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Elbee - Roulette Smoke Roll

Elbee - Roulette Smoke Roll
Elbee's 'Visions of Vactrols' is a new way of sampling, it is a new way of processing, it is an old brain child rehydrated. Mother nature’s voice is twisted and warped to utter imperfection, and sits in situ with cleverly arranged digits as an illusion to our senses. Time runs, walks and crawls in all and no directions simultaneously. Visions of Vactrols is an expression of one.

About this track...

'Mute Hatch‘s insectoid sounds hauntingly buzz around chopped up mortal vocals'... 'As soon as everything seems to be run smoothly'... 'we encounter some sort of blue screen of death – the sound locks up, stuck on a digital repeat, looping and spiraling into a panicked abyss.' - Alex Gordon,2014 RECOMMENDED BY: FBi RADIO, SYDNEY

Other tracks by Elbee: Mute Hatch  -  The Indexilarm Dimension
Number Of People In Act Solo
State/Territory Artist Is Based In NSW
Taken From The Release Titled Visions of Vactrols
Copyright Holder's Name Lloyd Barrett
Media Servicing Date 2014-06-06
Main Genre Electronic
Genre 2 Experimental
Genre 3 Hip Hop
Contains explicit lyrics or themes that may offend some listeners No
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