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Vlossom - Catch Your Breath     Dance, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 21/11/2019
A newly birthed collaboration between Australian musicians Nick Littlemore (PNAU, Empire of the Sun) and Alister Wright (Cloud Control).
The lush and luminous track speaks to a metaphorical loss of composure. “It’s that feeling of seeing a thing of absolute beauty, whether it’s a girl or guy or plant or animal, and being brought into a heightened reality,” says Littlemore.

Natalie Gauci - Back To Life     Dance, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/11/2019
Natalie is the winner of Australian Idol, had a Platinum album and Gold single, and has been internationally recognised for her music,
Back to Life is the story of a vouyer who is vicariously living someone else’s life, watching them every day. This is what we are doing today with social media. We are becoming distracted and have forgotten who we really are. Now we are waking up and coming back to life.

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Samskara Radio - Can't Kill The Radio (Austin Leeds Extended Dance Remix)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House, Pop 20/11/2019
Samskara Radio is the music project of Simon Marrocco. Samskara Radio’s latest release entitled ‘Can’t Kill The Radio - Versions/Remixes' contains various remixes of the song Can’t Kill The Radio.
Can't Kill The Radio (Extended Dance Remix) is an uplifting House remix by Miami producer Austin Leeds fusing elements of EDM, synth-wave with epic breakdowns.

"This particular version features hectic drums reminiscent of eurobeat, and stabby synths that push and pull your body is such a way that you’ve got no choice but to dance." Jessie Wilson (Happy Mag, 2019)

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Other tracks by Samskara Radio:  Can't Kill The Radio (Michael Badger Instrumental)  -  Can't Kill The Radio (Austin Leeds Radio Edit)
Tina Says - Elevate     Dance, House 15/11/2019
Western Australia's Tina Says is a flourishing producer that continues to evolve and constantly pushes herself to elevate her output and has delivered several impressive productions to date.
Perth producer Tina Says' releases Elevate, her debut release on Tinted Records. The tech house inspired and club ready track features a bouncy house bassline with glitchy sultry vocals throughout it.

Enschway - Illusions     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Sydney producer Enschway has built up a huge following with high-energy songs that pack a big dose of bass, a punch of synth and a hit of melody.
Having just announced a national tour for November and December, Sydney producer Enschway today drops his brand new single ‘Illusions’ on TMRW Music’s Downright imprint. Featuring soaring vocals with a touch of drum and bass, ‘Illusions’ displays another leap forward in the production prowess of Enschway, which has seen him be dubbed “the new bass hero Australia deserves.”

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SLUMBERJACK - Crucified     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Since breaking onto the Australian electronic music scene in 2014, Slumberjack have expanded their sound with bigger hooks and more visionary textures.
The duo bonded with Daktyl during a 3-day road trip from Vancouver to Minneapolis last year whilst they were both on tour, the result being the staccato beat laden ‘Crucified’. The initial demo of the track was done on an abandoned piano which was found on the side of the street before MOOONZz was enlisted to contribute her dreamy vocals.

Hotel Home - Evergreen     Dance, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 08/11/2019
Electronic producer based out of Sydney and studying at the Australian Institute of Music. Influenced by everything from film scores to trap music.
A soft yet driving electronic dance track, inspired by elements of hip-hop music and featuring a yearning vocal hook centred around themes of love and inquiry into the nature of a relationship.

KLP - Swear I Lost Myself     Dance, House 08/11/2019
Multi-faceted Sydney producer KLP is a musical force, as an artist, singer, advocate, business woman and songwriter, she's the ultimate jack of all trades.
'Swear I Lost Myself' is an infectious house banger, which hooks you in with the first listen. KLP's vocals on show - this track is an earworm that you can't get rid of.

Other tracks by KLP:  Ghost  -  Stranded
XUFIIA - Gravitate     Dance, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Xufiia is a duo combined of Sydney based Singer/Songwriter Meerz & Producer/Songwriter Diaz - Influenced by Deep House, Electronic EDM, Trap, Future Bass and Pop.
Xufiia strikes a more personal note with their latest release ‘Gravitate’ giving listeners a taste of depth and realism chopped and skewed with a strong emotive lead vocal cradled into a bass heavy heart stopping beat.

“Gravitate” paints the picture of two people riddled with barricades yet can’t seem to run or hide from each others negative and positive pull.

Blanke & Godlands - Hellraiser     Dance 07/11/2019
Canberra producer and burgeoning bass artist on the global scene Blanke (JP Orchison) teams up with Adelaide producer Godlands (Annabel Hartlett) for their expansive new collab 'Hellraiser'.
Fusing expansive buildups, melodic interludes and frenetic drops, Australian producers Blanke and Godlands bring new school mid-tempo energy via their new single "Hellraiser” out October 11 via Downright. The burgeoning Australian bass artists have been tapped to support Illenium & Joyryde (Respectively) on select US dates.

Lasseter - One     Dance, Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 07/11/2019
Lasseter is a Melbourne based solo musician, producer and synthesis enthusiast. Primarily interested in crafting instrumental music to dance/run/think to.
The song was inspired by the emotions that generally precede a run. That slow escalation of anxiety that is then quickly shed as you set off.

Other tracks by Lasseter:  Affect  -  Yes, Love Lost
Self Tape - Urban Vintage     Dance, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 07/11/2019
Feel good club music with subtle emotive touches. With deep grooves, crisp highs and housey chords, Self Tape resonates with his influences Jamie xx, Jacques Greene, and Leon Vynehall.
Self Tape brings his unique take on modern dance music to new heights with his first single ‘Urban Vintage’ off the forthcoming EP. While in New York earlier this year, Self Tape discovered the new sounds presented, born in his sister-in-laws Brooklyn cafe and finished in his hometown of Sydney alongside Collaborator Isadora who features on vocals.

Alison Wonderland, QUIX - TIME (SLUMBERJACK Remix)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Fresh off being added to the inaugural Festival X lineup and with two sold out Red Rocks under her belt, acclaimed producer Alison Wonderland continues to conquer the dance world.
Alison Wonderland's latest single called "TIME", a collaboration with New Zealand producer, QUIX has been remixed by Australian electronic duo SLUMBERJACK.

"TIME" is a heavy-hitting club track that infuses and showcases the talents of each artist. QUIX's futuristic bass-infused drops help to drive Wonderland's vocal intensity throughout the track, while SLUMBERJACK's send's "TIME" catapulting into a realm of dance-fuelled euphoria.

KLP - Giver feat. Dena Amy     Dance, House 06/11/2019
Multi-faceted Sydney producer KLP is a musical force, as an artist, singer, advocate, business woman and songwriter, she's the ultimate jack of all trades.
'Giver' is a powerful dance bop, about not only getting what you deserve but knowing what you're worth. "Has anyone ever made you question how much you deserve? It’s happened to me ... and I wrote all about it. I know what I am worth and if you can't deliver on that then you're not the right GIVER for me."

Pure State - I'm Trying to Say     Dance 06/11/2019
Pure State is an Australian progressive house music project. Combining warm pad tones and catchy hook lines with edgy rhythms is a consistent theme of Pure State's music.
I'm Trying to Say is a catchy progressive house tune with a positive message about finding your confidence and purpose as a person.

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Strict Face - Intraheat     Dance, Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Strict Face is a producer/DJ from Adelaide, South Australia whose music combines his main influences – grime, pop, rap & R&B productions, dancehall and percussion-heavy music.
The EP’s first single ‘Intraheat’ sees Strict Face look to older demos for inspiration. The demo that struck him was one from his New Racer era. With a little twisting around and experimenting with the main processed flute motif, he had found the core of the track which he then built upon.

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The Naddiks - Merry Go Round (Yosef Flumeri Remix)     Dance, House, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 01/11/2019
Merry Go Round remix by Yosef Flumeri is a pole ride into the abyss of lust and confusion
Merry Go Round remix by Venezuela's famous DJ Yosef Flumeri turns The Naddiks original rock song into a pumping audacious dance anthem.

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ICEVENA - BANG THAT, SCRATCH     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 25/10/2019
ICEVENA is a DIY electronic artist from Ryde with a passion for making crazy club music with nothing but headphones and a laptop.
BANG THAT, SCRATCH fuses the genres of techno and trap to create a beast of a club track sure to get the dance floor bouncing. Inspired by glitch and ASMR, the details in the production will get under the skin of the headphone listener, while fluttering baselines will caress hearts in the club.

Tobiahs - Late Night     Dance, House, Pop, Garage 24/10/2019
Having created music since age 15, Tobiahs skillfully combines elements of house, pop and garage to deliver his unique vision of lyric-driven dance music.
Melbourne-based producer Tobiahs presents ‘Late Night’, a rich and sensuous exploration of pop and house music that marks his first release through 100s + 1000s. ‘Late Night’ marks the start of something bolder and darker from Tobiahs, as the young producer hones in on his sound and establishes himself as an artist to seriously watch over the coming months.

Israel Carter - Deadly Women     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/10/2019
My name is Israel Carter and i’m a music producer/songwriter/sound engineer/DJ from Melbourne Australia
Israel Carter- Deadly Women