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Dallas Does PR

Dallas Does PR

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The Gooch Palms - Summertime     Rock, Garage, Punk 30/11/2018
It’s been a wild ride starting out as a DIY garage punk band in their front bedroom in Newcastle to honing their skills on stages across the globe.
You’re stretched out on a beach towel spread upon the white sands of Palombaggia Beach, in the South of France. You sip a Mauresque cocktail while watching the azure waves gently lap the shore. A bead of sweat drips from your temple down your cheek as the warm sun shines down. It’s the perfect temperature for a hot summers day.

Jacob - The Rain King     Rock, Punk 26/10/2018
Jacob are a band united by their passion for cheesy emo-rock and DIY practices hailing from Wollongong/Newcastle. The band are sure to turn some heads with their catchy hooks.
It's about trying to navigate personal boundaries with your ex. In this case, when you're out at the same party. Ruairi Burns likes to make a lot of references when writing lyrics; songs he's listening to, books he's reading, shows he's I'm watching. You might notice little references to The X Files, Stephen King and my favourite Smokey Robinson song.

Jacob - Baby, I'm A Blockhead     Rock, Punk 25/09/2018
Split between the two steel cities of New South Wales – Wollongong and Newcastle, Jacob are a 4 piece emo revivalists.
“The song is about knowing how to be that ideal person for your loved one even though you are definitely not being that person at all…We made sure to throw in as many references as we could from the boy band New Kids on The Block into the song too. Those NKOTB boys were just as lovesick as we are.”

The Gooch Palms - Marfa Lights     Rock, Garage, Punk 04/09/2018
The Gooch Palms are a duo hailing from Newcastle, Australia.
Marfa Lights is a song about The Goochies’ brush with some paranormal (maybe) activity. You can enjoy and sing along to the full story by peeping the music video made by the band themselves featuring a hypnotic alien dancing (90’s viral “Dancing Baby” style) in front of one of Marfa’s permanent art installations. Never forget, the truth is out there!!!

The VANNS - How Was I Supposed To Know     Rock, Rock 22/08/2018
Four piece from Wollongong.
Produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey). It's the band’s strongest and most commanding track yet, which according to singer/guitarist Jimmy Vann deals with “The collapse of a relationship and the frustration, confusion, envy that comes along with seeing the one you love moving on easily in every way, whilst you’re still caught up in what was.”

Plini - Kind     Rock, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Ambience 19/07/2018
Plini is an independent solo artist from Sydney, Australia. He composes, plays guitar, records, produces and manages his unique brand of instrumental progressive rock all from a bedroom studio.
New single 'Kind' is the next step in PLINI’s fascinating creative journey, where he continues to experiment with prog, fusion, rock and much more.

The Gooch Palms - Busy Bleeding     Rock 22/06/2018
Two piece from Newcastle.
Busy Bleeding is poppy upbeat ode to “that time of the month” With classic lines suck as “running red, dropping dead, I’m in pieces” and “second pair of underwear, what a burden” half the population can relate and after a few listens, the other half will at least get the picture of what we’re all dealing with here!

The Hard Aches - Terrible Things     Rock 02/05/2018
The Hard Aches are Adelaide's indie-punk duo.
Terrible Things is taken from The Hard Aches' 2nd album, Mess out now.

Other tracks by The Hard Aches:  Friendship  -  Warm Blooded
TOTTY - Uncomfortable     Rock 01/05/2018
TOTTY, 3 piece band from Wollongong who describe their sound as “Shed Rock” after writing and recording music for their first year as a band in their trusty shed.
"Uncomfortable talks about relationships throughout life whether they are romantic or otherwise... It’s about communication and remembering to always try to listen to people’s feelings and be a nice person."

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

The Hard Aches - Happy     Rock 29/03/2018
The Hard Aches are Adelaide's indie-punk duo.
It's about struggling with identity, struggling with finding where you belong in your own little world and who you want to be in your own little world but also finding that light in times where its hard to see passed the dark. Featuring guest vocals by Georgia Maq (Camp Cope)

Last Dinosaurs - Dominos     Rock 19/03/2018
Last Dinosaurs have released two albums, landed a top 10 place in the Aria Chart for In A Million Years (2012), and received extensive airplay on Triple J.
Dominos is a different direction for the band, with Sean and Lach collectively mining their memories for love, loss, and hope. Sparkling guitars, catchy hooks, the sweet indie-rock goodness

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The Hard Aches - Mess     Rock 14/03/2018
The Hard Aches are Adelaide's indie-punk duo.
Mess comes from a place of hope, a feeling of knowing that everything is going to be ok regardless of how hard it might be sometimes. It's always way easy to feel like you’ve burned out whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally, this is a constant reminder to recharge.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)