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Katie Jayne - SOS     Country, Pop 16/01/2020
Katie Jayne embodies the new generation of pop country Artists, already making waves on the Australian scene.
SOS is an upbeat, fun look at “adulting” and all the failings that go along with it. Somewhat autobiographical, Katie Jayne’s latest single shines a light on good intentions executed poorly.

A cheeky narrative culminating in the catchy tag “I only smoke on a Saturday”, SOS brings to life a relatable tale hand chosen by Katies online community, Kate’s Mates.

Kristy Cox - No Headlights     Country, Folk 16/01/2020
Kristy Cox is one of the most refreshing and exciting names in bluegrass music worldwide. She is a Southern Stars and numerous Golden Guitar Award winner.
"No Headlights" is the third and title single taken from Kristy Cox's forthcoming album, "No Headlights".

Written by Liz Hengber, Tammy Rogers, and Jerry Salley. Kristy's delivery is perfect as she sings the tale of a friend who vows to make sure her friend is never abused again. It's dark, it's sassy - the perfect song for Kristy to sing!

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Zinnia Blue - New England Highway     Country, Folk, Roots 16/01/2020
Zinnia Blue are an alt-country / Americana duo from Melbourne, Australia. The pair create sparse and brooding melodies and lyrical, uplifting ballads that reinterpret country, folk, and old-time music traditions.
A road song with a slow pan that feels more like an ending than a beginning. The opening track from Zinnia Blue's debut album The Garden, it lends itself immediately to the score of some independent Australian film production, centred around roomy capture of a fiddle, banjo and dobro, together with a delightfully honest mix on the breathy, gentle vocals.

Other tracks by Zinnia Blue:  Night Train  -  Lost Along the Way
Destiny Band Oz - Great Courage     Country 15/01/2020
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
This is the English version of the song called 'Kuragg Kbir', originally written in Maltese by Thomas Libreri. It is an epic story about his family emigrating from Malta to settle in Australia and a loving tribute to his mother, who made the long voyage alone, at a very young age, to join her newly wedded husband on the other side of the world …Great courage!

FredBear - Summer's Here     Country 15/01/2020
Freddie or ‘Fredbear’ as he is known locally is a 15-year-old singer songwriter from Tamworth NSW and has been performing live for the last two years.
'Summer’s Here' is inspired by FredBear’s experiences as both a performer and fan at Tamworth Country Music Festival, providing vocals, guitar tracks and co-producing this single. The lyrics are a collaboration with superstar Brad Cox. 'Summer’s Here' is set to become a firm favourite with fans at this year’s Festival.

Innocent Eve - Viking     Country, Folk 15/01/2020
Innocent Eve: Sisters, singers, songwriters, Bec and Rachel. The girls pay homage to their musical roots of country, folk, singer/songwriter and Americana.
Viking is about the age-old battle between the head and the heart. A cautionary tale about knowing you are falling for the wrong person and falling anyway and the feeling of foolishness when the inevitable happens.

Voodoo Town - Cool Karma     Country, Pop 15/01/2020
Fronted by Tamworth’s Brent W. Larkham, Voodoo Town, comprises Uwe Lorenz and Fabian Konig, who collaborated on an AC/DC Bon Scott tribute album in Germany and have worked together since.
Cool Karma continues Voodoo Town's Eurocountry theme with the harmony and banjo-driven single. This song has an uplifting and fun vibe to it that is sure to resonate with listeners wanting fun, summery songs.

Recorded between Germany and Tamworth, the European and Australian influences are evident. This is a track that will appeal to fans of various genres.

Chloe Styler - Sweden (Single Mix)     Country, Folk, Pop, Indie 14/01/2020
Hailing from Queensland's Gold Coast, Chloe Styler's is influenced by Joni Mitchell, Kacey Musgraves & Fleetwood Mac - blending with her experiences to create the stellar singer/songwriter she is today.
2020 is set to be another big year for Australian singer-songwriter Chloe Styler with the release of “Sweden”.

This time around Chloe is the sole writer and is a love at first sight story about two people unexpectedly meeting on New Years Eve, however their time was cut short and they never even had the chance to exchange names.

Michelle Gardiner - Live it Up     Country, Pop 13/01/2020
Michelle Gardiner is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter, wife and mother who pours her heart and soul into the songs she writes and into all of her performances.
An upbeat, modern, country-pop sound, Live it Up was inspired by a phone call from a friend complaining about their day at work, and written to serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest while we have the chance – we shouldn’t forget to balance things out and fit a bit of fun into the mix!

Johnny Shilo - I Don't Smoke Anymore, Rock n Roll Cowgirl, Living The Simple Life     Country, Easy Listening, Indie, Alternative 09/01/2020
Johnny Shilo is a special kind of talent showing in his performance continually by the way he surprises audiences being a small guy with a big man's deep versatile voice.
These three tracks came about as he was working on a project (being his latest album) *All things New* collaborating with Marion-Juanita Shilo writing four of the songs and so her first time having her song's recorded and Johnny's first time composing the music. Marion and Johnny have been complimented as to be a great songwriting team.

Joe Romeo - Little Pearl     Country, Christian 01/01/2020
I am a songwriter, funding my own professional recordings, I am not the artist, but I own the recordings. I write in many styles, including contemporary Christian, country and classical.
about the joy a grandchild brings

Brodie and the Oxy Clinic - Monday Night At The Dogs     Country, Alternative 23/12/2019
Alternative Country music from the heart of Victoria.
Songs about heading to the greyhounds on a freezing cold Ballarat night

Andre Camilleri - It Won't Last     Country 20/12/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Americana, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
It Won't Last is the single of my latest album. It was the first song I wrote for the Australian Recordings album after listening (again) to some of Johnny Cash' American Recordings. After playing and recording with countless bands over the years I am increasingly drawn to performing my songs solo with only sparse instrumentation.

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Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Sorry For Myself  -  Can't Put Me Down
Ben Mitchell - Right To Know     Country, Roots, Rock, Folk 20/12/2019
Soulful country and folk/rock singer-songwriter, tilting his hat to blues and pop. Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson/John Lennon/Paul Kelly/Beck/Ron Sexsmith/Dolly Parton/Joni Mitchell/John Prine to name a few inspirations.
A song of protest at government lies, corruption and fascist tendencies, Right To Know brings the spirit of quiet rebellion to life. Crying pedal steel guitar, down-home telecaster riffs and lyrics addressing farming, war and the paranoia induced by the biggest of business—fear. What's going on behind the closed doors of power? We all have a right to know.

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Jason Carruthers - Coming Home Today     Country, Easy Listening, Folk, Indie 20/12/2019
Theres an old saying that country music artist Jason Carruthers lives by, "write a song and sing what you know"........ From growing up and living on the land.
Its about soldiers in any war coming home in silver caskets

Johnny Shilo - Never Make You Cry     Country, Easy Listening, Indie, Alternative 20/12/2019
Johnny Shilo is a special kind of talent showing in his performance continually by the way he surprises audiences being a small guy with a big man's deep versatile voice.
This track *Never Make You Cry* came about as he was working on a project (being his latest album) *All things New* collaborating with Marion-Juanita Shilo writing four of the songs and so her first time having her song's recorded and Johnny's first time composing the music. Marion and Johnny have been complimented as to be a great songwriting team.

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Marty Boff - Who I Am     Country, Alternative 20/12/2019
Marty Boff, an acrobatic musician who can build his own robots, is shoehorning his way into music while also producing and starring in the YouTube series Skateboarding Rockstar Ninja Cowboy.
"Who I Am" describes the ruthless and persistent character of "The Cowboy" from Skateboarding Rockstar Ninja Cowboy on YouTube. The song comes from the album "Ballad of the Ninja Cowboy Vol I", which is dedicated to this character.

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Other tracks by Marty Boff:  Make the Devil Cry  -  That Black Crow
Spike Flynn - Invisible Things (take up the most space)     Country, Roots, Folk 20/12/2019
Singer-songwriter, Australian themes predominate. From Central West NSW originally. Country style. Narrative songs to be 'listened to'.
This track, from an unreleased album, is based on the idea of 'invisible things' and how they are the most important things in life. It's an affirming song, saying that the 'small' things in life are ultimately the most valuable.

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Ben Mitchell - Falling Down To Earth     Country, Folk, Roots 17/12/2019
Ben Mitchell's latest album is “His fourth and finest album...the sound is intimate and warm. This is a gentle record but it leaves a lasting impression.” The Music (Jeff Jenkins)
Slapback electric guitar courtesy of co-producer Matt Walker who also does a sweet little solo later in the piece. Acoustic track that feels like it was recorded on the back of a horse. It wasn't. We had a studio and everything.

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Craig Brumby - Singing Angel     Country, Pop, Rock, Folk 17/12/2019
A solo act writing from the heart about things that matter and life experiences. A mix of country pop and folk rock.
Singing Angel was written about a good friend and singer/songwriter leaving the country. They were an inspiration and great help with songwriting. It is about wanting good people to stay close by.