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The Nights - Without You     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 26/02/2020
Residing between ambient electronica, techno and emotive house, you’ll find ​The Nights​. Sydney based trio consisting of Tom Marland, Rob Campbell, and Walter Flamenco, accomplished creatives in their own right.
The Nights offer “a cathartic celebration of letting go of toxicity” on their brand new single, “Without You”. Featuring pulsating house chords, sequenced analog synths and carefully selected vocal samples.

Self Tape - AM     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 25/02/2020
Rising Sydney Electronic Producer, Self Tape Drops ‘AM’ In The Lead Up To His Debut EP. As an ascending act he is taking command of the electronic scene.
‘AM’ is the amalgamation of ground roots production and meticulous engineering, resulting in a release that’s equally natural as it is refined and polished. The synthesis of elements evokes texture and nuance, culminating into a surreal participation with the track. Self Tape has propagated a melodious club track that guides a listener through a subconscious journey of euphoria.

Harvey Sutherland - Superego     Dance, Instrumental, Soul, Jazz 21/02/2020
Melbourne producer and funk synthesist Harvey Sutherland.
A back-to-basics machine funk stepper. Produced in self-imposed confinement at his velvet-lined studio bunker, Harvey gives the band some time off and goes inside his own head for a while. File under Neurotic Funk.

Tornado Wallace - Midnight Mania     Dance, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/02/2020
A forerunner of the new wave of Melbourne dance producers, Tornado Wallace’s distinct and perceptive electronics find him in a constant rotation of both hemispheres, now based in Berlin.
Midnight Mania is the title track Tornado Wallace's upcoming Optimo Music mini album. It is tribal laser synth 110bpm fire that works at a multitude of tempos. The video for this should win awards. The vinyl mini album is out March 20th.

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Toyah Hoetzel - Missing     Dance, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 17/02/2020
Melbourne based euro-pop-electro producer self-describes their music as watching Blade Runner, in that it is tense and emotional, but you can dance to it.
A bit new-wavey, Missing drops as another hard-hitting electro track from Toyah. It's space and future and not the status quo.

Commandeur - Nothing Else     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop, Indie 14/02/2020
A member of Operator Please as a teenager, Tim Commandeur has stepped out from behind the drum kit with his inspired electronic productions. Expect heartfelt dancefloor workouts and atmospheric soundscapes.
A heartfelt summer love song that acts as a personal time capsule bookmarking a particularly momentous chapter in Commandeur’s life. The track was written between Australia, Indonesia and the US, with the vocals laid down by Jesse Boykins III in Los Angeles. A Valentine’s Day love song that was born from a trip to propose to his fiancé.

Mani - Sour Minds     Dance, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/02/2020
Mani is a producer of sophisticated late night dance music.
Sour Minds is blends many genres of dance together. Starting out soft and building to a techno tune that really grows.

Other tracks by Mani:  Dazed  -  The Thoughts, The Fears
Kieran J Hennessy - The Filthy Flamingo     Dance, Pop, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/02/2020
compassion & passion. books & beats. tunes & grooves. sex & truth. A new era of spiritual larrikinism, political piss-take, a self-deprecating dance maniac shining disco lights on your illusions...
The Filthy Flamingo. A place of reckless abandon. A place to hide and belong. A spaced out 70’s, pink-tinted motel pool party. An homage to an imaginary yet oh-so-nostalgic party palace.

A sing-along house track guaranteed to get stuck in your head. It’s a carefree, silly track, but that in itself is rebellion against the puritanical tyranny we all face.

SPINCLASSE - LAST SUMMER     Dance, Pop, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/02/2020
They met at a techno club & 1 year later they're making music themselves. Producer Adam Saykan & Singer / Songwriter Natalie Ambrose seamlessly blend vocal house & pop
Last Summer is about the curiosity that looms between a new couple regarding who they were in the past.

Just as a relationship evolves so does this track.

Puretone feat. QuickBrownFox - Hardcore     Dance, Pop 31/01/2020
Puretone is a hugely successful Melbourne Producer, the alter ego of Josh Abrahams, who had a #1 hit with Addicted to Bass.
Puretone is a hugely successful Melbourne Producer, the alter ego of Josh Abrahams, who had a #1 hit with Addicted to Bass. In more recent years Puretone creates amazing pop songs with unnamed, yet high profile, vocalists - one of whom is QuickBrownFox - the performance name with Puretone of a popular, yet on this project anonymous, Australian singer.

Shwest - Look     Dance, Alternative, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 31/01/2020
Shwest is a Melbourne based producer, who creates hypnotic house-inspired electronic music.
Inspiration for 'Look' came from reading Oliver Sack's account of the development of sign language 'Seeing Voices', In the book, a three dimensional computer generated image shows the grammatical inflections of the sign LOOK. The complexity and beauty of sign language is revealed through the image. Shwest tries to translate the movement and form of the 3D image into sound.

MorningMaxwell - Take It In     Dance, Pop, Indie, Soul 24/01/2020
MorningMaxwell is a DJ/Producer from Melbourne who creates and plays fun, funky, feel good house and electronic music.
A summer jam for everyone to "Take It In"!

MorningMaxwell has teamed up with Velvet Bloom & Max Glyde who hit the hearts of Hayden James fans with an official remix of "Nowhere To Go". On January 24th pre-drinks, road trips and air-pod sharing, "Hey check this out" sessions are going to be one-uped when music lovers "Take It In".

Pure State - I'm Coming Home     Dance, House 24/01/2020
Pure State is an Australian progressive/future house music project. Combining warm pad tones and catchy hook lines with edgy rhythms is a consistent theme of Pure State's music.
“I’m Coming Home” is highly catchy and groove based song featuring the unique and gifted vocals by UK singer Chloe Kay.

The song is about the anticipation, imagining and the pure joy of coming home to be reunited with your loved one after being away for a lengthy absence.

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Choomba - La Luh     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, House 23/01/2020
Choomba, the emerging Australian duo emerging as front runners of the Australian electronic music community.
‘La Luh’ sees Choomba step up again and is set to catapult the duo to a global audience. The track features intoxicating builds with synth heavy tendencies, and features iconic vocal that pricks the ears and turns the head of everyone who hears it. ‘La Luh’ has the qualities that cut through the airwaves and draws people to the dancefloor.

Pirra - Under the Skyline (Acoustic)     Dance, Indie, Pop 23/01/2020
Recently signing with BLK&WHT for the UK, indie-pop outfit Pirra continue to get us off our feet with their blend of dance vibes and euphoric bliss.
“Under the Skyline” is a euphoric bliss that reflects the freedom of the open landscapes and beautiful nature of Australia and the idea of completely letting go and being born anew. Keeping the signature acoustic guitar from the original version while introducing new slick chord changes, Jess’ vocals are a breath of fresh air, capturing the essence of the song.

Elizabeth - parties (Alice Ivy remix)     Dance 22/01/2020
Elizabeth’s solo music is a full floral bloom of heartache and personal reaffirmation. Her voice shimmers, remaining light to the touch as it conveys a multitude of emotions.
This remix provides Parties a new veil of smoke and haze for the club environment. Elizabeth's cathartic and bittersweet imagery of crying in the club paired with the vibrant Day-Glo sounds of Alice Ivy make for a perfect combo – the club as both celebratory and melancholy. Alice Ivy's remix leaves a bruise where the original Parties left a wound.

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Israel Carter - Karma     Dance 17/01/2020
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a music producer from Melbourne Australia.
Israel Carter, Sarey Savy- Karma

Nazzereene - I'm Gonna Run Away     Dance, Pop, House, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Creatively versatile Nazzereene from Melbourne, Australia, is a young and upcoming powerhouse Singer/Songwriter/Performer who prides herself on connecting through music
“I’m Gonna Runaway” is Nazzereene’s first Solo Release.

“I’m Gonna Runaway” is an absolute dreamy track that just oozes those classic house vibes with a twist of Nazzereene's R&B flavor.

Nazzereene brings back all the elements that made us fall in love with her tropical house track Tattooed Heart in 2019.

Vlossom - Tabs     Dance, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/01/2020
Vlossom is an entry into another world, a wonderland both beautifully futuristic and profoundly elemental. A newly birthed collaboration between Australian musicians Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright (Cloud Control).
Nick Littlemore describes the meaning behind “Tabs”: “Tabs is about the human relationship with time and the ticking clocks of consciousness. Ride this song like a rocket ship into a kaleidoscopic world, take this journey from star to asteroid and beyond, come try the friendly are all invited.”

Israel Carter - Bittersweet Moment     Dance 16/01/2020
My name is Israel Carter and i'm a music producer from Melbourne, Australia.
Israel Carter- Bittersweet Moment