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Nathan Seeckts - Sirens     Country, Rock, Alternative, Folk 08/11/2019
Nathan Seeckts is a powerful singer songwriter who effortlessly fuses the sounds of Americana, folk, country & blues delivered with a commanding voice that is equal parts gravel & passion.
1 in 4 children in Australia are exposed to domestic violence. In 12 months, on average, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner in our country. How often do we reach out for those who really need our support? Maybe that’s something as a society that we need to have a talk about?

Steve Case - Kimberley Girl     Country, Roots, Easy Listening, Rock 08/11/2019
Wagga-born and Kimberley living Steve Case writes songs inspired by Australia's remote and stunningly beautiful east Kimberley region.
Is "Kimberley Girl" based on a girl that Steve Case met in the Kimberley or is it simply a song that represents the beautiful region of the East Kimberley, WA in the form of a girl?

Either way, "Kimberley Girl" makes the singer feel alive in this easy listening acoustic country celebration track.

Stevie Riff - Let's Do Lunch     Country, Indie 08/11/2019
Stevie Riff is a Brisbane indie singer songwriter.
Let's Do Lunch is a country lament of a man seeking another chance with a past relationship by offering a lunch date.

The Rob Parnell Band - Meant To Last     Country, Rock, Pop, Easy Listening 08/11/2019
Smooth country rock from Port Pirie, South Australia.
An uplifting country song about the joy of relationship commitment.

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Brendan McMahon - Lost My Way     Country, Rock, Folk 07/11/2019
With influences including Country, Rock, Folk/Celtic and Blues, Australian Singer/Songwriter, Brendan McMahon, has released 4 solo albums including "In The Moment" (November 2019), an absolute must listen.
Lost My Way is an upbeat, feel good Country/Celtic/Rock track. The track was inspired by a wayward Echidna who found his way in to my backyard and decided to bury himself deep in the earth as I tried to take him back to his natural environment... eventually I was able to pick him up and return him to the bush.

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Other tracks by Brendan McMahon:  Hold On  -  On This Fine Occasion
JENNY TRINDALL - READY FOR REAL CHANGE     Country, Indie, Pop, Alternative 07/11/2019
Song is about having opportunity to come together in unity for a real change in how the world is today, and finding the faith in yourself to do so.

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Lot56 - Cold Shoulder     Country, Rock 07/11/2019
Lot56 play original Country Rock n Roll music that entices and entertains.
A break up song

Other tracks by Lot56:  Wrong side of the law  -  Sticks n Stones
Vanessa Bourne - Last Thing On MY Mind     Country 07/11/2019
Another great country song from a small town country girl in Phillip Island (Victoria). This song by Vanessa Bourne is a another pure Nashville sound and lyrics of classic country
It's another Classic Country song from Vanessa Bourne. Her lyrics are based on real-life situations and she writes with a passion. Her music is pure Nashville Country, she is thrilled that her country Australia is embracing her music given that it's Classic Country. All this keeps her humble in her work and is thankful to radio stations for this support.

Wayne O'Reilly - Stay Out     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
I am a local shire guy who has been playing guitar for many years and finally decided to record some songs I had written about life
This song is about a guys partner or wife who loves going out dancing, listening to music and having a good time, while he's at home waiting for her.

Fly Little Sparrow - Drink Your Wine     Country, Folk, Roots, Easy Listening 06/11/2019
Fly Little Sparrow sing folky countryish songs that ruminate about contemporary life and love. Songs rich in melody and lyric whilst flying on the wings of harmony.
Drink Your Wine is a song about the possibility of what could happen under the influence of a beautiful Shiraz. Its also considers the conflict of complete indulgence and enjoyment of drinking such whilst also knowing there may be undesirable desicions made under the influence. Its like a conversation with the devil and angel on one's shoulders.

Ian Burns - The River     Country, Country 06/11/2019
Ian Burns is an independent singer / songwriter from the Macarthur district of NSW.
Ian looks back at the adventures, love and memories he has of growing up surrounded by bushland, mates and his childhood hangout, The River, where he and his friends forged memories that would last a lifetime. 'The River' is the second single off his album 'Two Sides Of Me' recorded with renowned producer Simon Johnson and features some of Australia’s best musicians.

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Jonny Taylor - Take it Slow     Country, Easy Listening 06/11/2019
Following a standing ovation on Australia’s Got Talent in 2012, Jonny Taylor has gone from strength to strength; cutting his teeth on the dusty roads of Australia.
Take it Slow is a beautiful song about stopping to take a breath - sometimes we just need to stop, stand still, and give ourselves a break.

Spike Flynn - What's a Town to Do?     Country, Alternative, Roots, Folk 06/11/2019
Singer-songwriter. Won best alt country song Tamworth 2017. Three albums released. All original songs. Country flavour but wide ranging influences. Lyrically based. A "story teller". Complex lyrical themes at times.
Inspired by the economic decline of country towns and effects of the drought. I grew up in a small central west NSW town. My songs often reference my 'small town' experiences. It is not a 'pretty' song but it is truthful. For a more 'positive' small town song see my song 'It's alright" from my album of the same name.

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THE NEW GRACES - Let You Love Me     Country, Folk, Alternative 06/11/2019
You’re gonna let yourself love The New Graces. “Songs that feel like a walk along a dusty country road – evocative, warm, connected with the land and its people…”
Let You Love Me is the first sample of what The New Graces can deliver. Tuneful, warm, at times very bluntly honest. You will smile knowingly at its feeling, and find yourself singing along.

You can see and hear The New Graces affect you live at Majors Creek (November 9-11) and the legendary Woodford Folk Festival over the New Year.

Karin Page - Shame     Country, Blues 05/11/2019
Award-winning singer songwriter Karin Page releases her debut album ‘Walk Away’ on November 1, a reflective collection of ten original songs that represent Karin’s thoughts about the world around her.
Shame was co-written with guitarist Emily Smith in Nundle NSW at my first ever songwriting retreat. I had just started messing around with alternate tunings on my guitar, and asked Emily for some help with an idea. She immediately nailed a riff and from that the song “Shame” was born.

Other tracks by Karin Page:  Kings and Queens  -  Loving Man
Karin Page - Walk Away     Country, Blues 05/11/2019
Award-winning singer songwriter Karin Page releases her debut album ‘Walk Away’ on November 1, a reflective collection of ten original songs including the title track third single.
‘Walk Away’ is an achingly beautiful song about letting go of the things and people that no longer serve us.

Karin said, “Over the years, I have learnt that once you actually ‘Walk Away’ things really do start to look up.”

Brittany Elise - Pit Stop     Country, Rock 04/11/2019
Brittany-Elise is a vibrant, award winning, singer songwriter who has certainly been kicking goals within the music industry.
‘Pit Stop’ is about trust and honesty in a relationship and knowing your own self-worth.

Renee Jonas - Blame it on the Wine     Country, Pop 04/11/2019
Growing up in the subtropical rainforest in northern NSW, no TV or radio - just natural sounds of the bush, Renee learnt to sing as a way of entertaining herself.
Blame it on the Wine is meant to be a light hearted and fun, tongue-in-cheek commentary about the flirtatious side of wine and the modern dating scene.

Dom Italiano - I Never Think About You     Country, Alternative Country, Acoustic, Roots 01/11/2019
Alt-country singer/songwriter/lead guitarist. Lives in the country, gigs in the city! (Mostly)
'I Never Think About You' is about the strange and insensitive things people say to each other after a relationship ends... 'I never think about you when I'm with him'!!

Natalie Pearson - Plan B     Country, Pop, Dance, Rock 01/11/2019
After a winning performance on the main stage at the Gympie Music Muster, Natalie Pearson is making an impression. Petite at 5'2, but she has some big notes to deliver.
‘Plan B’ releasing 1st November is a fresh, upbeat feel-good track of sass and self-worth.

“No-one wants to be a backup option when things don’t go to plan. If someone can’t see your value as a person from the get-go, then have the confidence to put yourself first.”