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El Cosgrove - Honey     Country 23/10/2019
El's new track "Honey" was recorded in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings.
Her new track "Honey" was recorded amongst the mountains in Bangalow with Producer Jordan Power, and encapsulates the feeling of home that was created by the many people she met along her wanderings. Power's most recent works include Dope Lemon, Ash Grunwald and Kacey Chambers amongst others.

La Reina - Blue Days, Black Nights     Country, Folk 18/10/2019
Debut single from singer/songwriter and children's literacy advocate, REINA BARLOW, “LA REINA”. All profits going to ARDOCH in association with Children’s Literacy Gift.
Originally recorded by Buddy Holly, this acoustic stripped back version of Blue Days, Black Nights is the first single from LA REINA's forthcoming debut album RAINING IN MY HEART.

All profits going to Ardoch, in association with Children's Literacy Gift, to help children with early language and literacy; Teach a child to read and you will change their life forever.

Rory Ellis - Fadin'     Country, Easy Listening, Alternative, Folk 18/10/2019
Rory Ellis is a highly charismatic singer/songwriter with eight nationally and internationally acclaimed albums, and a rich unforgettable voice.
At the crossroads of life and career, you see hurdles to jump and snags that tripped you on the journey.
You feel like Fadin’ slowly away.
“Try a little harder”, are the words of someone that loves you unconditionally.
Making you realise your dreams, making YOU make them come true.

Wendy Ford - Good Medicine     Country, Rock, Pop 17/10/2019
Wendy Ford is an American-Aussie whose recent credits include 3 song award nominations, CD of the week promotion on Out in the Country Youtube show and Underground College Radio interview.
Aussie American Wendy Ford debuts her forthcoming album Good Medicine with this powerful title track addressing not only the need for remedial rain, but for truth and justice from our leaders. It addresses man's relationship with nature beginning with first nations people, then questioning the ethics of possible artificial manipulation. Video available soon.

Drew McAlister - Live Young     Country 16/10/2019
Drew McAlister needs little introduction to those who love the Australian Country Music scene. A firm feature of the last generation of singer-songwriters, Drew’s career has been prolific.
‘Live Young’ possesses Drew's signature heartfelt message written from a place of personal experience and seeks to convey a message of positivity. “Live Young is a state of mind. My Dad was a great example of this before he passed and was always young at heart. You only have one trip around the sun so make sure you have fun!”

Riley Catherall - Pray That I Won't Be Long     Country, Rock, Alternative 16/10/2019
With arresting lyricism and alluring live shows, Americana artist from Melbourne, Riley Catherall's trajectory into the alt country world portrays a brilliant songwriter in the genesis of his career.
Pray That I Won’t Be Long paints a life on a never-ending white line of driving through the small hours, overcoming the superstition of the long mile home.

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JNR - Down Low     Country, Roots, Blues 15/10/2019
Brisbane singer-songwriter JNR delivers heartfelt Country music and candid lyrics reflecting his own life journey, with his debut single ‘Down Low’ due 14 November 2019
‘Down Low’ is JNR’s official debut single, co-written with TCMF 2014’s Star Maker Winner Jared Porter and Nolan Wynne, and recorded across Brisbane, QLD and Nashville, TN. With his humble lyrical narrative and quintessential Country instrumentation, JNR tells a candid, visually-evocative story depicting his representation of a down-to-earth, modestly fulfilling life – being “high on life on the down low.”

Jake Davey - On Your Mind     Country, Pop, Easy Listening 14/10/2019
Hailing from Taree in New South Wales, Jake Davey is one of Australia’s brightest, emerging talents. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter, is also an accomplished producer and videographer.
On Your Mind is the new single from Australian singer-songwriter, Jake Davey. The song echoes the vulnerability of a relationship, exploring themes of trust and acceptance and was co-written with 2019 Star Maker finalist Chelsea Berman. Mid-tempo, energy abounds in the chorus of On Your Mind, which was co-produced by Davey and talented Newcastle producer, Rhys Zacher.

Good Will Remedy - Too Late     Country, Rock 11/10/2019
Good Will Remedy creates unparalleled alt-countryesque Americana - strength lies in their feelgood vibes, that make you think the sun is always gonna shine.. And this is more than precious!
Too Late is the third single form the band’s 7 track EP – Witness Mark and is a song about waiting too long for things to all line up nicely before making the decision to make a break – its about not waiting until tomorrow as tomorrow maybe too late.

Kel-Anne Brandt - Let Music Give You Wings     Country 11/10/2019
Kel-Anne Brandt has a beautiful voice and dynamic stage presence. She is an established recording and performing artist, performing contemporary and classic country songs right across Australia and internationally.
Co-written with Drew McAlister about Kel-Anne's daughter who was having a roller coaster ride of relationships and was beginning to think that she would never find the right one, this song was to remind her, that, no matter what, she had an inner strength & Music would always be there to help lift her up & so would Kel-Anne.

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Other tracks by Kel-Anne Brandt:  Whose Bed Have You Boots Been Under  -  Delta Dawn
Wayne O'Reilly - Now You're Gone     Country, Folk 11/10/2019
I've been playing Guitar for many years and this was my first attempt at song writing and this track is about living on the land and tough times, lost love
This song is about living on the land and hard times and lost love

Wayne O'Reilly - The World Won't Stop     Country, Folk 11/10/2019
i have playing Guitar for a number of years, this is my first attempt at song writing. I have had good reviews from local radio station 2ssr and friends
The World Won't Stop is about life and how fast it goes by

6ft3 - Tough Country     Country, Rock 10/10/2019
6ft3 makes music inspired by Victoria's High Country and Western Districts - 3 neighbours exploring what is 'Australian' music and what stories move us to musical expression?
Tough Country is about tough people getting the job done in tough times. This very Aussie song blends Victoria’s ‘High Country’ and ‘Western Districts’ culture and draws inspiration from vocalist Pete Fisher’s farming family. Richie Helmer recalls toughness being a part of kids growing up. Nick brings deep back vocals. Wind, whips, and didgeridoo (sampled)

Glenn Bidmead - Lifeblood     Country 10/10/2019
Glenn Bidmead is a contemporary country singer/songwriter, live performer and producer. After 15 years travelling the outback sharing his music with communities, country and red dirt are in his heart.
Lifeblood is an uptempo song written for the folks in the country enduring drought. Their strength is admired by many in the cities and towns and this song is a message of hope and endurance as well as acknowledgement to those who care. Bring on the rain.

Other tracks by Glenn Bidmead:  Red Dirt Road  -  Where Her Lonely Started
The Little Lord Street Band - Where Are We     Country, Alternative, Folk, Roots 10/10/2019
To see the Perth five-piece live is to understand the crossover appeal of their country-pub folk-rock amalgam. "Organically and unabashedly diverse sound, combining classic electric guitar riffery, four-part male/female harmonies"
Whilst parked up at 80 mile beach and depicting a relationship that's a little complacent, thoughts are flying around the small space between them, thinking where are we headed, what are we doing, are we doing this right, how did we get here, do we even want to keep doing this, where are you, where are we?

Jemima - He'll Never Be You     Country, Pop, Folk, Indie 05/10/2019
Jemima spent the last two years studying a Bachelor of Songwriting in London and gigging around Camden and Soho. She now lives and volunteers at a Byron Bay animal sanctuary.
It's about trying to move on from someone you know is wrong for you. You might have somebody new in your life but you still miss what you had. I stitched together some of my older songs to write this track. I used a chord progression from one song, a melody from another, and lyrics of a song from 2015.

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Jason Carruthers - Storm On The Mountain     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Soul 02/10/2019
There’s an old saying that country music artist Jason Carruthers lives by: “Write a song and sing what you've lived by.
How hard the drought can be.

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Lipstick and Spurs - One Hundred To One     Country, Folk, Rock 02/10/2019
Performing the upbeat song "One Hundred To One", Australia’s premier country choir, Lipstick and Spurs, frocked up, quirky women, singing country since 2005. Directed by Jenny Taylor.
Nominated for a Golden Guitar heritage award, One Hundred to One is an upbeat celebration of Michelle Payne's historic winning ride in 2015 Melbourne Cup, securing her spot in Australian history.

Payne received "The Don Award" awarded to a sportsperson who, is considered to have most inspired the nation" Payne received international recognition when awarded the Longines Ladies Award, US.

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Brad Johns - Neath The Blazin' Sun     Country 01/10/2019
Brad Johns was formerly guitarist for artists such as Tania Kernaghan and Mark O'Shea, now stepping out in his own right.
Written by my father, Frankie Johns (who is a Country Music artist in his own right), expressing his love of this country, Australia. He was born and raised in Darwin and the Northern Territory and although he now resides on the Gold Coast, he loves returning to these places which hold a very special place in his heart.

Other tracks by Brad Johns:  Tailgating
Brad Johns - Sleeping On Stone     Country 01/10/2019
Previous guitarist to the stars, James Blundell, Tania Kernaghan and more. Now, stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight!
Nominated for APRA Song Of The Year in the 2020 Golden Guitar Awards (Country Music Awards Of Australia) 'Sleeping On Stone' is a crowd favourite.