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Israel Carter - Karma     Dance 17/01/2020
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a music producer from Melbourne Australia.
Israel Carter, Sarey Savy- Karma

Nazzereene - I'm Gonna Run Away     Dance, Pop, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Creatively versatile Nazzereene from Melbourne, Australia, is a young and upcoming powerhouse Singer/Songwriter/Performer who prides herself on connecting through music
“I’m Gonna Runaway” is Nazzereene’s first Solo Release.

“I’m Gonna Runaway” is an absolute dreamy track that just oozes those classic house vibes with a twist of Nazzereene's R&B flavor.

Nazzereene brings back all the elements that made us fall in love with her tropical house track Tattooed Heart in 2019.

Vlossom - Tabs     Dance, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Vlossom is an entry into another world, a wonderland both beautifully futuristic and profoundly elemental. A newly birthed collaboration between Australian musicians Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright (Cloud Control).
Nick Littlemore describes the meaning behind “Tabs”: “Tabs is about the human relationship with time and the ticking clocks of consciousness. Ride this song like a rocket ship into a kaleidoscopic world, take this journey from star to asteroid and beyond, come try the friendly are all invited.”

Israel Carter - Bittersweet Moment     Dance 16/01/2020
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a music producer from Melbourne, Australia.
Israel Carter- Bittersweet Moment

Israel Carter - Watch Me     Dance 16/01/2020
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a music producer from Melbourne, Australia.
Israel Carter- Watch Me

Samskara Radio - I Can't Wait     Dance, Pop 23/12/2019
Samskara Radio has just released I Can’t Wait, a deep house collaboration with Miami house music legend Austin Leeds.
I Can’t Wait is at radio today and available on all streaming platforms in December.

Un-Ti - Love Me Like Yesterday     Dance, Pop 20/12/2019
A shared passion for music brought together high school friends Ben, Lachie and Reid in the beautiful beachside community of the NSW Central Coast.
Following on from their 10 million+ streaming debut single ‘Caught Up’, Un-Ti return with ‘Love Me Like Yesterday’. Already picking up support from Spotify's New Music Friday in Australia & New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, India and more, ‘Love Me Like Yesterday’ sees the trio again team up with Melbourne producer ALIUS to deliver their signature summer-tinged, electronic pop sound.

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STATUE - Cast     Dance, House, Instrumental, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/12/2019
STATUE is a mysterious percussion-based project erected by Tom Gould. Come visit.
Cast is thrown onto the dance floor to celebrate Revolver Upstairs' first record release which celebrates 20 years of The Late Show which STATUE is a resident DJ.

Fletcher Kirkman - Call Me     Dance, Pop 13/12/2019
Emerging commercial dance artist Fletcher Kirkman is releasing his next track, "Call Me" December 13 featuring London-based platinum selling songwriter Dani Senior. A tropical, happy & uplifting song.
"Call Me" is a happy/uplifting tropical house track with catchy, commercial vocals by London-based platinum selling songwriter Dani Senior. Fletcher describes the song as "full of positivity, transporting you to a tropical island getaway". The track is already set to be featured on the Hit Network and 105.7 Radio Metro.

Hooligan Hefs - No Effect (Zac Samuel Remix)     Dance 13/12/2019
Western Sydney MC Hooligan Hefs has had a whirlwind of a year. Rising through the domestic hip hop ranks, he’s developed a loyal and dedicated fanbase around Australia.
Something of a remix king, Brighton UK-based Zac Samuel has taken on the honour of reworking ‘No Effect’. This remix follows on his flips of internationally recognised artists, including Hercules & Love Affair, Lily Allen, Rita Ora, Years & Years and Kiesza. The rework is perfect for peak time dancefloors and takes the Hefs hype to a brand new audience

Other tracks by Hooligan Hefs:  No Effect (Sunset Bros Remix)
Nina Las Vegas, Swick & MC Bin Laden - Tananaram     Dance, Latin, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/12/2019
Nina Las Vegas has been a powerful female force in both the Australian and International dance landscape since 2007, respected by artists and the audience alike.
Long time collaborators Nina Las Vegas and Swick team up with Brazilian baile funk artist, MC Bin Laden on their new track “Tananaram”.

Teddy Cream - Summer Jam     Dance 13/12/2019
Teddy Cream is Brandon Mangion and Vincent Calderone, two lifelong friends from Melbourne who began producing together at 13, touring at 18, and dominating dance music not long after.
Teddy Cream had long been fans of The Underdog Project’s hit ‘Summer Jam’. “It was time for a fresh remake so we put our touch on it.” Their reimagining of the classic European summer hit – which is all about good weather, good times and good people – is big, bold and perfectly Teddy Cream.

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Luka Leo - Yesterday (feat. Phil Hancock)     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 05/12/2019
Luka Leo is a Brisbane music producer who has graduated from the far world of heavy metal music into the slick aesthetic of nostalgic electronic dance floor anthems.
Yesterday is a dance music collaboration between Brisbane singer/songwriter Phil Hancock and electronic producer Luka Leo. It's a nostalgic blend of throwback dance music with ethereal falsetto vocals. This dark, groovy, retro beat is a great summer jam to make anyone feel like they are cruising by the beach as the sun goes down, heading out for a good night.

Pirra - Under the Skyline     Dance, Pop 29/11/2019
Recently signing with BLK&WHT for the UK, indie-pop outfit Pirra continue to get us off our feet with their blend of dance vibes and euphoric bliss.
“Under the Skyline” is a euphoric bliss that captures the freedom of the grand open landscapes and beautiful nature of Australia. A simple enough concept yet it’s something we constantly yearn for – the idea of completely letting go and being born anew. Pirra combines acoustic tones with electronic and dance production for this indie-pop masterpiece.

Ray Ramon - Koo Baby (Andromeda Disco House Remix)     Dance, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
Ray Ramon is a Nigerian Born Australian Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer and Actor.
UK music producer David Cherry aka Andromeda creates a disco-house sensation for Ray Ramon's original song "Koo Baby".

Koo Baby is a song written by Nigerian Born Australian Ray Ramon for his wife Kirsten Ramon and produced by Andromeda.

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Strict Face - Amateur Slugger     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Instrumental 26/11/2019
Strict Face is a producer/DJ from Adelaide, South Australia whose music combines his main influences – grime, pop, rap & R&B productions, dancehall and percussion-heavy music.
‘Amateur Slugger’ is arguably the heaviest of the four tracks, with a punchy tech-kick, a dub-echoed build and a release that sees him have fun with the track’s rhythm. What emerges is a complex, dance floor stomper.

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Other tracks by Strict Face:  Thermal Failure  -  Freezeframe
Chase City - Back In Motion     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie 23/11/2019
"I've been abducted but hey these captors aren't all that bad, cool ride" - Declan Byrne, Triple J Home and Hosed.
We really tried to include our usual guitar hooks but they just weren't fitting and we were happy to take a really electronic approach to this. We had just watched the latest trainspotting film before recording the song and we just wanted the production to feel like a song that could fit into a soundtrack like that.

Daniela Ion - Breathe On Me     Dance, Pop, Christian, Indie 22/11/2019
Daniela Ion is an award winning singer/songwriter, her music career started professionally in her early teens, working with various record producers where her essence and vocal style was birthed.
Short meaning around Breathe On Me:

When you reach the end of yourself and decide to create a whole new life, it all starts with the breath of creation

Breathe On Me as always came as a spontaneous song, “it took 15 mins to write”. It just flowed and I was very excited to show it to Leon Berger.

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Northeast Party House - Dominos     Dance 21/11/2019
Northeast Party House are: Malcolm Besley, Oliver Packard, Mitch Ansell, Sean Kenihan, Jackson Schumacher and Zachary Hamilton-Reeve.
'Dominos' is the second single to come from the band this year and a taste of what to expect from their forthcoming 3rd album. 'Dominos' was produced by Northeast Party House and Kim Moyes (The Presets) and sees them breaking barriers to traverse new ground sonically

Northeast Party House - Magnify     Dance 21/11/2019
Northeast Party House are: Malcolm Besley, Oliver Packard, Mitch Ansell, Sean Kenihan, Jackson Schumacher and Zachary Hamilton-Reeve.
Taken from a forthcoming third record ‘Magnify’ is the first taste of new music from the Melbourne 6 piece since their 2016 album ‘Dare’. Produced by Northeast Party House and Kim Moyes (The Presets), ‘Magnify’ is a dance anthem built around a soaring guitar hook that calls to club floors and festival fields.

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