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Dusky Tracks

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Sagamore - Man Who Loves You     R&B, Soul, Rock, Roots 27/09/2019
From heartfelt soul to afro funk grooves - Sagamore's eclectic sound is banded together by timeless songwriting and thoughtful arrangements; a product of the group's long friendship and musical understanding.
‘Man Who Loves You’ finds Sagamoer joyfully laying down an up tempo groove set to a conga drum rhythm, featuring ethio-funk styled organ and call and response backing vocals. The accompanying film clip, shot by Declan Sands, showcases the band’s natural musicality and easy-going rapport, as they re-create the recording at their regular rehearsal space in Fairfield, Melbourne.

Terrible Signal - Man If You Saw Me On The Street Today     Rock, Pop, Punk, Garage 15/03/2019
Terrible Signal is the solo project of Vincent Buchanan-Simpson (Hideous Sun Demon). Their debut was recorded in various bedrooms across Fremantle. It takes strong influence from the Dunedin Sound.
"Man" is classic sounding power pop song in the vein of bands like The Only Ones, The dB’s and Shoes. I really got into Game Theory when I was writing this song. I tried to write the longest continuing vocal melody I could whilst still making it sound like a cohesive pop “hook”. It was fun to write.

Stephen Bailey - Fairytale     Rock, Soul, Atmospheric, Chill 13/02/2019
Stephen Bailey is the single from Perth based psych lords Mt. Mountain. His solo work is a sprawling mix of psych pop, indie and slowcore.
In the sparpse, atmospheric style of down-tempo rock that Stephen has become known for - a mood that is intrinsic to the subject - Fairytale touches on the delicate issues of mental health and drug addiction. As life's cornerstones shift, comfort in home is unachievable and fairytale visions become distant.

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Stephen Bailey - Hyde     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Garage 25/01/2019
Stephen Bailey is the frontman from Perth based psych lords Mt. Mountain. His solo work is a sprawling mix of psych pop, indie and slowcore.
Hyde heralds a new stylistic direction for the Mt. Mountain frontman - it’s sonically expansive and lush with Stephen’s voice up close, personal and nicely saturated. Layered intertwining synths flutter along with chugging bass and drums just behind the beat. Bailey’s falsetto is wistful, barely there yet immediate.

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Mallee Songs - Drinking The Sea     Folk, Country, Rock, Psychedelic 08/08/2018
Touching on psych-folk and pop solemn and joyous, Mallee Songs recall more in spirit than sound, Palace Music, the freewheeling of American Water, and the damaged Americana of Jackie-O Motherfucker.
Drinking The Sea paints a picture with a rich mix of instruments - hushed acoustic, fiery electric, organs, and various percussive touches added for colour. Vocals are carefully balanced against this, unusually tender and restrained. Often letting the last word of each line fall into hesitancy or a whisper. A rare demand of intimacy on a record besotted with quietude.

Pascal Babare - Ugly Town     Folk, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 08/06/2018
Pascal was born in Australia on the very same day and year as Drake. He spent his early childhood living between Melbourne, Sydney, and Lake County (California).
“Ugly Town” unfolds slowly and curiously, where acoustic and processed textures run together like water through a mill. Though on first listens it sounds like a folk song, structurally it’s more like a condensed NEU! jam, with its pulsing bass anchoring cycles of guitars and sparkling percussion.

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Pascal Babare - Native Birds     Folk, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 16/03/2018
Babare spent his childhood living between the suburban sprawl of Melbourne and Sydney and an ashramin Lake County, California.
‘Native Birds’ is short and poppy, like Babare’s earlier work, but sonically lush, with horns, synth and electronic miscellanea weaving together to create a melodic lead worthy of Brian Wilson or Jim O’Rourke. Lyrically, every line folds gently into the next, in an approach figurative, melancholic, generous and wry.

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Terrible Signal - Sunny Side Of Town     Rock, Pop, Folk, Easy Listening 08/11/2017
Terrible Signal serve up thick slabs of sunny, jangly Australian pop from the shores of Fremantle.
Sunny Side Of Town is Terrible Signal's summer pop hit. Jangly rhythm section, big hooks and a mid-tempo driving 4/4 beat recall the classic Australiana rock of yesteryear.

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