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Krista Polvere - Father     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock, Folk 21/10/2016
Melbourne based artist Krista Polvere returns with her self-titled album featuring the second single Father, a fearless, confident and sexual song proving Polvere is not one for playing it safe.
Krista Polvere’s single Father is fearless, confident and sexual proving she’s not one for playing it safe. Showcasing her talent as a chameleon style songwriter Polvere clearly thrives on taking risks. From a lustful nostalgic demeanor, Father makes you want to close your eyes and move through iridescent light.

Leeli - Into The Dark     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Blues 21/10/2016
Leeli is based back in her hometown of Byron Bay after spending 9 months in Indonesia where she played gigs at festivals and worked with local musicians.
Into the Dark is the first single from Leelis EP Skeletons. Recorded with a live band arrangement in Byron Bays Inky studios. This tune captures Leelis intimate reflections on addiction and losing loved ones. Returning to her folk roots, and fusing alternative dark country with a pop like structure.

Oatis - Monday Dream     Country, Folk, Acoustic 21/10/2016
Current Semi–Finalist in the UK Songwriters Oatis is back with his latest release from his “Twin Single collection” with the beautifully written track called “Monday Dream”
Monday Dream is a beautifully written mood peace which will send the listener into a world of relaxation and reflection.

Chad Morgan & Shane Howard - The Ballad Of Bill And Eva     Country 19/10/2016
Chad is the ultimate comic of Australian country music. He is instantly recognizable with his unique trademark – Those Teeth!
This track sees Chad Morgan collaborating with Shane Howard to re-record a heartfelt tribute to Chads grandparents Bill and Eva Hopkins. A departure from his usual comedy songs Chad and Shane deliver a superb rendition of a very personal story.

Mark Lucas and The Dead Setters - Walking In Her Dreams     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Alternative Country 19/10/2016
English born, Sydney based singer-songwriter, Mark Lucas. A prolific songwriter, established one of Sydney's favourite music venues - the Petersham Bowling Club.
The second single from “The Continental Drift”, Mark's fifth release with long-standing band-mates the Dead Setters, breathes a lighter air of romance and whimsy than we might have come to expect from a songwriter generally known for expressing a more gritty reality.

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Mustered Courage - Leave This Life Behind     Country, Alternative Country 19/10/2016
Mustered Courage - Nick Keeling, Julian Abrahams, Josh Bridges - breathe new life into the Australian roots music scene, with a diverse sound that appeals to traditionalists and newcomers alike.
Mustered Courage are back with new single from third and critically-acclaimed album White Lies & Melodies, “Leave This Life Behind”.

The track serves as the opening track of the album and tells the tale of a very personal struggle with depression and anxiety for a dear friend of the band.

Niksta - Dodging Bullets     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening 19/10/2016
Niksta (Nicole Keipert) has hit the ground running with her fourth album. Here is Niksta's new release "Virginia".
This track is all about dodging rejection, fear, and basically men who pursue woman who they have no interest in.

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The McClymonts - House     Country 19/10/2016
The McClymonts are acknowledged as Australia’s #1 Country Group, achieving 2x Gold Accreditations, 10x Golden Guitar Awards, 2x ARIAs, an APRA and CMA Award for Global Artist of the Year.
10x Golden Guitar-winning Australian country group The McClymonts release brand new single 'House' from their highly anticipated upcoming album 'Endless', which will be released next year on Jan 13. In support of the album, their national tour will commence on January 25 at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Conference Centre.

2017 ARIA AWARD NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Endless'

2018 APRA MUSIC AWARD NOMINEE: Country Work Of The Year

The Muirs - Old Man Eyes     Country 19/10/2016
Bealiba Blues and Cruze festival said of The Muirs “Their harmonies are sweeter than honey and raw as a broken heart”.
Ian Muir states "This track was written by Jack Pledge and is one of our favourite songs. We dedicate this song to older people who still want to get up and dance".

The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

The Dead Maggies - Billy Hunt     Folk, Punk, Country, Alternative Country 17/10/2016
The Dead Maggies. Sing about dead people.Stories of tragic Tasmanian folklore set to upbeat toe-tapping and thigh-slapping cowpunk & folkpunk.
George "Billy" Hunt. Hunt disguised himself using a kangaroo hide and tried to flee across the Neck, but the half-starved guards on duty tried to shoot him to supplement their meager rations. When he noticed them sighting him up, Hunt threw off his disguise and surrendered, receiving 150 lashes.


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Cowboy Syndrome - Are You Saying?     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 15/10/2016
City and Western song writing by Jukka Mantynen and Robin Tarjan
You want me? Well okay...but... There's no guilt when you're honest.

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Other tracks by Cowboy Syndrome:  She Was All Black and White  -  What's Wrong With Cowboy Songs?
Danny Ross - Roses     Folk, Blues, Alternative Country, Pop 15/10/2016
A deeply moving, distinctly engaging performer, Danny is an artist truly evolving within his craft - exploring and uniting diverse genres and ideas.
"The tree that's mentioned in the first verse is a flowering peach in my mothers garden. The metaphor is tied in with the fact that the turning of the seasons supports all transformation.” - Danny Ross

The Settlement - She's Alright     Blues/Roots, Folk, Country 15/10/2016
A five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots. Their journey is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound.
Calvano explains that “It’s about the little devil inside everyone that wants to come out and play. Sometimes we run with the devil and that’s fun for a bit, but everything gets flipped upside down when you meet that special person that makes the devil quietly disappear”.

Tia Gostelow - Vague Utopia     Folk, Pop, Alternative Country, Australian Indigenous 15/10/2016
Tia Gostelow is one of Australian music’s hottest properties after setting the scene alight with her debut single “State Of Art” winning Triple J Unearthed High's Indigenous Initiative.
It is hypnotic, syrup-dipped track exploring “the realisation that the person who you were so in love with isn’t really as great as you thought they were.” “I make sense of life through song. I really live and breathe music - it has to be sincere, from the heart.”


The Hunter Express - Hoping You Don't Mind     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 13/10/2016
Bursting onto the music scene with their track, Home, they now have recorded a soothing EP, originally recorded to tape and dripping with feeling and simple metaphor.
Sweet, sweet nostalgia. Hoping you don't mind is the first release from the debut EP. The song is throwback to its ‘70’s roots, mindfully written and beautifully arranged.

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Other tracks by The Hunter Express:  Down To The Wire  -  Bluestone Lane
Elli Schoen - Mumma     Pop, Alternative Country, Blues, Folk 12/10/2016
The powerful, anthemic new single 'Mumma' from WA artist Elli Schoen further establishes her as one of the most promising artists from the state.
Mumma is an exquisite coming-of-age track that explores the complexities and beauty of the relationship between a mother and daughter.

“I wrote Mumma because my friend’s mum passed away, it made me realise how much of a huge part my mum plays in my life and growth as a person."

Four Lions - Never Giving Up     Rock, Country, Australian Indigenous 07/10/2016
Four Lions named after the structures within the Vahland drinking fountain in Bendigo, VIC. Four Lions independent album "Vahland" was recorded n mixed analog with Alex Bennett (CW Stoneking).
A song about processing the understanding of a dynamic within a relationship that people process grief and loss differently yet never giving up on the partnership.


Other tracks by Four Lions:  Nothing Land  -  The Promise
Leanne Tennant - The Pages Are Still White     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country 07/10/2016
Leanne weaves a rare mixture of styles driven by a raw and honest performance. Her eclectic repertoire of Folk/Blues and Southern Gothic and recently won a Qmusic award.
"'The Pages Are Still White' is about me looking at the blank pages in front of myself wondering how I could possibly write about anything when there’s so much more important, devastating stuff going on in the world."

Steve Eales & The Open Road - Forgotten Your Name     Country 06/10/2016
Steve Eales was originally the lead singer of award winning country group, Sovereign. He has since embarked on a solo career which has taken him across the globe.
"Forgotten Your Name" was written by Reggie Bowman formally of Southern Sons. The song is about when you're sitting with someone just chatting and you realise that you can't remember their name but you're too embarrassed to ask. Imagine if that was a date!

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