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Golden Features, The Presets - Paradise     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 11/10/2019
Two of Australia’s most loved electronic outfits, party starters and dance music royalty The Presets, and the club clobbering Golden Features, their powers for the good of dance floors everywhere.
Paradise is a blissed-out masterclass of vocal dance music, voiced by one of the most loved and recognised voices in Australian electronic music, and toughened up by Tom Snell’s bloated, gummy basslines and elephantine kicks. A lyrical ambiguity underlies the track, but it might just be a love letter to the transformative power of club culture.

Kito & Empress Of - Wild Girl     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/09/2019
Kito is a producer from Denmark, WA. In 2011, her career began when Diplo discovered her demos. Joining forces with Empress Of, Kito is poised to reach new heights.
Wild Girl is set to take on the dance scene with it's effortless layering of club heavy beats and the ethereal vocals of Kito and Empress Of.

Middle Kids - Beliefs & Prayers     Indie, Rock, Alternative 27/09/2019
Following up from the release of their mini-album 'New Songs For Old Problems', Middle Kids are back with their new single "Beliefs & Prayers"
'Beliefs & Prayers' is a fanfare about people pretending to be nice when actually they are not. It’s rambunctious and intense and if it were a cheese it would be Roquefort.

Olympia - Easy Pleasure     Pop, Rock 27/09/2019
Olympia is Melbourne based artist Olivia Bartley. After releasing her spectacular sophomore album 'Flamingo' earlier this year, Olympia has gone on to dazzle audiences across the UK and Europe.
"Easy Pleasure" is about the idea of giving in to easy things, the path of least resistance. Be it the saccharine, addiction or bad company – it’s happy hour at the Holiday Inn and the drinks are coming through and you’re saying yes

Szymon - Blue Coloured Mountain     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 12/09/2019
Music was Szymon Borzestowski's life. He lived it & breathed it. The Newcastle artist would happily lose himself in his bedroom studio for days. Playfully honing his humble hypnotic art-pop.
‘Blue Coloured Mountain’ was written in the last months of Szymon’s life, showing a new side to his music that was emerging: one with heavier grooves, a more electronic emphasis and an upfront clarity to the vocals. Taken in the context of Szymon’s wider body of work, these tracks feel like a picture coming closer into focus.

TUKA - Selling Me Out     Hip Hop 12/09/2019
Following a four year solo hiatus, TUKA has dropped not one but two new tracks across the last week. Tuka’s first official single ‘Selling Me Out’
After a four year hiatus, TUKA has returned with 'Selling Me Out, one of catchiest songs of the year. 'Selling Me Out' explores the intricacies of navigating a relationship in a post-break up setting.

TUKA - F*ck You Pay Me     Hip Hop 28/08/2019
Modern day poet & Thundamentals head scribe TUKA has returned to the hip hop scene with a display of untouchable versatility on his new track 'F*ck You Pay Me'.
F*ck You Pay Me is a playful song about TUKA's relationship to money as an artist in the rap/ hip hop industry. . He wanted to channel the aggression/desperation that he see's money bring out in our society. TUKA wanted to write an anthem to empower the people who feel trapped by not having money.

Birds of Tokyo - The Greatest Mistakes     Rock 21/08/2019
Formed in Perth back in 2004 Birds Of Tokyo have grown from independent roots to become one of Australia’s most popular contemporary rock bands.
‘It’s actually inspired by the same personal experience as the last single’, explains frontman Ian Kenny, ‘but it’s got the perspective of thankfully being a bit further down the road. F**k it. Shake it off. Time to move on!’

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The Presets - 14U + 14ME (What So Not + SLUMBERJACK Reset)     Electronic, Dance 16/08/2019
The Presets are Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. The duo met while pursuing musical studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
This collaborative rework of the dancefloor anthem is concocted by The Presets, What So Not and Slumberjack.

The track begins with a battered synthesizer blooming to life, Sweeping strings and a fizzing slow build finally gives way to a tough as nails bass drop, old school rave stabs coupled with an elephantine kick drum, and evil de-tuned horns.

Alison Wonderland - TIME ft. QUIX     Electronic, Dance 09/08/2019
On the back of the huge Festival X headline announcement, Alison Wonderland releases her latest single 'TIME', with New Zealand producer QUIX.
The release of "TIME" coincides with the first of two SOLD OUT Red Rocks Colorado shows for Alison Wonderland and is destined to take the club scene by storm.

Sam Bluer - Naughty     Pop, Dance 19/07/2019
Sam Bluer is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter reintroducing pure, playful, performative pop and establishing himself as one of Australia's most exciting music prospects in the process
'Naughty' is a deliciously concocted dancefloor-ready arrangement stomps its way through taboo subject matter such as infidelity and self-sabotage and positions Bluer as an artist who makes universal pop.

Olympia - Come Back     Rock, Pop 05/07/2019
Olympia is Melbourne based artist Olivia Bartley. Fresh from stunning audiences at sold out shows across Australia, the UK, and Europe, Olympia has just released her sophomore album 'Flamingo'.
What could at first be misconstrued as a perfect summer jam, ‘Come Back’ has some of Olympia’s most evocative lyrics detailing of a desperately personal search around an impersonal city.

Meg Mac - Hope     Pop 13/06/2019
MEG MAC's debut album 'Low Blows' debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts whilst her sophomore single 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' has over 10 million Spotify streams.
The new mini-album, HOPE, is a product of these times and her place in them. It’s a powerful set of thoughtful and at times deeply personal missives evoking complex emotions of universality; evident in recent singles ‘Give me my name back’, ‘Something tells me’ and ‘I’m not coming back’.

Kate Miller-Heidke - Ernie     Pop 16/05/2019
Kate Miller-Heidke is an award-winning singer-songwriter who traverses the worlds of contemporary pop, folk and opera.
Having a kid for the first time is an incredible rush of emotions. There’s elation, despair, gratitude, guilt, sorrow, hilarity and love. We wrote about that onslaught of often contradictory feelings. One minute you're on the verge of collapse, and the next you'll be weeping tears of joy. It’s a love so intense that it can be scary - Kate

KIAN - Telephone     Hip Hop, RnB, Pop 16/05/2019
KIAN found his way into the hearts of the Australian public through winning the 2018 Triple J Unearthed High competition.
"I think that in my adolescence I have experienced things, both good and bad. So I just want to express that for myself and get those emotions out. But also let other people relate and feel like they’re not alone.” - KIAN

Olympia - Hounds     Rock, Pop 10/05/2019
Fresh from stunning audiences at sold out shows across Australia, the UK, and Europe, Olympia has announced sophomore album 'Flamingo' expected on July 5, alongside new track 'Hounds' out now.
‘Hounds’ is a shimmering, kaleidoscopic requiem about calling someone out on their bullshit, or rather, what it means to be human; to feel and to evolve.

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Robert Forster - Remain     Rock 24/04/2019
Robert Forster is an Australian singer-songwriter, best known for his work with songwriting partner Grant McLennan, with whom he co-founded The Go-Betweens.
'Remain' is taken from Robert Forster's recent album 'Inferno'

'Inferno' showcases all we know and love about Robert Forster. Relentless, playful piano stabs, deliciously gritty guitar tones and an unmistakable vocal.

Meg Mac - I’m Not Coming Back     Pop 12/04/2019
MEG MAC's debut album 'Low Blows' debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts whilst her sophomore single 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' has over 10 million Spotify streams.
Offering an insight into the song Meg says, “Everyone has a person in their life that’s only around when they need something. You only hear from them when they need you; they only call you when they’re down. So you pick them up and try to take a little pain away. But when you need them, they’re never around”.

Alison Wonderland - Peace     Electronic, Dance 11/04/2019
Alison Wonderland claims the spotlight once more with new single and video, ‘Peace’.
Alison Wonderland's 'Peace' coincides with a fashion collaboration with Forever 21 & Pepsi.

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The Presets - Tools Down     Pop, Dance 20/03/2019
The Presets are Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. The duo met while pursuing musical studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
A clear fan favorite from their recent album HI VIZ, Tools Down see’s The Presets in dancefloor-destroying mode, laying down a masterclass in goliath kick drums, and ominous instructive pitched vocals. A highlight of their live shows, Tools Down comes off like the perfect soundtrack to heady night with your closest friends or a spin class on Mars.