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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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yergurl - Girls Like Me     Electronic, Pop 23/08/2019
yergurl is 18 year old producer, singer and songwriter from Fae Scott. She has supported G Flip, Wafia and also played St Kilda Festival and Groovin The Moo Bendigo.
The cover art gives reference to the idea behind the song being about "girls like me". It features "clones" of me essentially to convey the story about an ex who dates the same kind of girls (blonde, skinny, psychotic) LOL.

LÂLKA - Go Psycho     Electronic, Dance 22/08/2019
LÂLKA is the Brisbane-based producer/vocalist/musician creating gritty yet opulent electro pop.
This song is about taking ownership of my own body, and by extension, my own identity. It came from the experience I’ve had where my body and clothing choices became ammunition for the people seeking to suppress my ideas and self-expression.

SŸDE - Her Touch     Electronic 22/08/2019
Melbourne electronic duo SŸDE are back for the first time in 2019 with their brand new single ‘Her Touch’ a perfectly put together tropical-house/pop infused track
perfectly put together tropical-house/pop infused track that highlights the growth the young-guns have had in their production style

Yuma X - Chasing Patterns     Electronic 22/08/2019
Sydney’s Yuma-X - comprised of Lucy-and-producer Jake Smith - met in-2009, at a NYE-party while they were-in-their-final-year of highschool. They-started working-on-music-together, combining Lucy’s powerful singing chops and Jake’s dexterous, comprehensive-composition-skills.
‘Chasing Patterns’ charts the joys and torment of a complicated, co-dependent and addictive relationship. Buttressed by propulsive, atmospheric beats and Lucy Washington’s vocals, song teases a relationship’s positives and negatives.

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Big Yawn - Skin Rat     Electronic, Experimental 21/08/2019
Big Yawn is a music group from Melbourne, Australia. Performing a big, sweaty, hypnotic exercise of live electronic music that explores and exploits ambient, psychedelic, techno and krautrock styles.
The groups freshest effort 'Skin Rat/Thomas' captures the band performing live in the studio, and it's typical Big Yawn: fat and punchy low-end bass; drums and live drum processing; delay fx samples; thick syrupy synths. 'Skin Rat' is a hyperbolically dubbed out, tongue in cheek, magnetic blend of UK garage, footwork and breaks.

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Other tracks by Big Yawn:  Thomas
Edapollo - Make A Move     Electronic, House, Downbeat, Atmospheric 21/08/2019
Edapollo is Melbourne based electronic producer, Ed Bidgood. His music varies from atmospheric downtempo to more intricate beat-driven house, focusing on organic elements and a human feel in his production.
After a steady run of double single releases over the last few months, Australian based producer edapollo now delivers 'Make a Move' taken from his long-awaited debut album, ‘Endless Cascades’ which is out on Aug 29th. The track is a building atmospheric journey, starting off slowly then evolving into a lush dance floored inspired house track.

Rojdar - Tired Of Talking     Electronic 21/08/2019
At the age of 21, Rojdar has already done what most dare to dream. Working up from house parties to main stage festival performances and enormous radio residencies.
Melbourne’s playfully eccentric producer Rojdar returns with brand new single ‘Tired of Talking’.

Layered with lush synths, flirtatious silky beats build to crescendo at the hypnotic chorus that has you singing along as soon as the second dances through. ‘Tired of Talking’ cements Rojdar as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian Pop scene.

SURAJ - $pend It Feat. Andrea Onamade     Electronic, Hip Hop, House, Dance 21/08/2019
SURAJ is an experimental Hip Hop artist trying to push the boundaries of Hip Hop, questioning what it really means to be Hip Hop, and exploring its boundaries.
Inspired by the likes of Kaytranda and Azealia Bank$, SURAJ and Andrea Onamade team up to produce an infectious House/EDM song. With bright lyrics and groovy percussion, the song is irresistible to groove and dance to.

Trovato - Ocean     Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Instrumental, Industrial 21/08/2019
Trovato is an Experimental Electronic Music Producer/Composer influenced by Sci-Fi and Cinematic soundscapes. His sound combines atmospheric electronic elements with organic sounds and electric guitars.
With his love of Jungle and the 90s Drum & Bass movement comes Trovatos next single ‘Ocean’. The track was featured in a TV series on Discovery Channel. ‘Ocean’ combines driving beats with industrial and western sounding electric guitars inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies.

Obseen - The Middle     Electronic, Pop, Rock 20/08/2019
Obseen is a writer, producer and performing artist from the Wollongong/Sydney region known for his careful crafting of indie electronic and pop music and characteristic velvety falsetto.
“The Middle is a song about being torn between two people you love and eventually losing both of them. This track is one of my personal favourites as I was able to experiment with the vocals and harmonies, different atmospheres and textures and really explore the delicate midpoint between rock & electronic music."

STATUE - Ivory     Electronic, Dance, House, Instrumental 20/08/2019
STATUE is a mysterious percussion-based structure erected by Tom Gould.
‘Ivory’ is a shining collage of live percussive work and ‘hands in the air’ piano and organ motifs, driven by its steady house rhythm.

Runaway Mornings - Weigh Me Down     Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric, Soundscapes 19/08/2019
Buoyed on by crisp indie-electronic instrumentation and a deep vocal that oozes rich quality, Runaway Mornings captivates. Personal and contemplative, R.M. puts his soul on each track.
‘Weigh Me Down’, a hypnotising, tapestry of synthesisers, which suggests there is comfort in the weight of a relationship such as the firm embrace of the ocean. Runaway Mornings' rich vocal drifts through this landscape with a lullaby-esque melody that will ground you.

TRIKKI - Here With Me     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 19/08/2019
Ambitious, young DJ duo fusing the old Melbourne sound of their roots, with the current climate of popular electronic music worldwide
This track started off as a side project in mid-2017, which was left untouched for almost half a year. As the duo learned new production tricks and skills through the making of Meant to Be, featuring guest vocals from Kim Nelson, they eventually came back to finish off Here With Me with a future bounce twist.

IAE - what, no     Electronic, Experimental, Ambience, Ambience 18/08/2019
IAE is the solo project of emerging multi-instrumentalist, Imogen Elliott, based in Tasmania. Their work is an expression of unabashed self-criticism, embodying contemporary alt-pop aesthetics.
This song takes a minimalist approach to the background beat, enabling the lyrics to be the focus. It was written and recorded in nipaluna/Hobart.

Other tracks by IAE:  Snap Crack  -  S3XP3ST
Orlando furious - Getting Away     Electronic, Punk 18/08/2019
Orlando furious is a songwriter and producer experimenting with suburban, industrial and mystic aesthetics, always with a sense of playfulness and clear and sincere lyrics.
This song was written when I first moved back to Queensland after living in Melbourne for a long time. I was trying to reconnect with my family and the area that raised me and finding myself reverting to a teenage snottiness amidst all my reflecting.

Other tracks by Orlando furious:  Dimensions
Flash 89 - Body Talk     Electronic, Dance 16/08/2019
Adelaide’s own Flash 89 is very obviously, a young gun on the rise. Having already relocated to London due to demand, he’s quickly becoming a leading producer in his scene.
"‘Body Talk’ is the idea of talking to your inner monologue and building the courage to go in on the dance floor and do your thing with no worries or cares for what's around you. 'Gotta be cool, just relax, I'm ‘bout to go in, make my body jack". – Flash 89

Hartway - Better (feat. Cazeaux O.S.L.O)     Electronic, House, Jazz 16/08/2019
Adelaide/Melbourne duo Hartway are an exciting house and acid-jazz outfit bringing a fresh perspective to classic groove-based music.
Hartway waste no time, opening 'Better' with an immediate blast of infectious funk and signature sultry sax. A collaboration born out of Hartway’s desire to explore more analogue-driven writing, they recorded at ‘synth wizard’ Luke Million's own studio in Adelaide, utilizing the producer's rare vintage Multimoo. Seamlessly fusing elements of acid-jazz, house and nu-disco, the result is something truly unique.

Kilter - No Time feat. Muki     Electronic, Downbeat 16/08/2019
Kilter is adored by listeners from all corners of the internet and festival goers alike for his euphoric, energetic mix of left-field hip hop and sunny electronica.
"I wanted to transport everyone to a dancehall rave in the dystopian near-future with ‘No Time’, illuminating sounds normally restricted to dark warehouses with a warm tropical glow,” explains Kilter. “Muki and I had been working together a lot recently on another project and I thought her futuristic take on pop music would be the perfect voice for the song.”

Mahoney - Survival     Electronic, Dance, Soundtrack (Film Related) 16/08/2019
Melbourne based synth-wave act
Synth-wave time capsule from the '80s for gamers

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SARAI - Winner Represent (Pepperjuice Remix)     Electronic, House, Hip Hop 16/08/2019
Hustler SARAI is back to work! Venturing between dance-pop and hip-hop, the grind never stops with this new exciting remix of her anthem "Winner Represent".
SARAI is the undefeated champ once again! This time she’s teamed up with the Parisian duo Pepperjuice for this blasting remix of “Winner Represent.” Stirring in big drops, ascending hits and a powerful breakdown, Pepperjuice have squeezed every ounce of energy into this track, lifting the trophy with SARAI as she continues to conquer the game.