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Dough Related

Dough Related was founded with the idea of bringing out the very best in hip-hop culture, and sharing it with the world. With our main focus to produce great music, we also recognise the potential of all facets of the genre. We intend to work with this concept to collaborate with creatives in all aspects of the hip-hop realm to, motivate, inspire and look after each other.

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Dough Related

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REGI FLIH - Strip     R&B, Soul, Alternative, Hip Hop 31/10/2019
REGI FLIH as been described as a perfect mix of flawless vocals with trap, r&b and soul. His first two singles have hit 100k streams each on Spotify.
The track portrays a seductive relationship between a male and female, from the viewpoint of a male protagonist. Through the journey he continues to describes that, in this particular relationship, whatever the male needs the female companion is willing to comply.

REGI FLIH - Feeling Some Way     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 19/07/2019
REGI FLIH is an Australian singer, songwriter and producer described as a perfect mix of flawless vocals with trap, r&b and soul.
FSW is more of a ballad detailing the break up of a guy and a girl, but from the perspective of the instigator however written through the mind of the heartbroken. As I wrote the piece I wanted to break the barriers of a typical song structure, keep it open and flow like a conversation, rather than a song.

Tyler Rivers - Praying     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 04/07/2019
The self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, reflects the contagious factors of pop with the sounds of nu wave R&B.
‘Praying’ is a journey through the struggles of dealing with the lonely feelings you have when you are dating somebody who is always so busy working towards their success, but you are struggling to express the way you feel to that partner.

REGI FLIH - Something For Me (Clean Version)     Funk/Soul, RnB, Hip Hop 27/06/2019
This is the year of REGI FLIH, his debut single “Something For Me” being featured on Spotify’s R&B Feels playlist, and garnering more than 30k streams in its first month.
Something for Me is a story of seduction from the beginning to the end. There are 3 stages to the story. The first two are from my point of view, starting with mental seduction and leading to physical. The last part is flipping it to the female part, and asks what are you going to do for me?

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Other tracks by REGI FLIH:  Something For Me (Explicit Version)
LC Mckenzie - Pndr     Hip Hop, Rap 17/11/2017
A cross between J. Cole, Tupac Shakur, Kendrick Lamar and Notorious B.I.G., the Zimbabwe-born rapper knows firsthand about taking over the helm of life.
Pndr describe the rise of LC, through friendships gained and lost.

B-Nasty - No Time     Hip Hop, RnB 27/07/2017
Making a grand impression on the Triple J unearthed charts with his latest release, No Time, B-Nasty has made a impressive impact on the music scene with his debut album.
Following the success of his debut album The End of the Beginning, rapper B-Nasty has released his latest single from the album, "No Time" which features Sirpit and Last Trace.

Denairo - Do Som'tin     Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Hip Hop 27/07/2017
Originally hailing from the USA, Denairo is now tearing up the hiphop scene in Perth. Bringing lyrical fire from his background in freestyle, he delivers a strong and conscious message.
Dough Related Productions rapper Denairo drops his second single "Do Som'tin". The track is an absolute Southside banger and is now available on all major online platforms!

LC Mckenzie - Night After Night     Hip Hop, Rap 27/07/2017
He has lived in 4 different cities since being born in Zimbabwe, which means LC Mckenzie brings influence from across the globe into his music.
After signing to Dough Related Productions, rapper LC Mckenzie has been putting a lot of work in the lab gearing up to release his debut album. His first single "Night After Night" is a small taste of the upcoming untitled album coming later in the year.

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Belle - Don't Go There     Electronic, Hip Hop 26/07/2017
Belle is not only a show stopping model, but also a rapper, producer and dancer. She has her own style and is currently making waves in the independent music scene.
Belle is back with another single from her upcoming album. This track is called "Don't Go There" and showcases her skills as a producer, singer and songwriter.

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Esha - The Flow     Hip Hop, Soul, Electronic 26/07/2017
Esha has a powerful voice and and even bigger message to say. Bringing a unique flavour to the R&B/Soul space her lyrics bring relevance and passion into the music scene.
Dough Related Productions female artist Esha has just released another single "The Flow" from her upcoming album. This marks the third single for the singer/songwriter under the label.