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Eclipse Records

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Naberus - Hollow     Metal/Punk 01/06/2018
Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Naberus are a five-piece metal band heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal. Australia's Heavy Magazine called the band “Australia’s next big thing”.
Hollow came about when we had a plebiscite in Australia to legalize gay marriage. Many religious figures and followers showed themselves to be the most hypocritical and hateful people. This song is dedicated to them.

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Other tracks by Naberus:  My Favorite Memory
Lillye - Run     Rock, Metal 01/05/2018
Lillye is a powerful, female-fronted rock band based in Sydney, Australia. The band features Virginia Lillye on lead vocals, who held lead roles in Cats & Jesus Christ Superstar.
No matter what is happening in this crazy and deluded world, with the likes of media feeding us with paid and made up stories, take a chance and run with your own knowledge. Life is too short. Make a change.

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Other tracks by Lillye:  In the End
Coffin Carousel - The Crawler     Rock, Punk, Pop, Grunge 10/10/2017
Between Death & Dead is the second full-length album by Melbourne, Australia’s infamous horror-punk rockers Coffin Carousel. The album was recorded by Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Dokken, Hall & Oats).
The Crawler is about feeling lost and sad, contemplating making a hard choice and the anxiety and mental pain and innocent awakening that it develops, but hope starts creeping in at the end in due time. The journey is the crawl. Rising up. Waking up and owning it!

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Other tracks by Coffin Carousel:  Majestic
As Paradise Falls - Star Blind     Metal/Punk, Rock, Metal, Hardcore 28/03/2017
With a renewed drive for their music and the band as a whole, 2017 brings back a determined As Paradise Falls carrying an album full of their best work.
Star Blind is meant to explore the culture of celebrity in western society - in recent years, thanks to the advent of social media, the traditional model of what "famous" is or was has changed by epidemic proportions.

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Other tracks by As Paradise Falls:  Dead Message  -  The Ultimate Consumer