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Double Drummer Music

Double Drummer Music

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Dust of Us - Hunt In Packs     Indie, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Folk 13/12/2019
“[4 stars] Warmth that can’t be faked. Gorgeous.” - Declan Byrne, triple j. For fans of Sufjan Stevens, Asgeir, Bibio & self-titled era Bon Iver.
Co-produced and mixed by Matthew Neighbour (Matt Corby, Courtney Barnett, The Avalanches), ‘Hunt in Packs’ is the evocative third single from brothers and multi-instrumentalists Edward and Lloyd Prescott.

A change of pace from the moodiness of their first two tracks, ‘Hunt in Packs’ is inviting, intricate and uplifting.

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - No Surprise     Experimental, Pop, Rock 10/10/2019
Melbourne Chameleons Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are indie rock experimentalists, who specialise in making music that is infectious, uplifting and original.
Described by The Music as a "tender disco jam", ‘No Surprise’ is a pop number that shows off Cousin Tony's exquisite experimental nature.

Robbie Miller, Greta Stanley - The Come Down     Folk, Pop 09/10/2019
Robbie Miller is an artist from Brisbane who first started writing and recording music out of his bedroom, before catching the attention of music press, radio and listeners alike.
"It's about the emotions you feel during and after an argument with a lover/partner. That mixture of anxiety, fear, anticipation, sadness, surprise, anger. [...] When the argument is long gone, how your infatuation for that person lingers and the very thought of them excites you. When those emotions turn, your head cools and calm returns. That's The Come Down."-Robbie Miller

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Joy     Rock, Contemporary Classical, Experimental, Alternative 20/09/2019
Melbourne Chameleons Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird are indie rock experimentalists, who specialise in making music that is infectious, uplifting and original.
Perhaps the most moving song on the record is its centrepiece ‘Joy’, a stunning piano ballad reminiscent of some of the best songs by Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. Rose says he may be more proud of this song than any he has released to date.

Dominic Breen - Dream Thing     Alternative, Indie, Rock, Folk 18/09/2019
As a compulsive songwriter and emotive lyricist, Sydney artist Dominic Breen has won hearts with his unique and memorable artistry.
[4 stars] "Dominic Breen taking full flight on this track. The whole thing is light and upbeat allowing Dom licence to pull a bit of focus with this rare, unhinged presence out front." - Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

Greta Stanley - Pour     Folk, Electronic, Pop 16/08/2019
Rising artistic figure of Far North Queensland, Greta Stanley, is known best for her honest, vulnerable songwriting and her ability to emotionally connect to an audience through stripped-back indie-pop.
"Pour is about wearing your heart on your sleeve, knowing your worth, and when to not spend your energy on someone who takes advantage of it. [It's] about wanting to do something or longing for someone, but not allowing yourself to be walked over and made to feel small when they continue to hurt you." - Greta Stanley

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Dominic Breen - Ashfield     Folk, Rock, Blues 13/08/2019
“Breen possesses the understated ability to translate life in a poignantly endearing way. Captivating." – Dani Hansen, Happy Mag
Told from the perspective of someone trying to salvage a relationship that they know is beyond repair, the song’s title serves as a double entendre for both the Sydney suburb and "a field of ash”. When asked for his own take on the track, Breen simply called it “a song I chose to record."

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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Best Face to London     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Experimental 23/07/2019
Rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most exciting, diverse and hard-working young bands, this Melbourne based five piece are making waves within the Australian music scene, and further abroad.
Frontman Lachlan Rose says; “In the building world, “Best Face to London” means to present the best materials at the front of a house, concealing the less attractive materials. The song is a celebration of the human, emotional tendency to do the same – a reassuring nod to all the brave faces stepping out into the world every day.”

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Greta Stanley - Follow Suit     Folk, Rock, Electronic, Pop 19/06/2019
Produced by Mark Myers from The Middle East, 'Follow Suit' is the latest stunner from acclaimed Cairns singer/songwriter Greta Stanley. It will feature on her upcoming EP (due July 26).

Supporting Emma Louise:


Dust of Us - 7 Years     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 28/05/2019
"[4 stars] Never not a fan of you two. Impressive, immersive stuff." - Max Quinn, triple j Sydney brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott are Dust of Us.
Featuring a guest vocal from Sydney-born, now London-based singer/songwriter Jess Chalker of We Are The Brave, '7 Years' is the second taste of the upcoming debut EP from this new Sydney duo.

Co-produced and mixed by Matt Neighbour (Matt Corby, The Avalanches, Sky Ferreira), it has already been picked for Apple Music's 'Best of the Week' and Spotify's 'Broad Chords'.

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Hot Pink     Rock, Psychedelic, Dance, Pop 16/04/2019
This is the second taste of the forthcoming sophomore album from Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - one of Melbourne's most popular, diverse and acclaimed live bands.
Produced/mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Courtney Barnett, Matt Corby), this is a joyful and danceable explosion of a track that might be the band's most immediate single yet.

“Imaginative, handcrafted indie masterpieces” – Subba Cultcha

“An act set to blow up.” – The Music

“One of the hottest exports out of Melbourne in recent years" – The Fountain

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Dust of Us - The Swans     Electronic, Rock, Folk, Pop 11/04/2019
Co-produced/mixed by Matt Neighbour (The Avalanches, Matt Corby, Sky Ferreira), 'The Swans' is the evocative debut single from Dust of Us - aka Sydney brothers Edward and Lloyd Prescott.
“[4 stars] I can’t stop listening to it.” - Claire Mooney, triple j
“[4 stars] Beautiful.” - Zan Rowe, Double J
“[4 stars] One to sink into.” - Declan Byrne, triple J
“[4 stars] You beauties.” - Max Quinn, triple J
“A brilliant start for this brotherly duo… warms every crevice with its comforting glow.” - Mick Rad, 2SER/Lunchbox

Francesca Gonzales - Dumb Boy     Pop, RnB, Soul, Electronic 25/03/2019
Armed with her signature keytar, 25 year old Melbourne powerhouse Francesca Gonzales has been captivating audiences with her powerful vocals, deep disco grooves and soul-pop prowess.
Teaming up with man-of-the-moment producer Dave Hammer (Thundamentals, Ro, Jeffe, Lime Cordiale), this is the first taste of Gonzales' debut album.

A rumination on 21st century dating and meeting rejection with confidence, it's a bold expansion of the aesthetic Francesca explored on her two EPs. It pushes her genre-blending sound forward with tight grooves, infectious melodies and progressive production.

Greta Stanley - Kick     Folk, Rock, Pop, Electronic 21/03/2019
Far North Queensland singer/songwriter Greta Stanley was the 6th most played artist on Unearthed radio last year and the recipient of the 2018 Billy Thorpe Scholarship at QLD Music Awards.
New single “Kick” was born out of a huge emotional breakdown, which came out of the blue and left Greta crying for days. She wrote “Kick” to share her experience and tell herself and others that you will get back on your feet.

It's received 4.5 star reviews from triple J's Declan Byrne, Bridget Hustwaite and Claire Mooney.

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Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Love is Heartbreak     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental 14/02/2019
Landing less than a year after their debut album ‘Electric Brown’, ‘Love is Heartbreak’ is the first track from the forthcoming sophomore LP ‘New Romancer’ by these magnificent Melbourne shapeshifters.
“The sooner you hop on this ride, the better.” - Beat

“An act set to blow up.” - The Music

“One of our favourite sets from BIGSOUND." - The Industry Observer

Fresco Kyoto - Imposter     Rock, Pop, Soundscapes 14/02/2019
“[4 stars] Mmm, yes please to that voice.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed “Soothing, picturesque indie” – AAA Backstage
Cinematic young Brisbane 5 piece for fans of Mansionair, Bon Iver and London Grammar.

Dominic Breen - Love Is Everywhere We Go     Folk, Rock, Pop 17/12/2018
Produced and mixed by Tim Fitz from Middle Kids, ‘Love is Everywhere We Go’ is the most immediate, disarming and heart-warming track yet from burgeoning Sydney songwriter Dominic Breen.
"✭✭✭✭ Full of emotion and richness and as usual Dominic's voice is so memorable." – Declan Byrne, triple j

"✭✭✭✭1/2 Beautiful. Seems like an old classic and I've only just heard it" – Liam Stapleton, triple j

"Dominic Breen has once again authenticated his distinct artistry, absolutely flourishing with a full band in tow" – Emma Johnstone, 4ZZZ

Fresco Kyoto - All of the People     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Soundscapes 17/12/2018
Cinematic young Brisbane 5 piece for fans of Mansionair, Bon Iver and London Grammar.
“[4 stars] Mmm, yes please to that voice.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed

“Soothing, picturesque indie” – AAA Backstage

Fresco Kyoto - Inkman (Not Waking Up)     Rock, Atmospheric, Pop, Chill 16/07/2018
“[4 stars] Mmm, yes please to that voice.” - Tommy Faith, Triple J Unearthed Young Brisbane based 5-piece for fans of Mansionair, London Grammar and Jeff Buckley.
Written from the perspective of someone dreaming of escaping a monotonous and oppressive office job, ‘Inkman (Not Waking Up)’ is the first single from this gifted young Brisbane band’s upcoming debut EP.

The song showcases the incredible talents of frontman Robbie Balmer, whose voice effortlessly traverses three octaves in this song alone.

Dominic Breen - Lay Low     Rock, Folk, Britpop, Acoustic 31/05/2018
Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist and prodigious songwriter for fans of: Go-Betweens, Beatles, shoegaze, jangle, Dylan, Nick Cave, Rolling Blackouts, DMA's.
"[4 stars] Got totally swept up in this. Another superb offering, Dom." - Declan Byrne, Triple J

Defined by its universally relatable lyrics and gorgeous instrumental, producer Wayne Connolly (Cloud Control, Boy&Bear, You Am I) called 'Lay Low' one of the best songs he'd heard in a long time."

Other tracks by Dominic Breen:  Sometimes The Wrong People Are At The Top