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Easy Listening


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Firefly soul - You Give Me More Remix     Easy Listening, Soul, Jazz, Pop 24/01/2020
This melbourne Songwriter, Artist/Producer Len Sharmans latest single Remix You Give Me More is an ambitious track with narrative lyrics ,sweeping strings, hypnotic guitar and captivating vocals.
This Melbourne Songwriter, Artist/Producer Len Sharmans latest single Remix You Give Me More is an ambitious track with narrative lyrics, sweeping strings, hypnotic guitar and captivating vocals. Co-written with R Pettinato

Tom Redwood - The Glue     Easy Listening, Psych 23/01/2020
Tom Redwood is a Melbourne based songwriter and performer. His latest album "The Glue" produced by Matt Walker is his 4th LP.
The Glue is a love song, expressing the feeling of a middle aged man, broken hearted in his youth, at last experiencing the joyful spark of true love.

Other tracks by Tom Redwood:  Get to Church on Time  -  The Sun Shines Down
Firefly Soul - Taking Time Out Remix     Easy Listening 17/01/2020
The music of Firefly Soul capture soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into easy listening fusion groove
Taking Time Out captures soulful feelings of rhythm and melody that conjure and churn into songs that blend into a splendid spiral forward melodic harmonies and rhythm that is easy captivating

Matt Cal - Changes     Easy Listening, Roots, Blues 23/12/2019
Matt Cal is just trying to be a great singer/songwriter. “It’s always about the song. Gutsy but intimate and honest I guess is how I like to play.”
A reflective ode to the comings and goings we endure in our days on earth, set within Cal’s recent personal experiences at a poignant time in his life.

The song is a storm building and releasing like the loss and beginnings of life.

‘Changes’ represents creation in the moment, embracing feeling over analysis. A free flowing live recording.

Travannan - Do You need to be loved     Easy Listening, Country, Christian, Indie 20/12/2019
Self employed plumber and gas fitter. I wrote the songs years ago but things did not go as planned and I have only just recorded them.
A song about life using piano , cello and violins and guitar and drums.

Catherine Meeson - Come Back     Easy Listening, Contemporary Classical, Experimental, Classical 17/12/2019
Catherine Meeson is a singer, songwriter, composer/ performance artist from Melbourne. A multi instrumentalist, who writes and produces her own work, ambient ethereal electro and electro folk rock.
'Come Back' is an an epic electro orchestral/ classical track and call from the albums central character Oma the ancient clan mother, to return to the great Oceans, source of all life upon the earth, a deeply moving hypnotic track that was released as a video only release on World Ocean Day June 8th 2019.

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Other tracks by Catherine Meeson:  The Call of Oma  -  Only Stories Remained
Chris Ling - Autumn     Easy Listening, Instrumental 17/12/2019
I do both vocal and instrumental music
Original music in B flat.

This song is happy and relaxing.

Chris Ling - Blue Sky     Easy Listening, Instrumental 17/12/2019
I do both vocal and instrumental music
Original uplifting aesthetic music in C major.

Blue sky makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy too.

Litters - Made Of Stars     Easy Listening, Indie, Roots, Folk 17/12/2019
Litters is a dancier Jack Johnson, expressing life lessons and emotion in a maze that can get you lost in a feeling or lost in its beauty.
Made of Stars is a combination of marimba, piano, acoustic guitar and deep vocals that lightly skip along the surface of this happy tune. A call to live in the moment is the focus of the verses, while the chorus brings about the beautiful romanticism of our cosmic relationship to the universe.

Stu Larsen - The Loudest Voice     Easy Listening 17/12/2019
The Queensland, Australia-born singer, songwriter, and narrator packed up his life in a suitcase and circled the globe on a near twelve-year and five-continent international trip.
A light-hearted song that very relaxing and yet still has the essence of an upbeat tempo. toe-tapping or laying in the sun relaxing to this great song.

Gilli Moon - Merry Christmas My Love     Easy Listening, Pop, Alternative, Indie 10/12/2019
gilli moon is an Australian indie artist and songwriter who has been living in Los Angeles, and has release 7 albums on her own record label.
This is a Christmas Song for anyone who loves a good holiday song and who believes in love. There are 2 versions provided - This is the ballad (piano/vocal). We hope you enjoy the emotion!

Other tracks by Gilli Moon:  Merry Christmas My Love (Remix)
Tay Oskee - Floating     Easy Listening, Folk, Pop 06/12/2019
Adding swaying, breezy rhythms to soaring melodies, Tay traverses a spectrum from chilled beach tunes to punchy folk, bolstered by his signature instrumentation.
Written during a period of adjustment between coastal life in Australia and the rapid pace of London, ‘Floating’ is a song about being in a place of stagnation with someone you love. It’s about having fun, going on that road trip together, dancing on that night out and living in the moment.

Stephen Eason - Christmas Tree     Easy Listening 03/12/2019
Stephen Eason is a Melbourne based musician. His music is a blend of blues, pop and rock. He finds the process of writing music spiritually rewarding.
Christmas Tree is the debut solo single from Stephen Eason. It was inspired by his fond recollections of the family putting up and decorating the Christmas tree every year.

Marguerite Montes - I know     Easy Listening, Folk, Alternative, Contemporary Classical 26/11/2019
Marguerite Montes is a multi-lingual-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter/producer. Versatile in genres, this enables her unique and distinctive sound to stand out. Follow Marguerite on facebook or on instagram @margueritemontesmusic
The track is piano and vocals with a beautiful over dubbed chorus. It is a song of gratitude.

Other tracks by Marguerite Montes:  God Of Stone  -  The One That Got Away
Aly Cook - Southern Christmas Stars     Easy Listening, Country, Folk 15/11/2019
Southern Christmas Stars is for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, with not a hint of snow or reindeer in sight. Written by Kay Bidstrup and performed by Aly Cook.
Christmas under the Southern Cross is a warm summer night, bbq, perhaps the beach but most of all its family, enjoying each others company. Written by Kay Bidstrup to celebrate the Christmas homecoming of her son.

Southern Christmas Stars is for those living in the Southern Hemisphere, with not a hint of snow or reindeer in sight

Monique Le Lievre - Song for Mary     Easy Listening, Folk, Soul, Roots 14/11/2019
Long time leading lady in popular cover bands, now branding out to original music. Monique's style varies from heart felt songs with Soul to light fun funky tunes!
Song for Mary has a chilled vibe with beautiful instrumentation telling a story with great depth.

Ben Kelly - Sonic Vision     Easy Listening, Experimental, Instrumental, Soul 08/11/2019
Based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Ben is an independent devotee, making music for the betterment of all kind. Music is the arranging of sounds into a harmonic sonic picture.
An Accidental recording featuring the voice of Professor Donald Hoffman discussing the nature of reality and how we experience it.

I was doing a line check in the studio and accidently recorded Prof Hoffman with my guitar. The two merged so well that I decided to make a track from it.

Used with Permission from Professor Donald Hoffman of UCLA.

Brandon Poletti - Too Long     Easy Listening, Pop, Folk, Rock 08/11/2019
On his sophomore EP 'Words From Within', Brandon Poletti takes listeners on a laid-back voyage through intricate musicianship, colourful wordplay and effortlessly smooth vocal delivery.
Backed by some of Perth's best musicians, singer-songwriter Brandon Poletti's new single 'Too Long' floats laid-back vocals with subtle instrumentation atop a gentle, breezy rhythm.

Other tracks by Brandon Poletti:  Find My Way Through
Hayley Vernon - The Girl in 14G     Easy Listening, Jazz, Contemporary Classical 08/11/2019
Hayley is a young Brisbane-based Vocalist and musician who sings many styles, including jazz, pop and classic hits, with sophistication and passion.
First released by Kristin Chenoweth in 2001 (the year Hayley was born) this song was written for Chenoweth and tells the story of her experience of first moving into an apartment in New York City, living with noisy neighbours.It features elements from famous operas, jazz scat and musical theatre, and is challenging to sing. Hayley's cover is absolutely delightful!

Feiloka - A Fine Night     Easy Listening, Pop, Indie 07/11/2019
Mellow acoustic pop. Feiloka is a Sydney based artist.
A lo-fi laid back pop song about self empowerment and self respect.

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