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Dinosaur City Records

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Babey - Stranglehold     Indie, Pop 11/10/2019
Comprised of Rachel, Elyse, Janae and Aiden, Babey write hypnotic songs that both evoke and renounce heartache, blending brooding guitars with aching harmonies.
"Stranglehold was written about the self-empowerment gained from making healthy life and relationship choices." Babey singer and bass/guitarist, Rachel says. "The first half of the song explores the turmoil of a toxic relationship, while the climax signifies the satisfying feeling of release; a fresh start and new beginning."

Chakra Efendi - Ego Death     Indie, Rock 10/10/2019
Chakra Efendi is at the forefront of up and coming Australian songwriters, who has the ability to craft effortless 90's bedroom pop.
"I was pretty much squatting in a Brisbane share house and couch surfing with no licence, car or money, so I rarely attended. I led a pretty hedonistic lifestyle, so when I did attend I was either way too hungover to pay attention or way too sleep-deprived to stay awake in lectures."

Solo Career - Feelings     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie, Pop 25/09/2019
Solo Career is the late night bedroom pop project of Annabel Blackman, best known as singer/guitarist in Sydney garage-rock quartet Body Type.
'Feelings', is a hazy synth-soaked track which Blackman describes as "a beautified whinge over the agony and boredom of waiting for the Romantic Object to reply".

Nick Griffith - Back and Forth     Pop, Electronic, Experimental 13/08/2019
Meet Illawarra-based artist, Nick Griffith, who shares his debut single, 'Back and Forth'. Out August 14 via Dinosaur City, the track is a unique blend of indie, electronica and pop.
A new and re-worked version of a song Griffith wrote back in 2015, 'Back and Forth' is built upon vintage drum machines and distorted synths.

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Poison Abbey - Silicon Valet     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Soul 02/08/2019
Poison Abbey, the new project from 23-year old singer/producer, Jess Rogleff and collaborator Thomas Studans, filters confessional bedroom pop through influences like disco, jazz and RNB.
Self-produced and recorded at home using little-to-no professional audio gear, 'Silicon Valet', features synth samples from the Legowelt website, saxophone courtesy of Jacob Dawson-Daley and backing vocals from Rara Zulu. Following on from where debut single 'Upmarket' left off, the emotionally-charged track filters the confessional intimacy of lo-fi bedroom pop through influences like R&B and hypnagogic pop.

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Poison Abbey - Upmarket     Electronic, Pop, Experimental, Chill 23/05/2019
Poison Abbey is a new project from Sydney-based, 23-year old classically trained pianist-turned singer/producer Jess Rogleff and collaborator Thomas Studans.
'Upmarket’ pairs Rogleff’s doll-like vocals with super-emotive strings and guitar in the style of blues-rock. The track tells the tale of a pretty traditional relationship breakdown where the protagonist, ‘Caroline’, is urged to move on by her downtrodden lover.

Skydeck - Solid State     Rock 04/04/2019
"Skydeck make surreal, tinny pop informed by paranoid post-punk and inspired, generally, by the state of Australia today."
Musically, the track reflects two different states of mind. The verses are daydreams, as heard in the panning soft synths, while the chorus is the more rigid reality of life. The lyrics follow suite, discussing the fantasies and realities of changing situations; like taking a long holiday only to return to realise everything's still the same – including yourself.

Other tracks by Skydeck:  Eureka Moment
Skydeck - Tourniquet Too     Rock, Electronic, Punk 18/02/2019
[Skydeck] make surreal, tinny pop informed by paranoid post-punk and inspired, generally, by the state of Australia today.
'Tourniquet Too', is synth-pop/post punk hybrid, the lyrics spilling forth in a stream-of-consciousness ramble about the anxieties of life. "It's a fine on top of an unpaid fine, it's hiding the fact that you really tried", Mitch Clemens (Ciggie Witch) drones; his distinctive, monotone vocals in stark contrast to upbeat drums and winding synths.

Greenwave Beth - Love and Property     Electronic, Pop, Dance 15/05/2018
Greenwave Beth combines the restrictive and industrial sounds of midi-sequenced drum and bass with free form songwriting in the style of John Maus and Suicide.
Using a vintage MPC 1000 with electronic drums, 'Love and Property' explores the social contract of romance; of giving what you don't have.

Spike Vincent - Lie In The Dust     Rock, Pop 01/02/2018
It’s a strong dose of guitar hooks, a bit of crooning, some raw nerves, a scuffed edge or two and lush, sunbaked arrangements for jilted or to-be jilted lovers.
"My goal with Spike Vincent has always been to do something original, honest and personal. With all the songs being inspired by true events in my life that I felt a need to write about to try and comprehend, move past and learn from."

DCR: A Christmas Compilation - Poolshop - Every Year     Rock, Atmospheric 20/12/2017
Tracks from artists of bands such as Major Leagues, Body Type, The Ocean Party, Big White, Sweater Curse, Gauci and more. A refreshing, unconventional alternative to worn classic Christmas jingle.
Poolshop is the solo moniker of Jaimee Fryer who originally is from Major Leagues!

Other tracks by DCR: A Christmas Compilation:  Luke Pallier - Xmas Time In Perth  -  Matty Took - 42 Degrees
Cody Munro Moore - Just Don't Need it Enough     Pop, Rock 14/10/2017
Moore's earnest, unkempt delivery brandished by The Cure's Robert Smith and Cursive's Tim Kasher, among others, a gleefully imperfect but eminently inviting tone that puts feeling ahead of form.
'Just Don't Need It Enough' is a track riddled as they are with splashes of saxophone, keyboards/synths and other curiosities amid the usual driving drums and retro-touched guitars.

Other tracks by Cody Munro Moore:  I Left My Heart
Sunscreen - Voices     Rock, Pop 28/07/2017
Spearheaded by Alex’s instantly catchy guitar riffs, Sunscreen's guitar-pop places dreamy Cocteau Twins-esque vocal melodies over driving post-punk-inspired beats. Or something like that. It's hard to describe music.
‘Wiry and magnetic’ – Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J music director

Cody Munro Moore - No Matter How Hard     Rock, Punk, Pop 21/07/2017
CMM took a lengthy hiatus pursuing Big White and New Lovers. The material for his record began to arrive when he was on the road in church basements in Denver.
We all need a little help sometimes, and who better to give you that courage than DCR’s Cody Munro Moore with the first single from his debut album, 'No Matter How Hard'. A certified motivational track, CMM’s frank cues to ‘keep on keeping on’ will have you dancing with aplomb.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)