe, the end result being “Space”. It’s little different for me and the first step in a new direction, hope you like it," says POOLCLVB about writing 'Space' with Muki.