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Electric Possum Records

Electric Possum Records

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Silent Feature - On Your Hands     Rock, Experimental, Grunge, Garage 30/08/2019
Experimental 4 piece from Brisbane.
Drawing influence from lo-fi artists the likes of Beck, Iggy Pop, or Tom Waits, On Your Hands similarly wouldn't be out of place on a Jim Jarmusch film soundtrack. Littered with industrial percussion, grinding guitars, and dirty vocals – it’s about as pleasant as a punch to the throat.

Tree & Ray - As It Is     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Experimental 21/09/2018
Local indie DIY lovable popsters, spreading happiness at the expense of their own.
'As It Is’ is an acoustic driven, upbeat electro single with an existential lyrical commentary on letting-go-of-control and finding peace. Which doesn’t mean inaction, just a different kind of action. From a place of surrender -experiencing life just 'as it is'

Leebone Phillips - Too Lucky     Folk, Alternative Country, Experimental, Garage 25/08/2018
Leebone Phillips is a Brisbane based songwriter whose sound is reminiscent of old time country-folk songsters - such as Michael Hurley - with a decent dose of lo-fi pop sensibility.
Too Lucky chews over ideologies of fate, religious-superstition and free will. Contrasting his previous single's - collectively referred to as "Songs For The Grey Cat" - TOO LUCKY puts a finger on the pulse of existentialism. Beating with retro-synth, electric guitars, and lyrical mortality, Leebone draws from indie-vanguards Dr Dog and M Ward, while preserving his signature lo-fi character.

Leebone Phillips - Before the Flood     Folk, Alternative Country, Garage, Acoustic 13/06/2018
Indie folk, lo-fi, tape, bedroom DIY, garage, alternative, experimental, indie-pop.
Before the Flood is a lo-fi autobiographical confession of a serial over-thinker.

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Silent Feature - Stiffs and the Saints     Rock, Pop, Garage, Folk 13/06/2018
Indie rock, Indie pop, Jangle, Australiana, Alternative rock, Shoe-gaze, Loveable local legends ;)
Stiffs and the Saint’s surf-side jangle delivers a comical social commentary on following your dreams and recognising how much better than everyone else you actually are. Drawing influence from indie-rock heroes Grandaddy, The Shins, and The Church, the song is a powerful blend of melodic Australiana mixed with lyrical sarcasm.

The Lampreys - Little Conversations     Folk, Garage, Experimental, Acoustic 13/06/2018
The Lampreys are a grunge folk band from the north of Brisbane. The goal is sincere song writing, influenced by groups like Nirvana, The Dirty Three, and early Pink Floyd
Little Conversations was born from a creative idea principle song writer Dan Lean had while trekking through Jordan.

Silent Feature - Genius     Rock, Pop, Folk 12/05/2018
Indie-rock, jangle, Americana dream-team from Brisbane.
A playful blend of Australiana jangle-rock served with satirical lyrical themes, GENIUS takes a shot at the 'influencer' generation, featuring strong instrumental and vocal hooks - all while boasting "yeh I used to be a Genius...but now I'm just an ordinary guy".