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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Jerome Blazé - Chame ft. Jofi     Electronic, Dance, Atmospheric, Downbeat 26/07/2019
Sydney based producer Jerome Blazé makes striking electronic music that is as immersive as it is danceable.
Collaborating with fellow Sydney Conservatorium of Music student Jofi, soaring melodies call above the blankets of sound, singing the words ‘watched it slip behind me’. The evolving terrain of the hike followed a river, and a field recording Blazé took of the river runs beneath the gradually emerging voices of the song.

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Rebel Yell - Night Drive     Electronic, Techno 26/07/2019
Rebel Yell is the techno princess moniker of artist Grace Stephenson.
'Night Drive' is an anthem that aims to support to people who don’t feel safe getting home alone or in their own bodies. At its core, this track is about women and other marginalised groups feeling safe and empowered in their physicality, and being able to celebrate it accordingly.

Sui Zhen - Perfect Place (Roza’s Smoke Machine Mix)     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 26/07/2019
Sui Zhen shares two remixes by Roza Terenzi & Bell Towers of the first single 'Perfect Place' from her new album Losing, Linda, out 27 September via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
On the Roza Terenzi remix of 'Perfect Place', Sui Zhen describes "The broken electro style kick and fresh style she brings is super addictive. I love it"

Other tracks by Sui Zhen:  Perfect Place (Bell Towers Remix)
Tralala Blip - Pub Talk     Electronic, Electronic 26/07/2019
Tralala Blip are an Australian unit of differently-abled musicians hailing from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.
Second single from the album

Other tracks by Tralala Blip:  Facing Monsters
David Carso - Faith feat. Indy Stanton     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 25/07/2019
David Carso is an EDM artist from Adelaide, South Australia, his unique EDM and progressive house songs are full of main stage and festival energy.
Faith feat. Indy Stanton is an upbeat festival and summer progressive house track full of energy - perfect for a road trip or main stage. Indy Stanton provides an incredible vocal performance. Good times ensured when listening to this one.

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Jbox - Detour     Electronic 25/07/2019
Lachy Gleeson is a 21 year old electronic musician & producer working under the alias Jbox.
Driven by it’s elegant string line, ‘Detour’ was originally created for a video game soundtrack, but was quickly adapted to be a Jbox original when the idea of pairing the two worlds came to pass. “It was a style I hadn't yet experimented with and I really enjoyed the process of creating this song,” Jbox explains.

MDWS - don't take my word for it     Electronic, Atmospheric 25/07/2019
MDWS is the solo project of 26 year old Gold Coast native, Callum Meadows. He combines lush synths with his haunting vocals to create his unique sound.
'don't take my word for it' is the opening track for MDWS album and sets the scene with atmospheric vocals, synths and tribal drums. This song feels like a sad and intropesrtive sonic journey through the mind of MDWS.

Other tracks by MDWS:  Wash Me Clean  -  Blank
Bag Raiders - How Long     Electronic, Dance, Chill 24/07/2019
Bag Raiders’ last 10 years have seen them travel the globe, playing at festival stages across the world. With a triple-platinum and global anthem under their belts in “Shooting Stars”
Continuing to dazzle fans with a line of singles from their much anticipated, forthcoming album Horizons, Bag Raiders today drop their third single “How Long” featuring Sydney-based singer-songwriter and producer, Panama.

Andras - Jingo     Electronic, Dance, House 23/07/2019
Andras is Andrew Wilson, a music producer, soundtrack composer, radio host and DJ from Melbourne, Australia.
In times where literally everything has been exploited, culture as well as nature are degraded to mere play balls of mankind, we would like to offer to you this musical broadcast. Andras’s reprogramming of world music influenced dance music is subtle and unwired, beckoning you into the jungle with sharpened claws and 99% battery life.

Other tracks by Andras:  Conch
HyperFlora - Deja Vu ft. Yokubo     Electronic, Hip Hop 23/07/2019
HyperFlora is made up of songwriters and producers Johnny Polhe and Josh Yardy. The pair have been crafting a sound of their own that melds a series of eclectic genres.
'Deja Vu’ first presents the listener with a lush, expansive harp that creates a wild sense of space and intrigue. Johnny and Yokubo’s lush vocals fill the space in between the harp, crafting a deep sense of depth with minimalistic elements. The head nodding, intricate drum patterns and samples create a complex, yet extravagant groove their vocals glide effortlessly over.

Louise Terra - Nature Calling     Electronic, Pop, Dance 23/07/2019
Producer and songwriter Louise Terra returns with her first material in three years with sonic new electronic dream-pop track ‘Nature Calling’ set for release Friday 2 August.
Louise Terra has birthed an alternate world of synths, beats, and eerie refrains that seem to be plucked from the most unearthly corners of the natural world. Self-produced layers of vocal hooks, pounding rhythms, and completely immersive atmospherics are as gorgeous as they are unsettling, making for a dystopian take on fantasy-pop where Terra reigns undisputed in limitless intrigue.

Ninajirachi - Water Gun     Electronic, Dance, Instrumental 23/07/2019
Ninajirachi is an Australian musician, producer and DJ whose work has been described as "lush and ethereal" (The Indie Shuffle) and as “strikingly unique” (Wonderland Magazine).
Release opener 'Water Gun' is a deceptively melodic, undeniably earwormy tune that entices you in with lush, sunkissed vibes before the tempo jumps to dizzying new heights. And much like her last NLV Records release 'Lapland', on the track Nina showcases her aptitude for wonky, head-spinning percussion.

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Other tracks by Ninajirachi:  Stingray (feat. Oh Boy)
Taka Perry - Introspect     Electronic, Downbeat 23/07/2019
20-year-old Sydney wunderkind producer Taka Perry has already worked with Dean Lewis, Ruel and more. After self releasing an unofficial EP in 2018, Taka now releases his first official single.
A dark and brooding, genre-pushing instrumental track, ‘Introspect’ is shows a clear maturity in Taka Perry's production that belies his young age.

“Born out of an error in production, Introspect came together one night in the space of about two hours,” explains Perry. “It was one of those days where everything sounded right and felt good.”

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Wilson Tanner - Loch & Key     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience, Atmospheric 23/07/2019
Two sheets to the wind, Perishable, not tinned. Two hands the better, Wet weather and feather.
By the arrival of Loch and Key, the shoreline has dissolved completely, the boat floating in serene infinity as the rest of the world spins.

Other tracks by Wilson Tanner:  All Hands Bury The Dead  -  Idle
HARRY FOX - Clouds (feat. Parris Wright)     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop 21/07/2019
HARRY FOX is an enigmatic, dark, genre-bending dance and hip-hop producer from Brisbane, Australia.
‘Clouds’ is an epic multinational collaboration between Italian-Born dance producer Andrea Consoli , Australian mid-tempo producer HARRY FOX and UK grime-turned-conscious rapper Parris Wright.

The track bends between Dancehall-influenced Hip-Hop and super dirty Electro Pop. The sounds and Parris’ lyrics place the listener in a futuristic, dystopian love story of which the genre is impossible to define.

Hieronymus FTP - Tanzkrankheit     Electronic, Dance, World 20/07/2019
“’s like a dance version of Kraftwerk, with a bit of Talking Heads, with both bands on a shedload of drugs..." (review 2019). Australian German language music bringing the bizzare!
This title track is a simple song delving into the thrill of club dancing, but not too deeply.

Other tracks by Hieronymus FTP:  Kurzschliess Das Netzwerk  -  Täuschungsmix
Airwolf - Be Free     Electronic, Dance, House 19/07/2019
Airwolf is a Melbourne based house music DJ and Producer who has supported the likes of FISHER, Duke Dumont and Jax Jones.
‘Be Free’ combines inspirational memos about freeing yourself from the judgement of others, with a hint of sass for good measure and the right amount of slamming garage house.

Behind the Curten - I Already Miss Being Young (feat. Veronica Bravo)     Electronic, Acoustic 19/07/2019
The music says more than I ever could... I'm ready to start, but the race has been run...

A song about wasting my youth.

Moonbase - Dummy     Electronic 19/07/2019
Already worked with Anderson Paak, Cakes Da Killa, Miss Blanks, DVNA and Merky Ace, as well as having received accolades from international outlets like Pitchfork and Nest HQ.
The new cut ‘Dummy’ is vintage Moonbase – his patented dark, booming aesthetic, a mix of industrial beats, ear-bleeding drones, and a peer into the sonic dimension he reigns over supreme.

Poolroom. - The Future     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 19/07/2019
Charles Waldren is a Sydney based solo artist creating electroclash bangers & sweet-tender moments under the moniker of POOLROOM. Lead single "The Future" is a Modular Records-era style track.
Lead single "The Future" is a Modular Records-era style track that draws influence from hands-in-the-air vibe-masters The Presets, Cut Copy, and Van She.

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