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Death's Grip Records

Death's Grip Records

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Easy Life - I'm Fading Away     Metal/Punk, Pop, Atmospheric 21/06/2017
Easy Life are a young melodic hardcore band from Shellharbour
Melodic hardcore with a killer hook

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Burning Season - Fatal Eucharist     Metal/Punk, Industrial, Hardcore 31/01/2017
5-piece metalcore band from Sydney.
Heavy with industrial influence.

Other tracks by Burning Season:  Grave Flowers Wilt
Too Late - Morality     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Goth 24/06/2016
Straight forward, heavy hardcore from Auckland/Melbourne
Fast, heavy and tight

Other tracks by Too Late:  Belial  -  Thamus
Underminer - Humanity     Metal/Punk, Rock, Atmospheric, Sports 15/04/2016
5 Piece mosh metal band from Sydney
Fast, heavy and well polished

Other tracks by Underminer:  Affliction  -  Vices
Cursed Earth - Degenerate     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Techno 03/02/2016
Female fronted HM2 worship from Perth
Fast, heavy, brutal.

Other tracks by Cursed Earth:  Enslaved
Burning Season - Beneath The Demon's Wings     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Goth 04/09/2015
Sydney heavy hardcore/metal band playing homage to the 90's metalcore sound.
This song was written and recorded to raise awareness for domestic abuse. All profit's from this song and it's subsequent release are being donated to Assist a Sista to allow them to continue providing for sufferers of domestic abuse.

Burning Season - Martyr     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Industrial, Hardcore 04/09/2015
Sydney based heavy hardcore band paying homage to the 90's metalcore sound
Short, fast, heavy.

Other tracks by Burning Season:  Born From Dirt  -  Our Dissolution
Cursed Earth - Voyeurism     Metal/Punk, Metal, Techno, Downbeat 04/09/2015
Female fronted HM2 worship from Perth
Fast, heavy, brutal


Other tracks by Cursed Earth:  //  -  Nostrum
Primitive Blast - Synthetic Mind     Metal/Punk, Garage, Hardcore, Punk 28/05/2015
Primitive Blast are an on stage explosion waiting to happen. Fast, pissed off, driven punk hardcore from Sydney.
Short and sweet.


Other tracks by Primitive Blast:  Enforced  -  Life of S**t
Controlled - Conditioned     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Punk 27/05/2015
Controlled are a fast hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia.
A relentless assault on the senses.

Other tracks by Controlled:  Gripped by Fear  -  Pulled Under
Bounty Hunter - Bones to Dust     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Industrial, Grunge 23/04/2015
Cross over thrash lords from Perth.
Fast, heavy, catchy.

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Other tracks by Bounty Hunter:  Death Strip  -  Order 66
Ill Natured - Disgraced     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Goth 14/01/2015
Newcastle's pissedest, rowdiest and heaviest band. Mosh to kill.
Slow, crushing, down tuned, dark and straight evil.

Other tracks by Ill Natured:  Nature of the Beast  -  Depths of Despair
Time Crisis - Afraid of Death     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Goth, Metal 14/01/2015
Brisbane metal/hardcore crossover band. Catchy riffs, heavy breakdowns, dive bombs for days.
Fast, furious, relentless. Hard out thrash styles with tonnes of tasty licks and dive bombs.

Other tracks by Time Crisis:  Rise and Fall  -  Abandoned