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EMI Music

EMI Music Australia is home to Australian artists such as Troye Sivan, Paul Kelly, Meg Mac, Tuka, The Presets, The Avalanches, Odette, Missy Higgins, Middle Kids, Birds of Tokyo, Alison Wonderland, Kian, Empire of the Sun, Nicole Millar, Miiesha, 5 Seconds of Summer, Keith Urban, Jay Laffer, Something For Kate, Diana Rouvas, Olympia, Kirin J. Callinan and many more.

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Something For Kate - Situation Room     Rock, Alternative, Easy Listening 03/04/2020
Something for Kate are a three piece band from Melbourne, Australia. The band are comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist, Paul Dempsey, bass player, Stephanie Ashworth & drummer, Clint Hyndman
Situation Room is a stirring ballad as only Something for Kate can do, full of unexpected turns, roiling guitars and dynamic shifts, punctuated by thoughtful and sharply-honed lyrics as the band push themselves into new musical territory.

Troye Sivan - Take Yourself Home     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/04/2020
Troye Sivan is a singer / songwriter from Perth. He creates unique pop music that is always pushing the genre's boundaries.
"Take Yourself Home’ is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. The song is kind of a pep talk with yourself and the place you’re from. Grappling with your place in the world."

Jae Laffer - I Can't Make Up Your Mind     Indie, Rock, Pop 27/03/2020
Jae Laffer is recognised as one of Australia’s finest singer songwriters. A member of Perth band The Panics, Jae has also released a solo album in 2013.
‘I Can’t Make Up Your Mind’ is produced by Alex Maxwell from The Delta Riggs who also plays drums on the track. Jae explains “'I Can't Make Up You're Mind’ is about men respecting the views and responses of women in relationships. It was recorded live so you feel like you are there in the room with the band"

The Avalanches - Running Red Lights feat. Rivers Cuomo & Pink Siifu     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 27/03/2020
The Avalanches are Melbourne duo Robbie Chater, Tony Di Blasi. They are known for their two studio albums Since I Left You (2000) and Wildflower (2016).
Feeling at once meditative and celebratory. Featuring the unmistakable voice of Weezer's Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo's in a single-minded mood, emotional “I’m a thundercloud, ready to burst like Schrödinger”. Set against The Avalanches’ ghostly dreamscape. Enter Pink Siifu, incantating the words of the late David Berman (from the Purple Mountains’ “Darkness And Cold”) and clairvoyance seems to hang in the ether.

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Miiesha - Twisting Words     R&B, Pop 28/02/2020
"I make modern RnB/soul music designed to heal and educate myself and others." - Miiesha
'Twisting Words' is a the third single release from Miiesha (pronounced My-Esh-Ah). Miiesha's amazing soul vocal shines through this positive pop jam.

‘Twisting Words’ is a precursor to Miiesha’s forthcoming collection of songs, ‘Nyaaringu’, translating to "What Happened?' in Pitjantjatjara, released on May 29.

The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You (feat. Blood Orange)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Soul 25/02/2020
The Avalanches are Melbourne duo Robbie Chater, Tony Di Blasi. They are known for their two studio albums Since I Left You (2000) and Wildflower (2016).
Beautiful, dreamy, gentle, otherworldly, utopian, whimsical, abstracted astral, calming, chimerical, excellent, fantastic, imaginary, marvelous, mythical, out of this world, phantasmagoric, relaxing, soothing, unreal, visionary. Samples The Roches 'Hammond Song' and Smokey Robinson 'Ill Take You Any Way You Come'. Features Blood Orange on vocals

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Odette - Feverbreak (feat. Hermitude)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/02/2020
Odette is a singer / songwriter from Sydney. Composing mainly on piano, Odette's songs are emotive and personal. Her debut album 'To A Stranger' was released in 2018.
Odette explains, “For me, writing this song was a relief. I could finally allow myself to feel the anger I was locking away in my heart. This song is about rage. To have been able to explore this with Hermitude was a privilege. They created this chaotic, electronic world that I was free to scream in.”

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Paul Kelly - Sleep, Australia, Sleep     Folk 05/02/2020
Paul Kelly is a singer songwriter born in Adelaide and now based in Melbourne. His songs reflect the culture and landscape of Australia.
Paul Kelly said, “Sleep, Australia, Sleep is a lament in the form of a lullaby. Paradoxically, it can also be heard as a wake up call - a critique of the widespread attitude amongst humans that we are the most important life form on the planet. I believe we’ve reached a tipping point now where this attitude is doing terrible harm to all life on earth. I hope the song doesn’t come true but some of it already has.”

Birds of Tokyo - Two of Us     Pop, Rock 04/02/2020
Birds of Tokyo are a 5 piece rock band hailing from Perth.
“‘Two Of Us’ a homage to love. The one you love. I thought I had lost love and would never find it again, never thought I’d be ready again. I spent a couple of years rebuilding my head, heart and soul, then an old friend came back into my life and we both found love again, there and then." Kenny

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Diana Rouvas - Can We Make Heaven     Pop, Soul 04/02/2020
Diana Rouvas is a powerhouse singer from Sydney. Diana is also a songwriter and penned her first single after winning The Voice in 2019.
Diana said, “‘Can We Make Heaven’ was inspired by the personal lessons we learn in life and how I feel we can choose to be empowered, choose to grow, create, manifest and be the light in the darkness."

Missy Higgins - Carry You     Pop, Folk 04/02/2020
Missy Higgins is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne.
'Carry You' is a song written by Tim Minchin and featured in his TV series 'Upright'. He invited Missy to sing the song which she was only happy to do. Tim Minchin says, “I’ve adored Missy’s voice for so long. The fact that she agreed to sing this song, which means so much to me, is an incredible thrill.“

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Golden Features, The Presets - Raka     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 06/12/2019
Two of Australia’s most loved electronic outfits, party starters and dance music royalty The Presets, and the club clobbering Golden Features, their powers for the good of dance floors everywhere.
Taken from their recently released four-track EP of tunnelling, brutalist electro-house, 'Raka' is a snarling lights-down thumper with vocalist Julian Hamilton barking out a question, a challenge, or maybe both “I wanna know who’s feeling foolish”.

Nicole Millar - Favours     Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 05/12/2019
Nicole Millar is a soulful, smoky-voiced singer/songwriter known for her electronic pop sound. Millar first came to the public's attention as the voice of Peking Duk's 2014 smash single "High."
‘Favours’ is the much-anticipated follow up to Nicole Millar’s 2018 debut album ‘Excuse Me’

Both cheeky yet deeply personal, the song addresses a darker period of Millar’s life where she encountered both loss and heartbreak. 

‘Favours’ will be the first of a series of new material from Nicole Millar; it’s grittier, more candid and empowered than ever.

Jae Laffer - Hotel Motel     Alternative, Rock, Blues 03/12/2019
Jae Laffer is recognised as one of Australia’s finest songwriters; with The Panics he picked up triple j’s album of the year and an ARIA Award for ‘Cruel Guards’.
Hotel Motel sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s a song essentially about the beauty of getting lost and the poetry of life on the fringes.

The single paints an evocative picture of isolation and loneliness.

Paul Kelly & Kasey Chambers - When We're Both Old & Mad     Rock, Blues 15/11/2019
If you want to know something about Australia, how it feels to be Australian, you can find it in Paul Kelly's music.
The only new track from Paul Kellys Song's From The South 1985-2019, "When We're Both Old & Mad" unites Paul Kelly and Kasey Chambers on vocals for what's sure to be a feel good classic.

TUKA - Trailer Trash     Hip Hop, Alternative 08/11/2019
Modern day poet & Thundamentals head scribe TUKA has returned to the hip hop scene with his third track of the year, 'Trailer Trash'.
Trailer Trash is a beat-heavy track, propelled by the blink-and-you’ll-miss ‘em bars. Lyrically, it’s an anthem to forging your own lane, repping yourself, and staying on your path, something the man has been doing for the best part of a decade.

Alison Wonderland, QUIX - TIME (SLUMBERJACK Remix)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Fresh off being added to the inaugural Festival X lineup and with two sold out Red Rocks under her belt, acclaimed producer Alison Wonderland continues to conquer the dance world.
Alison Wonderland's latest single called "TIME", a collaboration with New Zealand producer, QUIX has been remixed by Australian electronic duo SLUMBERJACK.

"TIME" is a heavy-hitting club track that infuses and showcases the talents of each artist. QUIX's futuristic bass-infused drops help to drive Wonderland's vocal intensity throughout the track, while SLUMBERJACK's send's "TIME" catapulting into a realm of dance-fuelled euphoria.

Szymon - Yakuza     Pop, Alternative 24/10/2019
Szymon Borzestowski's evocative blend of folk, pop, and electronica occupied that ephemeral sweet spot between inclusive and otherworldly. A multi-instrumentalist from Newcastle, Szymon lived and breathed music.
'Yakuza’ was written in the last months of Szymon’s life and shows a new side to his music that was emerging: one with heavier grooves, a more electronic emphasis and an upfront clarity to the vocals. 'Yakuza' has a delicate complexity that combines perfectly with Szymon's honeyed falsetto.

Golden Features, The Presets - Paradise     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 11/10/2019
Two of Australia’s most loved electronic outfits, party starters and dance music royalty The Presets, and the club clobbering Golden Features, their powers for the good of dance floors everywhere.
Paradise is a blissed-out masterclass of vocal dance music, voiced by one of the most loved and recognised voices in Australian electronic music, and toughened up by Tom Snell’s bloated, gummy basslines and elephantine kicks. A lyrical ambiguity underlies the track, but it might just be a love letter to the transformative power of club culture.

Kito & Empress Of - Wild Girl     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/09/2019
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. Joining forces with Empress Of, Kito is poised to reach new heights.
Wild Girl is set to take on the dance scene with it's effortless layering of club heavy beats and the ethereal vocals of Kito and Empress Of.