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Yacht Club DJs - Undertow     Electronic 05/04/2014
After five mixtapes, thousands of shows and more than 100,000 plays online, Yacht Club DJs add another prong to the proverbial pitchfork; unveiling their first-ever originals offering, new single ‘Undertow’.
Featuring Josh Haire (Them 9’s) on vocals, ‘Undertow’ took shape in a makeshift mattress fort at Yacht Club HQ, before landing in the ever-capable hands of Woody Annison (Dune Rats, Hunting Grounds) for mixing/mastering. Sax-drenched and harmony-laden, ‘Undertow’ serves a tasty-as-hell appetiser to Yacht Club DJs’ debut EP No. 1.

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Velociraptor - Riot     Rock, Garage, Pop 09/07/2012
Velociraptor like to make party, so much so that they formed a band/gang so large, so loose, and so fun that instant party making was guaranteed* wherever they showed up.
You might remember, Velociraptor from their summer hit ‘Cynthia’. Stuff got wild once that track got out onto the Internets and radio... Before the team knew it they were bitchin' rockstars. Now, they're back, armed to the teeth with more hooks than a fisherman moonlighting as a hooker, with ‘Riot’.


Other tracks by Velociraptor:  The Walk On By
Tyne-James Organ - In My Arms     Pop, Rock 23/11/2016
Rising Wollongong singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ makes the next huge step in his career today with the release of his uplifting debut single ‘In My Arms’ via Create/Control.
‘In My Arms’ perfectly captures Tyne-James’ undeniable knack for crafting a perfect acoustic pop song. And while his earthy acoustic guitar playing, brilliant lyricism and passionate vocals remain at the forefront, the song is the sound of an artist stepping into the big leagues.

Tiber - Wings     Electronic 23/11/2016
In the last year Australian artist Tiber has experienced a fiery rise with captivating live performances and a truly prolific approach to production earning him the respect of audiences
Hi-fi West Coast hip-hop, chordal piano, deep jungle, brief flickers of eastern instrumentation and disembodied vocal hymns all leak through a prism of left-field bass music.

The Jungle Giants - You've Got Something     Pop, Rock 25/10/2012
The Jungle Giants first hit heights with the dirty little ditty, 'Mr Polite', but now the Brisbane four piece are back with their follow up EP, 'She's A Riot'.
You've Got Something' is the second twinkly pop number taken from The Jungle Giants sophomore EP, "She's A Riot". The upbeat track is led by Cesira Aitken's keen lead guitar work and backed by Sam Hales' smooth croon.

Other tracks by The Jungle Giants:  She's A Riot
The Grates - Holiday Home     Pop, Rock, Punk 26/11/2014
Bursting out of the garages and backyards of Brisbane with scrapped knees and larger-than-life sound, The Grates and their DIY ethos has always mischievously disturbed the quiet.
“Don’t you wanna spend the night in this holiday home?” Howls Patience Hodgson, part tongue-in-cheek, part rock n’ roll sensuality and all roaring attitude, over thundering and unstoppable drums in the opening line of their first track ‘Holiday Home’ from The Grates self-recorded debut release out on the 28/11.

The Chemist - Spray Paint or Praise (still a statue in the wind)     Rock, Blues, Folk, Pop 27/11/2012
The Chemist are a three piece band from Perth who following on from their two critically acclaimed EPs and national touring have crafted their debut album.
Filled with a concoction of sounds that only the mind of of front man Ben Witt could meld together, the track is driven by a snare heavy drum groove mingling with intertwining guitar sounds and topped off with Ben's distinct vocal.

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The Chemist - Silver & Gold     Rock 28/02/2013
Enigmatic swamp rockers The Chemist's first official single off their debut record – Silver & Gold.
Silver & Gold is the first official single lifted from The Chemist's debut album "Ballet in the Badlands". Born from the music mind of front man Benjamin Witt, Silver & Gold full of weird and wonderful guitar sounds driven by a blues-esque groove laced with the almost genius moments.

Sahara Beck - Tapping on the Roof     Pop, Folk 07/09/2016
The 20-year-old, 3 x QMA winning singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Sahara Beck, releases riotous new single ‘Tapping On The Roof’, lifted off her critically acclaimed second album Panacea.
The song deals with the idea of someone who has lost their mind and is running about the streets acting like a crazy person and those who can't understand what is going on inside their head. "Those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who couldn't hear the music".


Sahara Beck - Spinning Time     Pop, Folk 07/04/2016
Sahara Beck is an independent artist in the truest sense of the word - finding her own sound and emerging as a true artist, not just another remarkable voice.
Spinning Time is about people who have told a story so many times that the meaning and content of the whole story have changed already by the 5th telling, therefore changing history based on your own perspective. Spinning time = Changing history.

Sahara Beck - Crack Bang Bang     Pop, Folk 29/11/2016
20-year-old, 3 x QMA winning singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Sahara Beck, releases new single Crack Bang Bang, lifted from her critically acclaimed second album Panacea.
With its sugary sweet harmonies, rollicking percussion and cacophonous horns reminiscent of vintage rag-time cabaret, Beck states of the show stopping tune “Crack Bang Bang is a Kinks styled ode to every ex-boyfriend there ever was. It's summer!

PVT - Window     Electronic, Rock, Experimental 20/07/2010
PVT are Sydney based siblings Laurence & Richard Pike, and Dave Miller. PVT made history in 2008 by becoming the first Australian band signed to Warp Records (Grizzly Bear).
The album’s first single, “Window”, is typical of the dense collisions of PVT’s sound world. It’s a heady combination of vocal experimentation, swirling keyboard arpeggios and pounding drums, with emotive harmony and clear melodic punch.

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Other tracks by PVT:  Light Up Bright Fires  -  Crimson Swan
PVT - Homosapien     Electronic, Experimental, Dance 08/04/2013
PVT are Sydney experimental-electronic rock trio formally known as Pivot, delivering their fourth album, "Homosapien".
'Homosapien' is the third single lifted from PVT's fourth album of the same name. Their music has been described as a sonic collision of man vs machine. This song fully encapsulates that.

Other tracks by PVT:  Vertigo  -  Nightfall
Pop Cult - Sunday Mourning     Rock, Pop 06/10/2016
Queensland indie-rockers Pop Cult today unleash ‘Sunday Mourning’, the brand new single lifted off their forthcoming debut EP, titled ‘Cult Classics’ which is set to be released November 4
The band that has already earned a reputation for crafting stomping sing-alongs in the same vein as Primal Scream and The Dandy Warhols, this new cut embraces a nostalgic, 90’s style fuzzed out, pop guitars and dreamy vocals with a catchy as hell chorus.

Patrick James - Wait     Folk, Acoustic 22/10/2013
From growing up in coastal New South Wales to selling out shows in his new home of Sydney, Patrick James has honed his craft; an honest and true songsmith.
It’s the Patrick James we know and love – an honest and true songsmith with an innate flair for soft acoustics, stirring harmonies and a heavy-hearted lyric. Recorded at the famed Alberts studio, ‘Wait’ solidifies his unfaltering finesse; opening with an understated guitar-lead vocal, before building in unabashed melancholy.

Patrick James - Message     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 29/05/2014
Sydney songsmith Patrick James today unveils his band new single ‘Message’. This is the first track to be lifted off his forthcoming sophomore EP due for release mid year.
‘Message’ explores the struggles of balancing tour life with other aspects of your life. The metaphor of sending a message is highlighting the idea that even though it is a balancing act, you get hooked on touring and the compelling feeling of playing to an audience every night.

Patrick James - All About to Change     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 14/05/2013
Sydney troubadour Patrick James is honest, un-self-concious and humble. His songs are acoustic meets pop and has just released his debut EP "All About to Change".
'All About to Change' is the title track lifted from Patrick James' debut EP. It's acoustic nature is lifted by swelling harmonies and a touch of banjo.

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Other tracks by Patrick James:  Brighter Lights
Oliver Tank - You Never Know (Feat. Hayden Calnin)     Electronic 11/03/2014
Oliver Tank burst seemingly out of nowhere with his own brand of incredibly textural glitch pop with his debut EP Dreams in late 2011.
Oliver Tank’s skill for weaving together glorious textured soundscapes is once again on display in the second single ‘You Never Know’ (Feat. Hayden Calnin) lifted from his sophomore EP Slow Motion Music

Oliver Tank - Different Speed (feat. Ta-ku)     Electronic, Ambience 04/10/2013
Sydney glitch-pop creator Oliver Tank burst onto the scene in 2011 with his debut EP "Dreams". This year he releases his long-awaited follow up.
, ‘Different Speed’ carries forth Tank’s emotionally connective electronica with lush harmonies coupled with delicate down tempo beats thanks to Perth producer Ta-ku. Tank took care of the vocals and melodies, whilst Ta-ku provided him with a bed of beats. Tank then layered his signature ambient sounds.

Oisima - Take Your Time     Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric, Experimental 14/05/2015
With delicate, dancing melodies and exotic imaginings Adelaide’s Oisima has found a global audience with his emotionally connective and original productions.
‘Take Your Time’ with its reimagined house leanings, slow burning hooks and rich, melodic layers lures a listener from Oisima’s usual sunlit jazz straight to the dance floor in the middle of a humid summers night.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)