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Life Is Better Blonde - Easy     Electronic, RnB, Atmospheric 08/07/2017
Enigmatic Melbourne-based electronic solo artist / producer Life Is Better Blonde unveils new single Easy. The track is the latest single to be lifted off his debut EP Space + Tyres.
Easy is another taste of Life Is Better Blonde's own brand of emotive, glitchy and blissed-out RnB soultronica.

Jesse Redwing - Turn Away     Blues/Roots, Rock 03/06/2017
Sydney blues machine Jesse Redwing is back with a heartbreaker of a new single, ‘Turn Away,’ featuring the titanic vocals of Melbourne soul songstress Wilsn.
A straight up and down blues heartbreaker, pitting the phenomenal vocals of both Jesse Redwing and Melbourne soul singer Wilsn against each other, in a stunning push and pull of huge talent.

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Antony & Cleopatra - Dust     Electronic, Pop 25/05/2017
Australian / London electronic duo Antony & Cleopatra (Alexander Burnett & Anita Blay). Their take on future-pop electronica inspired by late 80s US house, 70s disco as, UK garage.
Infectious, techy, future-pop

Baro - Pretty     Hip Hop 02/05/2017
At just 19, Baro has spent the last few years setting the Australian hip-hop scene alight and his international sound has started turning hip hop heads around the world.
‘Pretty’, sees Baro in experimentation mode, exploring his sound, and drawing worthy comparisons with the likes of Frank Ocean. Jazzy hooks and bouncy beats are traded for indie guitars and fuzzed out harmonies, as Baro explores melodies, textures and tones unlike anyone else on the Australian hip hop landscape.


Life Is Better Blonde - Fires     Electronic 24/03/2017
Enigmatic Melbourne-based electronic solo artist / producer LIFE IS BETTER BLONDE returns with a blissed-out new single and wonderfully cinematic video clip titled Fires, out now via Create/Control.
“Fires is an empty threat break up. The words are said, but the meaning isn't, both parties know that it's not for real” says LIFE IS BETTER BLONDE.

Herzeloyde - Sprung     Electronic 08/02/2017
Herzeloyde has managed to build his career from the comfort of relative obscurity, and yet, with every new release, the impact of his music has grown louder and louder.
The single, which premiered on Purple Sneakers who described it as “absolutely throbbing from start to finish,” erupts like an air raid siren, announcing Herzeloyde’s arrival on Trench and signaling his emergence from the shadows and into the spotlight.

Katy Steele - Everywhere With You     Pop 02/02/2017
Katy Steele releases her new track, 'Everywhere With You’, the third, official single to be lifted off her debut, solo album Human, which is out now via Create/Control.
With its pop grooves and slick production, ‘Everywhere With You’, showcases glitched-out gospel-tinges and cinematic climaxes.

Jack Grace - Nice To Meet You     Electronic 29/11/2016
Captivating and enigmatic Sydney songwriter and producer Jack Grace releases new single Nice To Meet You, lifted from his stunning debut EP River which is out now via Create/Control.
'On Nice To Meet You', Grace holds nothing back, his vocals soar alongside driving beats, electric piano and glitchy deconstructed production. He draws on an eclectic backdrop of electronica, footwork, gospel and post dubstep boldly blending textures, genres and ideas.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Sahara Beck - Crack Bang Bang     Pop, Folk 29/11/2016
20-year-old, 3 x QMA winning singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Sahara Beck, releases new single Crack Bang Bang, lifted from her critically acclaimed second album Panacea.
With its sugary sweet harmonies, rollicking percussion and cacophonous horns reminiscent of vintage rag-time cabaret, Beck states of the show stopping tune “Crack Bang Bang is a Kinks styled ode to every ex-boyfriend there ever was. It's summer!

Life Is Better Blonde - Swim Good     Electronic, Hip Hop, Cover Version 25/11/2016
Enigmatic Melbourne-based electronic solo artist / producer Life Is Better Blonde returns with a blissed-out, glitchy cover of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good.
Life Is Better Blonde puts his own unique spin on Swim Good with his signature slick production, soulful vocal tones, smooth synths, weeping piano and pulsing beats.

Tiber - Wings     Electronic 23/11/2016
In the last year Australian artist Tiber has experienced a fiery rise with captivating live performances and a truly prolific approach to production earning him the respect of audiences
Hi-fi West Coast hip-hop, chordal piano, deep jungle, brief flickers of eastern instrumentation and disembodied vocal hymns all leak through a prism of left-field bass music.

Tyne-James Organ - In My Arms     Pop, Rock 23/11/2016
Rising Wollongong singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ makes the next huge step in his career today with the release of his uplifting debut single ‘In My Arms’ via Create/Control.
‘In My Arms’ perfectly captures Tyne-James’ undeniable knack for crafting a perfect acoustic pop song. And while his earthy acoustic guitar playing, brilliant lyricism and passionate vocals remain at the forefront, the song is the sound of an artist stepping into the big leagues.

Edward R. - Call Me Home     Rock, Pop 21/10/2016
Melbourne songwriter and producer Edward R. today reinforces his status as one of the most exciting rising Australian indie rock artists with the release of single ‘Call Me Home.’
Opening with gentle acoustic guitar notes and layered vocals, 'Call Me Home' begins as a neo-folk number before eventually making way for his signature grandiose production to take over, as a triumphant drum beat and purring bass line elevate the song into a stadium-ready behemoth.

Katy Steele - It Ain't Me     Pop 21/10/2016
Katy Steele unveils her brand new single ‘It Ain’t Me’, the second cut to be lifted off her forthcoming debut solo album ‘Human’, out Friday October 21 via Create/Control.
'It Ain't Me' is a commanding and enlivening call-to-arms with its catchy gospel-inspired melodies that soar to the heavens with swirling synths and thunderous drum beats.

Moreton - Johana     Rock 06/10/2016
Complex themes of darkness and pain are incredibly difficult to explore through the medium of popular music, and yet three-piece Moreton manage to achieve this in their second single, ‘Johana’.
Opening with a burst of deep and deliberate, angular guitar notes that make way to reveal a cardiac beat that remains constant throughout the song, Moreton’s front woman Georgia Potter’s powerful voice floods the mix with equally potent words as she explores the tragic tale of ‘Johana’.


Other tracks by Moreton:  Specimen
Pop Cult - Sunday Mourning     Rock, Pop 06/10/2016
Queensland indie-rockers Pop Cult today unleash ‘Sunday Mourning’, the brand new single lifted off their forthcoming debut EP, titled ‘Cult Classics’ which is set to be released November 4
The band that has already earned a reputation for crafting stomping sing-alongs in the same vein as Primal Scream and The Dandy Warhols, this new cut embraces a nostalgic, 90’s style fuzzed out, pop guitars and dreamy vocals with a catchy as hell chorus.

Edward R. - Who's Going To Love You     Rock, Pop 07/09/2016
The sky scraper scope of his debut single ‘Wolves And The Water’ was pure proof that Sunshine Coast songwriter and producer Edward R. was capable of creating spectacular, cinematic music.
Opening with rain droplet piano notes and quick-fire handclaps that give way to ringing acoustic guitar chords and layers of baritone harmony asking the bated question, “Who’s gonna love you now?”, the song steadily builds to a heavenly crescendo - picking up right where ‘Wolves And The Water’ left off.

Sahara Beck - Tapping on the Roof     Pop, Folk 07/09/2016
The 20-year-old, 3 x QMA winning singer-songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Sahara Beck, releases riotous new single ‘Tapping On The Roof’, lifted off her critically acclaimed second album Panacea.
The song deals with the idea of someone who has lost their mind and is running about the streets acting like a crazy person and those who can't understand what is going on inside their head. "Those who were dancing looked quite insane to those who couldn't hear the music".


Jack Grace - All Lost     Electronic 06/09/2016
Enigmatic Sydney songwriter and producer Jack Grace has offered up his new single ‘All Lost’, which is taken from his debut EP released in Australia later this year via Create/Control.
Speaking about his latest release, Grace explained that the song was inspired by a dark place. “’All Lost’ came about during a tumultuous period for me. I’d finished an EP, but after coming home from being on tour and going through a break-up I found myself in a different space.

Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC), Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Katy Steele - Where's The Laughter     Pop 17/08/2016
Armed with one of Australia’s most distinctive voices, Katy Steele releases the beautiful and daring new single ‘Where’s The Laughter’, the first official release from forthcoming debut solo album ‘Human’.
‘Where’s The Laughter’ was written and recorded by Steele in the basement studio of her childhood home in Perth and co-produced with fellow Perth native Matt Gio (Abbe May, San Cisco, Birds Of Tokyo).