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Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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NIMO - The Line     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, House, Pop 08/11/2019
Melbourne-based artist Nimo is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer with an enthusiastic passion for creating music.
The Line is the moment where you have hit rock bottom and are about to give up. A numbing feeling and the contemplation of ending it all. There's a touch of theatrical and modern classical genres in sections that feature orchestral instruments, however the main genre is house with its driving electronic beats and synths in the chorus.

Skyuka - When Your Light Is Low     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Hip Hop 08/11/2019
SKYUKA is an emerging solo electronic artist from Perth. Heralded as a captivating performer, her music is a fusion of electronic pop, hip-hop, trap and dirty synth sounds.
Produced by Kruger James, 'When Your Light Is Low' came to SKYUKA in a dream on the birthday of a friend (and fellow musician) a few months after he passed away. It is a song that celebrates the person he was and serves as a reminder of the support we can show each other in times of grief and darkness.

STRVATA - Horizon (ft. j3ttx)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz, Hip Hop, Garage 08/11/2019
Multi instrumentalist and producer from the Gold Coast QLD, mainly releasing instrumental hip-hop with fusion elements from jazz and progressive music.
Sampling a monologue from the infamous Charles Manson, Horizon (ft j3ttx) invokes a surreal atmosphere with Manson talking in the background of ethereal soundscapes and floating melodies. Horizon pushes the boundaries of UK garage, blending jazz and progressive elements such as timing in 5/4, polymetres, metric modulation and modal interchange.

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Other tracks by STRVATA:  Prevail  -  Evolve (ft j3ttx)
Super Massive - We're Taking Over     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock, Dance, Indie 08/11/2019
Super Massive are singer/writer Malina Hamilton-Smith and drummer/composer Glenn Abbott (ex Machine Gun Fellatio). The duo makes intense and exhilarating alternative pop music splicing funky dance grooves with rock.
An anthem for the environmentally and socially conscious new generation.

We recorded the song a little while ago, but after hearing Great Thunberg's speech at the UN summit on 24 September 2019, warning world leaders to take action on climate change or face the future wrath of her generation, we felt compelled to release it immediately, in solidarity.

Val Flynn - On My Mind Ft. Moonbase     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Brisbane-based producer, singer, song-writer, recently singed to Moonbase's label, Trench Records
The focus single impressively and seductively moves between hip-hop, RnB and Pop - a total introduction to the genres that have inspired Val Flynn’s career and the forthcoming EP.

Alice Ivy - Sunrise     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 07/11/2019
Melbourne producer extraordinaire Alice Ivy is back with a brand-new single to perfectly prime you for the summer months, with the vibrant new track, ‘Sunrise’
Featuring a collab with Toronto rapper and vocalist Cadence Weapon, the new track is a disco dancefloor bop, with bright splashes of colour and hypnotic surges of warped chords. The song was also mixed alongside famed US record producer Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Childish Gambino) at his studio in LA.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP - SD     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative 07/11/2019
LUCIANBLOMKAMP continues his heavy schedule producing and writing for others (including releases for Mallrat, Teischa, and Future Classic's latest addition Jeida Woods), his own work has never been more potent.
"I've always been one to write somewhat dark music, it's just instinctual and something that comes naturally for whatever reason. Although after years of releasing music I feel pretty confident in that SD is the most dread-filled track I've done to date. That applies to both the lyrics and instrumental. It's just a real sook fest." - LUCIANBLOMKAMP

Mayhills - Get Offended     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Instrumental 07/11/2019
Perth-based producer Mayhills makes visceral, emotive electronica, drawing inspiration from a broad sonic palette including ambient, downtempo, techno and big beat.
A menacing halftime groove that evolves into an increasingly frenetic interpretation of experimental drum and bass.

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Mitchell Challice - What You've Done     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Easy Listening, House 07/11/2019
Just a chilled out Aussie guy who loves to create some laid back music to vibe to.
Just a very chilled song about breaking free of being held back by someone or something and the effects it can have on you.

Oz Harte - Novissimus Diebus     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Experimental, Alternative 07/11/2019
Oz is an English born Irish Australian who understands Croatian. The moniker ‘Oz Harte' was chosen to reflect his love for Australia (Oz) and his Irish heritage (Harte).
ANIMUS is an Ambient Concept Project.

An allegorical journey by the heart, mind, spirit.

The journey begins during the difficulty of the Last Days (Novissimus Diebus)

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Other tracks by Oz Harte:  Viribus  -  Caritate Diligibillis
Sachi Rae - Let's Take 5     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Folk, Experimental 07/11/2019
Sachi Rae is a female solo act from Brisbane. Sachi Rae is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Let's Take 5 is a song about falling into the trap of a lover that you know you shouldn't be with.

Other tracks by Sachi Rae:  Feel You On My Skin  -  Be Gentle With Me
SARSAPARILLA - Speaking in Tongues     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop, Rock 07/11/2019
SARSAPARILLA is a bedroom producer and songwriter who spends her nights in her home studio attempting to recreate the sounds she hears in her head. She's getting closer. Slowly.
Speaking in Tongues is an abstract cry, courtesy of the vocals of Rubaiyat Howlader (Slowships), accompanied by sounds recorded in op-shops in the Blue Mountains. The song features vocals but no words, leaving the listener to impose their own meaning on the track.

Sig Nu Gris - 20syl - Ongoing Thing (feat. Oddisee) (Sig Nu Gris Fixation)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 07/11/2019
Melbourne-based sound designer Sig Nu Gris draws from club, experimental and ambient influences to shape textured beats, always watermarked with her unique sonic signature.
One edit will be released each week throughout the rest of October 2019.

sleepthink - Patternless     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Instrumental, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
Ambient, thoughtful experimental electronic music from Perth, WA.
'Patternless' is the 2nd single from my upcoming debut EP. I wanted to create a group of songs that invite the listener into my mindset at the time of making the song. These songs aim to create the intimacy of a small physical space. It's an invitation to sit and think, to pay close attention, and to be mindful.

Tanya George - Writing Machine     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie, Jazz 07/11/2019
Born singer with a 4.5 octave range as high as Mariah Carey to busking Bourke St, Tanya George is armed with loop pedals solo or surrounded by her incredible band.
‘Writing Machine’ was written whilst baby sitting children that were addicted to their screens. It showcases Tanya George’s breathtaking 4.5 octave vocal range, beatboxing and looping. It’s a song that conveys the harsh reality of how dependent and controlled we are on technology, social media and television.

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Haiku Hands - Onset     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Electro-pop collective Haiku Hands have impressed audiences and critics worldwide, becoming one of Australia’s most hyped prospects after bursting onto the scene in 2018
Classic rap braggadocios with a conscious tip. Incorporates sounds and elements from old school 80’s & 90’s hip hop, rave and electro and combines them with contemporary, new school electronic production. The result being a fresh, nostalgic, head banging track that you’ve never heard before. Onset is colourful, wild and rude. Get into it.

Kult Kyss - Be Cool     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 06/11/2019
Melding Haxx’s glistening production and pulsing beats with Rromarin’s unique vocal sound, Kult Kyss merge future pop with ritual noise, drawing listeners into a rich and dynamic sonic realm.
'Be Cool' explores the spaces that form between people in love, and the desire to reconnect, repair and rectify things with one another. The song is about the need to be close with someone and provide a source of comfort, freedom and relief; an oasis.

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Lewis CanCut - Armour (feat. Jordan Variant)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Alternative, Indie 06/11/2019
Lewis CanCut is a Melbourne based DJ and Producer, RBMA Alumni and former Diplo collaborator.
Lewis and Jordan use ‘Armour’ to create a sonic world where display screens go blank and futuristic chrome details glisten in the dystopian darkness.

The track highlights Lewis’ and Jordan’s interest in the increasingly complicated relationship between humans and technology, the carbonated exterior adding to the anxious mood of the track.

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Other tracks by Lewis CanCut:  Metal On Metal
Lunar Phase - Halloween     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie, House 06/11/2019
Lunar expresses his emotional phases dealing with the constant changes in life through evolving sounds. Thrusting melancholic vocals on swirling ambient synths, shoegaze/dreampop guitars with fast hats and slapping 808’s
Lunar Phase teams up with SierraBlue bringing together a series of sonic twists and turns in this dark ‘emo electro pop’ track. Pulsing house beats, and reverb-drenched vocals.

There’s a lot of imagery conjured through the metaphors in the lyrics, with the relationship described in the track being reflected with the underlying meaning of Halloween; it’s sweet, scary, and horrible

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M4SONIC - On My Own feat. CARZi     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 06/11/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
In On My Own, CARZi & M4SONIC explore what it's like to be an artist and the huge pieces of yourself you place into every song that you put out.

Sometimes you're going through something tough and the only way out is to remember that there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

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