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Deathproof PR

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Make Them Suffer - Erase Me     Metal, Alternative 24/03/2020
Make Them Suffer are a heavy metalcore band hailing from Perth who deal in full throttle assault defined by keyboard melodies and male-female vocal interplay
“Erase Me” is a heavy metalcore masterstroke that has captured the band at their most creative and self-assured. A song about pushing people away and questioning if it comes from a place of selfishness, the chorus of “Erase Me” is both ethereal and anthemic as it builds into an unforgettable crescendo that’s poised to become the highlight of future setlists.

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Flyying Colours - Big Mess     Psych, Rock, Indie, Experimental 07/02/2020
Flyying Colours are a four piece psych/shoegaze band from Melbourne. usic guaranteed to take you on a melodic journey from distortion to swooning, with melancholy and all the good feels.
""Big Mess" is somewhat of a representation of what it was like at the time for us being away [on tour] and coming home. Everything was a bit crazy and a bit messy in our lives…relationships change (all different kinds) as life changes and that is kind of what the song is about."

WALKEN - Regular Human Person     Punk, Alternative, Pop 17/01/2020
WALKEN are three best pals outta Brisbane who deal in pop-fuelled frenzies of alternative rock meets ambitious punk that aims to satisfy your nostalgia-ridden pop-punk loving heart.
An instantly familiar bop, “Regular Human Person” dabbles in the kind of alternative/pop-punk hybrid fuelled by layers of frenzied pop and soaked in nostalgia. The single also serves as the first piece of new music from the trio since the release of their 2017 EP, What’s Your Environment?

Max Quinn - Live Again     Punk, Pop, Alternative 24/10/2019
Sydney based songwriter Max Quinn writes witty punk songs about depression and mental health.
‘Live Again’ picks up where Quinn's 2018 single 'Serotonin’ left off - narratively and musically - as he continues to advocate for normalising conversations about mental health among young Australian men.

Jakob - Secrets     R&B, Alternative, Soul 23/10/2019
Jakob is a multi-faceted artist/producer/songwriter who has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production.
Secrets is a smooth yet euphoric alt R&B jam that showcases Jakob’s versatility as an artist and songwriter. Secrets was penned in Jakob’s bedroom before collaborating with ARIA & Swedish Grammy nominated producer Erik Lewander (Ke$ha, Girls Generation, The Potbelleez) to bring the track to life.

Black Rheno - Collision     Metal 02/10/2019
Sydney's Black Rheno are genre bending heavy groove exponents. The three-piece powerhouse translate their blend of stoner, sludge, punk, grind, groove metal into a wild and rollicking good time.
"Collision” is a hefty beast of a song, draped in a thick layer of sludge and more grooves than Mars. It also serves as a soundtrack for all those lonely nights when you’re curled up in bed with nothing but your phone. A top-shelf, smack in the face from Sydney's premier heavy groove exponents.

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Rat!Hammock - Pick Up     Indie, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 27/09/2019
As this year's Chinese zodiac foretold, 2019 (the Year Of The Rat) has already been fantastically fortunate for charming Melbourne three-piece Rat!Hammock.
An achingly honest track, 'Pick Up' is about navigating complex emotions. Jackson describes the difficulties of wanting to cause the least harm, but knowing that discomfort is inevitable.

Jack R. Reilly - I Don't Like To See Us Like This     Indie, Rock, Easy Listening, Pop 21/09/2019
Jack R. Reilly has been a fixture of the Sydney and south coast music scene for years, bringing gut wrenching and heart warming songwriting to many a dimly lit corner.
'I Don't Like To See Us Like This' is a beautifully pensive track, embracing and giving voice to that moment in a relationship where both parties know that it is time to walk away, and move on. Contrasting the feeling of deep sadness at something ending with the joy, the freedom and the curiosity of the new and what’s coming.

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Jakob - LIE     R&B, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 03/09/2019
Jakob is a multi-faceted Sydney native who has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production.
“Lie” was penned in LA with Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, BTS, Chainsmokers), Lindgren (Halsey, BTS) and Shayon Daniels. Falling in the middle of the story, “Lie” is a familiar tale of woe, Jakob was completely infatuated with a friend who landed herself in the wrong relationship. A Latin-inspired alt-pop blend that draws from R&B, hip-hop and his South American roots.

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Black Rheno - Human     Metal 27/08/2019
Sydney's Black Rheno are genre bending heavy groove exponents. The three-piece powerhouse translate their blend of stoner, sludge, punk, grind, groove metal into a wild and rollicking good time.
With big fat thunderous riffs and grinding blasts into thrashed out periods of intensity, Human is a bit beefy in subject matter as it grapples with loss, deep hurt and the intense suffering that gives life meaning.

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We Lost The Sea - A Beautiful Collapse     Rock, Atmospheric 16/08/2019
We Lost The Sea are a progressive post-rock band from Sydney Australia. Crushing guitar noise with post-rock atmospherics and melody from a large, dimly lit space.
When we’ve failed for too long, and chosen to ignore science & the planet’s own desperate cries, we’ve hit the tipping point. It starts as a reflection on what was great, like a nostalgic view of our past, then moves to an unstoppable and devastating change. Destruction as a form of creation. A Beautiful Collapse.

Jack R. Reilly - Who Can Say?     Rock, Easy Listening, Pop 08/08/2019
Ever the expert at turning life's intricacies into captivating and relatable tunes, Sydney's Jack R. Reilly is not shy about embracing dialectics in music and life experience in his songwriting.
'Who Can Say?' is driving, introspective and overall defiant. Introduced with gentle vocals, which climb with insistence,, listeners will be taken on an odyssey of wonder, perseverance and clarity. "It's an exploration of mindfulness. I wanted to communicate the idea that self awareness is a long process and can sometimes be a frustrating one."

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The Chats - Identity Theft     Rock, Punk, Garage 26/07/2019
From the Sunshine Coast to selling out in LA, smoko to Iggy Pop - The Chats are only just beginning their world domination.
Australian national treasures, The Chats, have given us their cracking new single 'Identity Theft' (out via their own label Bargain Bin Records).

Continuing their hedonistic pursuit of A Bloody Good Time, on 'Identity Theft', they hit a snag in the road when an online pingaz transaction goes awry. A cautionary tale about hackers stealing your identity and peril that follows.

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We Lost The Sea - Towers     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Experimental 09/07/2019
We Lost The Sea are friends who came together in 2007 to create a new collection of noise that gathers relentless crushing guitars together with otherworldly atmospherics and melody.
At an expansive 15 minutes long, with its ringing guitars “Towers” heralds in a new era for the band. Representing the beginning and the end of everything, it is about giant oppressive forces and feelings, the towering juggernaut of power, failure, history and death.

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Paradise Club - Above Me     Pop, Rock 05/07/2019
Blooming onto the Adelaide scene in 2017, Paradise Club instantly stood out as a DIY force majeure.
'Above Me' explores the tempestuous emotions that crash against each other in different facets of our lives.

Frontman Gere says of the track, "it's about working extremely hard, feeling incredibly helpless, and learning how to give your everything to save a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic."

We Lost The Sea - Towers     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Experimental 05/07/2019
We Lost The Sea are a cinematic instrumental post-rock band from Sydney that creates a new collection of noise that gathers relentless crushing guitars together with post-rock atmospherics and melody
Representing the beginning and the end of everything, Towers is about giant oppressive forces and feelings, the towering juggernaut of power, failure, history and death, as told through a lens of intricate guitars, striking colour and otherworldly atmospherics.

Bench Press - Dreaming Again     Rock, Punk, Garage 25/06/2019
Snarling, angular and loud, Bench Press invoke the old while pushing something that feels very new.
"The track is a collision of the band’s devil may care attitude, with unmistakable song writing acumen. Coming in at under 3 minutes, the band waste no time getting to the point. Prepare to be hitting the ‘replay’ button in this one…several times over." - Tone Deaf

The Beautiful Monument - Reaper     Rock, Punk, Rock, Pop 13/06/2019
The Beautiful Monument have made it their purpose to express their life experience through music, and to share those terrifying but all too familiar thoughts with the world.
Lifted from their forthcoming album, "Reaper" is a deceptively vibrant rock that contrasts dark rock verses with soaring choruses. "Reaper" is a reflection on the first experience of loss and the grief that follows in its wake. It's a stark realisation of finality of death and how things will never be the same.

Thy Art Is Murder - Death Squad Anthem     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 13/06/2019
Thy Art Is Murder’s thinking-person’s blackened death metal has challenged and inspired audiences around the globe, from top-tier genre festivals to high-profile tours.
“Death Squad Anthem” is a blazing examination of the current state of politics riddled with hyperactive virtue signalling, extremism and disenfranchisement. The despondency of “Death Squad Anthem” is brought to life with stark socio-political traumatic scenes of warfare, genocide, police states, brutality famine and riots interspersed with those at the helm of the atrocities.

The Beautiful Monument - Stay     Rock, Punk, Pop 15/05/2019
Melbourne’s alt-rock queens The Beautiful Monument write songs with powerful melodies, moody grooves and a deceptively vibrant energy that makes each track a genuinely memorable experience.
On “Stay", frontwoman Lizi Blanco’s life is on full display as she explores the intergenerational issues that plagued her family, then finding the strength to move away from in order rectify relationships and gain perspective.