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Ben McNeil - Prove To Me     Rock, Alternative Country, Acoustic 06/10/2016
If Dave Growl slept with Ed Sheehan's mum, then the end product would probably be Ben McNeil. Without the red hair...
Rhythmically driving, Prove To Me explores self worth and doubt in a world of 24/7 personal scrutiny via social media in a consumer's world.

Other tracks by Ben McNeil:  Graham & Marjorie  -  Libertine
Chris O - Loco Howl     Blues/Roots, Roots, Folk, Country 06/10/2016
An award-winning solo grassroots artist from the Australia playing acoustic blues, folk and roots on lap-slide, banjo, uke and guitar. A prolific songwriter, with a penchant for vintage blues.
The carriage may be rusting, but the engine's prime. A classic acoustic blues rock featuring Chris O on resonator guitars and harp. This train can shuffle, slide and howl - the jellyroll blues with a Loco Howl!

Other tracks by Chris O:  Workin' the Cottonfields  -  Hesitating Wedding Ring Blues
Cold Irons Bound - We're Right On     Rock, Alternative Country 06/10/2016
Three-part harmonies, twin guitar leads, and tunes that follow you around.Think a mix of Americana (Tom Petty, Black Crowes, Allman Brothers) and classic indie rock (The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub).
A song about growing up, getting your act together, and accepting bad choices. A slow burner, starting with acoustic guitar, then soon gathers momentum, showcasing the band's three-part harmonies and hooky chord changes, and climaxing with a big slide guitar-driven outro.

Other tracks by Cold Irons Bound:  Easy When You Know How  -  Sure Is Funny
Mickey Cooper - Burrows     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 06/10/2016
As a kid from outer Melbourne, Mickey Cooper could be found in front of the living room stereo, re-working the lyrics of 90’s pop songs and recording them onto cassettes.
“The lyrics came a few days later when I was in the bath (the effect having obviously worn off), watching a tree flinching against the freezing wind outside. I used that image to draw a parallel with the physical effects of an ongoing anxiety condition I was experiencing.”

SixFeet - My Mother Said     Rock, Alternative Country, Garage, Retro 06/10/2016
In a suburban Melbourne bedroom, childhood friends Ike and Charlie blended a smorgasbord of classic sounds and feelings into their fresh, garage-y debut album SixFeet.
A melancholy tale of love and marriage set against a bouncy country skip, featuring lush vocal harmonies with just a hint of surf all held together by Ike's raspy croon.

Other tracks by SixFeet:  Gospel Song  -  Private Lives
Catherine Britt - F U Cancer     Country 05/10/2016
Singer songwriter Catherine Britt has been awarded CMAA Female of the year (2009/2013), CMAA Single of the Year (2012), CMC Artist of the year and APRA and ARIA Award nominations.
Catherine Britt releases charity single “F U Cancer”, written with Beccy Cole and Lyn Bowtell with proceeds going to the McGrath Foundation. Conceived during “F U Cancer Shows” the catchy upbeat tune with a simple message features Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, Lyn Bowtell, Josh Pyke, Wes Carr & Wendy Matthews.

Round Mountain Girls - Young And Able     Country, Roots, Folk, Alternative Country 05/10/2016
Self proclaimed pioneers of Celtabillyrootsgrassfolk Round Mountain Girls are back with a darker twist with latest single "Young And Able".
It's about a mate who hasn’t seen his daughter for 19 years. When you’re young it’s easier to brush things off. Busting up is a common thing. As we get older, we start thinking about things a little deeper; you’re now a different person to who you once were.

The Muirs - Salt On My Pillow     Country 05/10/2016
Husband and wife duo The Muirs produce a sound that is heavily influenced by Bluegrass and Classic American country music.
Ian states, "Glennys came up with the first line and then we sat and wrote this little ditty around it. Just another love gone wrong song with a Bluegrass feel that tends to make you smile rather than cry in your beer".

Amy Zaghini - We're Done     Pop, Country 30/09/2016
Girly, quirky, nerdy tales told too close to home. Feels like sitting in your car bobbing your head and tapping your toes. Warm and sunny.
A lot of my songs are about break ups and this track is no exception. "We're Done" feels like breaking up with someone over breakfast and then driving real fast down a high way with freedom blowing through your hair.

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Other tracks by Amy Zaghini:  Sweet out of Sight  -  Let Me Go
Matt Cornell - In This Town     Country, Pop 30/09/2016
Matt Cornell is a talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with the likes of Richard Clapton, Shannon Noll, Jenny Morris, Damien Leith, The Baby Animals and Adam Brand.
In This Town is a song about a beautiful little town, a place where everyone wants to live, where everyone’s got your back, no matter who you are, what you do, or what you look like. If you’re going through a hard time - the people will help you through.

Nigel Wearne - Autumn Tempest     Folk, Country, Roots 30/09/2016
Equipped with personally handcrafted guitars, Nigel Wearne melds finger-style guitar, clawhammer banjo, folk and honest storytelling. “warmth flecked with awaits” 4 Stars - Rolling Stone Magazine
“Autumn Tempest” is a rollicking banjo tune that explores the irregular swells of life. The sea boiled and the wind swept across the drenched land; a storm of the sky, body and mind. It started with a sore head and finished with a song. “Autumn Tempest” is the debut single.

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Other tracks by Nigel Wearne:  Drawing Circles  -  Strange Love
The Barebones - I Feel Fine     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk 30/09/2016
The Barebones are an alternative rock band with strong roots in melodic pop rock. They can shift between stripped-back folk to alt-country to rock n roll.
The album’s first single ‘I Feel Fine’ mixes the swagger of the Stones with a twin guitar onslaught reminiscent of the Young brothers, a triumphant rock n roll anthem about casting off self-doubt.

The Hillbilly Goats - Cumberland Gap     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Roots 30/09/2016
Trad folk on steroids! The Hillbilly Goats are passionate about rearranging old time music and twisting it into their own with high energy and big harmonies!
Cumberland Gap is the second single released from the album, Down Foggy Mountain and is a trad folk song from the 1800's.

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Other tracks by The Hillbilly Goats:  Rabbit in a Log  -  Old Joe Clarke
Big Smoke - Best Of You     Rock, Alternative Country 28/09/2016
Big Smoke share their first single 'Best Of You' from their forthcoming debut album 'Time Is Golden' out October 28 via Barely Dressed / Remote Control.
'Best Of You' exemplifies everything that was great about Big Smoke, Adrian’s extraordinary voice soaring above the astounding musicianship of the band. It’s the type of rock ‘n’ roll music that sounds instantly classic, like you’ve known these songs all your life.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Album 'Time Is Golden', Best Country Album 'Time Is Golden'

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Gun Barrel Straights - Had Enough Of This Sh*t     Rock, Pop, Country 28/09/2016
Gun Barrel Straights are a rock band. You can usually find them propping up the bar of one of two hotels.
"Had Enough Of This Sh*t" is about a band stuck at The Opel Inn with little chance of escape. It's a bit "Long Way To The Top" (AC/DC) meets "Watch That Man" (David Bowie). This rocker sets-up Front and Centaur very nicely.

Other tracks by Gun Barrel Straights:  Coffin Dust  -  Home
Niki Shepherd - High and Lifted Up     Christian, Acoustic, Country, Folk 28/09/2016
A singer/song writer in the acoustic folk tradition. Intimate and personal songs of worship and devotion, reveal an authenticity and vulnerabity in the wrestle with this life.
An up tempo song- a declaration of praise to God. He is our king of kings worthy of praise, exalted high and lifted up.

Other tracks by Niki Shepherd:  Little Girl  -  Run
David Harrod - The Mountain You Build     Folk, Acoustic, Country, Atmospheric 27/09/2016
This is what happens when you give music away for 25 years and rather than seeing you go completely insane your Children buy you a new guitar.
This is the first song I wrote after my 25 year ... 'hiatus' ... even before the calluses had reformed on my fingers the song was complete. It was inspired by my current work situation & general world events with regard to how poorly humans treat each other.

Other tracks by David Harrod:  Sad Happy Face  -  Knocking
Nicholas Costello - It's Only Life     Folk, Rock, Alternative Country, Ambience 26/09/2016
A solo artist based in Melbourne. Writes dreamy folk-rock music.
A folk rock track with has a prominent rhythm and bass line, vocal contrast and a chorus with an anthemic quality.

Other tracks by Nicholas Costello:  Hangs On My Door  -  On My Own
Allan Caswell & Michael Carpenter - Back When I Was Older     Country 23/09/2016
Michael Carpenter releases surprise new single! A duet with co-writer Allan Caswell.
Back When I was Older was born from a co-writing session between multi-golden guitar winner Allan Caswell and prolific songwriter/producer, Michael Carpenter.

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Jen Mize - Deepwater     Country 23/09/2016
Jen Mize is an Americana singer/songwriter, living in Australia.
‘Deepwater’ is a song about heritage, tradition and getting back to my roots and connection with the land. It is also a very direct plea for burial rights.

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