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Electronic / Beats / Industrial


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James Peden - Human     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Christian, Pop 25/02/2020
Electronic Synth Pop artist brings you his latest track HUMAN.
As humans, we face some type of weakness in your bodies or mind. Even if we may struggle with fear, anxiety or what people may think of us. We can only accept we are human and do the best we can do.

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Micra - Chemical Freedom     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative 25/02/2020
Micra are the sonic experiment from Bulgarian born and raised singer/guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist/producer Robbie Cain who met at an Unknown Mortal Orchestra show.
‘Chemical Freedom’ is the new swirling and euphoric single from Sydney’s Micra. It marks the start of an exciting chapter for the rising dreampop duo and is a spellbinding example of their ability to turn a melting pot of influences into their own hallucinatory indie pop perfection.

Subliminal Playground - Hand Of God     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 25/02/2020
Electronic/Industrial band hailing from Australia that addresses and challenges the populist views held by the masses.
Hand Of God is a song that challenges the listener to question the motives of a God Like figure.It is a hard hitting electronic journey which will resonate with peoples unhappiness in the false idols held up by modern society.

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Warcries - Run for the Hills     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 25/02/2020
WARCRIES are a multi-instrumental electronic duo from Brisbane who are self confessed energy addicts.
“This song is a victory warcry for the kids who are fighting for change, and a celebration of our progress,” says Ryan. “It's also a reminder that there's still a battle to be won,” adds Wil.

Lone Soul Syndicate - Light My Way     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Dance 24/02/2020
Electro with teeth. Based in Adelaide South Australia. Influenced by anything from dance music to metal.
A dance track in an odd time signature, inspired by Eurovision.

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Other tracks by Lone Soul Syndicate:  Everything That Goes Around  -  Here Comes The Sun
Nite Fields - Not Your Time     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative, Rock 24/02/2020
Blending post-punk, shoegaze & electronic, Nite Fields have built an international following with their mysterious sound. They've toured Europe, Asia & America & been reviewed on Pitchfork & The Guardian.
Lead single 'Not Your Time' is the first single from the sophomore Nite Fields LP named 'A Voyeur Makes No Mark'. Written, recorded & produced while the band's songwriter was living in Moscow. The track's production was completed at the historic Mosfilm studios, whose output includes historic Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein films.

Anarchosophist - The Dull Hum of Downtown Pripyat     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Hip Hop 21/02/2020
Anarchosophist is the pseudonym of Brisbane based producer/composer Padraig Parkhurst. Drawing on everything from lofi to post-rock to funk, his music is always a dark and weird but funky ride.
Taking as its cue the nuclear dystopias imagined in the 50s and 80s, 'The Dull Hum...' mixes Soviet samples with the heavy saturation of reel to reel tape loops, to create the punchy soundtrack to a nuclear meltdown.

Think old school hip hop meets Stalinist orchestration.

Other tracks by Anarchosophist:  Silence  -  If I'd Known It Was Harmless...
BLOOODHOUND - Parasomnia404     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, Experimental, Psych 21/02/2020
22 year old producer who specialises in creating good dreams that turn feverish. The underbelly of happiness and the solace of dissociation are explored in equal part.
Parasomnia404 explores happiness and the emotions left in its subsequent absence. The first half of this song is bright and melodic, the second half is aggressive and jarring. The subject matter gradually shifts from talk of love, alcohol and partying to a confession of violence in a relationship, highlighting the ways in which people mask their trauma.

Other tracks by BLOOODHOUND:  Nervous  -  Life After Life
Mickey Kojak - Strange     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance 21/02/2020
Mickey Kojak is Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game playing producer/vocalist extraordinaire. 'Strange' is the next taste from Mickey, following recent singles ‘All That Acid’, ‘Get Out’ and ‘Video Games'.
Australia’s favourite acid-taking, video-game-playing son Mickey Kojak brings us his first release of the decade with “Strange” - an ode to good nights filled with bad choices and even worse repercussions. With its big funky bass line, wonky electronic percussion and melodic magic, “Strange” is an infectious track that begs to be played over and over.

SLUMBERJACK - Black & Blue     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 21/02/2020
After the huge success of their SARAWAK EP which saw them take their live show to full houses across Australia and US, now SLUMBERJACK release the Black & Blue EP.
'Black & Blue' features friends and collaborators Cory Enemy and Mothica and features on the EP of the same name.

Says SLUMBERJACK: “The Black & Blue EP is the first real ‘LA’ record we’ve released - every song came from a unique experience in the city.”

Capre - Snow Walk     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Hip Hop 20/02/2020
Emerging from lazy days in Brisbane spent experimenting with synths, guitars and kits, Capre have been split between New York and Brisbane following their successful debut EP "Cassette Mixte".
"Because of our short timeframes we had to smash out the three songs within a two day period at Kons studio whilst also hanging out for the first time in two years. The best vocal taken on day two after a nightout. Moral of the story, drinking the night before the takes can sometimes be good."

HYPERCONFIDENCE - Hooky     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Instrumental, Dance 20/02/2020
Sydney electronic music producer, with a few independent releases and a few techno/tech house tracks on Lincor Family label. Pretty random, but never boring.....
EDM/ Alternate/ Industrial dance track BPM 127 with progressive themes, so it moves along and changes pretty rapidly. Named Hooky because there are so many "hooks" . Also because I wrote it taking a day off work....

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Other tracks by HYPERCONFIDENCE:  3Am
Sault - Be Gentle (Single Edit)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Dance, Experimental 20/02/2020
Sault brings together the dark warmth of underground UK club music and post-human gender theory to create detailed linear works, that flicker between an open sparseness and dense maximalism.
Intricate other-worldly production propels the linear arrangement of the song, as minimal lyrics underpin a framework that glides from contemplative ambience, to moments of heavy maximalism. Be Gentle is about those first moments in a new relationship when vulnerabilities are bared. It is a song about placing trust in a lover to hold both you, and your thoughts with tenderness.

Simona Castricum - Supertouch (ft m8riarchy)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 20/02/2020
Simona Castricum is a musician, DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Over 20 years traversing queer club and live music landscapes, Simona has evolved into a unique electronic solo performers.
‘Supertouch' is the new single from Simona Castricum featuring m8riarchy. Co-written and co-produced by the pair (who combined on 2017s ‘Triumph’ EP) and mixed by James Cecil, ‘Supertouch' is a defining strut into deep 2020s electronic discotheque. Following 2019s ‘The Half Light’ and ‘Generations’ — ’Supertouch’ is the third precursor to Simona’s forthcoming 2020 album ‘Panic/Desire’.

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Green Buzzard - Country Life (Masquerader Version)     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 19/02/2020
Green Buzzard has teamed up with Sydney DJ and producer Ash Moses aka Tunnel Signs to release ‘Country Life (Masquerader Version)’ off his forthcoming remix EP Masquerader Versions.
Green Buzzard has teamed up with Tunnel Signs to create a sparkling and heady remix of the album track ‘Country Life’ from Green Buzzard’s 2019 debut album, Amidst The Clutter & Mess. Intertwining vocal samples and found sound with tweaked out 303s, endless feedback and rolling 090 snare fills, they have reached the perfect union between their two musical worlds

The Ironing Maidens - Party Like a House Wife     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 19/02/2020
Award-winning electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens are putting domestic labour, gender equality and the history of women in electronic music centre stage with their freshly pressed house beats.
It’s time to get the party started with award-winning Australian electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens, whose fresh-pressed single, ‘Party Like A Housewife’ is out today and bangin’ like an unbalanced washing machine!

Fresh pressed house beats meet old school electro trash with samples from 1950s ads, irons and all of your other favourite white goods.

Various Artists - Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Garage, Alternative, Instrumental 19/02/2020
Cosmic Coffin's first compilation album is now free to stream or CD-only purchase via the CC Bandcamp page. 16 Tracks = 65 mins of original alternative music by various artists.
Out There Where The Buses Don't Run by Jazz Ciggie.

Matti Harrod (Beanflipper) aka Jazz Ciggie launches a minimalist electro-garage piece that explores language’s limitation by using monosyllabic nonsense words to express emotion. The opening track Out There Where The Buses Don’t Run suits as an introduction to the entire album.

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Other tracks by Various Artists:  Free From Freedom by Frankie Death  -  Through Prisms Of Shadows by Thetamychos
Nama Saya - Falling With Style     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Instrumental 17/02/2020
Nama Saya is the solo output of Melbourne musician Chris Brooks.
A warm, dreamy song that combines bedroom electronica and dream pop.

Ande Foster - Rival With a Cause     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental, Easy Listening, Alternative 14/02/2020
A live electronic act from the rave days, Ande has been designing music and sound as Soundhive. Now he combines soundtrack skills with future bass beats for the album "Chill"
When someone's throwing smokescreens at you, how can you avoid being lost? They are good at covering up, but cant last forever. It's going to take frosty determination and skill to get through this. It's time to perform blind.

Other tracks by Ande Foster:  English 101  -  Dubday Afternoon
BRUX - Fruit     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/02/2020
A sonic feast that draws us deep into its wayward world of mystic energy and abrasive emotion, one cannot help but succumb to the sound and vision BRUX.
“‘Fruit’ is pleasure...The urge for us to sexually (and spiritually) connect with another being without necessarily seeking love,” explains BRUX

Other tracks by BRUX:  Hoarse  -  B.W.P. (B*tches Want Pictures)