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Big Smoke - Honey, I     Rock, Alternative Country 09/11/2016
Big Smoke's highly anticipated debut album Time Is Golden is out now via Barely Dressed / Remote Control.
'Honey, I' is the last track on Big Smoke's highly anticipated debut album Time Is Golden. The album, which was completed after singer and songwriter Adrian Slattery passed away, is an astounding and virtuosic document of a songwriter and a band at the height of their respective powers.

NOMINEE 2017 AIR AWARDS - Best Independent Country Album

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Album 'Time Is Golden', Best Country Album 'Time Is Golden'

The Meltdown - Colours In The Sky     Funk/Soul, Soul, Country 09/11/2016
The Meltdown. It’s a bold, brassy, twangy steam train of bumping backbeats and swinging shuffles. Then there’s that voice. Sweet as honey.
From a band known for heavy dancefloor soul, Colours In The Sky marks a change - a piece of downtempo country soul evoking big skies and long roads. This finds Simon Burke’s honeyed voice at it’s most sensitive. Shades of Otis and Sam Cooke on a twangy southern tip.

Matt Joe Gow - I'm Your Man     Country, Alternative Country 07/11/2016
Spelling the end of a performing and recording hiatus, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and troubadour Matt Joe Gow releases his new album Seven Years.
First single from Matt Joe Gow's new album 'Seven Years'.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Country Album 'Seven Years'

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The Peeks - Postman     Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country, Blues 03/11/2016
The Peeks. Indie folk. Melbourne. We like Fleet Foxes, Husky, Crowded House & homemade cheesecakes with hot chocolates.
Stuck in his repetitious and dull life, a postman reflects on the decisions of his past. From Liverpool to Shangri La, 'Postman' is a man, guitar and string quartet.

Greg Charles - She Came Down From Tamborine     Rock, Folk, Alternative Country, Grunge 02/11/2016
Greg Charles is a storyteller+noise maker. The anti-hero you hope makes good in the end. 'Rough Music'is the culmination of all these voices inside an artist prepared to come clean.
She Came Down From Tamborine is set in the Burleigh Heads dunes and is a story of two people, the narrator (a freshly sober but troubled man), and the object of his affection, Juanita (who is still struggling with her own addiction issues) and the tension this dynamic creates.

Other tracks by Greg Charles:  Love Is The Answer  -  Carbarita Beach
Kristy Cox - Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore     Country 02/11/2016
Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. Adored for her youthful energy infused acoustic country/bluegrass, she has been awarded with radio success and accolades for her talent.
Kristy (along with Jerry Salley and Stephen Mougin) pulls this one close lending credibility to their performance, with Kristy’s distinct vocals making this song 100% her own. This will mark Kristy’s third single from the album, following the release of Top 5 hits “You Walked In” and “Another Weary Mile”.

Brian Cadd & The Bootleg Family Band - Long Time ‘till the First Time     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Retro 01/11/2016
ARIA Hall of Fame singer-songwriter Brian Cadd makes a triumphant return to the airwaves with his first solo album in over a decade – Bulletproof.
The lyrics say it all. It’s a discussion about the difference between what audiences think happens to you as an artist and what really happens. There is a lot of hard slog before anything good happens usually.

Tim Hulsman - Monster     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop 01/11/2016
Tim Hulsman writes blues influenced, alt country rock, with soul-drenched vocals, memorable melodies, emotive lyrics, sweeping dynamics and a unique roots/pop sensibility. A rising star in the Australian music scene.
A hooky rock/pop song about addictions of the body and the mind. A great sing-a-long chorus and easy tempo.

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Other tracks by Tim Hulsman:  Big Uncertainty  -  Impossible Road
Melissa Robertson - Tumbarumba     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Rock 30/10/2016
"Melissa Robertson's music is best described as country with a folk lilt - it is gentle, beautiful and heartfelt and has rare warmth to it." Susan Jarvis, Capital News Magazine.
'Tumbaruma' is Melissa's fourth single to radio from her current CD, ‘My Heart’s On Fire’. With a hatrick of hits under her belt including a top 10 hit on the Country Tracks Chart. ‘Tumbarumba’ is bound to hit the heart of country music lovers.

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Little Wise - Don't Hurry Back     Folk, Alternative Country, Roots, Country 29/10/2016
‘A stunning, raw take on rootsy folk and alternative country. The evocative songbird is on the rise.’ – Happy Magazine
An elusive piece, characterised by its sparseness and evocative of the broad, dry landscape of a regional town. Pedal steel guitar howls in the background while Sophie Klein warbles sweetly atop the harmony. A warm nod to country and roots, while still crisp, invigorating, and refreshingly Australian.

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Other tracks by Little Wise:  Grab a Hold  -  Favourite Song ft. Sal Kimber
Ingrid Mae - Token You     Country, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Roots 28/10/2016
Soulful singer Ingrid Mae makes rock music with a retro vibe. Layered harmonies and punchy melodies set the scene for her debut album; SugarCoated.
Token you grabs you with a poignant style heartbeat. Its water droplet guitar sound & bass line set the scene for a captivating vocal. One could easily assume it’s subject matter was benign however when you fully contemplate the lyrics you may realise that it’s more about acceptance and sadness.

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Other tracks by Ingrid Mae:  You Could be Mine  -  Sweet Sound
Lowheart - Come Back To Me     Rock, Acoustic, Country, Folk 28/10/2016
Lowheart are a hard-edged Australian Rock and Country recording duo from Victoria's southern bayside region, consisting of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Lowe, and lead-guitarist/bassist/producer Simon Hart.
Ballads such as "Come Back To Me" reveal the deeper and slower side of the rock-duo with its acoustic and introspective vibe, as taken from 'Lost & Found'. It's catchy chorus will have listeners singing along.

Other tracks by Lowheart:  A Country Voice  -  I Ain't Done
Sally-Anne Whitten - The Life You Left Behind     Country 28/10/2016
Sally-Anne Whitten was born and raised in Tamworth, NSW and is a self-confessed ‘Funky Country’ (a blend of country, rock and blues) artist.
A supermarket trip trigged an emotional outpouring that lead to the realisation of how deep and difficult grief is. Sally-Anne wondered if we ever really get of the loss of a loved one and wondered why, as non-permanent beings we seem to struggle with the concept of death so much.

James Stewart Keene - Can't Put You Down     Country, Rock 27/10/2016
James Stewart Keene is a Country Rock artist influenced by artists such as Creedence, Neil Young and the Eagles. This track is from his forthcoming album Charm Offensive.
James Stewart Keene’s latest single 'Can’t Put You Down' is an irresistible country rock song that will have listeners coming back for more! With an outstanding performance and great production, you’ll be hooked by the clever drinking metaphors that express the intoxicating feeling of being head over heels in love!

Adam Price - Driftwood     Country, Easy Listening 26/10/2016
Adam Price has stayed true to classic country sounding music and has a unique, pure country vocal that is instantly identifiable, a cross between Alan Jackson and Australia's Troy Cassar-Daly.
Driftwood is the title track of the album and described Adam's spirit as one who loves to explore and wander the countryside as free as driftwood with his music. A song that sounds like a "Classic" of an Eagle's hit, well worth listening too!

Other tracks by Adam Price:  Rodeo Clown  -  You're Gonna Repeat It
Áine Tyrrell - Blank White sheet     Folk, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Roots 26/10/2016
Irish Australian artist Aine tyrrell has had a massive 2016.From non-stop touring since the release of her debut album - she has been invited to major festivals for the summer.
Blank White Sheet is the new single from Aine as she embarks on a massive touring schedule through the summer across Australia.

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Deer Prudence - Sam's Lament     Folk, Alternative Country 26/10/2016
Deer Prudence are a pair of guitar playing, violin toting folk lasses, elegantly weaving harmonies of yesteryear. Think a little bit of Joni Mitchell and a dash of June Cater
Sam’s Lament is a piece that signifies Deer Prudence's last 5 years- writing, recording, finishing a music degree and leaving their hometowns, an epic ode to the good that’s happened and to some of the bad. Drawing parallels between someone travelling a great distance; a mystical tale.

Chris Rose - We're Here To Party     Country, Rock, Pop 24/10/2016
Chris Rose is a classic Australian singer-songwriter. At only 25, his distinctive voice and passion for music has fueled his success to-date, having supported legends like IceHouse and Richard Clapton.
Chris Rose’s new tune We’re Here to Party is an upbeat party track best described as coastal-country, indie-pop that would make even the worst dancer want to get up and move their feet. It’s the lead single off his soon to be released debut EP titled Nowhere Land.

Big Smoke - Wrong     Rock, Alternative Country 21/10/2016
Big Smoke share their second single 'Wrong', taken from the upcoming debut album 'Time Is Golden' available for pre-order now, out October 28th via Barely Dressed / Remote Control.
'Wrong' is a tune that, as a band, they spent ages trying to get right. They had big dreams for it on the record, to bring it out of the realm of standard pop-rock and get to its emotional depth.

2017 THE AGE MUSIC VICTORIA AWARDS NOMINEE: Best Album 'Time Is Golden', Best Country Album 'Time Is Golden'

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Dino Jag - You Make Me Feel So Good     Pop, Rock 21/10/2016
Dino embraces music to his very core and continues to shape his career whilst exploring new sounds in his own electrifying way.
This song will take you on a joy ride through the streets of ‘infatuation’... and when those feel-good endorphins kick in and start pumping through your veins you’ll want a whole lot more!