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Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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Vape Dadz - Union     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 06/11/2019
Three Dadz who don't Vape making weird, crunchy, electronic music for misfits. Disco, hip hop, found sound, glitched noise and more make up the Vape Dadz mood board.
Vape Dadz burn up on re-entry with your favourite cosmonauts from the classic age of the Soviet space program. Be warned: touching the void and slipping the surly bonds of earth sometimes ends in flames.

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Other tracks by Vape Dadz:  Lodestone Resonator
Wave Racer - This N That ft. LunchMoney Lewis     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, House 06/11/2019
Tom Purcell is Wave Racer, a 64-bit freak speeding through the horizon, straight for the unknown.
Pairing LunchMoney Lewis’ autotune vocals with a metallic, ultra-textured production, ‘This N That’ taps into the maximalist sound that Wave Racer has made his own. “On the production side, there was a vital combination of determination, frustration and emotion that went into finishing this song, with more revisions, re-writes, do-overs and second-guessing than any song I've done before.”Wave Racer explains.

Yuto. - Feel It     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Soul, Indie 06/11/2019
Yuto. have been making waves in the streaming world this year. To cap off a huge year, the Melbourne producers are coming in hot with their latest offering, "Feel It".
"Feel It taught us so much about patience and stepping outside of our comfort zone, which is what we take out of this record. After a lot of feedback, Coben completely changed the arrangement and idea to make it what it is now. The other version was cool but nothing like it is now," tells Daylan.

Thaylia - Love Never Hurts     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Folk 04/11/2019
Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney. She is of Greek/Aboriginal heritage and loves to fuse folk with electronic music!
Love Never Hurts is one of the tracks featured on her debut EP release Into My Soul. Its a cliche twist on the saying 'love hurts' and shares the simple message that real true love would never hurt.

A song about all the untruthful things we were taught about love as children.

Other tracks by Thaylia:  Into My Soul  -  Be Awake & Dream
du0 - Way Back Down     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Pop 01/11/2019
Following on from his latest release ‘It’s Ok’, Brisbane-based producer du0 has today revealed his new single ‘Way Back Down’, produced and recorded by the artist himself.
The track opens with swirling synths and crisp lead vocals, reverbing across the songs expansive production. The chorus introduces dulcet vocal samples, supported by sharp hi hats and earthy snares, interlocked with a bounding synth bass.

GL - Contagious     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative 01/11/2019
Melbourne-based electronic duo GL (Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson) are known for their cosmic-dream creations that bend between eras and genre and are irresistible to move along with every time.
Taking a turn from the moodier elements of “Night Habit”, GL have dipped the single and signature grooves in a pot of warm textures, hard-hitting percussion and wobbling synths that hook the mind and body. Contagious as its namesake promises, the duo pay homage to their finest assets where movement is a must and vocals rise to a love-struck chorus.

Jay Cooper - 21 Personnel     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
Sydney-raised, North American-based produce.
Cooper shares that: “The song came from a pattern of isolation being broken by the warmest affect, a short walk up the mountain for sunrise, an intense moment of clarity that doesn’t make a lot of sense on paper, and a book about the theory of programming war drones."

Ninoosh - Rage     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
Intense sound sculptor Ninoosh is launching her debut album Floodgates on October 25 with a single launching each day in the week leading up to the release
Written after the #metoo movement, Rage is a big club track with heavy bass lines and intense vocals - Feel the Rage!

Willaris. K - 5 O'CLOCK     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/10/2019
This latest singles from Melbourne based producer, Willaris. K, is the first new music since his last double release ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Cobaki Sky (Prequel)’ at the end of 2018.
Lead single ’5 O’CLOCK’ contrasts celestial climaxes driven by an insistent Prophet ‘08 synth against poignant, empty sonic spaces that inspires a vast, ominous awe. His first new music of 2019 reflects the euphoria and freedom he found in the wake of his breakout 2018, which saw the release of his debut EP Alchemy and a run of sold-out shows.

Anarchosophist - Unstable Ground (feat. Jose McLaughlin)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, Hip Hop 26/10/2019
Anarchosophist is the Lofi Hip Hop alter ego of Brisbane based producer/guitarist Padraig Parkhurst. His productions mix 90s hip-hop with hard-hitting jazz and funk
Multi-instrumentalist and jazz veteran Jose McLaughlin, one time member of English pop group Gerry and the Pacemakers, collaborates with Lofi Hip Hop producer Anarchosophist on funky new track ‘Unstable Ground’. The track's heavy groove is topped off with a ripping piano and synth solo that demands repeat listening, just as it demands you tap your foot.

Phondupe - Fangtooth     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Experimental, Indie 25/10/2019
Phondupe is the warped brainchild of Sydney electronic producer Rich Lucano – a hyperactive synthesis of restless soundscapes, twisted field samples and brooding vocals.
‘Fangtooth’ sees Phondupe’s distinct vocals paired with a pulsing barrel rhythm that evokes a sense of primal danger, propelling the listener into an anxious cacophony of industrial percussion and blistering footwork beats before giving way to an anthemic synth line. It matches a frenetic instrumental against introspective vocals - calm floating through chaos - a common theme through Phondupe's music.

Pink Matter - Soul Fruit     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul 25/10/2019
Brisbane band Pink Matter debut their newest single, ‘Soul Fruit'. Taking a whole new exciting direction for the band, this electro-soul groove has quite an angular and glassy beat.
Of the track, Pink Matter says; 'Soul Fruit is based on the duality of reality verses a contrived image that’s been edited and warped to show only what a person wants to portray. It’s about being aware that people can be hiding a lot of things behind perceived achievement, beauty and credibility.'

Andrew Hetherington - Earth Song     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Instrumental 24/10/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
Earth Song taken from the six-track EP Introspection by Australian electronic music producer Andrew Hetherington is a musical journey of epic proportions featuring tribal rhythms, smooth synths, soaring guitars and beautiful female vocals.

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BOO Seeka - Moonlight Run     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Alternative, Soul 24/10/2019
Electro-soul duo, Boo Seeka, melds pulsating synth sounds with sultry, sweet vocals which create a sound as smooth as hot fudge chocolate on a soft serve.
An ode to the magic of the witching hour, The song is a celebration of those spontaneous nights when everything is as it should be. 'Moonlight Run is meant to replicate the feeling of excitement when its 12am, you're with your mates, and you can just feel its going to be a great night.' he says.

Jantoje - Something About     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Trench Records newest local signing – Jantoje. Formerly producing under the name Jake Edwards, the Aussie Central-Coast production-wizz is stepping into a new era with the electronica project, Jantoje
Mixes live samples with analogue chords, nostalgic progressions and thumping basslines

JIM ALXNDR - Slave feat. Angie McMahon     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Alternative 24/10/2019
Inspired by the likes of Jai Paul, Jon Hopkins and Tennyson, JIM ALXNDR creates his own unique blend of electro-acoustic sound collages, field recordings and hard hitting drums.
A truly kinetic production that unfolds in equal wells of intimacy and urgency, ‘Slave’ is an electro-acoustic epic and testament to the breadth of JIM ALXNDR’s artistry as a musician, writer, producer and collaborator. Subdued electronica makes way for bursting crescendos of hard-hitting percussion and intricately layered field recordings, leading Angie McMahon’s malleable voice on a journey of exquisite heights.

Jonny Faith - Fana     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, World, House, Hip Hop 24/10/2019
Jonny Faith has hosted a show on 2SER, toured Japan with Bonobo, performed alongside Flying Lotus and Dam-Funk and dropped LPs on labels shared by Quantic and Debruit (Kokoko).
The first single from his forthcoming 'Night Lights' EP, 'Fana' stands on its own in instrumental form, with chiming melodics and arpeggiated synths building over crisp uptempo drums and deep bass tones. But it is with the vocals of Melbourne-based Guinean artist Mohamed Camara that the track really takes off.

Other tracks by Jonny Faith:  Fana (Instrumental)
Vast Hill - More Than You Imagined     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Indie 24/10/2019
A songwriting duo who knows their direction and aesthetic, the way Vast Hill execute the delivery of their music is fun, vibrant and switched on.
The title track of Vast Hill's debut album, 'More Than You Imagined' is a nostalgia dip into some gorgeous hazy soundscapes. An example of the band at their creative best.

Other tracks by Vast Hill:  Hard Goodbye
Sig Nu Gris - Cassius Select - Herd (Sig Nu Gris Fixation)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 23/10/2019
Melbourne-based sound designer Sig Nu Gris draws from club, experimental and ambient influences to shape textured beats, always watermarked with her unique sonic signature.
Melbourne-based sound designer Sig Nu Gris draws from club, experimental and ambient influences to shape textured beats, always watermarked with her unique sonic signature.

One edit will be released each week throughout the rest of October 2019.

Miles Brown - Shudder Speed     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 18/10/2019
Miles Brown is Australia’s leading proponent of the theremin - the world’s oldest electronic instrument, and the only instrument that is played without being touched.
Melbourne electronic composer and theremin artist Miles Brown (The Night Terrors) launches his new single 'Shudder Speed' - the first preview of his upcoming solo album 'The Gateway' on cult UK horror soundtrack label Death Waltz Recording Company (home to soundtrack legends John Carpenter, Goblin, Ennio Morricone, Clint Mansell, Alan Horwath, Fabio Frizzi, Angelo Badalamenti, Steve Moore and Umberto).