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Phoebe Jay - Higher Than This Day     Country, Alternative Country, Pop, Folk 22/12/2016
Phoebe Jay is a young country music singersongwriter, living around the cane-fields of Bundaberg and her main style is all about country.
Talented young singer's melodic tones and harmonies mixing traditional, classic country with a twist creating a new & vibrant sound.The song talks about not being limited by the people around you and to seek to trust in yourself and fly higher than this day to achieve your goals in life.

Other tracks by Phoebe Jay:  No Glue  -  Rollercoaster
Karin Page - Wherever You Are     Blues/Roots, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 21/12/2016
Equal parts heartfelt and catchy alt-country roots, Karin Page is making music that is refreshingly honest and intelligent, whilst still being a whole lot of fun.
'Wherever You Are' weaves its way through the feelings and emotions that are experienced when you are in one particular place, but at the same time longing to be elsewhere. It has a moody verse with a catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time.


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Katie de Veau - Brand New Day     Country, Pop, Christian 21/12/2016
Blending folk, country, pop and acoustic, Katie de Veau weaves themes of family, love, faith and heartache into an inspirational musical journey.
Upbeat country pop song with themes of hoping love and renewal.

Other tracks by Katie de Veau:  Crave  -  Remember
Tyson Lucas - We Just Want To Be With You     Country 18/12/2016
CMAA Graduate, 16-year-old Singer/songwriter Tyson Lucas.
Parents stuggle everyday to leave their children to go to work, some parents are away from their children for months at a time, and it does have a massive impact on families. This is our story and we hope that other families can relate to this song.

Alister Marshall - Friday Feeling (A Drinking Melody)     Country, Alternative Country 16/12/2016
Alister Marshall is an up and coming Australian country music artist.
Centred on the joyful feeling that is experiencing the end of the working week, and having a good time and a drink with those who matter the most in the process. The song hones in on this feeling and helps the listener relive special moments of their own.

Datson Hughes - Sweet Mathilda Waltz     Folk, Psychedelic, Acoustic, Alternative Country 15/12/2016
After 5 years in the studio, Psychedelic folk singer-songwriter duo Datson Hughes has emerged fully formed with a swag of classic tracks, and is now officially on tour - forever.
Take an old time trope, mix it with a lick of swing, a mournful guitar and whole lot of love and longing, and you have an instant sad country song: Time for a new anthem for a new Australia.

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The Bushwackers - Another Trip To Bunnings     Country 15/12/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Ah!! Christmas and holidays on the horizon again and it’s vital to get the house looking great for the rellys to come and visit. Of course that means some DIY around the place and inevitably ‘Another trip to Bunnings’ is a necessity.

James Blundell - Money Changes Everything     Country, Acoustic, Roots, Cover Version 09/12/2016
Acknowledged as the act single-handedly responsible for turning a younger demographic of Australians onto country music who impacted the charts & for years was the nation’s highest selling country artist.
'Money Changes Everything' is the first single from the album Campfire. It is a cover of the Cyndi Lauper 80's classic and features Bec Lavelle on harmony vocal. The concept of Campfire is unearthing songs with great stories and telling them the way you would around a campfire.

Forever Son - San Jose     Pop, Folk, Roots, Alternative Country 08/12/2016
Drawing inspiration from Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Daniel Rossen and Fleet Foxes, Forever Son’s sound is raw and free flowing with splashes of summer sunshine filled reverb.
San Jose is the first single from Forever Son's debut album to be released mid 2017. It's all about sunshine, fun times, that feeling of adventure. This ones for all the Mishrats heading to the beach!

Joel Barker - Make It Good     Folk, Rock, Country 08/12/2016
Joel Barker and The Low Company’s music frolics between melodic indie songs, rollicking countrified lilts and rock with surprising vehemence, conjuring comparisons to Bon Iver, Glen Hansard and Damien Rice.
'Make it Good' is about moving to the coastal town of Fremantle in Western Australia and feeling a sense of belonging for the first time in Perth. Written to reflect and capture the industrial history and friendliness of the place, the song captures a 1970's pop rock summer feel.

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Rare Child - Magpie     Folk, Alternative Country 08/12/2016
Drawing together disparate influences from Neko Case to Jeff Lang, Rare Child’s songs of pet magpies and cautionary tales of venture capitalists wittily chronicle their journey from bush to city.
‘Magpie’ is a jaunty tune about an annoying magpie that explodes, that you can folk-stomp to.

Other tracks by Rare Child:  Why Do We Do  -  Delany
Wayward Angels - Wildhorse Mountain     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Roots 07/12/2016
Wayward Angels are a female bluegrass outfit impressing audiences with sweet vocal harmonies and picking prowess since 2013, performing a dynamic variety of bluegrass covers and originals.
An original song by Brenda Lee Kelly inspired by family stories and Wildhorse Mountain(a place halfway between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast QLD). Brenda has family on the Sunshine Coast and lives in Brisbane and this song was inspired during her travels to family.

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Other tracks by Wayward Angels:  She Knows All The Words To Patsy Cline  -  Worried Man Blues
Casey Barnes - Just Like Magic     Pop, Country, Rock 05/12/2016
Casey's had hits in Europe, recorded in America, appeared in a top-rating TV show in Australia, and played alongside many international stars including Mariah Carey, Lady Antebellum and Bryan Adams.
Casey Barnes has teamed up with songwriter and producer, Michael Paynter and the MSquared Boys for this catchy new single, Just Like Magic, lifted from Casey’s ARIA top 10 album, Live As One.
With cutting edge production, Just Like Magic, is an anthemic summer crossover track with super catchy melodies.

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The Long & Short Of It - Kangaroo Rodeo     Country, Rock 05/12/2016
The Long & Short Of It are a multi-award winning duo from Melbourne whose well-rounded country sound consists of smart, non-formulaic songwriting, honest lyrics and superb harmonies.
The hit single, 'Kangaroo Rodeo' by The Long & Short Of It, is a light hearted song about the Aussie tradition of mates getting together to have a beer at an outback pub. “Cause when mates start shouting rounds round here, you can't just take a sip.”

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8 Ball Aitken - Shut The Front Door     Blues/Roots, Rock, Alternative Country, Blues 03/12/2016
For more than a decade, multi-awarded global troubadour, 8 Ball Aitken, has flown the Australian flag on the international circuit performing more than two hundred shows a year.
When your ex-girlfriend gets drunk and turns up on your verandah, you feel like telling her to 'Shut The Ffffffffffront Door'. This groovy, whammy bar infused, track has a hint of pulp fiction and a big dose of 8 Ball Aitken Texas blues guitar driven rock.


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Other tracks by 8 Ball Aitken:  Skydive  -  Mile In My Shoes
James Newhouse - Sorry     Rock, Rockabilly 03/12/2016
Hailing from Canberra ACT, James is primarily an upright bass player but has also played guitar for a significant period of his musical life.
A song about being a guy and having the best intentions but somehow getting in trouble with the "boss".

Other tracks by James Newhouse:  Burning Bridges
Marcia Howard - Forever Young     Country, Alternative Country, Folk, Cover Version 03/12/2016
Triple Aria award winning Goanna Band member & Port Fairy Folk Festival Maton Artist of the Year, 2016. Marcia appeared on Season 5 of the 'Voice' on Delta Goodrem's team.
Bob Dylan's classic song recorded by Marcia in Nashville with session players. Harmony vocals are sung by Goanna band mates Rose Bygrave and her brothers Shane Howard and Damian Howard. Marcia launched this EP at the 40th Port Fairy Folk Festival where she was named Maton, Artist of the Year.

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Other tracks by Marcia Howard:  You Bring The Sun Out  -  Where I Want To Be
Rick Hart - Driver Alone     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 03/12/2016
For The Country Record said “Hart is a refreshing counterpart to the plethora of male singers who have gone awry of country tradition.”.
Layered on a gorgeous melodic canvas, Hart paints a story of breaking free from the chains of hesitation, even when one does not know what the future may hold. The song takes the listener through a myriad of feelings that comes with the fear of change.

Other tracks by Rick Hart:  Outta My Mind  -  Bones
Acoustic Foxx - Practiced Goodbyes     Folk, Acoustic, Pop, Country 02/12/2016
Acoustic Foxx is a solo artist who released his debut album 'Guiding Light' in 2016, now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.
'Practiced Goodbyes' is the first single taken from Guiding Light, the debut album from Acoustic Foxx. An acoustic based uplifting track accompanied with personal and reflective lyrics.

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Other tracks by Acoustic Foxx:  Let Us Pray  -  This Love Thats To Come
Aleyce Simmonds - Defeated     Country, Pop 02/12/2016
Aleyce has continued to enjoy a successful career as one of Australia’s finest Country artists since winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth Competition in 2005.
Co-written by Aleyce and Wollongong based singer/songwriter, Jeremy Edwards, “Defeated” shines a light on domestic violence. An issue that touches so many and is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society.