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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Ashley Seeven - Mike West P.I.     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Pop, Alternative 07/10/2019
Retro blends that fuse engaging moods together
its about the fictional Mike West Private Investigator of Missing Persons, Theft, Abductions and the Super Natural.

Earnest Jackson - Healing     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Experimental, Alternative 05/10/2019
Melbourne-based, 19-year-old Earnest Jackson is blending sounds to bring a unique energy into the Australian Hip Hop/Electronic scene with his new split single 'Healing / Let Go (Reprise)'
A meditative, lyric-less lullaby. Healing repeats lush harmonies accompanied with samples of Alphington park wildlife and moments of conversations. A consistent 'shhhhhh' in the background will lull you into a semi-conscious state as halfway through a rhythmic, trance-like electronic drum loop and sub bass will slowly prepare you for the next stage of healing - letting go.

Other tracks by Earnest Jackson:  Let Go (Reprise)
All India Radio - Moviestar     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Instrumental, Hip Hop 04/10/2019
With a fondness for Lynch-esque aesthetics & Floydian psychedelics All India Radio is somewhere in between the melodic minimalism of Radiohead and the lush beats of Boards Of Canada.
Drifting between downtempo and trip-hop is All India Radio's single Moviestar. I instantly fell in love with the hypnotising beats and the eerie vocal samples scattered throughout the track. Some moments bring back memories of early trip hop while other parts feature guitar melodies that are drenched in a psychedelic, ambient type of sound. - Rural Sounds Review

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Other tracks by All India Radio:  The Edge of Infinity  -  Villa of the Mysteries
London Topaz - Back To Life (Feat. Emma Whines)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House, Pop 04/10/2019
Melbourne’s London Topaz serves electronic enthusiasts a signature taste bringing his unique creativity and composed approach to the electronic music world.
Embracing artistic elegance and composure, London Topaz is set to release his next single, ‘Back To Life’ featuring Emma Whines via Daily Nightly Records. Developing his sonic brand and dance floor mood, the London Topaz profile raises its own bar, affirming a well-paved path for this promising, prolific artist.

Vast Hill - Abagail     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 04/10/2019
Melding perfect melodies with clever arrangement, Vast Hill are an electro-pop duo from Sydney who have become one of the city's best fresh names.
Abagail’ is another beautifully constructed synth driven soundscape. For the first time, Adin Milo takes the reins on lead vocals, his indie tone mixing effortless with Ellie Kress’ harmonies. Akin to PNAU, I Know Leopard and Olympia, ‘Abagail’ is slick and crisp pop music with a dance edge that is simply irresistible.

Peachnoise - Yah     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Experimental 01/10/2019
Peachnoise are a Melbourne-based duo with an unquenchable thirst for red-hot, future pop.
"Yah is a reminder to never let anyone play you in a relationship because your initial feelings can mask the truth about someone and cloud your objectivity" - Gina Somfleth

Known for their vivid, meticulous music videos (which the pair direct themselves), Peachnoise have created a confident world with 'Yah', imploring the listener to avoid relationship entrapment and manipulation.

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Pinz & Pelz - A Lazy Day     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Dance 01/10/2019
Pinz & Pelz is for all dance floors and all people.
We wrote "A Lazy Day" during a lazy European summer. The track features a wide range of organic and synthetic instruments such as a Ney flute, African mallets, percussions and vintage synthesizers in form of a Wavestation and Minimoog. It's the perfect track for letting your mind drift off, watch the birds and feel the warm sun on your skin.

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Other tracks by Pinz & Pelz:  A Purer Life  -  Distant Matter
Jeanscape - Witch     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Rock 28/09/2019
Gothic-Industrial outfit returns with an abrasive new single...
Brandishing abrasive guitars, deranged vocals and driving percussion, Witch exudes a freneticism beyond anything the outfit has been previously known for.

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Desmond Cheese - Dope VHS Master     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Hip Hop, Instrumental 27/09/2019
Desmond Cheese are a lo-fi soul duo from Brisbane who have been making beats for over a decade. We love to make your head nod.
Laid back since way back! This chilled out tune is from our first album, and is sure to get you in the groove!

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Other tracks by Desmond Cheese:  Polyfizzal Drizzal  -  Space Funk: The Journeymen
Juno Mamba - Flicker     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 27/09/2019
Juno Mamba creates dystopian soundscapes that pull the listener in with each listen. Influenced by similar artists Bonobo, Four Tet, and Floating Points, each composition sparks a journey within itself.
‘Flicker’ is the debut single from Melbourne solo electronic producer, Juno Mamba (aka Vinci Andanar). ‘Flicker’ is an intricate and cerebral track that was born from a trip to Japan where Vinci found himself immensely moved by the designs of local architect and ‘King of Concrete’, Tadao Ando.

Thaylia - Home     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Folk 27/09/2019
Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney. She is of Greek/Aboriginal heritage and loves to fuse folk with electronic music!
'Home' is the second single off Thaylia's long awaited debut EP Into My Soul. The song is a sequel to Waiting and is about having the courage to ask for and receive the gift of Love that is being offered. Its about surrendering to this great Love, allowing it to heal us and seeking it with all our heart.

Atalein - Mirror     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening 25/09/2019
Atalein is the project of Queensland born, Melbourne based producer Laura Semple. The freedom to break rules drew Laura to electronic music after many years of classical piano training.
Melbourne based electronic enigma ATALEIN is back with a softer pastel tinged edge to her usual hardened industrial electronica with her new single “Mirror”. The single comes after a period of time living in Berlin where she was able to work on her craft and find a new way to express herself.

KLP - Push     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, House 25/09/2019
As an artist KLP has been DJing for over nine years now, producing, performing and recording all her own vocals and song writing for others.
Multi-faceted producer KLP unveils her electric new single 'Push' alongside news she'll release her debut album 'Giver' this November. In celebration of the release she'll be heading around the nation on her headline club tour.

‘Push’ puts KLP's vocals at the forefront and is an infectious, thumping club track written and produced entirely by KLP in her Sydney home studio.

Solo Career - Feelings     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop 25/09/2019
Solo Career is the late night bedroom pop project of Annabel Blackman, best known as singer/guitarist in Sydney garage-rock quartet Body Type.
'Feelings', is a hazy synth-soaked track which Blackman describes as "a beautified whinge over the agony and boredom of waiting for the Romantic Object to reply".

SURAJ - Perth Skies Featuring Bella Marslen     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Experimental 25/09/2019
SURAJ is a Hip Hop artist, producer, singer/songwriter and rapper hailing from Perth, questioning and pushing boundaries of what it means to be Hip Hop
An ode to the beautiful summer skies of Perth, the song was inspired by the sky over the swan river bridge on a late afternoon. With the help of Bella Marslen a local perth singer and artist the two sculpted an ode to ther state and city.

KUČKA - Drowning     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/09/2019
LA-based, Australian producer and vocalist KUČKA returns with her first single in three years, ‘Drowning’. Inspired by a recent move to LA, she reflects on the melancholy of leaving home.
’Drowning’ written and produced by KUČKA with additional production by Flume, stands as one of Lowther’s most claustrophobic pieces to date, with her voice almost overwhelmed by glowing synths and shuffling percussion. Keeping the lyrics personal and literal, the open emotionality of her songwriting is contrasted with the simple but hyper-digital production within which they are embedded.

The Temper Trap x Cristoph - Sweet Disposition     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House 24/09/2019
Cristoph now takes on remix duties, adding his own touch to the original 'Sweet Disposition' which was released over a decade ago.
Cristoph now takes on remix duties, adding his own touch to the original which was released over a decade ago. Taking the production to soaring new heights yet still including the haunting vocal chorus, Cristoph delivers another arena filling production, executed with the grandiosity that has not only awarded the track with worldwide club support, but continues his global adventure.

Fourth State Turiya - Flourish     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 23/09/2019
Fourth State Turiya are a Perth based duo producing a timeless trip hop, electro, UK garage sound with a dreamy edge and soaring female vocals.
Recorded by Fourth State
Mastered by Lee Buddle – Crank Studios
Leah Miche – Vocals
Edoardo Moriconi – Production

Flourish features an ancient Sanskrit mantra ‘Amarum Hum Maduram Hum’ which translates to ‘I am immortal. I am Bliss’. Vedic philosophy has been a big part of songwriter Leahs life and was also the inspiration to the bands name.

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Other tracks by Fourth State Turiya:  Fake Love  -  Animals
CLYPSO - D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World, Indie, Pop 20/09/2019
CLYPSO is a Sydney based producer and vocalist, whose sound is a collage of hyperactive beats, grimey basslines and global tropical music culture inspired electronica.
D.Y.S. is both a collective and individual statement. It’s about coming together. It’s also about having the right to stand up for whatever it is you want. Music is a mood maker and energy force to CLYPSO and this energy encompasses everything in the CLYPSO project and D.Y.S. is no different.

Sam Phay - At Least     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, House 20/09/2019
Melbourne-based songwriter and producer, Sam Phay has been collaborating with some of the music world's most celebrated songwriters, producers and artists since his first writing camp in 2016. 
"At least is about self realisation. Coming to an understanding about we’re you’re at and knowing that It doesn’t matter where you are on a particular journey, what matters is that you are there at all."

Other tracks by Sam Phay:  Oracle