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Dew Process

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Whitley - TV     Folk, Electronic 22/07/2013
Emerging from the grips of indefinite hiatus, Whitley is back with a new single, new album and weathered suitcase in tow. Don’t call it a comeback. This is the resurrection.
Following 'My Heart Is Not A Machine’, Whitley hits back with a vengeance, and more voltage, with new single ‘TV’. Painting the satirical tale of a life lived through television, the track is taken from 'Even The Stars Are A Mess' - an album already hailed Whitley's finest to date.

Other tracks by Whitley:  My Heart Is Not A Machine
Jae Laffer - Leave A Light On     Rock 28/08/2013
Jae Laffer, lead vocalist and esteemed songwriter of The Panics, has ventured out on his own with debut solo album When The Iron Glows Red – out September 27th.
There may be safety in numbers, but for Jae Laffer there’s a certain freedom and spontaneity that comes with stepping out on your own. This is evident in ‘Leave A Light On’; leaping forth with a spread of Lennon-esque strings and classic pop hooks.

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Guineafowl - Little Death (Make It Rain)     Pop, Electronic 04/09/2013
Quintessential Sydneysider and SMAC Award alumnus Guineafowl adds another jewel to his crown with forthcoming EP I Hope My City Loves Me Still – out Friday, October 11.
Bursting forth in array of shimmering synth and guitars, ‘Little Death (Make It Rain)’ wails the dark drone of love lost while effortlessly upholding pop sensibilities; culminating in a track that is all at once vulnerable and bold, heartbreaking and uplifting.

BLUEJUICE - S.O.S.     Pop 24/09/2013
BLUEJUICE have pashed a grandmother, jump-roped their way to being grand champions, leapt from a plane and stormed the streets as religious zealots to get their music heard and loved.
They’re grandma-pashers, jump-rope-champions and all-round-pot-stirrers, and now, with new single 'S.O.S.', BLUEJU!CE are back to eradicate douchebaggery and chastise its perpetrators. The video pays homage to the 90s classic Ghostbusters. The twist being that our modern day heroes are fighting a one-band war against douchebags, not ghosts.

Jae Laffer - Leaving On Time     Folk, Acoustic 25/10/2013
Jae Laffer is recognised as one of Australia’s finest songwriters; with The Panics he has crafted several albums worth of classic songs that embrace both stark intimacy and unapologetic grandeur.
'Leaving On Time' is the Second single taken from Jae Laffer's debut solo album, When The Iron Glows Red.

Sarah Blasko - Fool     Folk, Easy Listening 28/10/2013
Sarah Blasko is a solo artist who hails from Sydney, Australia.
Emotive and captivating - words synonymous with Sarah Blasko and now, new single ‘Fool’. Never one to shy away from artistic interpretation, Blasko entrusted Sydney peers PVT and Seekae with singles ‘I Awake’ and ‘Fool’. The fruits of their labour are realised on the Fool EP - out November 15.

Other tracks by Sarah Blasko:  Fool (Seekae Remix)  -  I Awake (PVT Remix)
Art of Sleeping - Above The Water     Rock 15/11/2013
Art of Sleeping have been pinned as ones to watch for the better part of 2012, with ‘Empty Hands’ ripping through radio and their dynamic live show winning over audiences.
After sweeping the airwaves with rollicking single ‘Empty Hands’, Art of Sleeping bring their second offering for the year with the stirring ‘Above The Water’. The track is taken from Art of Sleeping’s forthcoming EP to be released in October via Dew Process / Universal Music Australia.

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Gossling - Never Expire (Oliver Tank Remix)     Pop, Electronic 20/11/2013
Harvest Of Gold is the highly anticipated debut album from Melbourne’s Gossling, 10 tracks of gorgeous pop songcraft, the gifted musicianship of singer/songwriter Helen Croome.
Remixed by Sydney's Oliver Tank, ‘Never Expire’ carries an ambient loneliness, almost in defiance of Gossling’s more organic and acoustic sensibilities. Combining Juno synth, organ and reverbed percussion, this remix effortlessly demonstrates the finesse of both artists.

MT - Alpha Romeo     Rock, Pop 29/11/2013
MT have been stirring up a groundswell of hype ever since their genesis last year.
Produced by Dan Grech (Vaccines, Lana Del Ray) ‘Alpha Romeo’ is a pop anthem of seismic proportions. Initially camouflaging itself as a could-be piano ballad, the stomper swiftly takes liftoff into a bursting, horn-backed triumph – never giving up on its bright-eyed cause.

Gossling - Big Love     Pop, Electronic 10/12/2013
Melbourne's Gossling’s mesmerising sound knows no boundaries, with her unique and enchanting voice deeply embedded both at home and abroad.
Following on from lead single 'Never Expire', Gossling offers up 'Big Love' - the latest track lifted from her acclaimed debut album "Harvest Of Gold". Serving the album's vivid opener, 'Big Love' bursts forth with joyous pop choruses, building crescendos and unrelenting lyricism.

Other tracks by Gossling:  Harvest of Gold  -  Never Expire
Gossling - Harvest Of Gold (YesYou Remix)     Electronic, Pop 31/01/2014
Melbourne's Gossling’s mesmerising sound knows no boundaries, with her unique and enchanting voice deeply embedded both at home and abroad.
With blog-buzzing beauty 'Never Expire' already in her stride, Gossling teams up with Brisbane duo YesYou for a rework of new single 'Harvest Of Gold'. The remix is unveiled alongside a new video for 'Harvest Of Gold', which lends a rather bizarre bend to Gossling's smooth and sultry sounds.

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The John Steel Singers - MJ's On Fire Again     Rock 06/02/2014
It’s a project tinged in endless toil; a labour of love, which manifests in The John Steel Singers’ most diverse work to date - sophomore album Everything’s A Thread.
Landing somewhere between summer groove and funk-ass-croon, The John Steel Singers return with ‘MJ’s On Fire Again’ - taken from Everything’s A Thread.
Rich in falsetto and bass-funk-marvel, ‘MJ’s On Fire Again’ reveals another side of The ‘Singers; following grit-rock singles ‘State Of Unrest’, ‘Everything’s A Thread’ and ‘Common Thread’.


Other tracks by The John Steel Singers:  Common Thread  -  Everything's A Thread
Tkay Maidza - U-Huh     Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Electronic 13/08/2014
‘U-huh’ shows an incredibly fierce and fearless young woman, her lighting-fast flow and clever wordplay sparks with an insatiable hook that urges you to dance.
U-Huh follows from her radio hits 'Brontosaurus' and ‘Handle My Ego’, and shows an incredibly fierce and fearless young woman, her lightning-fast flow and clever wordplay sparks with an insatiable hook that urges you to dance.

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Kingswood - I Can Feel That You Don't Love Me     Rock, Blues 14/08/2014
'ICFTYDLM' is a change of pace for the band, with a sultry, slow burning intensity.
While Kingswood have carved out a name for themselves with energetic, thrashy anthems that still manages to capture moody blues influences with sing-along-soul choruses, ‘I Can Feel You Don’t Love Me’ is a change of pace for the band, with a sultry, slow burning intensity.

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Little May - Dust     Blues/Roots, Folk, Easy Listening 14/08/2014
Hailed by international taste makers as one of Australia's breakout acts of 2014, the band have had close to a million plays on 2013’s singles Boardwalks and Hide.
Dust embodies what the outfit have become respected for vulnerable &honest lyrics with an undercurrent of otherworldly darkness. Challenging the listener to hear past the beautifully constructed song, Dust has a depth that may not be apparent on first listen but will stay with you long after the dust settles

Many Things - Chains     Pop, Electronic 14/08/2014
Over the past year Many Things,fronted by Brisbane’s Michael Tomlinson (formerly of indiefavourite Yves Klein Blue) have been based in London, stirring up a groundswell of hype across the UK
‘Chains’ highlights hidden depths with it’s heart wrenching vocals and brooding production. Being championed by the likes of NME, Clash, DIY, as well as winning big support at BBC Radio One. MT have been labelled as ‘Ones To Watch’ after their set at The Great Escape Festival.

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Mosman Alder - Germland (Of Julien Charbonneau)     Blues/Roots, Folk, Easy Listening 14/08/2014
Brisbane six-piece Mosman Alder return with ‘Germland (of Julien Charbonneau)’ the first single from their debut LP.Though lyrically dark in parts, Germland is an uplifting tune of friendship and support.
Though lyrically dark in parts, ‘Germland (of Julien Charbonneau)’ is an uplifting tune of friendship and support. Fans of Mosman Alder’s 2012 debut EP ‘Burn Bright’, will again fall in love with their penchant for beautiful melodies accompanied by the moody vocals from Valdis Valodze.

Twinsy - Tear It Down     Electronic, Dance, Experimental 02/09/2014
Catchy hooks, hardcore drumming and an all-in chorus make ‘Tear It Down’ a triumphant return for the ‘Ballarfornian’ three-piece.
Catchy hooks, hardcore drumming and an all-in chorus make ‘Tear It Down’ a triumphant return for the ‘Ballarfornian’ three-piece.

'Tear It Down’ started coming together while on tour, somewhere between NYC & Washington and we ended up finishing it in a tent the day before we played SITG.

Little May - Bones     Folk, Pop 10/10/2014
Hailed by international taste makers as one of Australia's breakout acts of 2014 Little May are set to release their debut EP on the 10th of October.
Goose-bump enduing melodies and tales of love, loss and lust, Little May are no delicate 'songstresses' but fiercely talented musicians and songwriters – who are keen to show it.

Twinsy - Tear It Down- Elk Remix     Pop, Electronic 28/11/2014
Twinsy burst onto the music scene in 2012 with their debut EP quickly winning over fans with its Tropicana-inspired sounds and feel good tracks.
Ballarat trio Twinsy have teamed up with DJ and producer Elk on a remix of their single ‘Tear It Down’, the first off the band’s forthcoming EP due out early next year. Tear It Down- Elk Remix sees a dancier element added to the song’s catchy hooks and hardcore drumming