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Dew Process

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Poppy Rose - Lost     Hip Hop, Pop 05/04/2018
21-year-old, Melbourne-based emcee Poppy Rose prides herself on her story-telling abilities and her capacity to connect with her audience by focusing on the human fundamentals of truth and love.
‘Lost,’ is set to pick up where her previous single ‘Ocean’ left off. A complicated lyrical expression of her dealings with mental health, the song is as much an exercise in catharsis as it is intended to be a conversation starter for society as a whole.

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Alice Ivy - Bella     Electronic, Pop, Hip Hop 23/02/2018
Melbourne-based producer Alice Ivy has a penchant for catchy electro/hip-hop beats and dreamy, hypnotic choruses, both in her own work and the songs she loves.
"Bella, wouldn't feel out of place on The Avalanches' Wildflower, with fuzzy vocal samples combining with an airy and extensive production which seems to feature heavily across the record." - Pilerats

Mallrat - UFO     Pop, Hip Hop 15/02/2018
2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Mallrat, with the release of her new single ‘UFO,’ featuring her friend and hip-hop star in his own right, Allday.
In stark contrast to the shimmering, acoustic guitar driven sheen of ‘Better,’ ‘UFO’ falls into darker, more brooding territory. Its dense production and layers of hypnotic melodies highlighting her vast development as a composer and producer since the release of her debut EP, Uninvited, back in 2016.

Eves Karydas - Further Than The Planes Fly     Pop 01/02/2018
Eves Karydas uses her music to explore female strength, sexuality and empowerment via deep, melodic hooks and brilliant sonic atmosphere she hopes will help to challenge the pop sphere.
Featuring sly beats and a foggy bassline, the track sees Karydas push her vocals skyward, searching for breathy vocal hooks with which to express the heady playful romanticism of her lyrics. Produced by Karydas and Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Bat For Lashes), and co-written Sam Dixon (Adele, Christina Aguilera, Sia)

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Alice Ivy - Chasing Stars (feat. Bertie Blackman)     Electronic 01/02/2018
Melbourne based beat-maker and electrifying musical force, Alice Ivy, today reveals her brand-new single ‘Chasing Stars' which features ARIA-award winning, singer-songwriter, Bertie Blackman. Debut album, I’m Dreaming February 9, 2018
A shimmering, infectious and dreamy ride of electronic, disco-house-pop, powered by inimitable voice of Bertie Blackman. Ivy met Blackman while supporting Urthboy, and the pair quickly became mutual appreciators. Ivy later reached out with an instrumental, a soaring run of synths and horns that reminded Blackman of flying.

Tyne-James Organ - Watch You Go     Folk, Chill, Easy Listening 06/12/2017
The twenty-two-year-old, Wollongong born, Melbourne-based, singer-songwriter, has built an adoring fan base by consistently releasing unique and captivating cover songs featuring cameos from friend and collaborator Allday.
‘Watch You Go’, is a heart-wrenching and deeply personal song. A loving tribute to his late father Rikki Organ, who lost his battle with cancer and passed away in 2016. Tyne penned many songs over the last twelve months as an emotional release for dealing with his loss and grief.


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Antony & Cleopatra - Twitch     Electronic, Pop, House 22/11/2017
Graceful, yet powerful. Their take on electronica is as much inspired by late 80s house and 70s disco as it is by UK garage and bass heavy sounds of today. 
With a silky-smooth blend of soulful house, disco and tech ‘Twitch' is the result of a fourteen-minute jam with a drum machine and arpeggiator chopped into an almost pop song.  “Lyrically we wanted to explore the physicality of two people tripping each other’s senses and the escalation of their reactions."

Tobacco Rat - Engineer     Electronic, Industrial 22/11/2017
Tobacco Rat, aka Jake Steele, has spent the last few years establishing himself as one of the most unique and distinct voices in the underground Australian electronic music scene.
‘Engineer’ sees Tobacco Rat utilize his signature arsenal of brutal, industrial samples and complex beats to produce a track that is as engrossing as it is confronting, as the alien refrain of “Get money!” is repeated over and over again.

Other tracks by Tobacco Rat:  Processed Mash
Jesse Porsches - Say It To Me     Electronic, Pop 15/11/2017
Up-and-coming Sydney DJ and writer/producer Jesse Porsches, releases dance-pop jam. ARIA Gold-certified artist who just yesterday, announced he has signed a worldwide music publishing deal with BMG.
‘Say It To Me’, was co-written by Jesse and long-time friend and partner-in-crime Holly Martin aka Brasska who also lends her glorious and silky-smooth vocals to the glimmering tune which will have you yearning for the dance floor.

Eves Karydas - There For You     Pop, Electronic 08/11/2017
Arriving in London at 20, halfway across the world from Brisbane, Eves pushed herself into unfamiliar relationships and environments & brought a maturity and sensuality to her effervescent pop music
"There For You is the most transparent this artist has been in her short, but incredibly promising, career. Mixed and produced by Chris Zane (Passion Pit Bat For Lashes), has allowed Karydas to marry her booming pop sensibilities with a new territory of studio experimentation and electronic mastery." - AAABackstage

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SŸDE - Above The Clouds     Electronic, Pop 08/11/2017
Melbourne duo SŸDE today take the next step by signing to Dew Process / UMA and releasing their brand-new single, ‘Above The Clouds,’ featuring NYC vocalist Olivia Reid.
Above The Clouds sees the young production team embrace their love of organic instrumentation in their compositions, laying the perfect bed for Reid to let her soaring melodies build.

Mallrat - Better     Pop 19/10/2017
With a huge following of fans internationally, Mallrat’s honest observations of day-to-day life and her penchant for writing sticky melodies have made her Australia’s next big name in pop music.
‘Better’ is Mallrat’s first official release since signing to Dew Process / UMA in Australia and Nettwerk Music Group internationally, and sees the savvy, sharp-witted, Brisbane superstar deliver yet another sparkling jam, with deliciously sweet hooks and a characteristically anthemic chorus.


Ecca Vandal - Price Of Living (feat. Dennis Lyxzén & Jason Aalon Butler)     Metal/Punk, Rock 18/10/2017
Melbourne-based, genre-defying artist Ecca Vandal drops new track ‘Price Of Living’. Track sees Vandal collaborating with Dennis Lyxzén of Swedish punk rock outfit Refused + Letlive vocalist Jason Aalon Butler.
Vandal secured services of bone fide punk rock legend and her personal hero Dennis Lyxzén of Refused fame to gueston  ‘Price Of Living.’ Not only that, but they’re also joined by Letlive powerhouse vocalist Jason Butler on the track for a triple threat of some of the most dynamic vocalists in the rock and roll game.


Joyride - Aunty Tracey's Cookies     Funk/Soul 12/10/2017
Sydney’s mischievous, politically-switched-on party boy Joyride is back with the new single ‘Aunty Tracey’s Cookies,’ celebrating his love for baked goods and smirking in the face of authority.
Produced by powerhouse duo Hermitude, ‘Aunty Tracey's Cookies’ features Joyride’s booming voice boasting more soul and power than ever before, as it floats on a funk heavy bassline, alongside crisp beats and swooning synths.

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Miss Blanks - Skinny Bitches     Hip Hop 12/10/2017
The First Lady of Trench Records is back and she’s wielding damage. Miss Blanks today drops the fire new single ‘Skinny Bitches’ featuring production from her label head honcho Moonbase.
‘Skinny Bitches’ sees Miss Blanks raise the bar again with some of the strongest flow of her fledgling yet ferocious career, all the while floating it atop of Moonbase’s thick beats and gut punch bass lines.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Voice of the Year (presented by the Queensland Music Festival - QLD Awards)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Durnsford, PBS FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Tiber - All I Need (featuring Fantastic Fantastic)     Electronic, Pop 12/10/2017
In the span of just a few short years Tiber has elevated himself from bedroom beat-maker, to the first ever signing on Moonbase’s Trench Records.
‘All I Need’ sees the eclectic producer make a serious but soothing shift in sound, as he waltzes into the world of nu disco and r’n’b alongside rising Brisbane electro pop duo, Fantastic Fantastic.

Alice Ivy - Be Friends     Electronic, Hip Hop 27/09/2017
Alice Ivy is a 23-year-old Melbourne-based beat-maker, guitarist and vocalist who in a mere eighteen months has released a series of electronic-soul singles that have earned her a cult following.
Three-and-a-half minutes of sun-drenched synths and crunchy drums expertly adorned by Adelaide-based emcee and one half of Man Made Mountain, Caseaux O.S.L.O. as well as Singaporean singer Tim De Cotta with whom Ivy forged a friendship with while touring there in ’16.

Ecca Vandal - Future Heroine     Rock, Punk, Hip Hop 27/09/2017
Melbourne’s genre-defying and electrifying force in music, Ecca Vandal. Self-titled, debut album will be unleashed into the world on October 20
Wielding a dark and primal industrial beat ‘Future Heroine’ is painted with Ecca’s incredible vocal dexterity, while harnessing her explosive energy and commanding aggression.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)


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Tobacco Rat - GANGSTA (feat. SOMA)     Hip Hop, Electronic 18/08/2017
Emerging from the shadows is Tobacco Rat. ‘GANGSTA’ features a distinct grime flair, care of fellow West Australian SOMA, and is his first single since signing to Moonbase’s TRENCH Records.
Emerging from the shadows with a huge new track and a freshly inked record deal is the elusive Tobacco Rat. This new trap and bass sidewinder, ‘GANGSTA’ features a distinct grime flair, care of fellow West Australian SOMA, and is Tobacco Rat’s first single since signing to Moonbase’s TRENCH Records.

Ecca Vandal - Broke Days, Party Nights     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Punk 02/08/2017
Melbourne-based, genre-defying artist Ecca Vandal, today releases ‘Broke Days, Party Nights’, the first track to be lifted from her forthcoming debut album, which is set to be released in 2017
Packing a walloping punch, it’s a song that pulsates with the same frenetic percussion and angular, piercing guitar lines that populate the likes of Mars Volta’s ‘Inertiatic Esp’, but ‘BDPN’ retains Ecca’s signature bombastic delivery, as it rains down like a carpet bombing raid.

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