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Amrap's AirIt | Australian Music Radio Airplay Project :: Electronic / Beats / Industrial

Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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ZĀN - Fight     Electronic, RnB, Soul 27/07/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Singer-songwriter and bouncing producer ZĀN is joining the protest with his new single Fight; an alt-R&B slow-burner featuring densely layered harmonies fused with hindustani ad-libs.

Fight serves as a thematic manifesto for the EP 'Gulnaz' focusing on themes of struggle, survival and how to stand firm for your place in the world.

ZĀN - Salafi Secrets     Electronic, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop 13/06/2018
ZĀN is a singer, songwriter & producer whose musical routes lay in an eclectic mix of South Asian cinema, alt-R&B and electro-pop.
Introducing Pakistan-born, singer-songwriter and producer ZĀN, with his debut single Salafi Secrets; a twisting, turning beat reflecting on queer sexuality and spirituality reminiscent of Janet Jackson.

Lyrically, the track deals with queer sexuality, spirituality and secrets; all integral elements of ZĀN's artistry and personal story.

Zvchvrivh - Think of Me     Pop, Electronic 22/11/2017
Zvchvrivh (pronounced Zachariah) is a Sydney based electronic pop project. Zvchvrivh is following up February’s ‘The Afterpvrty EP’ with a brand new heartfelt & honest ballad: ‘Think of Me’
This song was written in response to the announcement of the postal same sex marriage vote. It is a song about asking for acceptance from your close ones.

Zsa Zsa LaFine - She Hot     Electronic, House, Hip Hop, Dance 21/10/2016
Proper party music for proper party queens and geniuses. Bass that belongs on Oxford St at 4am, spilling onto sidewalks, holding back boozy barf to make out with your bestie.
New single from Sydney's Zsa Zsa LaFine, 'She Hot' is the happiest diss track imaginable. It's part 90s house anthem, part devotional modern day Tumblr hip hop with a beat produced by rapper/producer Simo Soo. This is an empowering sugar rush wake up.

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Zone Out - So Bright     Pop, Electronic 25/11/2015
Melbourne dream-pop duo featuring members of Totally Mild, Sui Zhen and Scotdrakula.
B-side single from Zone Out's recent 7" release 'Inside / So Bright'.

Other tracks by Zone Out:  Inside
Zone Out - Breakdown     Pop, Electronic, Experimental, Ambience 20/04/2016
Melbourne dream-pop duo featuring members of Totally Mild, Sui Zhen and Scotdrakula.
Second single taken from Zone Out's debut LP 'Transience'.

ZK king - typhoon     Electronic, RnB, Soundscapes, Pop 14/03/2019
ZK king (Jamie Marina Lau) is a writer/author/poet, most notably publishing her first novel Pink Mountain on Locust Island through Brow Books in 2018.
This is a sultry track with contemporary R&B resonances and sees a synthesis of voice and percussion. A meditation of the femme body in a cycle of discovering itself and where it fits best. ‘Typhoon’ is designed almost like hypnosis.

Other tracks by ZK king:  wake up  -  daisy
Zia - Sunshine H3drush Remix     Electronic, Dance, Pop, House 08/03/2016
Zia is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Her songs feature addictive basslines, soul soothing vocals and soaring melodies.
#1 Kings of Spins Global DJ Charts, #18 European Independent Music Charts.

Good time uplifting party vibes!

With over 44 #1 Billboard Credits Multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated Producer-DJ (Remixer) Mr Mig Aka H3dRush, has produced Sunshine Radio Edit and Extended Mixes.

Other tracks by Zia:  Sunshine
Zia - Sunshine Beaten Bass Radio Remix     Electronic, Dance, House, Pop 11/05/2015
ZIA pronounced (Zyer) is an Australian born singer/ songwriter & producer, (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys) from the Sunshine Coast, QLD writing in various musical styles - dance, pop, funk, R&B.
‘Sunshine Beaten Bass Radio Remix’ - soulful uplifting vocals, hypnotic synth lines, sweeping melodies, and a driving infectious bass line.

Other tracks by Zia:  Sunshine Beaten Bass Extended Remix  -  Sunshine Beaten Bass Extended Remix Instrumental
Zia - Sunshine (Angerwolf Remix)     Electronic, Dance, House, RnB 28/10/2016
Zia pronounced (Zyer) is a passionate and inspired artist, songwriter and producer releasing tracks in the blended genres of dance, pop, club, rock, funk & RnB. (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys)
Sunshine Angerwolf Remix (Morocco) - electronic progressive house, with a dark electronic edge. Part of an 8 track remix package, Sunshine Remixes are created with Zia’s vocals of Sunshine (Original Mix).

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Other tracks by Zia:  Sunshine (SKUNXX Radio Edit)  -  Sunshine (KOLD Remix)
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange - Nikita     Electronic, Jazz, Funk, World 30/08/2017
This Melbourne five-piece with ties to 30/70, Sex on Toast, Analogue Attic, Billy Davis and Quantum Milkshake specialises in live jazz-funk, acid house, broken beat and Afro-Brazilian.
Organic live house music for fans of Harvey Sutherland, Max Graef, Henry Wu and Kaidi Tatham. Look out for an EP from the band soon.

Taken from the 33-track Stylin' 800 compilation by 3RRR's Ennio Styles. Free download at

Zeitgeber - Phase Response Curve     World, Acoustic, Electronic 27/02/2017
Zeitgeber explore psychedelic, ambient, world and electronic music. You’ll hear Balkan and African rhythms, reverb-soaked textures, and instrumentation as eclectic as ‘caisa’ handpan, clarinet, didgeridoo, ‘sansula’ thumb piano, and melodica
The handpan-lead first single from Zeitgeber's new album. Washes of reverb-soaked ambiance cycle move atop building percussion with a trance-like feel.

Other tracks by Zeitgeber:  Persistent Oscillations  -  Suprachiasmatic Nuclei (SCN)
Zefereli - Withdrawals     Pop, Downbeat, Electronic 06/07/2015
Zefereli is the solo project from The Carios lead singer, Ailstar Richardson. With a name inspired by past joys and his fathers story telling, Zefereli is enjoyment and dreamy soundscapes.
Surfer rock meets dream pop. Easy listening consistent beat matched with slower vocals and chiming guitar sounds.

Other tracks by Zefereli:  Once In A While  -  54321
zeat. - GHERKIN     Electronic, Rock, Pop 11/04/2019
experimental producer, solo artist from Perth WA
GHERKIN is a high-energy track that fuels from both a high-end guitar paired with a bass, with smashing drums and dramatic synths, makes for a decent jam when turned up to the max.

Zól Bálint - Domino     Electronic, Atmospheric, Ambience, Easy Listening 30/09/2016
Melbourne's improvisational production lord Zól Bálint is one to keep an eye fixated upon.The eclectic, local beat-smith has been turning heads with his uniquely crafted, ambient electronica
Domino starts with a blend of electronic and earthly sounds, simultaneously edging you to explore your psyche and cyberspace. Domino sets the tone by paying homage to eastern music with low-fi rhythms, touching on traditional Indonesian beats through waves of cool, calm and collected early electronic experimentation.

Zaped - Paradise feat. Georgia Potter     Electronic, Pop 13/06/2014
Zaped is the solo bedroom project of Brisbane based producer Jordan De Pas.
'Paradise' is another party starter by Zaped and displays his keen knack for pairing with the right collaborators. Georgia Potters vocals add an extra layer to an already solid electro-pop tune.

Zaped - 'Eyes Collide' feat. Groszek     Electronic 31/01/2015
The bedroom project of Brisbane producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is an exploration into what has been described as ‘future groove'. Underpinned by monster beats, melodic ambience and R'n'B influences.
Zaped's latest single 'Eyes Collide' feat. Groszek is coloured by huge walls of ambient sound, soulful vocals and an a strong focus on melody. The elusive producer cements his signature R'n'B influenced sound whilst still experimenting with elements such as vocal effects, futuristic sounding beats and song structure.

Zapéd - Still Need U     Electronic, Downbeat, Ambience, RnB 05/04/2019
Originally the bedroom project of Australian producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is an exploration in melody and rhythm.
The eerie RnB infused melodics on new single ‘Still Need U’ follow the inner dialogue of someone trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship and the constant back and forth between heart and head.

Zapéd - Push     Electronic, Pop 12/09/2017
Zapéd builds soundtracks to seasons. Evolving from the mind of Brisbane Producer Jordan De Pas, Zapéd is ambitious yet intimate storytelling anchored by a sonic honesty and atmospheric soul.
Zapéd's stunning new single, the first official release from him in two years sees the Brisbane producer hurtle into new sonic territory and debut his dreamy vocals on new single 'Push'. Zapéd delivers bubbling electronica smoothed at the edges by his signature style and one hell of a party starter.

Zana Rose - Miles & Miles     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 06/08/2012
"Every electronic twist and turn is as palpable as a heart beat, while Zana’s plaintive vocal leading the EP’s evocative narrative makes it a heart-stopping listen." T.A Ward
Jazz infused piano with heart felt vocals put up against heavy & laborious post dub step beats. This track reflects on hard times that have been and gone, and making your way through to a better place.

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Other tracks by Zana Rose:  Electricity  -  Say Nothing